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It’s finally spring, even if Southern California decided to drive straight into summer while the East Coast was like, “nah we’ll keep winter”. Fresh berries are one of my favorite things about summer approaching, and this Eton Mess is my new go-to for using whatever’s on sale at the grocery store. For those unfamiliar, Eton Mess is basically very soft whipped cream folded with meringues and berries. We’re going one step further by pairing it with a blueberry earl grey sauce (one of my favorite flavor combos). The best part? Everything’s make ahead so it’s just assembly after dinner.

The two biggest components are the meringues and the blueberry sauce, but make them a couple days ahead and the assembly’s a cinch.

First up, the blueberry sauce:

3 earl grey teabags 2 cups blueberries, fresh or frozen (I prefer wild frozen for cooked applications like this) 1/2 cup white granulated sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or extract In a medium sized saucepan, bring 1 cup of water to a boil, turn the heat off, and add the teabags to steep for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the...

OK, look. We know the French don’t actually wear berets and carry baguettes all day, but berets are so quintessentially French, we couldn’t resist doing them for our latest makeover! In part un of our Beret Makeovers, we thought up a few ways to add a bit of flair to your cap without having to spend hours on end crafting. Read on to see how we did it!

Embroidered Letter Brim Beret

Materials Needed: Beret, printout of text design, small embroidery hoop, tape, embroidery thread, embroidery needle

Step 1: Print out the text onto a sheet of paper, then cut out the design with scissors, leaving a border.

Step 2: Secure the brim of the beret into the embroidery hoop. Then, center the design onto the fabric and tape down to secure.

Step 3: Use needle and embroidery thread to fill in the text design using a satin stitch. Once the design is filled, remove the paper to reveal your embroidery.

Step 4:  Remove the beret from the embroidery hoop and you’re good to go!

Paper fans are pretty standard in the world of party decorations, but what if you made them giant? We were inspired by a window display in Paris from a couple years back to make a super full, layered party fan backdrop. My favorite thing about this backdrop is how the layers make it feel more interactive than your run of the mill photobooth. It’s like you’ve stepped into a theater set in a world of fans! They even pack flat, so you can store them to use a second time! Full instructions below!

Materials Needed: 53” Savage seamless rolls (in coral, flamingo, and primary red), pencil, metal ruler, x-acto knife, 1” hole punch, cardstock, fishing wire, 3m ceiling hooks, gaffers tape

Step 1: For full circle fans, cut rectangles out of the seamless roll with a width to length ratio of 1:2.5. For semi-circle fans, cut rectangles with width to length ratio of 1:1.25. We made three different sizes with widths of 26”, 40”, and 53”.

Step 2: Use a pencil and ruler...

Chanel No. 5 has to be the most iconic bottle of perfume ever made. We decided to pay the Parisian perfume tribute with a piñata finished in gold — we even gave the stopper that signature octagonal shape! Make it for a couture-loving friend’s birthday or bachelorette! It’ll be trés chic! Read on to see how to make one for yourself.

Materials Needed: Large pieces of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, pencil, twine, x-acto knife, packing tape, ruler, hot glue gun, white gesso, paintbrush, tissue paper (in white), gold tissue wrap, printer, cardstock (in white), scissors

Step 1: Draw and cut out a 22” long by 20.5” wide rectangle, then round the edges. Trace the design onto another piece of cardboard for a mirror image and cut out.

Step 2: Cut a 7.5” wide strip of corrugated paper that’s long...

So, I’ve wanted to do this project for a long time now. I’m obsessed with all things miniature and cute and, let’s face it, when it comes to cute – the Japanese do it best. Read on to find out the details of our kawaii-inspired bento party!

1. Find a food cutter!

Admittedly, I’m a little intimidated by some of the detailed and intricate food sculpting in traditional bento boxes. The good news is, you don’t have to be quite so ambitious!  Simply find a bento food cutter that you like, and instead of rice and seaweed (which can be tricky to sculpt) use it on white bread sandwiches filled with Nutella (for color contrast). The cutters are surprisingly easy to use on the sliced bread and work out perfectly! I found a cute bear face at Daiso, but you can also scour Amazon for some gems (e.g, how cute is this panda cutter!?).

