Hold on to your butts! Blasters of the Universe is smashing into PlayStation VR on February 27! Are you ready for an intense VR battle against nerd-turned-evil-genius-turned total cry baby, Grand Master Alwyn? While his dated insults may not exactly sting, his hordes of weaving minions and spiraling waves of projectiles will have you fighting for your virtual life. Blasters of the Universe is going to be unapologetically difficult in PlayStation VR — here’s what you need to know if you want to reign victorious.

Take back VR from Grand Master Alwyn

Grand Master Alwyn (formerly Allen Fitzpatrick) is an insecure man-child who was once the undisputed king of the local arcade. He uploaded his consciousness into virtual reality in the 90s and constructed a vast virtual universe in his own likeness.

For decades, he’s been ruling VR with a pixelated fist, backed by the crude army of minions he created, waiting for anyone who dares challenge him. Waiting for anyone… to just talk to.

Join the VR battle

The Blasters mission is to take back VR. Pick and choose from tons of parts and modifiers to make a weapon of your own in the Armory before you head into battle. Whether you have an offensive or defensive style of gameplay, you have the freedom to make weapons that suit your style.

As you progress in the game, new pieces will...

Hello readers, and goodbye 2017! It’s been a heck of a year, but I’m ready to kick back for a couple weeks and play just… a ton of video games until 2018. Maybe I’ll finally finish Persona 5!

A lot of really talented folks stopped by to write posts at the ol’ PlayStation.Blog this year, and we’ve invited a bunch of them back to share digital versions of their teams’ holiday cards with all of you. There’s some quality stuff in here!

I didn’t count (get off my back!), but I think this might be the biggest holiday card post we’ve ever done? Either way, the PS Blog team and all our friends below wish you and and your families a refreshing, prosperous holiday. See you next year!

Next week sees the release of The Frozen Wilds, an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn that adds a dangerous new environment for players to explore. The expansion is set in the icy wasteland known as ‘The Cut’, where the bravest hunters of the Banuk tribe test themselves against the elements and the machines, but only few live to tell the tale. Their tales, however, are of great interest to Aloy…

For the team at Guerrilla, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds was an opportunity to go back and delve into the culture of one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s most mysterious tribes. Although the Banuk didn’t feature prominently in the base game, the tribe’s rugged individuality, nomadic existence and harmonious relationship with natural and machine life set it apart them from all of the other tribes.

The developers went to great lengths to create tribes that would feel believable and at home in the environments they inhabited, and the Banuk tribe was no exception. In the video interview above, Studio Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek, Narrative Director John Gonzalez, Lead Concept Artist Roland IJzermans and Lead Writer Ben McCaw talk about the development of the Banuk tribe, and the ways in which Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds builds on the foundations laid in Horizon Zero Dawn.

You’ll be able to explore the Cut and discover the unique culture of...