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It is definitely a Sparkle game

To put it simple, Sparkle Unleashed is a spin off to Sparkle 2, which is also on the Nintendo Switch. If you are familiar with the Zuma style of marble shooters then you will be right at home with the Sparkle series. Sparkle Unleashed does a lot of things right, however the lack of features and... Read more...

Whether you’re looking for a house with guns, a dark dungeon, or slimes with aspirations, we got you covered this week.

After the wild insanity of Nintendo Labo’s reveal, we’re back to the eShop grind. If you’re not stoked for Nintendo make cardboard wonder for Switch, then check out some of these games. A chunk of them are excellent. While you read these write-ups, ponder how these games could be improved or... Read more...

Not all who wander are lost

The sense of exploring and discovery is a big approach many game developers try to implement and build off of in their titles. Observing the world and discovering not only new places but how the world works can really help create a unique atmosphere, and this seems to be at the heart of developer... Read more...

Matt Makes Games' platformer Celeste and Zoink Games' Fe due are both coming very soon.

A pair of Nindies were given release dates in the today's Nintendo Direct.

First is Celeste, the platformer from TowerFall developer Matt Makes Games. Due out January 25, this challenging game features more than 300 levels and a nuanced story.

The other game is Fe from Zoink Games. The first... Read more...

With some exclusive content to go with it

Payday 2's latest heist will go down at the end of February.

The co-op action title will hit the Switch on February 27 in North America and 23 February in Europe, with support for both local and online co-op heists. The Switch version will have first access to a new character who sports a LED mask for additional expressiveness during missions.


DK, Donkey Kong. DK, Donkey Kong is here!

The next batch of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC has been detailed. Donkey Kong will be added to the game as a playable character along with a brand new story and world.

The new DLC will be available this spring and is part of the game's Season Pass content. This DLC will also be available as a a separate download or as part of the game's Gold Edition package.


No longer constrained to mere Arcade Archives, this new fighter is set to hit Switch this summer.

The most powerful women in SNK's storied fighting history will soon have their own Switch fighter.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is a 2D 2-on-2 fighting game from SNK. Special moves can be launched with a single button, while tagging will also allow for use of items to turn the tide of battle.


It's been quite a while, Adol.

After more than a quarter century, the Ys series is finally returning to Nintendo consoles.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana has been announced for a Switch release in today's Nintendo Direct. NIS America is handling publishing duties for the Falcom developed action RPG series, which will include an improved localization also coming for the game's PC release. The Switch version will release this summer.


Camelot returns to make a new tennis game on Switch that features a story mode and more.

Mario is making his sporting debut on Switch with Mario Tennis Aces.

Aces is being developed by Camelot, who have been responsible for most Mario sports games since the '90s. Unlike the last tennis release, the 2015 Wii U game Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Aces is set to contain a deeper experience with a story mode and boss battles.


Following last year's Fire Emblem Warriors, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are bringing their previous collaboration to Switch in the Zelda-themed Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo is bringing Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition to Switch this spring.

Hyrule Warriors first launched on Wii U in 2014, with a 3DS version following in 2016. The 3DS version added content from The Wind Waker, which will now be available on a home console for the first time. The Definitive... Read more...

Hide and seek for Mario and Luigi.

Super Mario Odyssey is receiving a new competitive mode called Luigi's Balloon World. After completing the main story, players will be able to speak to Luigi in stages to start the competitive modes. Hide It mode will give the player 30 seconds to hide a balloon within a stage. Find It is the opposite... Read more...

Get a head start on rebuilding a lost kingdom.

The tales of Dragon Quest Builders will begin today.

A demo for the February 9 release has launched on the eShop. Comprising roughly the first hour of the game, the demo will feature crafting and combat as well as the beginning of the story that branches off the original 1987 RPG hit.


Kirby: Star Allies inhales all takers on March 16.

Kirby: Star Allies is coming to Switch on March 16.

Originally revealed at E3 2017, the latest Kirby game is most closely similar to Kirby's Return to Dream Land on Wii, with familiar Kirby gameplay and four-player functionality. Kirby and the playable helpers can work together to solve different puzzles, and in a manner similar to Kirby 64, abilities can be combined.


They come in big waves

More challengers are about to enter the Pokken Tournament arena.

Today's Nintendo Direct featured the announcement of two new playable Pokémon as well as four assist Pokémon in a paid Battle Pack. Aegislash and Blastoise will be full fighters, while Mega Rayquaza, Mimikyu, Mew and Celebi will be Assist Pokémon.


What a wonderful world this is.

One of Square Enix's biggest cult hits will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a Switch release.

The World Ends With You, the Jupiter-developed RPG which used every single DS system function when it released in 2008, will release a "Final Remix" version on Switch. No release date was given for the former Radio Free Nintendo Retroactive title.


Or roughly 2,523 deaths from now.

Another often-rumored RPG series is about to spread death on the Switch.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that a remastered version of Dark Souls will launch on May 25. Originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, the Switch version will bring the series to a portable console for the first time. According to Nintendo the Switch version will also feature an improved frame rate, and run at a higher resolution than previous releases.


High speed action on the waves.

As we approach the end of the winter, we'll have a chance to break out the jetskis.

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia has been tabbed for a February 2018 release on Switch. Originally planned for Wii U, the game promises more than 50 races and up to four player split-screen races.

A new trailer for the game has been released:


An interesting horror game with a crippling issue.

Did you play, or perhaps watch other people play, Alien: Isolation? For those unfamiliar, it is a first-person game where the protagonist sneaks around a sprawling (one might say too sprawling) space station while being hunted by the titular Xenomorph. Your pursuer can appear anywhere at any time,... Read more...

A migraine inducing utter annoyance of a video game.

Usually, I write a fun little introduction to the game I'm discussing, but the product in question doesn't deserve it. I'm not going to give it the pleasure of being something that it's not. So anyway, let's talk about Energy Invasion.

Energy Invasion is an infuriating little product made by the... Read more...

Escape reality by going on the run from an oppressive regime.

I’m a big fan of games that whisk you off to a fictional world to give you a break from the stress of real life. Sometimes it’s a big, beautiful environment like Hyrule that you take your time to explore, but other times it’s a brutal hellscape in which the only victory is to escape. Black:... Read more...