2. Fill your bento box with goodies!

Rather than using actual bento boxes,  I’ve opted to use colorful kids divided plates. These were reasonably priced ($3.50 each) and come in slew of pretty colors.

You can put whatever you want in your bento! We’ve included the bear sandwiches, tiny egg cookie snacks, Japanese (and other)...

Have you ever wondered what 1,000 balloons looks like? It might sound like a lot (or it might not), so we decided to test it out! We filled a corner of our studio with ONE THOUSAND BALLOONS, perfect for diving into and getting the party started. Check it out!

Photos by Sarah Kate Price
Crafting by Ida Olmers

These favors are not full of hot air – just a fleet of bright and colorful hot air balloons carrying cute little baskets of jelly beans, or any other tiny treat you want. Up, up and away!

Materials needed: different shades of brightly colored cardstock, Hot Air BalloonTemplate, scissors, mini baskets, hot glue gun, toothpicks, pencil, sewing machine.

Step 1: Print out and cut out the balloon from the Hot Air BalloonTemplate.
Step 2: Trace the balloon shape onto a piece of card stock, and cut out. Repeat with two or three other colors. If you want, you can stack the colors together, then cut out the balloon shape at once.
Step 3: Line up the balloon shapes and run them through the sewing machine with the stitches going directly down the center.
Step 4: Gently unfold and open up the balloon shape.
Step 5: Cut or break the handle off...

Sarah probably pitched the idea for a Boombox Pinata because she wanted an excuse to dance (as if she needed one)! BUT I was super excited to make the perfect blend of a pink SHARP QT-50 and the J1 Super Jumbo. From Say Anything to Do the Right Thing, the boombox was such a staple of 80’s pop culture. This piñata would be such a rad addition to a summer 80’s themed party, or to finally fulfill your teenage dream of having the biggest deck on the block. Read on to see how we made it!

Materials: Cardboard, colored cardstock, silver mirrorboard, packing tape, hot glue gun, pink tissue paper, silver mylar folds, scissor, x-acto knife, ruler, white gesso, twine

Step 1: Measure a rectangle the size you want your boombox...

Have you seen David Chang’s Ugly Delicious yet? Regardless of where you stand on the importance of authenticity for a good slice of pizza, you probably (like the rest of us) love the ubiquitous food! In celebration of our favorite pity party food, we made a giant paper pizza backdrop! Read on to see how.

As a kid there was nothing more exciting than winning a pizza party for the class. It is the ultimate motivator! This backdrop would be perfect for a pizza party (whatever the occasion)! Make it an activity by cutting out the toppings in advance and inviting your guests to decorate their own slice!

Materials Needed: 53” Savage seamless roll (in ivory), pencil, ruler, Rotape Tape Compass,  scissors, acrylic paint (in red), paintbrush, cardstock (in red, green, white, and black), 2 ½” hole punch, 1 ½” hole punch

Today we have partnered with TownleyGirl to throw a My Little Pony Kidchella party! Our team has so many fun memories of My Little Pony from growing up, we were so excited to revisit our childhood favorites! We even included some ‘old school’ ponies at the party! With festival season is in full swing, we naturally decided to incorporate some playful nods to festival fun! Read on to see how we planned the full party!

  • Incorporate a “Kidchella” theme (think flower crowns, bubbles, rainbows, glitter!) Every party we throw with a makeover element is a big hit! We supplied cute makeup, and nail art supplies. For this, TownleyGirl makes tons of fun and safe cosmetics and hair accessories! For this party, we raided their stash of awesome My Little Pony products!  They have everything from lip gloss, to nail polish all in super cute sets, perfect for gifting!  The girls were obsessed with their stuff so you get bonus Mom points for providing the best festival party...

Is it me or is everyone hosting a baby shower this spring?? We were inspired by the cloud-shaped plates from our new Oh Happy Day! paper party line to come up with a few fresh spring-y baby shower elements for an April shower. Read on for our ideas and a free matching printable tag!

