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Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Firenza Pizza, a burgeoning franchise touting “Pizza Like Never Before,” is set to open its newest restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. Located at 5539 W Loop 1604 N Suite 104, the new restaurant specializes in hand-crafted, made-to-order pizza and will celebrate its grand opening December 18-23 by donating $2 from every pizza sold to the Susan G Komen of San Antonio, William Taft High School, and Communications Arts High School. In addition, the first 10 people in line December 22 and December 23 will get free pizza for a year.Chains: Firenza
Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, on the fast track to becoming one of the fastest-growing sandwich chains in the U.S., has named Jeremy Burke, Director of Marketing & Brand Development, and Jill Brenner, Marketing Project Manager, respectively. The chain has more than 100 locations in 16 states.Chains: Erbert & Gerbert's
Exclusive Brief: 0 */ Chains: McDonald's
Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Local Tennessee couple brings Dickey’s slow-smoked, Texas-style barbecue to Soddy Daisy in spring 2018. The new location will be opened by new Dickey’s Barbecue Pit owners Mark and Donna Oldham. “Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has been family owned and operated since 1941 and we consider each of our owners as a part of our family,” says Laura Rea Dickey, CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. “We are always proud when passionate franchisees such as Mark and Donna Oldham decide to invest in Dickey’s and help us further our brand.”Chains: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Regal is the first national cinema chain to offer the snack.Exclusive Brief: 0This holiday season, Cheetos, one of the flagship brands from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, will be the star of the show at theater concession stands as it brings its famous dangerously cheesy flavor to everyone’s favorite movie snack. Cheetos Popcorn, featuring Cheetos-flavored popcorn mixed with Crunchy Cheetos, will debut December 15 at participating Regal Cinemas nationwide.
Image Caption: Fast-food chain is growing in 2018 with new locations.Exclusive Brief: 0Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. announced a development agreement with Vantage Egypt for Tourism and Entertainment to build 50 new Arby’s restaurants in Egypt. The new restaurants will begin to open in 2018. Vantage Egypt has more than a decade of experience owning and operating several restaurant concepts and international brands throughout Egypt.Chains: Arby's
A lot can be, and has been, said about modern-day consumers: They crave experiences rather than goods; their tastes are increasingly sophisticated; they’re seeking quality, value, and, above all, convenience. In short, they want it all. And when it comes to food and entertainment, it looks like they’re getting exactly what they’ve asked for thanks to the rise of the “eatertainment” industry.
It probably goes without saying that restaurants would like to put 2017’s third quarter in the rearview. Historically, thanks to back-to-school promotions, it’s tough enough on its own. But this past year was a different kind of beast altogether. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria cracked the financial landscape across the industry.
Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Wayback Burgers, America’s Favorite Hometown Burger Joint and one of the nation’s fastest growing burger franchises, is bringing the heat this holiday season with cool new stocking stuffers. The stocking swag will feature popular lifestyle/tech item PopSockets, Yo-yos and Gift Cards decked out in the Wayback Burgers brand. It’s the perfect way to knock out your holiday shopping as you fill up on the world’s best burger and fries.Chains: Wayback Burgers
Image Caption: From left, Jersey Mike’s franchisee Steve Youlios; franchisee Laura Youlios; Kyanna Isaacson; manager Heather Pratt; and manager Jimmy Medley.Exclusive Brief: 0This week, Valencia, California, resident Kyanna Isaacson, 26, fulfills her longtime dream of owning a Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant. She will open her new location on December 13, at 24453 Magic Mountain Parkway right in town, with a free sub fundraiser to benefit the WiSH Education Foundation.Chains: Jersey Mike's
Image Caption: Qdoba could be nearing a sale with private-equity firm Apollo Global Management.Apollo, the owner of Chuck E. Cheese, is said to be the buyer.Exclusive Brief: 1Reuters is reporting that private-equity firm Apollo Global Management LLC is nearing a deal to buy Qdoba from Jack in the Box for more than $300 million.Chains: Qdoba
Bill Mitchell, president of international, is stepping down.Exclusive Brief: 1One of Dunkin’ Brands leaders, president of international Bill Mitchell, is resigning from the company, according to an SEC filing. The move will be effective March 16. The filing said Mitchell will continue to receive his base salary and benefits through the transition date. As severance, Dunkin’ will pay Mitchell his current base salary for 12 months following the switch. Mitchell reported total compensation of $1.6 million in 2016, including a base salary of $504,808, according to a federal filing.Chains: Dunkin' Brands
Exclusive Brief: 0As it turns out, McDonald’s couldn’t keep up with the demand for its new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders. With promises of a late December return, the fast food giant told Business Insider it is pulling the menu item from locations around the country.Chains: McDonald's
Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, a southeastern quick-service restaurant brand, is re-establishing its brand footprint in Atlanta with the help of experienced restaurant veteran Gyrone Hilliard. Located at 4350 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW next to the Waffle House, Hilliard’s new location marks the third Mrs. Winner’s restaurant in the greater Atlanta area.
