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Best news ever! If you want to get stronger, you have to rest. Your muscles need time to repair themselves; this is when the strengthening actually happens. Stretching your worked muscles is really important on your chill days. Take 15 to 20 minutes to give your hard working body some TLC with this full-body stretching routine.

Here's the full routine, and do click here for a printable PDF of this stretching plan. Keep on reading for detailed explanations of each stretch.

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There are many different exercises you can do to build stronger, toned arms. You may not believe it, however, if we told you that one of the most popular triceps exercises can be adjusted in a small way to make a much bigger difference in targeting the muscle. Interested? We thought so! The exercise we're talking about is the triceps pressdown.

Triceps Are the Key to Toned Arms

The triceps are the large muscles on the back side of the upper arm, and when those muscles are in shape, it shows. Many women boast that tight triceps can boost your confidence, especially when you're wearing tank tops or sleeveless dresses. But it's not just about looks. Not only do the triceps look good when you train them, but they give you much added strength in your arms that will allow you to complete everyday tasks at home and on the job.

Adding muscle to your body also benefits your metabolism in a positive way. The more muscle a person has, the more calories you will burn, even while at rest. That's because it takes more energy (calories) to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat.

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According to certified personal trainer Heather Neff, "With the triceps pressdown exercise, you will be targeting the triceps directly, of course, but with one simple...

In 2008, one woman decided to overhaul her diet and start working out after her weight reached 300 pounds. Years later, she wrote about her initial weight loss in an Imgur post under her handle, Eevee1989. Now she's back with yet another post detailing her remarkable weight loss that's exceeded 200 pounds.

In her first, very personal post, she explained the circumstances that led to her making lifestyle changes. She said, "My knees had so many problems and walking was a hard chore," adding, "The doctor did try to put me forward for one of those stomach band things but I refused the surgery, I didn't want to rely on something like that to lose weight." At the time of this first post, she had lost nearly 200 pounds and was hoping to continue working on her diet and fitness regimen.

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In her latest post, she shared an update: "I'd have to say it's going pretty damn well!" She also proudly wrote about gaining muscle definition and losing weight in her midsection. "I'm finally where I want my body to be and I'm happily maintaining what I've got," she said. Key components in her weight-loss journey were patience and persistence, as she admitted that it was hard and took about nine years.

The only downside to her transformation? "I will say I...

My weight-loss journey has been a long one, with many mistakes along the way, including spooning peanut butter from the jar and eating too much during half-marathon training. Even after years of religiously exercising and eating right and not reaching my weight-loss goals, I thought signing up for CrossFit would be the answer. But after six months of burpees and barbells, my body hadn't transformed the way I thought it would. "Give it nine months," my fellow CrossFitters kept saying, but by the end of my eighth month, I still had the baby fat on my belly I was trying so hard to get rid of (and my baby was almost five years old!). I was beyond frustrated.

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So after a ton of research, I decided to try intermittent fasting (IF), specifically the 16:8 plan, where I'd fast for 16 hours and eat for eight. I'd stop eating around 7 or 8 at night, then wouldn't eat again until 11 a.m. or noon the next day, so essentially I'd skip breakfast. The photo above was taken March 1, 2017, six days after I started intermittent fasting and eight months after starting CrossFit.


This photo was taken May 20, 2017, just over 12 weeks after starting intermittent fasting. I was actually...

Squats have their place in strength training, but there are plenty of other butt exercises out there! Mix up your routine, and try out the following moves that tone and lift your derrière. Who knows? You might say "so long" to squats (for now) and find a new favorite exercise in the bunch.

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Making the decision to get healthy and lose weight is a big deal all in itself - so, well done! Whether you can't remember the last time you set foot in a gym or you've simply fallen off the wagon, these quotes will give you that extra push, especially when it all seems impossible. You're gorgeous anyway, but now it's time to do your body right and make it strong. If there are any takeaways, they are: everyone starts somewhere, don't compare yourself to others, and wake up every day with the purpose to kick ass!

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Doing yoga can help make you feel clear, calm, and stripped of any negativity, anxiety, or insecurities. And to get you deeper into feeling pure and blissful, you might find practicing without clothes on can help you reach new levels of clarity, openness, and joy. Or you might think it's totally crazy and would rather find inspiration seeing other people do it. Here's a gallery of gorgeous yogis doing yoga in nothing but their skin. Don't worry! They've strategically placed their limbs and the camera so you won't see anything that might make you blush.