We wanted to keep things soft with pastels and air-y white tones, and a touch of natural birchwood. Don’t forget to add a bit of silver to accent the cloud’s silver-lining! These cloud shaped favor bags are a fun way for guests to take the party home with them. Bonus — they match the plates so they can double for place settings, too! For the tablescape, we made a balloon cloud centerpiece. It’s a simple way to add a bit of height and texture to a tablesetting — and its so easy to make!

Printable Cloud Favor Bags

Materials Needed: Printable Cloud Tag Template, white cardstock, stapler, 4” by 3” cello bags, transparent tape, scissor, candy

Step 1: Print the cloud template onto white cardstock.
Step 2: Cut out the shapes and fold along the mirrored line.
Step 3: Fill the cellophane bag half way with matching colored candies. Fold the top and tape.

So have you heard? The Oh Happy Day team are going to Paris!!! It will be my first time visiting the city and I’ve never been more excited! In anticipation, I’ve been geeking out on all things français. The result? A moodboard, of sorts. Take a look.

  1. Ballet flats, a Parisian wardrobe staple, but with a bright green twist– from Frances Valentine.
  2. They say to always mix some vintage into your ensemble. Do it.
  3. Classic breton stripe top from Parisian institution – Ines de la Fressange.
  4. Lost in Paris city guide. So you don’t get lost.
  5. French new wave cinema icon Anna Karina.
  6. Candlemaker to Napoleon- Cire Trudon
  7. A medallion necklace– part of every chic wardrobe.
  8. Wary Meyers soap tribute to the French flag.
  9. Paris is the “City of Love”. Or is it “Light”? Anyway, here’s a fluffy pillow.
  10. Le Ballon Rouge– the classic short film is on my watch list. 
  11. Canvas mid-high tops from Paris/Tokyo brand Maison Kitsune. 
  12. Although technically of British descent, the Burberry Trench is classic Paris.
  13. Bonne Maison make the best socks
  14. Excited to visit the showroom of architect and designer, India Mahdavi!

I think everyone can agree that rainbows are a few of our favorite things. This cake topper is easy-peasy, and oh so pretty. Not into the rainbow? Make a beautiful ombré of pinks, yellows or blues for a baby shower, or the theme colors of any party….there are hundreds of delicious shades of thread to choose from at the crafts store!

Materials needed: rainbow shades of embroidery floss, scissors, bamboo skewers, gold twine.

Step 1: Fold a skein in half, and cut about 10 inches off one end. Cut the 10-inch piece in half.
Step 2: With one five-inch piece of thread, tie a knot in the center of the folded thread.
Step 3: With the other five-inch piece of thread, wrap the thread a few times around the bundle of thread, about ½” down from the top knot.
Step 4: Trim the bottom of the bundle of thread, cutting any visible looped ends off.
Step 5: Repeat with all colors of the...

I get teased a bit around the studio for my love of sardines (for looking at, not eating!) We made a sardine can costume for Halloween last year, and I fully intend on sneaking my collection of fish-shaped chocolates and HAY sponges into future shoots. For obvious reasons, I’m extra excited to share our fish-shaped party favor printable design. Keep reading to see how we made them!

Use them in an ocean party along with a water-inspired balloon backdrop. You can even use them as favors for Children’s Day on May 5th as a modern tribute to the traditional Japanese flying Koinoburi carp!

Materials needed: Printable Fish Template, photo paper, cello bags, colored cardstock, colored candy, washi tape, scissor, clear tape

Step 1: Print the fish template onto the photo paper. Take a matching color cardstock, stack it with the photo paper and cut the shape from both sheets.

Step 2: Attach the two fish...

Hot dog — that’s a big hot dog! Did you know this year’s Opening Day was the earliest in all of league history? In celebration of America’s favorite past-time, we made a massive all-American hot dog pinata. Read on to see how to make it!

We added a long yellow balloon for mustard, but you can totally top off your own with a mix of ketchup (red long balloon!), onions, and relish (cut up white and green crepe paper!). It’d be such a cute addition for a little leaguer’s birthday party! You can even fill the pinata with hot dog gummies! Serve up snacks on this DIY hot dog cart to complete the theme.

