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Here's our hopes for Blizzard's shooter as it enters the new year.
Even though it's been six years since Skyrim's first release, the frozen mountains and forested valleys of Tamriel's northern realm are still unveiling new secrets and mysteries to this day, some of which even the most learned scribes cant solve. The IGN team has logged anywhere from zero to 200+ hours of exploration time - here are seven of our favorite unanswered questions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The Xbox One S is all over the place and even comes with your diamonds. Check out this advertisement that promises a free console with your marriage.
From PlayStation Universe: "Originally announced back in 2010, Bandai Namco's Tekken x Street Fighter release appears to have dropped completely off the radar. Or has it?"
GameFragger: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' first patch of 2018 for Xbox One will address "known crashes" and provide quality of life improvements and gameplay adjustments.
The next big expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) will be arriving to the game's various consoles soon. Bethesda released the first details on the upcoming Dragon Bones DLC pack, which is currently set to arrive next month.
The GoBo Studios associated study is focusing on bringing back a well-known IP.
Though its been a phenomenal year for new games, 2017 also saw a number of games, some fairly old, receive substantial content updates. Whether paid or free DLC, significant expansions that change the base game or new adventures to embark on, it was a great year for fans to revisit their favourite games again and again. Lets take a look at the best DLCs, expansions and content updates for 2017.
Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about the Intel Kernel Bug and do a little RPG this week. Games discussed are Cuphead, Dungeons & Dragons, Just Cause 3, Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Nine Parchments, Quantum Break, Dying Light, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
ThisGenGaming says: "The DLC comes with 3 new tracks, each with 4 levels of difficulty (counting the no-death chill out mode) and all tracks are songs from the Brittish DJ 1000DaysWasted. Ill rate each track seperately and then have a short look at the cosmetic DLC as well because there are also 3 new ships to download."
Who doesn't love an opportunity to go full throttle in an epic battle of wanton destruction and mayhem? The action genre has evolved to be more accessible to games of all ages, and we recognize which action game of 2017 was the best.
2017 was a banner year for survival horror, but 2018 may be shaping up to be even more terrifying. Check out Wccftech's most anticipated horror games for next year.
Need for Speed Payback is getting a free roam mode very soon. Prepare to roam the streets of Fortune Valley with your friends for epic driving fun!
2017 saw the release of some of the best exclusive titles for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox in recent years, titles that have now set the bar for what we hope to see next year.
While 2017 has easily been a landmark year for the video game industry, a number of highly anticipated games sadly fizzled out in a disappointing display of poor marketing, gameplay, and rushed products.
Following one of the best gaming years in recent history, January 2018 brings five games of various sizes and genres looking to start 2018 off with a bang.
Short Pause: "Bender reveals his top ten games of 2017! Did your favorite make the cut?"
If you missed Sunset Overdrive, Xbox Game Pass could be a good way to get your hands on Insomniac Games' classic open world game for Xbox One.
Week 17 of the NFL season is finally upon us a plethora of football games have major NFL Playoff implications for several teams. Here are the results of every game played this week that are simulated on Madden 18.
Armik from Gamerscore Whores writes "Now that weve all (hopefully) received our highly desired gaming-related gifts for Christmas lets focus on 2018. While we dont know everything yet, there are a few things our staff have highlighted as most anticipated games of 2018."