Keith Lawler, co-founder of Firstage, explains how his AR app provides a type of on-demand experience for music fans to enjoy live performances while simultaneously generating revenue for the artist
To attract consumers and cultivate a loyal following, brands need to adopt a value-driven approach to the customer experience
As more consumers seek out products that align with their values, brands need to commit to social impact and transparency in order to establish a trusting relationship with their audience
In this interview, council member for NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts program Ariel Waldman speaks about how breaking down barriers between disciplines fosters creative projects for the future, and establishes unusual frameworks that allow for innovative solutions
Grey strategist Rogério Colantuono shares his takeaways from PSFK's CXI 2018 conference, advocating customer experiences that deliver maximum value while tech does its job in the background
The exodus began in 2015, aligned with the rise of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat
This research paper explores how companies and brands are leveraging the mobile camera to enhance the customer experience. The following research identifies different ways that computer vision and AR technology can be used to improve brand engagement and pre-purchase decision-making, and create interactive retail experiences and surface additional product information. Published June 2018 #advertising #ar #augmented-reality #automotive #chat-a-researcher #fashion #home #mobile #papers #premium #retail
  1. Gamification To Achieve Optimal Outcomes: Behavioral economics and incentives applied to arrive at desired business outcomes
  2. Performance Coaching: Using tech to help people become better sellers
  3. Automation: Eliminating sales roadblocks through automation
Published May 2018 #ai #artificial-intelligence #automation #chat-a-researcher #papers #premium #sales #work
With a third of U.S. trash coming from packaging waste, brands are launching special offers and experiences to motivate consumers to recycle and reuse
CEO of SHOP John Wantz explains how his company is empowering everyday shoppers by letting them monetize their data while also helping brands foster direct relationships with customers
Analysis shows how brands in automotive, footwear & retail are perceived in terms of innovation (and that luxury might be dead)
Packaging has been considered a necessary evil—until now, as designers are finding creative ways to encase products in materials that serve a second function, from measuring tape to toys
The CX Playbook 2020 presents a new vision for the customer-brand journey, one where customers’ lives and goals are authentically empowered and bolstered by their favorite brands. Today’s consumers have adopted widespread distrust of legacy institutions, driven by a progressive mindset and a higher need for self-sufficiency. In response, brands need to position their products and services alongside purpose-driven initiatives that simultaneously elevate customers and accomplish global good. The playbook presents readers with an actionable, trends-inspired framework that will attract customers through value-driven brand perspectives and cultivate long-term loyalty by nurturing their progressive lifestyle. Published May 2018 #advertising #brands #deep-dive #premium #product-experience #retail
The CX Playbook 2020 lays the groundwork for brands looking to build purpose-driven campaigns, products and experiences
This research paper explores how companies and brands are rethinking packaging around environmental and sustainability issues to reduce waste and enhance customer engagement in different settings and scenarios. The following research provides an overview of new designs that leverage sustainable protocols, biomaterials, and recycling initiatives to deliver a more eco-friendly experience. Published May 2018
Five stores from our NYC Retail Guide deliver inspired, next-level customer experiences
From IoT mattresses to AI fragrance diffusers, brands are implementing the latest technologies to create innovative products aimed at optimizing people's sleep environment
Innovative ways of identifying people serve not only to better secure information but also to streamline the user experiences of various services
Brands are reimagining brick-and-mortar with community activations that bring people together for live programming and face-to-face interaction
As e-commerce continues to evolve, retailers like eBay must find innovative and inspired ways to connect with and attract consumers to their brand