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I have this really bad feeling Ink Bendy is going to show up when you're on that ride... The lights could go out and he'll arrive. Or he'll suddenly drop down to aggro.

I am very paranoid when it comes to him.

Ink Bendy (c) theMeatly
Art (c) InkHyaena 
This is Asajj Ventress as she would have appeared in her final story arc of TV's " Star Wars, The Clone Wars " had Lucasfilm continued producing the final episodes of the series. She had already become a bounty hunter by that point but the most notable thing is that she let her hair grow back in. Fortunately, that story line for those unproduced episodes saw the light of day in the novel " Dark Disciple ". I read it recently and it's gotta be one of the absolute best Star Wars things ever. A page-turner it was! I'm actually glad it got produced this way as I don't think they could have pulled it off as well in the cartoon. It would've been good but this way, they had more freedom to show blood and say " damn " and " hell "... among other, better examples. The story also features the Jedi, Quinlan Vos which would have been only his second time on the series. Young Boba Fett & Bossk even played a part. And, the book also further demonstrates why Obi-Wan is so cool. So, if ya liked the " The Clone Wars ", this is a super-must read. And if you've read this far, you're a nerd!

I am so annoyed with this tablet/computer.

Seemingly at random, while I’m trying to draw stuff, the tablet stops working properly, pressure sensitivity is gone, and the pointer turns into this shitty little circle. The only way to fix it is to unplug the tablet and plug it back in.

The past couple of days it’s been so bad, my tablet is practically useless. I have to unplug the damn thing repeatedly, every couple of seconds. And that doesn’t even help every time now.

I’ve looked up how to fix this problem, but everywhere says the same damn thing that doesn’t help me one fucking bit. “disable press and hold.”

I read that it is possibly a windows 10 problem? It’s serious bullshit and I’m losing patience with it.
This is an oil painting on canvas by Leonid Afremov made using a palette knife only.

You can view and purchase this painting here -…

Use 15% discount coupon - GeraSU15

You can learn more about the artist here…

Decided to try out a style of phtomanipulation where my good friend Jason Ryan Lester has a painted look against my actual patina painting (also manipulated in post). Hope you Enjoy!

Photo by
Model: Jason Ryan Lester
All elements shot/painted and post production by
Contains fetish content, namely macro/micro and long tongues. Enlarge at your own discretion!

"Aw c'mon, don't keep her all for yourself...~"
Sometimes, having to share a treat makes the experience even better, rather than taking away from it! Especially when that experience is shared with friends.
I'm curious, now... what do you think is the story, here? Is Jasmine and Charlotte's tiny treat a friend as well, joining them for some teasing and fun? Or an "unlucky" someone brought along for a bit of playtime? Or maybe you have a different idea entirely!

This scene happens to be a bit of a revisit, as well! It's based on a picture I made way back when I was first starting out in 3D, back in... oh, probably 2010 or so. I've learned a lot since then and I hope it shows! I don't think I've done one of these comparisons before with such an old piece.
Commission for  A full family portrait aha I'm pretty happy with the bg but damn I REAAAAALLY need to learn how to paint water!!Thanks again for commissioning meCharacters belong to  and 
Redesigning Ayo after much consideration.
Her tentacle arms were a neat idea that I did get some mileage out of, but after a while I felt obligated to have to work them into pictures, and I kinda got tired of it. Plus, frankly; her purple skin was made her a bit too similar to a CERTAIN popular cartoon character with a very similar colour palette and body type. Plus, I got tired of having to use SO MUCH purple, and it made it tricky working colour palettes around her.

However everything else about her design and character I did like, so I thought I'd strip all of the elements I didn't want to work with anymore and start from the ground up!

Artwork (c) Lobsteritus, do not use without permission.
Ayo created by me

Hello there! This time we have a commission for TheRed1 !

Sometimes it's nice to treat your lady friends to a nice weekend out in the country! Get away from it all, ya know!

Mimics are a sorely underused monster type in my opinion. So I made one currently tied to a short-story idea called “Food Truck” (which is currently being considered on being folded into the Strange-verse). 

This mimic’s “name” is Carmen and she disguises herself as an innocuous food truck that sells smoothies. I imagine this unique cover would have been adopted after the explosion of the trendy food-truck craze that swept across the U.S. 