Materials Needed: 660Q balloons, low temp hot glue gun, Canson cardstock, packing tape, newspaper, flour, water, spray paint (in white), fishing wire, ruler, x-acto knife, tissue paper

Terrazzo, the mosaic-style flooring that had us all cringing when we were children, has had a huge resurgence lately. There is something slightly confetti-esque about this throwback surface, especially when consisting of bright, bold colors! And so, we set out to create a giant photobooth backdrop, inspired by this trend. Continue to find out how we did it…

Materials: Colored cardstock, scissors, masking tape

Step 1: Cut out a bunch of geometric shapes in various sizes out of the colored cardstock. Trim the edges to make them rounder. You can stack a pile of paper and cut out several in the same shape at the same time, it makes the process a lot faster!

Step 2: Once you have several pieces of the cardstock, start to attach the paper pieces on the wall by sticking a loop of the masking tape to the back of each piece. Start with the biggest one, take a step back and continue adding pieces until you feel that it looks good, super simple!

Crafting by Ida Olmers

These rainbow cupcake toppers are literally the easiest toppers to make! You need 5 minutes, toothpicks, and some Twizzlers Easter Pull N Peels which I picked up from my local drugstore. The only thing faster than making these toppers is eating the cupcake they’re adorning. Of course, if kids are eating these, make sure they pull out the toothpicks first!

Materials: Twizzlers Easter Pull N Peel Strawberry Blast, toothpicks.

Step 1: Unwrap a Pull N Peel and insert a toothpick into each end.
Step 2: Twist to form into a rainbow shape and insert into cupcakes!

Photography by Tim Gibson

We don’t all get to live in a yellow submarine, but we can all celebrate National Submarine Day on April 11th! Silly hardly-holidays are a great excuse to get friends and family together, and with the great weather we’ve been having, I think it’s as good a time as any to host the first backyard barbecue of the season. We decided to use the holiday as an excuse to do a giant Beatles themed Yellow Submarine backdrop! Read on to see how you can do one yourself!

Materials Needed: Projector, 53″ Savage seamless roll (in canary), pencil, scissors, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, 160Q balloons (in pink, coral, yellow, wintergreen, and caribbean blue), mini balloon hand pump, double-sided Shurtape

Step 1: Find an image of the Beatles yellow submarine and project it onto a large, blank wall. Tape a piece of the 26” seamless roll to the wall then trace the submarine outline and other details.

Step 2: Cut out the submarine design...

San Francisco: the city by the bay, home to the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and of course, Oh Happy Day. We love our city, and while it’s tough to choose favorites in a city so grand, we definitely have a few spots that top the charts. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Uber to show you our guide to our favorite places to go in SF! Uber recently launched Uber Bike in partnership with JUMP Bikes to put e-bikes all over San Francisco, and gave us a special preview to cruise around the city for a perfect day going to all our beloved hangouts. We even made a little video to show them off! Scroll down for the full details!


I love traveling by bike when I’m out exploring, because you can enjoy the sights and sunshine, but also cover a lot of ground. My biggest thing that has kept me from getting on a bike in San Francisco is the city’s infamous hills. I mean, COME ON, those babies are STEEP! The great thing with Uber’s electronic assist bikes (or e-bikes) is that they put more power behind the bike as you pedal. So going up a giant hill is actually totally doable...

It’s no secret that everyone on our team is a pretty big beanie fan (these ones from Urban Outfitters are our favorite!). Maybe it’s just the fickle San Francisco weather, but beanies always seem to be the perfect way to, quite literally, top off an outfit. Scroll down to see how we made over our favorite accessory!

Ribbon Tag Beanie

Materials: Beanie, ribbon, sewing thread, sewing needle, scissor

Step 1: Take a few inches of ribbon and place it on the beanie where you want it to be, attach it with a needle to keep it in place. 

Step 2: Fold over the end of the ribbon and stitch onto the fold of the beanie. You’ll want it such that you don’t see the end of the ribbon when wearing it.

Step 3: Fold the other end of the ribbon so you get a nice edge. Attach the ribbon onto the inside of the beanie doing the same thing with a few stitches.