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Hello 38 weeks! I can’t believe that I’m here! Now that I crossed this threshold I can share that my doctor’s prediction was that baby boy would come before 38 weeks. I was fairly certain when he said that he was jinxing me and I’ll probably go to 41 weeks.

I did an Instagram poll last week and the vote was in favor of a late arrival. Only time will tell. It’s the craziest thing to think that it could be tonight…or next week…or 3 weeks from now!


Once again, not much to report on baby boy. He’s chilling in there gaining a bit more weight and preparing for his birthday!

I’m very excited to meet him. I have wondered so much about what he’s going to look like since Tanner and I have pretty much opposite coloring and features. I have dreamed so much about that moment that he’s put on my chest for the...

Happy Monday! I hope you guys like the dumbbell workout that I posted on Sunday night! It’s a good one so definitely give it a try if you’re needing some strength training motivation and direction this week!

I had a busy but good weekend. It was the final weekend of our Winter 2018 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (and the 10th 200-hour that we’ve completed!). It’s always bittersweet when they’re over. It’s nice to have weekends free again but you create such a special bond with each group that it’s also sad! We had a super great group this time around and graduated 29 yogis!

The coolest thing is that going into training it’s common to have 30-50% of the class say that they don’t think they want to teach but are there to learn more about yoga and deepen their own practice. Fast forward to the final weekend and I had them all go around and share if they planned to teach and if they had anything lined up and 100% of them now plan to teach!

If you want to read more about yoga teacher training,...

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Hey guys! Let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects today…getting sweaty! I have a killer new dumbbell workout to share with you that I know that you’ll love. Dumbbell workouts tend to be a crowd favorite since you can pretty much do them anywhere with minimal equipment and get a full-body strength training workout.

And this is a good one! It’s six different compound movements that come together to give you a challenging full-body workout. Oh and it’s pregnancy friendly for my fellow expecting moms!

(all workout photos in this post Scott Broome Photography

But first, let’s talk about strategies for managing the sweat that comes from tough workouts, big interviews or high-pressure situations. Finding the right deodorant for these moments can be a challenge but once you do, you can confidently tackle whatever your workout…or life throws at you! And there are SO many options these days!


Let me tell you about two of my faves for teaching and practicing hot yoga...

Happy Saturday. I just ate a delicious roasted beet kale salad for lunch followed by a carrot cake cupcake (my kind of finding balance!) so I’m in the mood to talk food.

Here’s what I ate last week!


Can you even believe that you’re seeing this as a breakfast for me? I’m for sure more of a sweet versus savory breakfast person but on Monday avocado toast and scrambled eggs sounded really good so I went with it.

Back to normally scheduled programming on Wednesday. Plain full-fat greek yogurt with honey, banana, granola, strawberries, dried cranberries and Wild Friends Almond Cashew Super Butter.

On Thursday mornings I teach at 7:15 a.m. but need something in my belly before I go...

So I am in full out nesting and baby-prep mode. Last night after teaching I came home and took the girls on a walk. During the walk I was so uncomfortable. I was having a lot of cramping, stomach discomfort and nausea. I ended up cutting our walk short and headed home to take a hot shower. It lit the fire under me to finally get my hospital bag packed…which has spiraled into all sorts of shopping and projects today.

Clearly, I did not go into labor last night but all that cramping really freaked me out. I saw my doctor this morning for my weekly appointment and he said that the cramping is a great sign that things are progressing. He checked me and I’m still at 80% effaced but not dilated so he told me to stay active, keep walking and get this baby moving.

I spent a solid hour at Target this morning buying more loose and loungy clothes for after delivery, diapers, pads for me, baby clothes, baby hats, baby socks, baby body wash, lamps for the den and nursery and more. I will totally admit that I had tears in my eyes while I was in the diaper aisle. All the...

Oh my goodness friends, 37 weeks seems like a dream. I can’t believe that baby boy could come today…next week…or a few weeks from now. It’s 20 days until my due date and everyone seems to think he’ll be arriving before his due date but I don’t know, I feel like he’s pretty cozy in there and many first time mommas go late. Only he knows!

I will admit that I sometimes whisper prayers while sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night, “Dear god…please don’t let these be labor cramps…don’t let my water break. Not tonight. Give me a few more days…please.” Haha.


First, did you know that weeks 37 to 40 are technically month 10 of pregnancy!? My Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy gives a whole explanation about why they divide the book into 10 months instead of 9 but whew. It’s a long 40 weeks no matter how you slice it.

There’s not too much going on with baby boy from a developmental perspective at this phase. By the end of this week...

Happy new week! I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m. I didn’t sleep well last night…I was hot and sweaty all night and had to make multiple bathroom trips. After the 4:30 a.m. wake-up, there was no going back to sleep. My mind was racing. (There’s kind of a lot on my mind these days…)

The plus side of this is that I have my weekend recap done nice and early for you guys!


