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Last Easter I posted a photo of Coco Bean wearing her pink DIY bunny ears whilst she carried a large carrot. I dubbed her ‘The Easter Beany’. Holy cuteness.

Many of you wanted to know how we made the bunny ears, so we’ve put together a quick tutorial for you. Seriously, it really does take two just minutes! It’s the easiest DIY ever, and makes for a great Easter photo.

I’m going to have the ‘Here Comes Peter Beany Cottontail’ song in my head all day now.

Happy Easter, Pretty Fluffies!

  • Pastel or White Colored Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • And Your Pupster!



DIY Bunny Ears Tutorial

1. Use a pipe cleaner (more than one if your dog’s head is a bit larger) and mold into a circular shaped headband. Try fitting to your dog and adjusting if necessary. Bend the tips inward to prevent any wire pokes.

2. For each bunny ear, bend a pipe cleaner in half to form an oval shape with a pointed top. Pipe cleaners are very flexible, so feel free to play with the shape! Connect by wrapping the bottom end of the ears around the top of the headband . Do this for both ears, and you’re all set!

Want to know a secret? Going black and white with your pup’s accessories is possibly the easiest path to having a stylish pet friendly home.

By choosing monochrome dog accessories you immediately banish all those competing pops of colour, leaving a classic black and white palette that screams sophistication. (It also is super forgiving on dirt and muddy paws…because you know. Reality.)

So let’s Coco Chanel the heck out of our dog’s stuff and go monochrome.

Our Favourite Monochrome Dog Accessories…
  1. Striped Dog Teepee by Pipolli (Title Image) – Currently sold out with waitlist but see similar here and here.
  2. Oliver Turtleneck Dog Jumper by Mister Woof
  3. Felix Harness by Mister Woof
  4. Black Swiss Dots Collar by Mattie + Margot
  5. Chalk Blackboard Dog Bowl by Cloud 7
  6. Dog Wash and Dog Conditioner by Bondi Wash
  7. Black & White Check Flannel Dog Bandana by The Foggy Dog
  8. Mina Mina Ceramic Dog Bowl by Outback Tails
  9. Mister Willow Dog Bed by Mister Woof

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Ever had one of those Valentine’s Day when you’ve completely forgotten to organise anything? Yep, me too.

So to save you tears on Feb 14th, here is my favourite quick fix that doesn’t involve flowers from the service station – the 5 MINUTE DOG VALENTINE! To start, grab your favourite four legged friend…

You’ll Need…

1 x sheet Red Cardboard (or Pink!)
1 x Ruler
1 x pencil or white marker
1 x Scissors or paper cutter
1 x Round Cake tin

To Make…

1. Trace two circles using the cake tin to make the top of the heart.
2. Rule two lines to complete heart shape.
3. Cut out heart using scissors or paper cutter.
4. Cut cross in the centre of the heart shape using paper cutter.
5. Slip safely over your dog’s head. Ensure it causes no discomfort to your dog.

Handy Hints!

* If you don’t have a cake tin, use a vase or similar circular object. Try to get something close...

Hosting your own dog lovers meet up is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day – or actually any day!

You get to meet like minded people and your pup gets to play with other doggos to their heart’s content.

These days, we’re all meeting so many dog friendly people through Instagram and Facebook, that it makes sense to take that friendship off screen. But how to do it?

Well we’ve got you covered with our top tips for planning your own dog lovers meetup. (And beautiful photos from a Valentine’s dog lovers meetup for ultimate inspo!)

It’s never been easier to get your own party started…

The Guest List

To kick things off, you first need to decide on a guest list. Obviously being a dog lovers meet up, you’re going to have humans and hounds there.

Decide how many people you can accommodate and then invite from there. If it’s your first party, the more intimate the better – to save you the stress...

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or just enjoying cuddles on your couch with your pup, this February 14th you can treat every dog lover you know (including yourself!) and spoil your pup with these love themed goodies.

And this year, we’re brought our top picks to you early so you have the whole month to prepare!

Whether it’s a love themed toy, a bandana that’s better than Tinder, a sweater that literally wears your heart on your sleeve, these gifts are perfect for dog mums, dog dads and everything in between.