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Slimming down takes time and dedication, but a few quick tricks can help you feel a little bit lighter in just one day. Read on to get our tips for feeling less bloated and puffy - and having a flatter belly - by the end of today!

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Classic Chia Pudding From C&J Nutrition Ingredients Leftovers from Day 9 Directions Eat the remaining serving of chia pudding topped with the tablespoon of chopped walnuts and leftover half of banana, sliced. NUTRIENT TOTALS Calories: 354.3 Protein: 10.2 g Carbohydrate: 45.2 g Dietary Fiber: 18.3 g Total Sugars: 14.7 g Total Fat: 22.2 g Saturated Fat: 1.733 g Sodium: 186.8 mg Information Category Breakfast/Brunch ...

Whether it's to explore a new corner of the world, step out of our warm and snuggly comfort zones, or simply escape from reality for a bit, so many of us share a love of travel. And while traveling can be the infuser of infinite inspiration, it can also be the needed antidote for our own personal health and well-being, which is why it's no surprise that wellness travel is becoming such a large trend around the globe. Interested in learning more? We're sharing everything you need to know ahead.

High-protein, low-carb diets are often touted as magic cures for those who want to drop a little (or a lot) of extra weight. The Atkins rave of the early 2000s and the more recent hype around the Paleo lifestyle have driven a high-protein movement that gained momentum with media attention and celebrity endorsements. Though some research does suggest that high-protein diets lead to weight loss in the short term, the greater body of evidence indicates that in the long term, these diets may do more harm than good.

One recent study of 34 overweight women asked half the group to eat a typical weight-loss diet containing a standard amount of protein and the other half to follow an otherwise identical diet that contained 50 percent more protein than usual. Both groups succeeded in losing 10 percent of their body weight. But the high-protein group showed no increase in insulin sensitivity, a typical benefit of weight loss that can help decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In other words, the high-protein diet eliminated one of the major favorable side effects of weight loss.

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Another much larger study raised even more concerns about the effects of high-protein diets. Researchers in Spain asked over 8,000 men and women - most of whom were already following a Mediterranean diet - to recall, in detail,...

Mondays are for daydreaming about the weekend - oh yeah, and getting your healthy lifestyle back on track. This means hitting the gym, having your meals all planned out, and backing away from the margaritas (even though these recipes are amazing). Just putting on your sneakers can be the biggest struggle, so we've rounded up words of wisdom that will help you do just that! Honestly, inspirational quotes can get super cheesy - but sometimes they are exactly what you need to go out and crush it.

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I recently gave up bread and pasta because eating it makes me feel like I swallowed a brick, so I was excited when I found this on the shelf on my recent grocery shopping trip. Pasta made from edamame?! I promptly threw it in my cart - I had to know how it tasted!

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I've had lentil pasta, which I thought was pretty good, but this has 24 grams of protein per 200-calorie serving. Regular pasta has only seven grams. Edamame pasta wins in the fiber department, too, with 12 grams - regular pasta has a measly two grams. Furthermore, regular spaghetti has twice the amount of carbs, zero calcium, and 10 percent iron. Edamame noodles win again with 10 percent calcium and 45 percent of your daily iron!

This is really sounding too good to be true. So the million-dollar question is: does it taste good? I really wanted this pasta to be amazing because it is so nutrition-packed, but to be honest, I had low expectations. I thought it'd taste like cooked grass, at best, but with my first warm bite, I thought, "This edamame pasta is actually delicious." It really is. It has the same soft texture as regular pasta and a very mild edamame flavor, just as you'd expect.

The author (right) with her personal trainer

Imagine cutting out sugar, eating cleaner than you ever have in your entire life, working out daily, running half marathons, lifting heavier weights, getting eight hours of sleep a night, drinking plenty of water, and following literally every weight-loss tip you've ever heard or read about - and then not only NOT losing a single pound, but gaining more than 10 percent of your body weight in pounds.

Until recently, I've been about the same weight since the ninth grade. I'm a pretty tiny human, and I've always been petite - at 26 years old and standing only 5 foot 2 (and three quarters!), I still get some clothes from the kids section. So when I began my fitness journey, I never set out to lose weight, but I guess I had anticipated that maybe I would drop a few pounds as a side effect of getting healthier.

