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My brief recap of the most popular PBF blog posts of last year is back this morning with my Top 10 Workouts of 2017!

I loved seeing the wide variety of workouts that popped up in my top 10 workout posts from 2017. Below you will find an assortment of bodyweight workouts, treadmill workouts, at home workouts, strength workouts and more! I really hope at least one of the workouts from last year’s collection pops out at you and helps motivate you the next time you’re looking to work up a sweat at home or at the gym!

And just in case you missed it, here’s a link to my Top 10 Recipes of 2017! Thanks so much to all who weighed in to tell me what kind of recipes you’d like to see more of on the blog in 2018!

Top 10 PBF Workouts of 2017 

This was my first foray into workout posts with images and corresponding exercise descriptions which I personally think makes them a million times easier...

Hi friends! I’m popping in this morning to share my third and final recap of my Top Blog Posts of 2017! In case you are just catching up, here are the two I shared last week that focus on food and fitness-related blog posts:

Today’s blog post is more or less a catch-all category for blog posts I’ve shared that cover a variety of topics that proved to be most popular on PBF in 2017. I divided this post into the top 10 blog posts and the top 10 blog posts in the baby/kids category since those dominated my most popular posts but I know they’re not always of interest to everyone.

Not all of the posts that claimed a top spot were published this year so hopefully a few posts you may have missed may pique your interest and give you something new to check out today!

Top Blog Posts of 2017 (Other)

I’ve been incorporating collagen into my diet for nearly two years now and...

This triple chocolate protein oatmeal is a satisfying morning meal that will fill you up and satisfy your chocolate cravings in a healthy way. With more than 20 grams of protein per bowl and a rich, chocolate flavor, it’s a breakfast that will make you want to get out of bed even on the coldest mornings!

I’m not sure why, but sometimes I completely overlook sharing some of my go-to recipes on the blog. I think it’s because sometimes the recipes I make most regularly seem almost TOO easy to qualify as a real recipe. But, then again, if the simplest recipes are the recipes I make with the most frequency in my day-to-day life, maybe they’re the MOST shareworthy since they are “real life recipes” that don’t require a bazillion ingredients or a bazillion hours to make.  Hopefully today’s breakfast recipe will appeal to those of you who tend to want to join me in the The Easier The Recipe, The Better camp!

Hey party people! It’s Monday morning and it’s another COLD one in North Carolina! The chilly weather seemed to be on the top of everyone’s minds this weekend and we spent the past few days bundled up in comfy sweats and robes when we were at home and puffy jackets when we ventured outside.


Saturday morning began at 5 a.m. when Chase woke up yelling, “MOM! MOM!” Thankfully a little settling in his room did the trick and Chase went back to sleep but I was up for the day after my unexpected wakeup call. I spent some time reading in bed and trying to will myself back to sleep but when that didn’t work, I got up, made myself a hot bowl of triple chocolate protein oatmeal and settled in on the couch with Sadie by my side.

Once I was done with breakfast, I made his-and-hers mugs of tea for myself and Ryan and did a little meal planning for the week ahead.

It’s the first Things I’m Loving Friday of 2018! WOO! I mean that’s not really a milestone or anything but we can only get away with saying something is the “first x-y-z of 2018” for like a week, so I’m going for it.

How are you guys doing!? All is well over here in the land of toddler tantrums (because wearing anything other than jammies these days = DISASTER). I’m not sure what it was about returning to our normal weekday routine on Wednesday morning, but something flipped in Chase and I felt like I had my butt kicked by a two-year-old before 9 a.m. The meltdowns have continued but thankfully Wednesday morning seemed to be the worst of it. TGIF, right!?

I am ready for this weekend, that’s for sure. We don’t have a single thing on the agenda and that was very intentional. I’m sure we’ll fill the next few days with something fun but if our days include curling up at home in our pajamas, I’m totally okay with that as well.

