Consumers increasingly value high-quality customer service and the ability to co-create their brand experiences with the companies themselves, which has led to brands implementing more immersive technologies to create more customized loyalty program experiences
The Content & Commerce Debrief showcases how brands can use content in ways that go far beyond building awareness, generating revenue in the process
From personalized media to live-streamed experiences to shoppable video, brands are finding innovative ways to leverage content to generate revenue. Through the lens of seven industry pillars, PSFK’s Content & Commerce Debrief shows how brands can use content in ways that go far beyond building awareness. It is part of a series of reports focusing on retail innovation and customer experience to inspire the members of our business intelligence services. Published Aug 2018 #commerce #content #debrief #grocery #hospitality #marketing #personalized #premium #retail #social-media-2
From finance-managing chatbots to mindfulness-promoting social media features, brands are looking to help consumers take charge of their consumption practices, cultivating consumer relationships and building trust
From fingerprint and facial scanning to voice-activation log-in, banks are implementing several different personalized authentication tools to cultivate consumer trust in the institution and to ensure users that their information remains secure
This research paper highlights innovative ways that companies are leveraging data and technology to create truly personalized experiences. In this digital age, a human touch is becoming increasingly important, and customers want to be seen as people--not just the sum of their data. Brands are strengthening their customer-first approach by developing emotionally intelligent and aware artificial intelligence to ensure humanistic experience across digital points, via brand engagements such as chatbots, interactive displays, and in-person or virtual interactions with store associates. Published August 2018 #ai #artificial-intelligence #chatbots #data #digital-points #interactive-displays #papers #personalized-experiences #premium #retail
From incorporating high-tech interactive displays to hosting networking and children's events, retailers are putting their efforts into creating welcoming store spaces that put human needs and desires first, working to optimize the IRL experience
From access to 24/7 tech support to live chat with in-store associates, retailers are focusing on providing personal service and aid for customers, retaining a human element in a virtual world
Founder and CEO of NYC-based marketing agency Renegade Drew Neisser explains how marketers can take cues from two speakers at PSFK's CX Conference who revealed the potential of the underserved baby-boomer demographic as well as offering non-traditional currencies and exchanges
From photo-realistic makeup simulation to AR sunglasses trial, both luxury and discount retailers are integrating digital mirrors into their brick and mortar locations to improve the IRL experience
Panacea's founder Terry Lee speaks about how he created a luxury DTC clean beauty brand that uses customer insights to build a gender-agnostic, tightly-curated, three-product skincare collection
To personalize consumer experiences, retailers are creating activations at their physical retail locations to better understand their pain points and provide them with custom-tailored solutions and product suggestions
Founder and CEO of NYC-based marketing agency Renegade, Drew Neisser explains how brands can take inspiration from two speakers at PSFK's CX Conference who marshal the potential to improve the world as part of their brand strategy
Our index is beginning to provide a way to compare DTC brands and other pure play retailers with legacy corporations
Consumers still prefer to shop at physical grocery retailers, compared to their online competitors, and as PSFK Strategist Conner Dial communicated to Progressive Grocer, this retail channel can maintain its foothold in the supermarket space by curating their store in line with consumers' most shopped-for occasions
This research paper explores how retailers are leveraging interactive digital touchpoints to reinvent the product discovery and checkout process and enable customers to have more seamless, informed and personalized shopping experiences. From AR-enabled kiosks to enhanced smart displays, brands have an increasing opportunity to invite their customers into a shopping ecosystem that empowers them to own their purchasing experiences, with minimal, yet more efficient, assistance from store associates. Published August 2018 #ar-enabled-kiosks #beauty #digital-touchpoints #facial-recognition #food #hm #in-store #papers #premium #retail #store-experience #store-experience-design
Implementing digital activations like kiosks, retailers are making it easier for consumers to browse and pick up their items, forgoing the need for sales associate aid and simplifying the consumer experience
From sleep coaches to personalized makeup consultations, retailers are focusing on offering consumers personalized experiences that help drive brand value
In an interview with PSFK, working in collaboration with Verizon, Ran Harnevo discusses how he is using technology for good with his work for Homeis
In this interview, MADE OF's founder shares their process for creating natural skincare offerings that appeal to health and environmentally-conscious consumers