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The Twitter account of Beatrix von Storch, a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany, was temporarily suspended. Prosecutors are looking into her remarks.
Recent weeks have brought bad news for zoos in London and Berlin and a safari park in England.
The Dutch, like people elsewhere, are living longer than in previous generations. Courses that teach fall prevention, and how to fall correctly, are gaining popularity.
President Trump accused Pakistan of “deceit” in accepting billions of dollars in aid while giving “haven to terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan.”
In a wilderness of frozen desert, China and Kazakhstan are reviving a Silk Road land bridge between Asia and Europe, reshaping trade and geopolitics.
More than a dozen people were injured in the uprising, and dozens of inmates escaped.
Thousands of protesters urged China not to meddle further in the city’s affairs and undermine its autonomy.
The three-year conflict set the stage for decades of tension on the Korean Peninsula, but today many Americans know little about it.
As midnight struck from East to West, revelers welcomed 2018 with fireworks, festivities, food, drinks and dancing. (And hundreds of weddings.)
He thought it was a fight, then the two Perth lifeguards showed up.
In her New Year’s address, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany promised to work swiftly on a new coalition, and to help heal rifts in society.
The attacker, who was on foot, set off explosives in his vest among mourners gathered for the funeral of a former district chief at a cemetery in Nangarhar Province.
Churches had planned a peaceful march to protest President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to leave office, but security forces fired tear gas at churches and set up checkpoints in the capital.
The fire at two restaurants on Friday killed 14 people. Patrons said the establishments had no fire alarms, sprinklers or clear emergency exits.
President Klaus Iohannis, who has long criticized efforts to weaken the fight against corruption, has 20 days to sign the measures into law or send them back to Parliament.
From rare white giraffes to criminal donkeys to chilly elephants, take a look at some of our strangest stories about animals in 2017 that resonated with readers.
Her comments, made at a year-end news conference, underlined a commitment to self-defense just days after Beijing reiterated its goal of annexing the island.
The demonstrations put new pressure on the country’s president as his signature nuclear deal is threatened.
Hundreds took to the streets in Caracas to protest a shortage of pork for traditional Christmas meals.
A Supreme Court justice blocked key provisions of a decree that critics said might one day spare President Michel Temer and allies from years in prison.