Now it’s time to move onto my usual Things I’m Loving Friday blog post and, as always, I’d love for you guys to join in the fun and tell me a little bit about something that is making you smile this week in the comments section. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday

Hello and Happy New Year! How are you guys doing today? I have a feeling blog reading and internet browsing may be a bit sparse today thanks to the holiday but I really appreciate you popping in to see what’s happening on PBF! It seems like we’re still in holiday recovery mode over here right now but hopefully by the end of the week, once our usual routine is back in action, we’ll feel a little more like ourselves. Our weekend was a good one that included plenty of lounging and relaxing. Friday Friday was probably the most active day of the bunch and we spent the majority of the morning and afternoon catching up with friends over lunch and bouncing around at a local trampoline park. I’m not sure who had more fun – the toddlers or our husbands – but you better believe future visits to the trampoline park are already on our calendar! We spent our Friday night assembling the most incredible train table and train tracks my mother-in-law sent to Chase for Christmas and he was in HEAVEN. He played and played while we ordered pizza and enjoyed a low-key night at home. Saturday On Saturday we managed to get dressed and head off to the gym but after...

Hey friends! How are you!? Ryan, Chase, Sadie and I arrived back in North Carolina late last night after spending some much-needed time with family over Christmas. We extended our stay a bit to be in town for a procedure my mom had scheduled for yesterday morning (all is well, no worries) and I’m glad we were able to spend so much time together!

The post-holiday blues always tend to kick in for me after Christmas and extending our stay a bit helped fight the sadness I often feel once Christmas is over. Since we were quite busy with my family and traveling back home, I didn’t have many opportunities to sit down by myself and blog last week. I really missed chatting with you guys! Things should be back to normal around here next week!

For now, let’s dive right into my usual Things I’m Loving Friday blog post where I share a short roundup of small things that make me smile every week. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out today’s sneaky $250 giveaway!)

Have the best weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday
  • Pie Heaven

When my mom and I planned my sister’s bridal shower years ago, we ordered quiche from Pie...

Hi friends! Anyone else out there just now emerging from a cloud of sugar, pajamas, stockings, carbs and holiday fun? Ryan, Chase, Sadie and I are actually still in Jacksonville with plans to return to North Carolina later this week and I cannot say how nice it has been to have some uninterrupted time with family. The week wasn’t exactly a smooth and seamless one – I was still recovering from the flu, my mom and brother-in-law were sick and Chase had croup at the beginning of the week – but thankfully everyone seemed mostly healthy by Christmas morning. Is it just me or did it seem like everybody was sick over the past two weeks!? Phew. I really hope you are all feeling healthy and had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones! Christmas Eve Our Christmas Eve was relatively low key and began with an early morning church service followed by plenty of time on the beach in the afternoon. After showering and relaxing at my parents’ place for a bit, we leashed Sadie and Kona...

Hi friends and Happy Friday! I know today is a busy travel day and that this weekend will likely be even crazier, so I’m sending my best wishes to all of you for a safe and happy holiday weekend. I am loving my time at the beach with my family and we’ve been spending the last couple of days prepping for Christmas, baking, wrapping presents, addressing holiday cards, playing in tide pools and making sand snowmen with Chase. I’ve been trying my best to unplug and give myself a little break while we’re away for the holidays this year, so for today’s Things I’m Loving Friday post, I’ll just say the thing I’m loving most this week is uninterrupted time with the people I love most. There’s nothing better! I really hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for those celebrating Christmas on Monday, I wish you the Merriest Christmas! I hope you are able to step away from the craziness of everyday life for a few days and spend time with people you love. Thank you so much for reading this blog and Happy Holidays!!

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These Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Oatmeal Cookies are worthy of making for Santa and will be a hit with your whole family as well! Perfectly sweet and deliciously moist, they’re bursting with chocolate chips and crunchy hazelnut and make the whole house smell fantastic. Thank you so much to ALDI for sponsoring this post!

Hello from the beach! Ryan, Chase, Sadie and I arrived in Florida late yesterday evening and I am so ready for the holiday fun to begin. My sister took today and tomorrow off work so we will have the next five days to hang out as a family and enjoy some uninterrupted time together as Christmas approaches. I’m really looking forward to taking part in some of my favorite Christmas traditions, including baking Christmas cookies with my mom and sister.

I couldn’t resist getting a little jump start on my holiday baking earlier this week and made a batch of chocolate chip hazelnut oatmeal cookies to bring along with me on the drive from Charlotte to Jacksonville. Ryan, Chase and I snacked on our fair share of the cookies but managed to save a dozen to share with my family as well.

I wanted to incorporate...

It’s heeere! My final gift guide of the season! The gift guides I share on this blog take me quite a while to put together but they’re something I really love to do every year. They may be time consuming but I love rounding up gift ideas to share with you guys that combine practical items with unique, fun and hopefully thoughtful gift ideas, too!