Don’t let her looks or customer service skills fool you. If you’re all alone getting served by her, and there’s no-one else in sight, your gonna end up getting served TO her.

[[ Drew her while listening to this. ]]

>u< 1/2 Trade with Fayfia  this is for   JiggyJaggy   Hope you like it! 
The elf girl named Naal opened her eyes slowly. The lighting was too bright for waking up after such a long sleep. Wait. Did she sleep? She didn’t know. She couldn't remember what had happened the night before. She felt something in her mouth. Her eyes noticed a figure near her. She panicked and tried to move, but she couldn’t! The only part of her body that she could feel was between her legs, where she found a pleasant feeling building. 

"Oh, you woke up, did you?" 

The figure's voice sounded familiar... 

"How do you feel after breathing nitrous oxide?" 

Naal's eyes finally opened wide. She remembered! 

"Haha! You should have seen the look on your face!" 

The figure began to laugh as more details started to emerge. Naal already knew who they were though. Only one being could be doing this to her: the stupid machine with silicone breasts: Mel. 

"You may think that I want to kill you, but trust me: I'm going to help you. You don’t have to diet and work yourself to death to lose weight. On the other hand, you could probably stand to even gain weight in certain places… 

The cyborg shook her perfect breasts to better illustrate her point. 

"Anyway, I’m ready to make you better! My method is very simple…" 

Mel slapped a big metallic cylinder that Naal hadn't taken notice of earlier. 


It was then that...
Back in 1980, I was still trying to break into sci-fi publishing, this was an assignment for a class at Art Center College of Design.

It was under the theme of "Separate Realities". That's all I remember...

I drew from a scene from the original Star Trek series "The Cage", remembering a scene, with a castle, in a otherworldly setting;…

This was my variation of that scene.

Acrylic on Canvas.
I'm a little late with postcard 4 (this was supposed to be done in February) but I've just had so much to do that it got pushed back a whole bunch. Anyway here it is! Spitfire and her bab. Confused? Check out my blog! Want to look at this all the time? Here's wallpapers! Details of the printing forthcoming, because I'm going to be putting surplus stock of old postcards up and maybe doing more printing if there's demand! We shall see. There is stuff to work out.
I used this models for a SoKai picture long time ago
So I decided to release it for everyone to use!
I tried to keep the style of the uniform in KH2 as much as I could and this is the result!
I hope you really like this ^^


Kairi, Sora © Square Enix & Disney

-Always credit
-You can edit
-Don't claim it as your own
-You can redistribute on a model

Model and edited textures by NaminF
Original model and Boy by Reseliee | kazuki9484 | Square Enix | Disney

Shoes by Reseliee
Shirt by MMDFakewings18 | TechArts 3D
Skirt by UnluckyCandyFox | HanbitSoft

Shoes and pants by Shima-Blank
Shirt by Reseliee

The wait is over, and I finally got my hands on a model of Nia probably my favorite girl from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just beating Pyra/Mythra by a scratch, but love them both regardless!

So here is a little treat for you guys of these two cuties playing footsies. Pyra is sure enjoying it while Nia is feeling a bit shy, but having a bit of hard time hiding how much much she is enjoying it.  (And yes I made Nia's feet a bit big..)

I love these two alot so there will likely be a ticklish follow up eventually!

Pyra/Nia models:   (Barefoot edits: me) 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its characters are owned and copyright by Nintendo, Monolith Soft

Photography By Me, MDesignz, All Rights Reserved

So I am doing Spring Cleanup in my Garden this morning
and the delivery man stops by with a box filled with Roses
and A Note.....An Unsigned Note...Beautiful Present, Made
My Day.....

Note That Came With The Roses

"I wish I were a bird
every morning I would fly to your place
and sit at the window
to be the first one everyday
to see your lovely face"


Thank you so much for any comments or Favs to my Work
I do appreciate your support very much

My Work is NOT Stock and cannot be used for any purpose
without my Handwritten Permission

Had to jump on the pink Sonic and blue Amy train, but ya'll know I gotta show my Boom!crew some love

Boom Sonic and Amy belong to Sega
type 1 commission for