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Women are getting nips and tucks on their genitalia. Does the law even allow this? Think: What's the difference between a cosmetic clitoridectomy and female genital mutilation?
Are we hard-wired to be curious?
What we can learn from grandmothers around the world.
Lewis Carroll was, arguably, the greatest puzzle-maker of all time. Five of his most ingenious puzzles are provided for you to solve.
Apathy is living in a world of grayness where nothing really matters, nothing is important. Four common sources and ways to break out and step up.
State-of-the-art research using eye-tracking technology and fMRI brain imaging provides fresh evidence that compassion is like a muscle that gets stronger with regular use.
If you felt insecure as a child—and who hasn’t?—you would have tried in various ways to compensate for these perceived deficits. Some of them probably ended up being narcissistic.
Ending a long-term friendship is usually sad for the people involved, but when the friendship ends over a betrayal, the initial trigger may also be anger.
Michael Phelps, DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love are shattering the misconception that their battles to success were merely physical feats.
The myth that humans are biologically adapted for promiscuous mating with sperm competition is widely accepted but directly conflicts with data on testis size and sperm dimensions.
Coloring isn't the only idiosyncratic strategy that helps with anxiety.
Looking to relax and improve your cognitive function? Try playing a game.
It's not astrology, but a dog's birth month may be associated with his susceptibility to heart problems.
Policy makers have considered crime mainly a matter of making bad decisions. The evidence tells a much more complex story.
It dawned on me how easily I could form a cult in which my words and teachings would be held L. Ron Hubbard said, "Religion is where the money is."
Ever found yourself struggling to have a conversation in a busy bar with many competing talkers? A new study shows that talking with a more regular rhythm helps!
Do you long for a deeper connection with your partner?
Young people with healthy lifestyles have better brain function and better working memory. Those lifestyles will help both body and brain to age well.
Binocular vision gives an accurate picture of an interaction and the relationship as a whole. No matter how accurate one partner’s perspective, it's incomplete without the other's.
It shows you're paying attention, it gets things out in the open and it slows emotional conversations.