Today’s gift guide focuses on gift ideas for the men in our lives and I hope something pops out at you for your dad, husband, uncle, son, brother, boyfriend, grandfather, in-laws and the father figures in your life.

Happy Holidays!!!

PBF Gift Guide for Guys

Ryan ordered this mystery box for my brother-in-law for Christmas and I thought it was such a clever idea. (Hopefully he doesn’t randomly stop by the blog today!) The box is $150 but it’s filled with $300 worth of items selected by Suitsupply stylists. The box can be filled with everything from sunglasses and socks to cufflinks, ties and a wallet.

We’re just about a week out from Christmas and I truthfully didn’t think my His & Hers Gift Guides were going to make it up on the blog this year. I had ambitions to publish them early last week but the flu had other plans. Unfortunately the flu decided to linger this weekend and while I spent most of Saturday and Sunday on the couch and in bed, I worked on today’s Gift Guide For Her in bits and pieces.

I thought it might be too late to share, but “gift guide” is the number two search term on my blog at the moment and I’ve received more than a couple of requests to share a few more. I’m hoping to share my Gift Guide for Guys tomorrow and really hope these gift guides help those of you in need of some last-minute gift giving inspiration.

This gift guide covers a variety of price points (beginning at $5!) and I’m linking to as many Amazon Prime products as possible to help with shipping speed as well.

PBF Gift Guide: For Her

  • Gift Certificate to A Local Workshop or Skills Class

My mom and I had so much fun when we...

If you have a lot of holiday travel on the horizon over the next two weeks, this Do Anywhere Workout is a great one to keep in your back pocket! Thank you so much to Nike for sponsoring this post and teaming up with me to share a short roundup of last-minute fitness gift ideas for anyone you might have on your gift-giving list that you haven’t found that perfect holiday surprise for just yet!

This time of year is filled with parties, travel, fun and excitement and that’s all absolutely wonderful but it can make it a little challenging to stick to a fitness routine. I’m all for embracing life and enjoying the season you’re in, but I know myself well enough by now to know I feel 10 times better when I can work up a sweat before the day begins. It’s not something that needs to happen every day, but if I can get a workout in several times a week, I feel more energized, stronger and just plain happier!

Today I wanted to pop in to share a workout with you guys that you can do anywhere. It’s a great total body workout to keep on hand as travel picks up in...

Yesterday felt like the first official day of the new year to me, mainly because it was a very regular day. I’m not going to lie, it was a little hard to get moving for me in the morning. I think I got a little too used to the relaxed vibe of the holidays.

My day began curled up in bed with my devotional before I came downstairs to get a jump start on work. I said goodbye to Ryan around 7 a.m. and once Chase was up for the day, I made the two of us breakfast. Chase requested Cheerios (he’s obsessed with the new Banana Nut Cheerios), so his breakfast was a breeze.

I was craving something on the savory side and ended up making myself a plate of toast topped with guacamole, two fried eggs, turkey bacon and green onion. I served it up with a side of sliced cherry tomatoes in an effort to add a little color and lycopene to my plate.

Once we were both fed and happy, Chase seemed content to play with his new train table so I did a little food prep in the kitchen. (Remind...

Hello, hello! Welcome back to normalcy! After a few weeks of holiday craziness, I think many of us are sliding back into our usual routines today. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling ready for some sense of a schedule back in my life.

Between the holidays, the flu and travel, I hate that I’ve felt a bit disconnected from the blog and I am so ready to pop in and chat with you guys almost every day. I wanted to kick off 2018 the way I’ve kicked off nearly every year since I started the blog – with a short roundup of some of my top blog posts of the previous year. Let’s begin with the Top Recipes of 2017!

As you will see below, my most popular recipes were not all from 2017. In fact, only six of the top 10 recipe posts were actually shared in 2017, but I love highlighting some old recipe favorites, especially for newer readers who may have missed them in the past.

You’ll notice quite the variety in my top recipe posts – everything from healthy breakfast recipes to simple dinner ideas and delicious desserts – and I hope something below appeals to you and inspires you...

