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Resolve to take your gaming up a notch in 2018! To get you started, My Nintendo is offering new reward discounts on challenging Nintendo 3DS games that'll give your gaming skills a workout.
Nintendo of America has released the very first episode of its new Nintendo Power Podcast. With Nintendo Power Podcast, Nintendo employees, developers and special guests discuss the world of Nintendo - from Mario to the Legend of Zelda, and everything in between.
The mysterious scientist has revealed herself! Dr. Coyle is now playable as part of the free 5.0 update As head of ARMS Lab, the good (?) doctor runs the Party Crash program, created Hedlock and Helix, and even experimented on herself! Talk about dedication to her craft.
Adding another great third-party game to its ever-growing library, Dragon Quest Builders from Square Enix will launch for Nintendo Switch on Feb. 9. This charming game offers a new experience in the classic Dragon Quest series, allowing players to reconstruct towns using gathered building materials, fight monsters in real-time battles
When it launched in Japan 17 years ago, Pokemon Crystal introduced many new and exciting elements to the beloved Pokemon franchise.
Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc., an interactive destination where Guests can create personalized furry friends, today announced a new licensed partnership with Nintendo, unveiling three new Make-Your-Own Super Mario furry friends-plus, a pre-stuffed Toad, sound chips and accessories. This is the first time Super Mario products have been offered at Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Greetings to everyone playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This is Director Takahashi at Monolith Soft. Today I'd like to talk about the main updates that will be seen in the Ver. 1.1.1 update, which will be distributed next week on Friday, December 22.
Did you already download the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game on your mobile device? If not, you can build your own dream campsite and invite adorable animal friends to hang out! You can also visit your friends' campsites, craft your own furniture, and lots more.
Despite launching in March, a month not usually reserved for home console launches, and with the busy holiday shopping season still in full swing, the Nintendo Switch system has already sold 10 million units to consumers around the world, according to Nintendo's internal sales figures.
Nintendo received a number of honors at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, winning the awards for Game of the Year for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Best Family Game for Super Mario Odyssey and Best Handheld Game for Metroid: Samus Returns.
Hi, this is Tetsuya Takahashi, executive director of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which finally made it safely to launch! The basic story of this game revolves around a feeling similar to a novel told in first-person.
Humanity's last hope is in your hands. Join Rex, the powerful Pyra, and a diverse cast of misfits and heroes as they search for the fabled paradise of Elysium. As they search the world of Alrest, they'll face a mysterious group called the Torna who have their own nefarious plans.
This holiday season, My Nintendo users can now redeem Gold Points for some of the hottest indie games on Nintendo platforms. For a limited time, you can redeem points to download select Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles from our talented independent developers. Users will receive a download code that is redeemed in Nintendo eShop. Get it with Gold Points!
With Super Mario Cereal, Nintendo and Kellogg's have teamed up to take fans on a breakfast odyssey that will continue long after the cereal box is empty. In addition to collectible Super Mario Odyssey box art, each Super Mario Cereal box functions as an amiibo accessory, making breakfast a more playful experience.
Hi, everyone. My name is Masatsugu Saito. I am in charge of main character design for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I have been given the opportunity to write about main character design, and would like to discuss the thought process that went into these characters, broken down across a few posts.
To celebrate the 2.0.0 update for the Fire Emblem Heroes game, from 11/27/17 at 11:00 pm to 12/12/17 at 10:59pm PT, you can get Orbs up to 10 times from a Log-In Bonus! These Orbs can be obtained from your Present List.
Hello, I'm Yasunori Mitsuda. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was the biggest and most challenging project I have ever worked on.
Hi everyone, nice to meet you! Or perhaps I should be saying thank you for your continued support! I'm Yuichiro Takeda. I worked as a screenwriter for Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X, and continued in that role for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Nintendo continues to roll out additional content for the Splatoon 2 game for the Nintendo Switch system, and is now releasing two free software updates with a ton of new content and a new way to play.
You can get back to nature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the new Animal Crossing mobile game where you can take on the role of campsite manager!