And we can’t forget our little four legged friends who literally provide us with love all year round – there’s something for them too!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dog Lovers (And Dogs!)

From Top:

  1. Valentine’s Burrow Harts and Bears by Zippy Paws (Title Image)
  2. Dogs Before Dudes Sweatshirt
  3. Custom Pet Locket Necklace by Noble Friends
  4. All You Need is Love & a Dog Art Print (Just $10 at 50% OFF Until February 14) by Pretty Fluffy
  5. Prayer & Puppies Yoga Tank by Remain & Blossom
  6. Solid Red Dog Bow Tie by The Foggy Dog
  7. Blush Rope Dog Leash from Bitch New...

Pantone maybe saying that Ultraviolet is the colour of 2018, but blush is going nowhere and it’s still the Archie to our Veronica, the Jim to our Pam, the Ross to our Rachel (we may have watched too much Netflix over the holidays but you get the idea…)

So we’ve rounded up our latest favs for pups in blush – all in that soft, romantic hue that screams I may love pink, but I’m a total grown up about it.

Our Favourite Blush Dog Accessories…
  1. Velvet Slouch Dog Bed – Rose by Nice Digs (Title Image)
  2. Gem Dog Bed in Rose Quartz – Limited Edition by Lion & Wolf
  3. Home Republic Pom Pom Throw Blush by Adairs (Throws. Keeping muddy paws off the couch since 1902.)
  4. Naturally Cooling Dog Food Bowl by Bitch New York
  5. Designer Leather Dog Collar & Lead Rose Quartz by BOco (Personalised Monogramming Available – BOOM!)
  6. Velvet Leash – Rose by Nice Digs
  7. Sybilla Settee by Incy Interiors. (Yes, it’s technically a child’s lounge, but fur-children totally count!)
  8. Shampoo Classic and Classic Conditioner by Organic Pet Pharmacy
  9. Miss Minimalist Leather Dog Harness by Wolfpack...

Mmmmm… the holidays. There are so many fun parties and festive happenings that take place in the beautiful month of December. Besides spending time with loved ones, the one thing we look forward to the most is the food. Am I right? You know it’s true, and I am pretty sure dogs all over the world get pretty jazzed about it too.

Picture it, you’re surrounded by delicious aromas and beautifully garnished foods (and maybe even one of these, all families have at least one.). You look down to the right and see the pupster giving you those eyes. That look you cannot resist. You think, awwww but it’s Christmas, and lovingly share your food filled plate. Cut to an hour or two later, and you’re more than likely consoling fido, who isn’t feeling that great.

But how can you be sure which foods are okay to sneak a few bites and which ones you should avoid giving your dog this holiday? No need to worry!

We have pulled together a naughty and a nice list guide just for you. Now you can take on the holidays with confidence, knowing both you and your dog will enjoy the festivities.

Happy eating!

Helpful Tips

> Keep an eye on your surrounding guests who might be sneaking bits of food to your pet. You may know what is on the naughty and nice list of foods, but others may not.

> Before your big gathering, take your pet for a nice long walk, or play with them...

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that dog lover in your life – we’ve found it: The Dog Diary by Nooshel.

The classic black hard cover diary featured silver foiled edges and detailing throughout, and customs in a custom gift box. It’s luxe all the way baby!

The perfect way to say ‘dog lover’ minus the ‘crazy’ part, the timeless diary features gorgeous dog quotes throughout in stylish typography.

It also comes with a handy sticker set including vaccination reminders, park play dates and more.

Perfect for every dog mum (or dad!)

The 2018 Dog Diary includes: > Details page for both you and your dog > Blank pages to doodle and add your dog’s pictures > 2018 & 2019 yearly overviews > Monthly overview for each month > Weekly, Monday to Sunday per double page spread > Extra notes pages > Grosgrain ribbon divider > Slimline matching black pen Shop It

Shop the diary and grab 10% off at Nooshel.

The post...

Ahhh, summer…filled with beaches, long lazy evenings, Sunday sessions and ummm…paralysis ticks.

That’s right, tick season is upon again and with 1 in 5 Australian dog owners NOT protecting their pups, it’s time for us all to refresh ourselves on how to keep our furry friends safe.

