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Happy Sunday, friends! How are you guys? I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Since I have the blog post I was planning to share on Monday morning all typed up and ready to go today, I figured I’d share it now rather than hold off. This sometimes happens over the weekend when I’m a little ahead of things and I’m curious to know whether you guys would prefer my usual weekday sharing schedule or if you’d occasionally welcome a weekend blog post here and there if I have something ready to share a bit early. Please let me know if you have a preference either way!

The first half of our weekend was spent Babymooning and the second half has been spent cuddling up with a feverish toddler. Thankfully Chase seems to be improving today but he actually requested a nap this afternoon, so there’s no denying he’s still a little under the weather.


Ryan and I spent all day Friday in Charleston, South Carolina and it was so much fun. Incredibly windy but fun! We lucked out with temperatures in the upper 60s in Charleston both Friday and Saturday which made strolling around the city quite comfortable.

Dress: Audrey & Olive / Chambray Top: Liverpool Jeans Company via Stitch...

Hello from sunny Kiawah Island, South Carolina! I’m forgoing this week’s Things I’m Loving Friday roundup in favor of a peek into our Babymoon so far because pretty much everything I have on my list of Friday Favorites this week centers around our just-the-two-of-us getaway. We’re planning to head into Charleston today to explore and check out some of your recommended hot spots so, as always, thank you for your recommendations! Our Babymoon plans came together FAST thanks to my mom who was kind enough to offer to watch Chase during a time that coincided well for Ryan to take off work. When we realized we had the opportunity to get away as a couple, Ryan and I were so excited and began asking friends for vacation recommendations. Planning something so last minute doesn’t come without some obstacles but we quickly decided on Kiawah Island since it sounded like the perfect mix of activity and relaxation. Wednesday We left for the island around lunchtime on Wednesday and the drive from Charlotte was a breeze. We lucked out with no traffic and commented a number of times on how even the drive to Kiawah Island felt special because we could just relax and talk and not multitask as we tried to entertain a toddler. (We also commented on the...

Thank you to American Express for sponsoring this post! Today I am sharing our Before Baby Number Two Bucket List and a little bit about why we’re using the new Amex EveryDay Credit Card to help us chip away at some fun and some not-so-fun-but-still-necessary items on our list! 

Being a mother is a bit of an odd thing sometimes.  It seems like motherhood and raising a child is a constant rollercoaster and one minute you’ll feel like you’re in your groove and totally killin’ the mom game and the next minute you feel like you’re failing at everything and not doing one thing well. It’s a rollercoaster I’ve been riding for a little more than two-and-a-half years now and one I absolutely adore more than anything in the world.

And now my motherhood journey is about to get even more intense when we welcome our newest addition this summer. I am so beyond ready for another baby and every part of my heart is ready to snuggle a newborn and add another family member to the Fagan crew, but I also know things are about to change… BIG TIME.

Hi friends! How are you guys doing? After a rather Monday-ish Monday marked by more insomnia and some rather intense all-day nausea (<—I’ll take all of it and then some for a healthy baby!), I was ready for a better Tuesday. I had a feeling things would look up because my mom arrived in town late Monday night and her visits are always like a ray of sunshine in my life. My dad had some alumni speaking events lined up at his college and when my mom mentioned heading to Charlotte to see us and spend time with her grandson, she offered to watch Chase so Ryan and I could get away for a rather impromptu babymoon. Twist my arm!

Ryan and I are heading to South Carolina today for a few days away and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to some relaxation and quality time with my husband. We didn’t do much in the way of vacations last year aside from visiting family and a couple of road trips for brief weekends away with Chase, so this feels like an extra special treat for the two of us.

We’re splitting our time evenly between Kiawah Island and Charleston and pretty much have a whole lot of nothing planned. I’m dying for...

When I was pregnant with Chase, I received a lot of requests to share what I was planning to pack in my hospital bag. It was a blog post I was semi-interested in writing but at the same time I felt largely unqualified to weigh in on the topic because I had NO idea what I was going to need!

I scoured the internet for advice and asked the women in my life for their words of wisdom about what I should pack but then, wouldn’t you know, Chase decided to make his debut two weeks early and I had NOTHING packed the night I went into labor. My hospital bag was empty and my mind went blank as I threw clothes, toiletries and snacks into a duffle back in the middle of the night in between contractions.

