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Drug deaths draw the most notice, but more addicted people live than die. For them and their families, life can be a relentless cycle of worry, hope and chaos.
New research suggests a strong link between genes, dietary fat and prostate cancer.
Can 500,000 thermometers transmitting 25,000 readings a day forecast the spread of flu more accurately than the C.D.C.?
Baby Boy Royer, who underwent an operation for spina bifida as a fetus, had the biggest defect that the surgical team had attempted to repair.
Grief is not a problem to be solved or resolved. Rather, it’s a process to be lived through in whatever form and amount of time it may take.
The exam, called the Moca, is widely used in doctor’s offices, but it is not sophisticated enough to diagnose mental decline, experts say.
A doctor has developed an advance directive specifically to plan for medical care in the event of dementia.
Traveling with medication — even prescription drugs — isn’t as simple as packing it. Here’s how to stay on the right side of the law, anywhere you go.
The effect is especially evident in smokers, the obese and those who exercise infrequently.
Mushrooms are a “powerhouse of nutrition” and not a white food to be avoided, said one nutritionist.
In West Africa, people with psychoses are often chained at prayer camps. Giving them psychiatric drugs lessened their symptoms, but did not shorten their captivity.
Cases of children isolated and abused by parents are rare but not unheard-of, say experts. Many recover.
Since 2003, the percentage of women filling prescriptions for drugs like Ritalin has increased nearly fivefold in some age groups.
Early menarche, early menopause and miscarriage were among the factors associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
It can be difficult to experience desire if you fear your body or if you cannot recognize it as your own.
Kentucky’s new Medicaid waiver will ask low-income people to jump over hurdles to keep their coverage. Evidence suggests that many will fail.
Mothers who breast-feed may be at reduced risk of diabetes, a new study reports.
Dr. Krim raised awareness of the scourge and money to fight it while lobbying governments and enlisting a broad spectrum of powerful allies.
Changing minds on vaccination is very difficult, but it isn’t so important when a law can change behavior.
Music therapy is becoming more common in nursing homes and hospices, where it has been shown to improve a patient’s quality of life.