Hello, hello! How are you guys today? I’m not sure what it was about this week but I felt off and seemed to be in a funk all week long. After a few of “those days” back-to-back in the beginning of the week, I began to feel defeated and inadequate and my brain felt fuzzy. I felt like I was treading water and getting nowhere. Along with some tears this week, there were a few tender moments with Chase – like the moment he bent down to kiss my ankle when I fell down and twisted it – that filled my heart with warmth and brought a smile to my face. I’m hoping for more of those moments and less of the not-really-hard-but-also-kind-of-sucky moments in the next week.

On the bright side of things, Friday is here and the travel-like-crazy portion of December kicks off for me today. I’m heading to Charleston, South Carolina this morning to spend the weekend soaking up quality time with six of my best friends from college.

(Throwback pic from my baby shower because it was the only one I could find of the seven of us!)

We rented a house to stay in together and I am so, so ready to explore a place I’ve heard SO...

This Easy Cilantro Shrimp Appetizer is the perfect light and simple crowd-pleasing dish to bring to your next party. It’s a one-dish recipe that’s easy to make and bursting with flavor thanks to cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Thank you to ALDI for teaming up with me for this recipe! Find the ALDI nearest you and grab everything you need to make this dish by clicking here

The holiday season is in full swing! Eeee! With parties popping up left and right this time of year, I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to try but so many recipes out there this time of year are heavy, heavy, heavy. We’re talking super sweet, carb-y, buttery and, um, totally delicious.

But have you noticed that it’s often the super simple protein-packed appetizers that go first? If you ever bring a shrimp cocktail or bacon-wrapped scallops to a party, they seem to disappear in 2.5 seconds and I totally get it. When a table or kitchen island is packed with sweets and overly creamy dishes, something to break up the richness is so needed and while a veggie platter is lovely and easy, something a little more exciting and savory calls to me.

My favorite gift guide of the year is here!!! I genuinely love putting this post together every year because more and more companies seem to be popping up that make wonderful products that support absolutely amazing causes. Thank you so much to those of you who commented on my previous gift guide for Gift Ideas Under $25 and on my PBF Facebook post to let me know about some of the companies you love that give back in some way.

Below you will find a roundup of gift ideas from companies who give back. In addition to detailing some products offered by the companies, each summary also includes a little bit more information about the way the company gives back so you can search for causes that are important to you that you would like to support this holiday season. I hope you enjoy shopping for loved ones and giving back in some way this holiday season!

Gifts That Give Back Gifts for Adults

Every purchase of...

This mushroom and cheese quiche for two recipe is the perfect easy, breezy meal to make when you’re craving breakfast any time of the day. Perfectly portioned for two people, it’s fluffy, rich in flavor and makes the whole house smell amazing. Thank you to Blue Apron for teaming up with me to share this recipe and for offering the first 50 PBF readers three FREE meals off their first Blue Apron order. Simply click here to redeem!!

Do you guys remember the old jingle for Pizza Bagel Bites? “Pizza in the morning. Pizza in the evening. Pizza at supper time. When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!” (File that song under things I wish I could clear out of my brain and replace with legitimately useful information.) I LOVED Pizza Bagel Bites as a kid and while they were often my go-to afterschool snack, I didn’t shy away from eating them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now that I’m older and a wee-bit more aware of the things I put in my body, I don’t scarf down Bagel Bites at all hours of the...

Holy cow that weekend was a fast one. I suppose when a weekend is filled with a couple of Christmas parties, church and hitting a few work-related deadlines, the hours slip away quickly but I feel like it was just Friday morning and I was typing up my usual Things I’m Loving Friday post! Yeesh.


Ryan and I were both up rather early on Saturday. Sadie was a little restless and jumped up off our bed at 5:30 a.m. to get some water to drink which woke us up and then we were both too wired to fall back asleep. Sadie is lucky she is a cute alarm clock!

I made myself an egg sandwich while Ryan headed off to the gym and settled on the couch with my devotional before sneaking in an hour or so of work before Chase was up. I had plans to take an 8 a.m. boot camp class – my first Saturday morning workout in weeks – and it was really nice to kick off the weekend the sweaty way!

I was home by 9 a.m. with just enough time to shower and assemble the holiday puppy chow I made the day before to bring to Alexis and Dan’s holiday cookie exchange party. I followed this recipe but added a large bag of red and green M&Ms to the mix at the last minute for a festive touch! Any yes, I realize puppy chow isn’t technically...