Devon Powers, PhD in media, culture and communication, shares insights from her research on the trends industry, futurism and consumer culture ahead of her talk at PSFK's CXI 2018 conference
YourStudio's Tom Philipson shares his takeaways from Shoptalk, which see successful brands and retailers working on unified customer journeys, rapid experimentation and community
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Evan Kraut, managing director of Grey Adventures, argues that data and devices will lead to better health—and drive transformation in other industries
This PSFK research paper gives an overview on the out-of-home entertainment industry, examining new ways brands are leveraging emerging technologies, community and storytelling to create immersive experiences and maximize engagement for their audiences. Published April 2018
This PSFK research paper explores how brands are implementing in-home consultations, reinventing the purchasing journey and going above and beyond customer service expectations. From expert assessments to virtual consultations and on-demand services, brands are seizing the opportunity and enabling a friction-free shopping experience to nurture loyalty in consumers. Published April 2018
Betaworks VC Peter Rojas shares his perspective on the role of chat interfaces in customer service, including their success outside of U.S. markets
Nutrigene CEO Min FitzGerald describes how her company honed the health and wellness experience by personalizing supplements for every customer
Retail columnist Winston Wright critiques the GlobalShop conference and highlights his favorite instances of retail curation
This PSFK research paper identifies how property and casualty insurance companies and startups are finding innovative ways to create customer-centric digital platform experiences that optimize the insurance plan search, application and approval process, as well as overall management for customers. The research also highlights the technologies these companies are leveraging, like artificial intelligence, chatbots and cloud-based platforms, to aggregate customer and policy data to deliver streamlined, data-driven solutions for both clients and insurance professionals. Published April 2018
Marketing pioneer Scott Bedbury says that every brand has a conscience but somewhere along the way Twitter's got lost in the clicks, tweets and retweets.
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