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Mad dog McCreary.

God of War’s drawing plaudits for practically every portion of its masterful presentation, and Bear McCreary’s dazzling soundtrack is part of that. The great thing about the music is that captures the power and angst of Kratos, but it also seamlessly segues into more emotional segments, too. It’s really quite exceptional stuff.

And soon you’ll be able to own the entire soundtrack on vinyl. Mondo Tees has set pre-orders live for a beautiful double LP set, which you can purchase on either coloured vinyl or in more traditional black. It’s only $35 so it’s not exactly going to break the bank, and it features some wonderful original artwork by Jeff Langevin.

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Gets a release date.

Launching next month on the 15th May, Omensight's caught our attention with its promised mix of action and, er, murder-mystery. According to the press release, you play as a mythical warrior who seeks to reverse the end of the world. You'll meet a quirky cast of characters, get to know them, and try to uncover who's behind the impending destruction.

There's player choice as well as a full action-based combat system, and going by the gameplay demo we've embedded above, it all looks pretty good.

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Heroes unite.

We're suckers for a good launch trailer, and we dare say that The Swords of Ditto's is one of the best we've seen this year. The fully animated video's a treat, and it gives a brief overview of what the game's all about.

The Swords of Ditto is actually out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, so we recommend giving the trailer a watch if you're even the least bit interested. It's also worth mentioning that we'll have a review in time for launch.

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Androids are people too.

Earlier today a demo for Detroit: Become Human went live over in New Zealand. It turns out this wasn't out of the blue, as the demo will be available in all regions from tomorrow, according to a new PlayStation Blog post.

The demo consists of the first scene in the game, Hostage, which you will have seen before in previous showings of David Cage's latest. Playing as Connor, you'll need to resolve a hostage situation atop a skyscraper.

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Round two?

Detroit: Become Human launches next month, but developer Quantic Dream is in the eye of a storm. Reports from French media earlier in the year documented the purported “toxic” culture at the company, which the studio has since denied. Bosses David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière had threatened to sue the likes of Le Monde and MediaPart for their articles, and according to a Kotaku report, it wasn’t an empty threat.

A dramatic article by Jason Schreier, which quotes Cage as well as the original Le Monde and MediaPart journalists, reveals that the parties are in fact heading to court over this. The sued publications will now have to demonstrate that they handled their stories with fairness and "good faith”. Earlier in the year, Quantic Dream described the whole affair as a “smear campaign”. You can learn a little more about the actual accusations through here.

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Every upcoming PlayStation 4 release date in May 2018.

What new PS4 games are releasing in May 2018? This is a stronger month than April 2018, with a lot of lower profile titles all set to release before the E3 2018 rush. Among the highlights are Quantic Dream’s anticipated Detroit: Become Human, as well as Dark Souls Remastered and Tennis World Tour.

New PS4 Games Releasing in May 2018

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But only in New Zealand.

Detroit: Become Human, the anticipated narrative adventure from Quantic Dream, has received a demo – but at the time of typing it’s only available in New Zealand. The free 3GB sampler allows you to play through the rooftop sequence which has appeared at various conventions and conferences over the past few years. Your task is to talk down an android who’s kidnapped a small girl and is dangling her precariously over the edge of a skyscraper.

There’s no word on when this will be available in other regions, but it stands to reason that it should drop when the PlayStation Store updates later this week. There is a preview embargo about to lift, so with God of War out of the way it looks like Sony’s about to switch its attention to David Cage’s latest. We’ll let you know when the demo arrives in more regions.

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Good catch.

Game development is still fairly secretive these days. Developers tend to shy away from revealing how games, or details within games, turn out the way they do, so it can be a real treat when we do get a peek behind the curtain. Vince Napoli, lead systems designer on the stellar God of War, posted on his blog yesterday, going into detail on the Leviathan axe, and why it feels so good to recall it back to Kratos' waiting hand.

Reading the post, it seems like there was a lot of iteration on this specific aspect of the weapon.

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Europe left in the cold.

God of War's standard cover art is gorgeous. Front and centre, Kratos and Atreus stand aboard their boat, staring down who-knows-what, while the scene behind them provides a stunning backdrop. It's a surprisingly peaceful cover, but if you picked up an American copy of Santa Monica Studio's latest, you can swap it out for the below reversible art work.

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We're already aware that SEGA's Yakuza Studio is currently developing another Yakuza title, as well as a Fist of the North Star brawler that might come West, but that's not all it has up its sleeve. 

According to Haruki Satomi, CEO of SEGA Sammy Holdings, SEGA is planning to challenge new IP on all manner of platforms with its own new titles, and this will include an as yet unannounced game from Yakuza Studio. He also said that fans can look forward to it, but provided no further details. Could it be another madcap beat-em-up, or will it go somewhere entirely different?

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Don't lose progress.

God of War is an incredible game, but if there’s one criticism that can be levelled at Sony Santa Monica’s latest, it’s the release’s save system. While it’s perfectly adequate if you only plan to play on a single save, you can seriously risk losing progress if you start a New Game. So how do you create multiple game saves in God of War? Read on.

How to Create Multiple Game Saves in God of War

God of War has an auto-save system which means that it’s constantly documenting your progress as you progress, and overwriting earlier saves the further into the campaign you get. However, if you start a New Game, your old progress will be overwritten.

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God of War’s primary weapon is the Leviathan Axe, and in order to unlock the ‘Worthy’ Trophy you’ll need to fully upgrade it to its maximum level of six. To get the Leviathan Axe to Level 6 you need to upgrade it at one of Brok or Sindri’s shops. In order to level up the Leviathan Axe you’ll need Frozen Flames, which you’ll discover throughout the campaign by beating bosses. Finishing the story will get you to Level 5, but you’ll need to work a little harder for the full upgrade.