I’m hoping to be a little more prepared this time around but, honestly, I was quite surprised at how little I actually needed to have with me at the hospital both before and after Chase’s birth.

Our hospital was more than equipped to handle everything I may have needed, especially all of the essentials (thick pads, mesh underwear, etc.) that so many online articles said I “needed” to bring. I’m not sure if this is standard (I...

And just like that, another weekend is here! This week passed by in a blur of appointments, commitments and to-dos and now it’s FRIDAY. Woop!

Thank you all for your sweet words about Sadie on Wednesday’s blog post. She’s handling her little bootie like a champ and we should be able to get it off today.

Here’s hoping her limp is gone soon and that she’ll be cleared for plenty of walks in the beautiful spring sunshine!

Now let’s dive right into our usual Friday shenanigans, shall we? Below you will find a short roundup of a few things that are making me smile this week. As always, I’d love for you guys to join in and tell me about something you’re loving right now in the comments section.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday
  • Toddler Haircuts

Chase has his preschool class pictures on Monday so we headed off to Snip-Its to get his haircut yesterday morning. I’m not sure what it is about toddler haircuts but whenever a toddler gets their haircut, I...

Monday night was a doozey over here. Yeesh. I could not fall asleep for the life of me and truly did not drift off to sleep until 3 a.m. I tried and tried but have you ever had the adrenaline kick in when you cannot sleep that makes you feel totally amped up when you know you should be sleeping? I threw in the towel multiple times and read The Alice Network for hours with the hope that reading would make me sleepy. No such luck. It was pretty brutal and I opted out of my early-morning wakeup time in favor of sleeping in until 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

You better believe I will be researching the heck out of magnesium supplements and Natural Calm, which a number of you recommended to me when I briefly mentioned some rough sleep in my last pregnancy recap post. Is this my body’s way of preparing me for life with a newborn again!? Ooph.

With a less-than-stellar sleep under my belt, I woke up feeling slightly groggy on Tuesday. I made myself a bowl of triple chocolate protein oats to eat as I read my devotional which helped lift my mood.

Chase was up not long after I finished my oats and...

This refreshing green smoothie recipe is the perfect spring or summertime pick-me-up. Packed with vegetables, fruit and fresh mint, it’s naturally energizing and a great go-to snack!

At 30 weeks pregnant, I feel like I’m finally back in a place where I can stomach vegetables waaay better than I could even a month or so ago and it is SO nice. I still tend to prefer raw veggies and salads over cooked vegetables right now (unless they’re in something, like a casserole or crockpot recipe) but on days when my vegetable consumption is low or basically non-existent, I find myself calling upon the trusty ol’ standby: A green smoothie.

When savory vegetables don’t sound appealing, sweetening them up a bit in a smoothie makes them 10 times more palatable. A green smoothie still leaves me with that energetic “veggie high” I swear I feel after I consume a decent amount of leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables. Natural energy at its best!

Hey, hey! I hope you’re stopping by the blog today after a great weekend.

Sadie says a very enthusiastic HELLOOOO to all of you!

I’ll be honest, I felt like I was in a bit of a funk for a bit this weekend but thankfully by Sunday I was feeling a little more like myself. For the past week or two, I feel like my moods have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Can I blame this on pregnancy hormones!? Yeesh!

On Friday evening, I called a babysitter to watch Chase and finally made a much-needed appointment to get my hair done. Since Ryan was out of town traveling again during the last half of last week, I kept waffling back and forth about whether or not to actually spend the money and book a babysitter and in the end decided it was worth it because my hair has been bothering me for a while now. After 10 months of neglect, the balayage was so grown out that I could only really wear it up or curled without it looking two-toned so I entered the salon ready for a little refreshing!

I started coloring my hair for the first time when Chase was almost a year old and remember being absolutely shocked by how LONG the process takes! (The time commitment and the cost...

Hello to my favorite internet friends! How are you guys!? I’m pretty pumped that Friday is here for one very specific yet not overly exciting reason: I have a hair appointment. What!? I haven’t had my hair done since last June and IT IS TIME. While the beauty of balayage is that it grows out and doesn’t need regular touchups, I think 10 months is pushin’ it a bit. I’m hoping for something a little lighter and brighter for summer. Bring on the blonde!

As for the rest of our weekend, I’m not sure what the next few days have in store. With a relatively clear schedule, I’m hoping for the chance to tackle some household projects and spend some time outside if the weather cooperates and the rain on the forecast stays away. I really hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!