Friday brought another early wakeup. I think I was up at 5 on Friday and couldn’t go back to sleep. I had a big bowl of banana cottage cheese oatmeal for breakfast. Zoey approved.

I worked the morning away and then had a photo shoot with Scott Broome to capture some prenatal yoga images for upcoming posts. Thought I should get those done while I still have this belly!

Lunch back at home was...

I hope this finds you enjoying a Sunday full of coffee, good food and relaxation. My Sunday has been slow and lazy to start but I’m hoping to get in some sort of a workout and grocery trip after writing this post and then we have our studio baby shower later this afternoon.

So, I planned to write a Friday Favorites post but then I hit a wall on Friday. I was so crazy tired and ended up just taking it easy most of the day. I didn’t even have the brainpower to write a blog post…and usually that’s one of the things I find easiest to do! I decided to give myself a pass and save the post for Sunday. I don’t always post on the weekends but I like to write on Sunday mornings.

I’ve got a round-up of recent favorites for you along with the dinner menu for this week!


I have never been much of an Etsy shopper but I’ve found so much for the nursery on Etsy from wall art...

I’ve said it quite a few times before, but I have to say it again. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for being so open with your knowledge and insights on pregnancy and childbirth and for being so supportive and loving of my journey. I was blown away by the comments on yesterday’s post and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your thoughts. I hope these pregnancy posts will serve as a helpful resource for other readers who find themselves moms-to-be in the future because there is SO much good info in the comments!

My mom left to head back to Florida this morning. Hard to believe that it was our last solo visit and next time she will be here, there will be a baby too!

I’m doing a recent eats-style post today to show you guys what a whole day of meals looks like for me late in the third trimester.


Monday: smoothie bowl topped with graham crunch cereal

Tuesday: plain full-fat Fage greek yogurt with honey, banana, Purely Elizabeth granola, chia...

I’m a day late on my weekly pregnancy post because I had my 36 week appointment yesterday afternoon and wanted to write this after so I’d have more to update you on!

I’ll start with a recap of that appointment and then jump into the normal update.

This is a profile shot of his face and you can see his little lips sticking out!

At my 36 week appointment I had an ultrasound as well as an office visit. The ultrasound actually ended up being at Maternal Fetal Medicine because the tech at my office went on maternity leave unexpectedly early. It ended up being a blessing that my appointment was at MFM because I got some great reassurance.

First, everything looked good and he’s measuring perfectly on track. Fluid levels were great (which is a big thing they check for on this ultrasound) and they estimated that he weighs about six pounds and...

Last Sunday morning I had the urge to bake something breakfasty. I had overripe bananas on hand but a craving for morning glory muffins…so I decided to combine the two and make “mash up” of banana bread and morning glory muffins/quick bread.

The result was delicious!

The recipe ended up yielding 12 muffins with enough batter leftover for a mini loaf as well.

I used this morning glory muffin recipe from King Arthur as a loose base and then made modifications based on my personal preferences as well as the modification of the recipe into a hybrid banana bread.

I have to kick off this Monday morning by wishing a VERY special lady a VERY happy birthday!

It’s my Mema’s birthday today so y’all give her lots of love in the comments section. She tells me that Peanut Butter Runner is always her first stop when she turns on her computer!

I mean, just look at her when she was a little girl with that curly hair loving on a golden retriever. <3

I’m so sad that I’m not able to spend her birthday with her this year but hopefully I will see her very soon…with baby in tow!

Jumping into the weekend recap, on Friday I made lunch and then got geared up for an afternoon at the DMV. We were running...

Hi everyone. I’m just sitting over here with a baby wiggling around in my belly. Last night he was acting so crazy in there that at one point when I was watching TV on the couch, I yelled out in pain because there was a super sharp jab/pain that I’ve never had before. This morning everything seems a little lower (my mom agreed!) so I wonder if he dropped/is dropping!?

My mom is still here but this week has been mostly business as usual. I’ve been teaching one class a day (yoga) except for Tuesdays when I also teach a strength class at the Y.

My class this Tuesday was SO much fun and I had a little over 50 people in class. I’ve worked so hard to build this class and have an amazing group of regulars. I’m getting a little sad to leave them for maternity leave because I’m not sure that teaching a 6:30 p.m. class will work in my...

This post is sponsored by Omax3 Omega-3 Supplement. 

I’m super excited about today’s post as I have some information to share with you on my new favorite omega-3 supplement as well as a TRX workout that is easy on the joints and safe for pregnancy.

I have been taking an omega-3 supplement (I’ve used both pill and liquid form) since my first trimester since I read so much about how beneficial DHA is for growing baby brains! Recently, I switched over to Omax3 Omega-3 supplement and I really like it.

Here are some of the overall benefits of omega-3 supplementation and then I’ll also cover some that are pregnancy-specific.