The attraction has faced flooding issues in recent years.Exclusive Brief: 1McDonald’s is tearing down a piece of history. In December, the fast food chain said it plans to demolish its Store No. 1 Museum. The museum opened in 1985, the year after the original McDonald’s was torn down. It was a replica of Kroc’s 1955 restaurant that debuted in Des Plaines, Illinois, after he franchised the brand from its original owners, Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonald’s is giving the land back to Des Plaines, it said. The museum has faced extensive flooding that forced officials to close the interior of the attraction to tourists.Chains: McDonald's
Image Caption: Yo! Sushi is well known across Europe for its conveyor-belt service.Yo! Sushi buys Bento in bid to expand across the country.Exclusive Brief: 1North America’s second-largest sushi brand, Bento Sushi, with more than 600 locations, is being acquired by United Kingdom-based Yo! Sushi for $78 million. According to The Wall Street Journal, the deal represents a bid for the restaurant to expand in North America as both companies look to scale across the continent.Chains: Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi
Communication in restaurants is key to getting anything done, from cleaning to profitability. The big challenge for restaurant owners is communicating to restaurant management in a manner that everyone understands so that they can execute what the owner wants done how they want it done. To do this right, owners must have sit-down manager meetings that focus on moving the business forward. These meetings facilitate communication and move the business forward. Sit-down meetings are where things get DONE.
Restaurateurs manage a lot. And it’s much more than the obvious list: the menu, the servers, the guests. Among the most important relationships you manage is the one you have with your suppliers—and specifically, the sales representative assigned to your account. In many instances, you manage multiple supplier relationships, from meat to dry goods, produce to bread, chemicals to disposables. And that relationship goes far beyond managing the inventory.
Bonci Chicago is all cards, all the time. And customers are loving it.Bonci Chicago is all cards, all the time. And customers are loving it.Image Caption: Bonci Chicago is entirely cash–free, which has helped streamline operations.Teaser Image Orientation: LeftVideo Category: In a compact space in Chicago’s growing West Loop neighborhood, Rick Tasman runs the show at Bonci Pizza. During the lunch rush in the Windy City, the BonciUSA president doesn’t look like a typical executive, though—which is fair, considering that Bonci doesn’t serve typical Chicago pizza. An apron on his chest, Tasman manages the Roman–style pizzeria, open since August, from the front of the house. He hands out tickets to entering customers, designed to mimic a European deli–style restaurant, and directs the hungry families, students, and professionals to the glass counter.Authors: Trevor Lenzmeier
In today’s modern foodservice world, the concept of snacking has changed. Once considered simply a small amount of food eaten between meals—perhaps milk and cookies, or fruit after school, or a candy bar or chips from the vending machine at work—the snack has evolved into a somewhat nebulous term. Snacks can take on just about any form. They can be savory, sweet, or salty, and come in various sizes. The items are consumed at just about any time of the day and can include a beverage alone, food alone, or a beverage and food together.