How to Protect Your Dog From Paralysis Ticks

While the idea of paralysis ticks seems scarier than if Pennywise from ‘It’ had a love child with Freddy Krueger, they don’t have to be.

Yes, they can cause paralysis.

Yes, 2 out of every 10 cases will be fatal.

But, there is some good news. Year round protection from paralysis ticks is totally available.

How to make sure your dog is protected? It’s simple: follow the T.I.C.K. method.

T is for TREAT. Year round prevention for ticks is easy. Just one Bravecto oral chew keeps your dog protected from fleas for 3 months and paralysis ticks for 4 months.The trick is to treat all year round – not just in the peak seasons. All it takes is one tick to hurt your dog, so 365-day prevention is key. And remember – flea treatments, while great for fleas, don’t offer protection against ticks. Always make sure you’re using a treatment that specifically targets paralysis ticks.

I is for INSPECT. While prevention is the #1 key to protecting your dog from ticks, inspecting your dog regularly gives that extra peace of mind. Paralysis ticks like to hang out in the nooks and crevices of your dog’s body. Make sure you inspect...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…that’s right it’s time for the 2017 Pretty Fluffy Holiday Giveaway!

And oh my gosh, it’s a dog lovers dream this year. All prizes are from the best pet brands all over the world – with pet beds, dog toys, grooming kits, yummy treats, gifts for you and more all ready to sit under your Christmas tree this year.

Simply enter once per prize and refresh the page to enter again for another. That’s right, you can enter for every single prize!

Time for me to stop talking and you to start winning.

Read about all the prizes and enter below…


1 of 2 Holiday Classic Plush Toy Collection by P.L.A.Y. Australia

Fill your dog’s stocking with these festive toys, guaranteed to bring holiday cheer!

This holiday collection consists of classic Christmas favorites including a Gingerbread Man, Candy Canes, Hot Chocolate, Yule Log and Roasted Turkey that will make your Christmas morning extra sweet and memorable.

This prize ships to Australian residents only. 


Home Bed and Ceramic Bowl Set by DOOG

The new DOOG Home...

From Top:

1. For the tres chic dog-owner duo… Fabric Leash Bags by The Foggy Dog
2. For the personalised pooch… Custom Text Denim Dog Bandana by PetHaus
3. For the holiday season squeakers… Feastheads Fetch Toys by DOOG
4. For the Instadogs… Pet Selfie Stick by Dr Zoo
5. For the globetrotting pooch… Globetrotter Plush Toys by P.LA.Y. Pet Lifestyle You
6. For the fashionista fido… Custom Dog Collar featuring your Pet’s Portrait by Noble Friends
7. For the Christmas chewer … Holiday Grunterz Penguin by Zippy Paws
8. For Santa’s favourite… Christmas Treat Sack by IdPet
9. For the cosmopolitan canine… FuzzYard Brewery Beer, Puppaccino Coffee and Ice Cream plush squeaker toys by FuzzYard
10. For the gift that gives all year round… Dog Subscription Box by Olly’s Box

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From top:

1. For the luxe pup… Emerald Velvet Collar by HOUND Collection
2. For the spoiled pooch.. Dog Love Treat Jar from Dog Love Repeat
3. For the gourmet diner… Enamel Rosé Dog Bowl by Cloud7
4. For the professional napper… Rose Quartz Gem Dog Bed by Lion + Wolf
5. For the pampered pooch… Classic Conditioner by Organic Pet Pharmacy
6. For the plant-based pup… Vegan Red Velvet Treats by Leela Ryan
7. For the elegant walker… Indian Tan Leash by BoCo
8. For the stylish snoozer… Serengeti Dog Bed by P.L.A.Y.
9. For the trend setter… Check Bandana by Cloud7
10. For sophisticated eater… Tan & White Ceramic Bowl by Anna Eaves + SDSC
11. For the posh pet… Cloudy Grey Leather Dog Jacket by Wolfpack NYC

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From Top:

1. For the Doxie lover… Rose Gold Doxie Watch by Doxie Watches
2. For the stylin’ dog walker… ‘Prayer and Puppies’ Yoga Tank by Remain & Blossom
3. For the cool dog mom… ‘Dog Hair Don’t Care’ Key Ring by Bark YYC
4. For the person who runs on dogs and coffee… Pawsitive Vibes Mug by The Dapper Paw
5. For the stylish pet parent… The Dog Diary (2018 Edition) by Nooshel
6. For the tech lover… Personalised Pet Portrait & Phone Wallpaper by Spark of Sam
7. For the the “I’m not like a Regular Mom” Dog Moms… ‘Mean Girls Dog Mom’ Tote Bag by Bark YYC
8. For ultimate dog lovers… ‘Happiness is Dog Shaped’ Book by Happiness is Dog Shaped
9. For the avid reader… ‘Dogs with Jobs’ by Laura Greaves
10. For the matchy-matchersons… Matching Human Pyjamas and Dog Pyjamas by FabDog (now Sold Out! – see similar here)
11. For the rescue mum… ‘Rescue Dog Mum’ Sweat Jumper by IdPet
12. For the festive fur-mom (or dad!)… Holidogs Square Pillow by Beatrix & Midge Co.

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From Top:

1. For the playtime pup… Holiday Plush Toys by P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle and You
2. For the dashing doggie… ‘Embroidered Tree’ Dog Bow Tie & Collar Set by Dharf
3. For the chilled canine… Xmas Emoji Santa – Plush Dog Toy by FuzzYard
4. For the festive feaster… Christmas Spice Treats by PawDinkum
5. For the snackaholic… Gingham Dog Treat Tin by Harry Barker
6. For the naughty and the nice… Lump of Coal Dog Toys by Planet Dog
7. For Santa’s Little Helper… Hand-stamped ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ Dog Tag by The January Rose
8. For snappy dresser… Holly Plaid Flannel Dog Bandana by The Foggy Dog
9. For the hide-and-seek hound… Holiday Zippy Burrow Reindeer Pen Dog Toy from Bitch New York
10. For the dapper doggo… Cranberry Bias Stripes and Candy Cane Stripes Collars & Bow Ties by Danes & Divas

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From top:

1. For the festival fido… Coachella Collar and Coachella Dog Lead by FuzzYard
2. For the sweet tooth… Peanut Butter Ice Cream for Dogs by Darby’s Dog Bakery & Deli
3. For the colourfully coordinated… DOOG Home Beds & Ceramic Bowls by DOOG
4. For the artisan animal… Sand Dunes Leather Dog Lead by Outback Tails
5. For the design-conscious doggo… Bendo Woof Dog Bowl from BOco
6. For the stylish snoozer… Limited Edition Palm Beach Dog Bed by Furry Peach
7. For the dapper doggie… Daydream Buddy’s Bandana from DOGUE
8. For cool AF canine… Drake Bandana by Bark YYC
9. For the playful pup… ‘It’s a Pool Party’ Reversible Dog Harness by Big & Little Dogs
10. For the dog that wants to make fetch happen… ‘So Fetch’ Dog Tag by Growlees

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Dog lovers, it’s time to get excited – just one month to go until Christmas and boy are there some amazing doggo goodies this year.

No longer will we be content with random, cheap gift packs from the supermarket!

These picks are so ridiculously good looking AND well designed that they will be the ultimate holiday treat for you AND your pup.

Holiday Classic Toy Plush Set

Every single person who has seen this set has had the same two-step reaction when they have first laid eyes on these toys:

1. OMG cuteness overload.
2. Are you for real? The toy does that??!!

Because these are no ordinary, cuter-than-a-minature-baby-deer holiday toys.

That mini roasted turkey? Why the legs turn into detachable tug toys.

That seemingly quiet Yule Log? Tug the hidden velcro and it rolls out with multiple squeakers and crinkly filling to delight your dog.

Not to be outdone, the Gingerbread Man, Candy Canes and Hot Chocolate all pull double duty as squeaker filled toys and perfect photo props for Christmas Day (HELLO best holiday instagram feed!)

And with these toys there’s none of that “oh the dog’s toys didn’t make it to New Years”…these toys are made of durable double layered fabrics, inversed stitched for extra durability, 100% machine washable AND tested to meet the safety standards for children’s toys.

They are built...