Omega-3s can optimize your mental performance as well as improve your mood and concentration. I love these benefits as someone who usually has about a million balls up in the air at one time and is struggling with pregnancy brain…which will turn into mommy brain, I’m sure!


Omega-3s boost your heart health, reduce risk of heart disease and lower your triglycerides. I think the heart health benefits are so important for us as women given that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. and is the cause for 1 in every 4 female deaths....

35 weeks and just 35 days to go.

I have so much to share with you today from symptoms to my prenatal fitness plan for the rest of pregnancy to a nursery sneak peek and more so let’s dive in.


Baby boy is the size of a pineapple which is PERFECT as pineapple has been my #1 pregnancy craving since the beginning!

  • He’s somewhere between 17.2 and 18.7 inches and between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds.
  • Testes have probably fully descended.
  • Hearing is fully developed and baby responds best to high-pitched noises.
  • Fingernails and toenails have likely grown to reach their tips.
  • Kidneys are fully developed.

Weight gain/body changes: I’ve gained about 24-25 pounds at this point. I feel like I hung around 15 forever but then once I hit close to 20 it’s been super steady of a pound or two a week ever since.

I just read...

Good morning. Can I just say that I’m happy that Easter weekend is over? I don’t know what it is about Easter but it’s one of the social media holidays that I sometimes find to be a little triggering when it comes to the whole comparison trap.

(Easter 30 YEARS AGO at my grandparent’s house.) 

I talked to my yoga class about Easter and social media this morning. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love seeing all the photos of egg hunts, family dinners and pretty dresses but when you’re Easter experience looks kind of starkly opposite of that, it can feel like you’re missing out a bit.

For the last few years, we haven’t really had a family Easter and it’s kind of felt like just another day. I usually make brunch at home, eat some Reese’s Eggs, teach yoga and carry on with life as usual. This year was especially mundane feeling and I told my class how important it is to remember that life doesn’t always look like “pretty Easter dresses.”

I wasn’t really even motivated to write a weekend recap today but I decided during class...

Morning and happy Friday! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are ticking away. I start each week thinking I have so much time and that I’m going to get so much done and then Friday gets here and I’m like, “WAIT!” I’m definitely starting to feel the pressure of my due date coming up and there’s so many work and personal projects that I need to wrap up first.

We have a few weeks off of teacher training due to spring break for our local school systems (we always try to avoid having training weekends during spring break for students/teachers/parents that might be in TT) so I want to take advantage of these few open weekends to get a lot of baby-prep wrapped up.

I had my 34 week check up yesterday and it was non-eventful. My doctor was on vacation for spring break so I saw another doctor who was actually the one I saw when I was in the hospital. I haven’t been rotating between doctors which has been awesome because I love my doctor so very much but a little nerve-racking because I know the...

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Let’s talk about smartphone apps today! I have five screens full of them on my iPhone. I don’t know why but I’ve never been able to get into organizing them into folders. I prefer to swipe. I wanted to share some of my favorite apps that run the gamut from time saving/convenience to photo editing to health tracking and more!

I’m going to share the smartphone apps that I use most often along with what my favorite features of each app are.


This should come as a surprise to no one but the app I use the most is Spotify. I use it every time I’m teaching a class and also for my workouts. I can easily navigate my playlists or search for Spotify or user generated playlists. One of my favorite features of Spotify is there “Daily Mix” playlists. There is a collection...

At 34 weeks we are getting so close and boy am I ever starting to feel it! Pregnancy has definitely “gotten real” in these last couple of weeks and I’m feeling pretty big and slow.

Before I get to this week’s update, here are some scenes from my baby shower last Sunday. This was a small shower with family and close friends. We have one more at the studio in a couple of weeks with more of our yoga community, staff and students.


Lots of blue and white hydrangeas along with onesies and stuffed animals for simple decor.

Cupcakes. Strawberry, red velvet, peanut butter and chocolate and vanilla.

The food was done by Tanner’s sister-in-law’s sister (did you get that?). She owns...

Hi and happy new week. I hope it’s off to a good start.

Having my mom, aunt and cousin here over the weekend for my baby shower made for a very special time. There was minimal working and lots of fun and hanging out.


I subbed out my Friday classes so that I could run errands and spend time with my mom. Our day started with a failed trip to the DMV (didn’t have the right documents + the line was WAY too long) followed by a Target run, a lunch date and a visit to Erin McDermott’s studio to pick out jewelry for my baby shower dresses.

We had lunch at the Mayobird…one of my favorite spots in Charlotte. I hadn’t eaten there in way too long and it was delicious. They have a menu of 10-15 different chicken salads that you can choose to have prepared in all sorts of ways from a salad plate to a sandwich melt.

Once we got home I took the girls for a long walk. I think we went 3.5 miles. It was so...