How to Fully Upgrade the Leviathan Axe in God of War

To fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe in God of War you’ll need to first complete the story. Beating the bosses will get you enough Frozen Flames to upgrade the Leviathan Axe to Level 5, but you’ll need one more for the ‘Worthy’ Trophy.

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Fire and brimstone.

Muspelheim is one of God of War’s optional realms, and you’ll need to gather four Muspelheim Language Ciphers to unlock it. You’ll also need to learn the language of Niflheim in order to unlock the ‘Trilingual’ Trophy on the way towards your Platinum. Once you’ve accessed Muspelheim from the World Tree, you’ll encounter five combat trials which lead to a Valkyrie. Each combat trial has a Normal and Hard tier to it, but upon beating the Valkyrie in Muspelheim you’ll unlock Impossible variations of all five combat trials. Completing three of the five will earn you three keys, which you can then use to unlock the sixth and final combat trial. You need to complete this final combat trial to unlock the ‘Fire and Brimstone’ Trophy.

How to Learn the Language of Muspelheim and Unlock the Realm

There are four Muspelheim Language Ciphers that you’ll need to collect in order to learn the language of Muspelheim and unlock the realm via the World Tree, which is the golden dome-like arena in the middle of the Lake of Nine. Similarly, you’ll need to learn the language of Niflheim to access that realm as well, and you can find out more about how to do that through the link

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Darkness and fog.

Niflheim is one of God of War’s optional realms, and you’ll need to collect four Niflheim Language Ciphers to be able to access it. You’ll also need to learn the language of Muspelheim in order to unlock the ‘Trilingual’ Trophy on the path towards your Platinum. Once you’ve reach travelled to Niflheim via the World Tree, you’ll unlock new Sindri Favors which don’t need to be completed for the ‘Like Oil and Water’ Trophy.

Niflheim, in essence, is a randomly generated dungeon filled with loot and a unique currency named Mist Echoes. You’ll need to use these Mist Echoes to unlock the chests and Realm Tears in the centre chamber. Opening them all will unlock the ‘Darkness and Fog’ Trophy.

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A new world view.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved games of all time, but Square Enix wants to surpass it with the title’s upcoming PlayStation 4 reboot. Originally revealed in 2015 only for development to be rebooted behind-the-scenes more recently, a new job listing from the publisher notes that this will be a “new creation not limited to a simple remake”. In other words, it’s probably going to take another decade to make.

The job listing, as translated by Gematsu, says: “After 20 years, the staff behind the original Final Fantasy VII, who are top-rankers in the industry even now, are reuniting. A project to create ‘a title that surpasses the original’ is starting full-scale. Preserve the existing concepts users hold while creating a new world view. A project that can only be accomplished here is waiting for you.”

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Unfinished business.

You’ll happen upon wayward spirits in God of War who’ll task you with a total of five Favors to complete. In order to unlock the ‘Unfinished Business’ Trophy en route to your Platinum, you’ll need to assist all of the wayward spirits in the game. We’re going to help you lay these ghouls to rest below, but be sure to learn how to complete all of Brok and Sindri’s quests in God of War through the link.

How Many Wayward Spirit Favors Are in God of War?

There are a total of five wayward spirits in the game to find, and completing all of their Favors will unlock the ‘Unfinished Business’ Trophy.

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Like oil and water.

God of War has a series of side-quests tracked in the game named Favors, and five of these pertain to the Dwarven smiths that Kratos and Atreus will encounter in the game named Brok and Sindri. To unlock the ‘Like Oil and Water’ Trophy in God of War you’ll need to complete all of Brok and Sindri Favors. We’ll detail exactly what you need to do, but be sure to also check out our other guide on how to assist all of the wayward spirits in God of War through the link.

How Many Brok and Sindri Favors Are in God of War?

There are a total of five Favors that you’ll need to complete for Brok and Sindri in God of War. Finishing them all will unlock the ‘Like Oil and Water’ Trophy.

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Beneath the surface.

God of War is absolutely stacked to the World Serpent’s gills with side-quests and bonus content, so you’re inevitably going to explore all that the Lake of Nine has to offer. With this guide, we’re going to provide you with a checklist so that you can unlock the ‘Beneath the Surface’ Trophy, which will contribute to your Platinum.

How to Explore All the Lake of Nine Has to Offer in God of War

The Lake of Nine is the central hub area in Midgard; it’s where you first encounter the World Serpent. This water mass is filled with small islands, beaches, and coves for you to investigate, and these areas are littered with side-quests, puzzles, and collectibles. To explore all that the Lake of Nine has to offer, you need to dock at each of its named islands in order to fully reveal the map.

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If you purchase a 12 month sub now.

Sony’s currently selling 15 months of PlayStation Plus for the price of 12 months in European territories. In the UK, this means that you can significantly extend your subscription for £49.99, either on the PlayStation Store or from online stores like Amazon. It represents a saving of roughly £20, which is not to be sniffed at.

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And so does Yakuza.

The new God of War game is the series’ fastest selling entry in the UK – and that’s despite data tracking only a couple of days’ worth of physical sales. In terms of purely boxed units, it outsold God of War III by 35 per cent, but it’s worth remembering that digital sales have increased dramatically in recent years, so the split between the two titles is likely much larger.

Far Cry 5 remains the biggest launch of the year in Britain, but is obviously available on two platforms. Ubisoft's open worlder inevitably fell down to second place after three consecutive weeks at the summit. God of War has already outsold Sony’s other major 2018 PlayStation 4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus – and it wasn’t even available at Amazon UK for a good couple of weeks.

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