Leaving your dog at home has to be THE. WORST. part of going on holiday. But what if I told you, this vacation, you could take your pooch with you?

Today we’re wrapping up our top picks of the absolute best dog-friendly holiday parks in Australia.

Whether you’re a camper, a glamper, a cabin dweller or a caravanner (it’s a word, I looked it up), there is a top holiday destination for everyone – and every dog.

Dog Friendly Reflections Holiday Parks

Of their 37 parks in operation, Reflections Holiday Parks (formerly known as North Coast, South Coast and Inland Waters Holiday Parks) has over 24 dog-friendly* holiday parks.

How do they do it? Unlike mega chain vacation corporations, Reflections gives back the money you spend – by investing it straight back into their holiday parks and public recreation reserves on Crown land that so many local communities enjoy.

Dog-friendly cabins, off-leash areas, pet-friendly beaches, doggo watering holes, and dog-wash stations are just a few of the amenities on offer for pups.

And that’s before mentioning the beaches, wildlife, playgrounds, trail hikes, untouched nature reserves and more for us!

Booking couldn’t be easier with their brand spanking new website that allows you to virtually tour cabins and sites, arrange activities and plan your trip with ease.

Find your next dream (dog friendly) holiday by visiting Reflections Holiday Parks HERE.

* Please check individual parks for dog-friendly facilities and restrictions. Some...

Asking the love of your life to marry you is an exciting (yet sometimes intimidating!) question. Once you decide to propose, it’s important to consider how you’ll go about doing so!

After all, this should be a memorable and romantic gesture — shouldn’t it be something your partner will remember forever?

If you are struggling to come up with the right proposal idea, but you know your other half loves animals, consider involving your furry friend in the process!

Check out a few of these pet proposal ideas to give you some inspiration…

Pet Proposal Ideas 1. The Four-Legged Ring Bearer

Is your pet well trained? Consider tying the ring to your dog or cat’s collar! And if you’re worried about the ring getting lost, you can try ring boxes, pillows or pouches to hold the ring in place.

2. The Puppy Proposal

Have you been talking about adopting a new puppy? Giving your soon-to-be-spouse a dog and a ring on the same day is a sure-fire way to melt their heart! How can anyone say anything but a definitive “YES!” to a puppy proposal?

3. Have Your Pets Ask For You

Another great idea is to order a new collar or tag that pops the question so you don’t have to! Many places allow you...

We all have lots of different things to be thankful for, but I think we can all agree, we are thankful for all of the dogs… every. single. one.

Am I right?

What would we do without them? From their unconditional love, endless kisses, that tail that won’t stop wagging when we get home from a rough day, and their unstoppable beg hogging that we claim we don’t like but will forever miss someday. To say they are the best is an understatement.

We are thankful for you, dogs. Yes. Every single one of you.

Download Desktop:

2560 x 1440
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1280 x 800


iPhone 6 & 7
iPhone 6 & 7 Plus

Want more?

Check out our collections of Free Desktop Wallpaper and Dog Desktop Wallpaper in our archives.

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Personifying laidback elegance, Sonia Bavistock has risen in the ranks as an influencer to watch, and a wordsmith to admire.

From her stunning Adelaide home, Sonia crafts campaigns for artisan wineries, online boutiques and luxury businesses – often with her doting pup, Amalfi by her side.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Sonia’s blog, Sonia Styling, captures her day to day style – her sartorial picks for the season awaited eagerly by her devoted followers.

So of course we just have to know her favourite pet picks for a fashion forward fido friendly home…

Who: Sonia Bavistock, Blogger at Sonia Styling and Chief Storyteller at Scribe+Social Where: Adelaide, South Australia Dog: Amalfi. We welcomed him the same year we got married, so we wanted to name him something special, something that would remind us of our honeymoon. We settled on one of our favourite places – the Amalfi coast. We think it suits him perfectly! How did Amalfi come into your life?

I’ve always been a dog lover and had dogs growing up, so when my then boyfriend (now husband) moved into together, I was adamant we’d get a dog. Eventually. He had a cat who was in his twilight years, so we didn’t think it was fair to introduce an energetic puppy into our lives at that stage. It wasn’t until...