Now onto your usual Things I’m Loving Friday shenanigans… 

Things I’m Loving Friday
  • Framed Prayer for Baby

You know those friends or family members who somehow always know the BEST gifts to give? The kind of gifts that are the perfect blend of thoughtful, practical and oddly emotional? My friend Laurel is that kind of gift-giver and she...

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday to ya! It’s spring break this week over here and I cannot help but feel like I’m in spring break mode, too. While spring break is admittedly not a huge life upheaval for us since Chase is only in preschool two mornings a week, it’s not something that has been on my radar since my college days, so it’s kind of fun to embrace a lack of routine.


I ended up reading until almost midnight on Monday night because my latest book, I Am Watching You, was impossible to put down. After some seriously restless sleep a while back that I largely attributed to reading suspenseful novels before bed, I took a little break from the genre but I missed the thrill and intensity. Now I’m diving in with a BANG! I already cannot wait to read the rest of my book tonight because I know there’s no way I’m going to be able to NOT finish it this evening. It’s a good one!

Since I read so late and I wrote Tuesday’s blog post over the weekend and had it ready to publish, I opted to sleep in a bit which felt like a treat! I woke up around 6:15 a.m., spent some time with my devotional and dug into an egg scramble and a banana for breakfast while I caught up on some emails.

Today’s blog post touches on five simple habits I try to implement in my everyday life to increase my personal health and happiness. Thank you to Care/of for sponsoring this post!

On this blog in the past I’ve talked a lot about habits, happiness and how certain habits lead to happiness. For me, healthy habits in particular help me feel happier, more energized and better all around and there are a few things I try my best to do on a very regular basis to benefit both my physical and mental health. I’d absolutely love to hear a little bit more about the things you do in your day-to-day life that you think help you live a happier, healthier life. Please let me know in the comments section of this post!

Increasing My Health and Happiness with 5 Simple Habits 
  • Spending Time Outside

Hooray for warmer weather! Now that the temperatures are heating up again and it officially feels like spring in Charlotte, the pull of the springtime sunshine is somethin’ serious and I find that when I take some time to spend even as little as 10 minutes outside, I feel happier. Vitamin D is good for the body and my soul! Park play...

Our Easter weekend was a wonderful mix of excitement and low key fun. We spent time with friends but blocked off Easter Sunday for family time and it was just what I needed! The weather in Charlotte clearly got the memo that we were all craving sunny skies and we spent as much time as possible outside on Sunday. Spring is here!

As I briefly mentioned on the blog on Friday, my friend Laurel arrived in town on Thursday and stayed with us through Saturday afternoon which was so, so wonderful. I miss her tons and having some quality, uninterrupted time with one of my best friends was such a treat. Laurel is one of the most thoughtful people I know and was so great about wanting to spend time with Chase during her visit as well. Chase absolutely LOVED every second with Laurel and has been asking for updates on Miss Laurel’s whereabouts ever since she left!

Laurel and I spent most of Friday with Chase and walked to a local park, played by the lake and hung out close to home until Ryan arrived home from work and we headed out for some one-on-one time. A pedicure and Thai food sounded like a relaxing way to spend our Friday night so that’s just what we did and it...

Friday is here! To those celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time and are able to spend the holiday with people you love.

(Flashback to Chase’s Easter basket picture from last year. Sadie definitely claimed that fluffy white bunny as her own.)

We will be staying put here in Charlotte but one of my best friends arrived in town yesterday afternoon and we have plans to celebrate with an egg hunt with Chase’s best friends on Saturday evening so it will be a good one for sure! Plus, I am waaay too excited to play Easter Bunny for Chase this year since he’s super into the whole thing and seems more excited about Easter now that he grasps the concept a lot more than he did last year. (We’re working on his understanding of the true reason we celebrate Easter but he very quickly picked up on the idea of a big bunny coming to our house and leaving him treats on Easter morning.)

Before the weekend begins, I wanted to be sure to type up my usual Things I’m Loving Friday blog post to share with you guys. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me about something that is making you smile this week as...

And just like that, another four weeks have come and gone! I’m coming at you today with a recap of how the past month of my pregnancy (weeks 24 – 27) has been going around here.