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About two and a half years ago, I started learning healthy recipes, eating cleaner, learning how to run (and what a burpee is), trying yoga, cutting down on alcohol (almost completely), and living a healthier lifestyle. I noticed changes almost immediately in my body and brain, and I felt fantastic.

This past year and a half, after moving to San Francisco and working as a fitness...

There is no denying there has been a buzz surrounding the keto diet lately, as more people are turning to it to help them shed pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. A diet that is low in carbs, the keto diet relies on ketones produced by the liver for energy and sends your body into ketosis.

While not a diet recommended for long-term health (and keto brings a slew of side effects with it!), keto may, however, change your perception about food and make you realize what foods your body reacts positively to and which ones your body doesn't like.

While the momentum around the diet is not slowing down, it doesn't mean those on the diet can't enjoy life a bit. Check out some of these spicy keto recipes that will definitely bring the heat.

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Whether you're cutting back on carbs, looking to lose weight, or trying to incorporate more fresh foods into your life, salads are essential. But there's nothing worse than putting together a beautiful salad for lunch or dinner and still wanting more at the end of your meal. If you can relate, check out how to build the best salad ahead!

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Push-ups have got to be my all-time favorite upper-body exercise since they are so effective at targeting your chest and shoulders. There are so many variations to this basic exercise, so here's another one to add to your routine. Bonus: this move helps define your core, especially your obliques, the muscles on the sides of your torso that cinch your waist.

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  • Come into plank position (top of a push-up), with your hands under your shoulders, and your body in one straight line. If you can't do a push-up this way, just lower your knees to the floor (as shown in the second half of the video).
  • As you bend your elbows out to the side and lower your torso toward the floor, bend your left knee and touch it to your left elbow.
  • As you straighten your arms, come back to plank position with your left foot next to your right. Now lower your torso down and touch your right knee to your right elbow. Then return back to plank position.
  • This counts as one repetition. Complete as many as you can, then stretch out your lower back and shoulders in Child's Pose for five breaths and then stretch out your pecs by doing Seated Heart Opener for five breaths.

Marijuana is being legalized for recreational use throughout the US, but how much should you smoke? Our friends at YourTango researched the perfect amount to reduce anxiety without inducing paranoia.

Smoke on!

I smoke pot.

I smoke it for three reasons.

I smoke it to help manage my crippling anxiety and panic disorders; I smoke it to help get me to sleep; and I smoke it to have the best sex of my life.

I don't smoke pot because I'm a lazy stoner whose only passion is Doritos. I don't smoke it to seem cool or get totally out of my mind like some wild co-ed.

I do it because it is one of very few things that can alleviate some of the major anxiety symptoms from which I suffer.

While I know that there are people who enjoy using marijuana suppositories in their vaginas, and marijuana lube to help loosen them up, I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to how I introduce marijuana into my body: I use a vaporizer.

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My reasons for smoking marijuana are not unique. A Yahoo News-Marist survey found 37% of participants cited this stress-relieving benefit, compared to 19% who turn to marijuana for pain relief, 16% who use it "to have fun" and 3% who...

For ladies with big boobs, the sports bra struggle is very, very real. There's never enough support, the straps dig in, and getting them on and off practically requires a sports bra doula. Even if you've tried every sports bra your friends have recommended, your girls require special attention. Look no further: we've rounded up the best sports bras for big-busted girls so you can get your sweat on comfortably and stylishly. Cleavage optional.

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I don't like to work out in the morning. I'm not a morning person. The aroma of coffee isn't something that wakes me with a smile. The light shining through the blinds at the crack of dawn is something I avoid as much as possible. The heaviest thing I want to be lifting in the morning before work is my pillow. As I said, I'm not a morning person. But wait, we're supposed to work out in the morning, right? Actually, no. You don't have to. In fact, there are a bunch of reasons you should train at night. I do and it changed my life from the first time I tried it.

First things first: Let's put the elephant in the room to bed. You won't be kept awake by training in the evening. That's an old lie that morning people cooked up with their elaborate breakfasts while we were hitting the snooze button and getting a well-deserved rest. In fact, a National Sleep Foundation study found that there was no difference in the quality of sleep for those who exercised vigorously in the evening.

1. You'll sleep better!
Numerous studies like this one have shown that people who lift weights in the evening have better sleep quality and duration than those who lift in the morning or afternoon hours. So, it will actually help you sleep better...