Weekly Friend Finder Thread (previous friend threads) (schedule) (games wiki) Looking for somebody to help you kill assassins or save the last humans? Then look no further. This weekly thread is dedicated to users who want to fill out their friends lists with like-minded adventurers / soldiers / outlaws. How can you participate? Make a comment with the following info: Your PSN ID PlayStation Platforms You Have Games You're Playing Now Example: NateDrake98 [PS3, PS4, Vita] - PS All-Stars You can also include other info such as: What games do you enjoy? What games are you looking forward to? Do you like trophies? How much time you spend playing each PSN platform? Do you plan on getting a different console (like a Vita) down the road? Anything else you'd like to share. If you're not one of the first people commenting here, try to add at least one person before making your own comment. Also, remember to check out /r/PSNFriends for even more friends! submitted by /u/AutoModerator
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Official Game Discussion Thread (previous game threads) (games wiki) Ratchet & Clank If you've played the game, please rate it at this poll. If you haven't played the game but would like to see the result of the poll click here. PS4 All Time Game Ratings Share your thoughts/likes/dislikes/indifference below. submitted by /u/thavius_tanklin
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Seriously. Nothing scratches that military espionage itch like Splinter Cell. I've crawled through the Afghan desert in MGSV, crept through the shadows of 2029 Prague in Deus Ex MD, and even taken to petty theft in Thief (which I don't think is half as bad as people make out). Aragami entertained me for a while, and even Mafia III had hints of unpolished stealth. I'm currently playing through Styx: Shards of Darkness and I think it's a real diamond in the rough if you enjoy sleuthing about in the shadows. I like stealth games. But for me, Splinter Cell (namely Chaos Theory and the criminally underrated Blacklist) is the pinnacle. If Ubi released a Splinter Cell 'Classics' collection, or even just put Blacklist up for grabs on PS4, I'd throw my wallet at the television and yell at them to help themselves. Yes, I could buy a PS3, but it's 2018 and there's only so much room under the TV. Throw me a bone, Ubi. I'm sure I'll enjoy the shit out of Far Cry 5, and AC:Origins was all groovy, but give Sam Fisher and crew some love. My money is waiting. submitted by /u/RedMosquitoMan
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I heard this question on a podcast and though it would make a great discussion. My answer is the NES version of Strider. I remember playing the version of it at my best friend's house. The game has had an incredible impact on my life as a youth. Here's a brief synopsis via Wikipedia: Set in a dystopian future during the year 2048, the game centers around a secret organization of hi-tech ninja-like operatives known as "Striders", who specializes in various kinds of wetworks such as smuggling, kidnapping, demolitions, and disruption. The player takes control of Hiryu, the youngest ever elite-class Strider in the organization. Hiryu is summoned by the organization's second-in-command, Vice Director Matic, to assassinate his friend Kain, who has been captured by hostile forces and has become a liability to the Striders. At the time, I never knew that videogames could tell adult story full of intrigue, double crossing, backstabbing and secret organizations. When I was a kid I didn't understand the whole don't trust who you work for cliche. For a classic 8 bit game, it's incredible, to think that games could be more than saving the princess. But the best thing is how we would hangout and go crazy over all the twists and turns the story had. The cinematic cutscenes and the state of the then art tech was amazing to my little kid brain. We would marvel at the "I didn't see that coming" and...
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Hello. I am going to continue to search for this, but I thought I would ask here because I may get an answer before I can find it. Edit: He has the 1TB Slim. My brother updated to the latest firmware and is receiving an error code SU-37553-3. He cannot rebuild the database from safe mode, eject the disc that is in the device or anything. It is totally bricked. He is trying to get somewhere with customer support, but nothing is working. Needless to say, he is pretty pissed. Has anyone had this happen and, perhaps, be able to help us out? Thank you in advance for your response! submitted by /u/tim_the_great
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I'm looking for a game where you can feel yourself getting stronger and more powerful as you progress. submitted by /u/Evanzilla2003
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Hi, me n my friend ( 2 dads mid 30) gonna have a guys night in, and he wants me to bring my ps4 so we can play some co-op. But I got to think I don’t have any couch co-op games. Please some suggestions? submitted by /u/pickford
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really hope that we see collaborations in games or spin offs with disney/marvel characters or maybe Sony just make good games for these licenses with their wide arsenal of developers be it 1st or third party submitted by /u/mayonaisebuster
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I just finished up FFXV, and now hoping to find my next one, would love to hear everyone's favorites and suggestions. I'm a big fan of FF series (X being my favorite). I saw reviews and it looks like the popular ones are: Y's VIII Persona 5 Tales of Berseria Valkyrie Chronicles Odin Sphere submitted by /u/karthur26
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Weekly Open Discussion Thread (previous free talk threads) (schedule) (games wiki) Share any thoughts or opinions you'd like to here, ranging from things related to PS4 and PlayStation to general thoughts about the world today. Rules: The only requirements of this thread are basic reddiquette and following our general comment rules (listed here). submitted by /u/AutoModerator
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And who still gets pissed whenever they see it? submitted by /u/ballercrantz
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