Just in case you’re catching up, here are my past pregnancy-related blog posts from this pregnancy:

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

PBF Baby #2: Pregnancy Weeks 24-27
  • 24 Weeks

Flashback: 24 Weeks Pregnant with Chase

As I entered the 24th week of my pregnancy, the symptom that surfaced with a bang was the return of foot and calf cramps. I remember these popping up in the later months of my pregnancy with Chase and they are no fun! They seemed to be exacerbated by travel (I drove to Florida and flew to Illinois this week) but I’m doing my best to stay hydrated and stretch them out as much as possible when the killer pain kicks...

Hi friends! I’m back this morning with another Week of Workouts post to share with you guys! (You may see my past weekly workouts posts by visiting the Weekly Workouts category on my blog anytime!) I brought the series back to life on the blog last month after a bit of a hiatus. This week of workouts is a pretty decent representation of how my workouts are looking around here lately, as they include a solid combination of rest days, strength training, walking and some circuit-style cardio thrown in the mix for good measure.

Listening to my body is the name of the game for me always but especially now that my belly is getting bigger and I want to maintain an active pregnancy in a way that feels good and safe to me and my body. Last week was the 27th week of my pregnancy and you’ll notice some additional rest days and walking that might have been trumped by another day at the gym or a boot camp workout a month ago.

Week of Workouts: March 2018

Saturday: 2 Mile Walk

Hey friends! How are you!? In complete contrast to the beautifully sunny weather we had for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, this past weekend was gray, cold and rainy. It seems like much of the United States cannot figure out if it wants spring to arrive but I sure am ready for it!

Friday evening the sun peeked out and we had a little glimpse at some decent weather which was a good thing since we had a few of our friends over and the little ones were dying to run around outside.

Everyone arrived around 6 p.m. for a laidback dinner in honor of my friend Carrie’s birthday!

It was such a nice way to kick off the weekend and I’ll never complain about an evening that involves cake.

(Chase clearly agrees. If you tell him he can help blow out...

Hey friends! How are you doing!? Ryan arrived back home last night after five days in Las Vegas for work and we sure did miss him while he was away! We FaceTimed a lot and Chase talked about Dad’s big trip on an airplane every day. He also seemed very concerned about Ryan’s missing car in our garage so we were clearly ready to have him – and his car – home again last night!

I’m looking forward to some quality family time this weekend as well as some fun with friends. We’re having some of our closest friends and their little ones over for dinner tonight to celebrate my friend Carrie’s birthday family-style! Other than the birthday celebration, we don’t have anything concrete on our agenda but the weather looks a little dreary so it will probably involve a lot of indoor activity and, hopefully, some relaxation, too!

Now let’s dive right into your usual Things I’m Loving Friday blog post, shall we? Below you will find a short roundup of some of the things that are making me smile this week. As always, I’d love to read a little bit about something that recently made you happy in the comments section of this post!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday

Good morning, friends! My Wednesday morning started out on a rather cheesy note. I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday morning at my OB/GYN’s office and my midwife specifically advised me to stick with eggs and cheese before the blood test.

I was surprised by just how much I missed my morning carbs! I have a hard time feeling totally satisfied in the morning without some kind of carbohydrates with my morning meal, whether it be oats, fruit, toast or even veggies in an egg scramble.

Fueled by my cheesy eggs, I read stories with Chase once he was up for the day and we got ourselves dressed before it was time for me to drop him off at preschool.

Our morning was a rather smooth one compared to Monday’s tearful meltdowns spurred on by getting Chase dressed but a blog reader passed this along to me via Instagram and I had to share it here since it made me laugh out loud:

Too true!

Once Chase sprinted into...

This recipe for Healthy Blender Breakfast Bars is kid approved and comes together in a flash thanks to the use of a high-powdered blender. Naturally sweetened with banana and a bit of maple syrup, these healthy blender breakfast bars are refined sugar free and a great source of fiber.

I read somewhere on the internet – which NEVER lies (ha!) – that you may need to expose your child to a new food 10 or more times before they can truly decide whether or not they like it.  TEN times… or more! I actually do agree with this but as a mother it’s quite frustrating and exhausting to put certain foods on your little one’s plate and watch them go untouched or watch them be cautiously licked and spit out time and time again. And then there are those amazingly victorious moments for the parents of a picky eater (I’m totally fine with that term, by the way) where a new food or a new recipe is an instant hit. HOORAY! High fives all around!

This recipe for healthy blender breakfast bars is...