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The grueling, noise-punctured punk band amplifies the "marginalized majority" on its new EP.

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The songstress who sang "That Don't Impress Me Much" now says she's sorry for saying she would have voted for Donald Trump if she were an eligible American voter.

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The country music legend is still writing and recording original material at age 84. His latest stresses good cheer in the face of hard times.

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Hear a triumphant fusion of jazz, rock and blues that moves with momentum and fresh anticipation. Logan Richardson plays with a lyrical intensity that is both focused and free.

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After receiving nearly 5,000 entries this year, we have a winner! Meet the virtuosic talent who won over this year's panel of judges.

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The pop superstar was treated for an overdose a week before his death, but the suit contends that the hospital failed to realize the drug he was taking was a deadly counterfeit.

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For years, South Korea has blasted K-Pop and other propaganda over the border to North Korea, and North Korea is responded with propaganda of its own. In anticipation of talks between leaders of the two countries later this week, South Korea has turned the speakers off, and North Korea was expected to do the same.

The 32-year-old singer shows off a liquid voice rich with the music and culture of her native country for her debut album.

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A summit between South and North Korea this Friday prompted the South to stop broadcasting its massively popular pop music toward its northern neighbors.

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This anti-Trump anthem reflects the human drama along the U.S./Mexico border.

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Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke are just two of the characters David Bowie created for himself. The innovator explored music and identity, and his art exhibition inspires chefs and mixologists.

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The renowned folk songwriter stops by NPR's Washington D.C. headquarters to play two songs from her latest album and discuss the historical African-American roots of her music and of her instrument.

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How Laura Gibson's "terrible-feeling" concert experience led to the birth of the Tiny Desk concert series 10 years ago.

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Though she's known for her contributions to '90s indie rock, Hatfield goes back to one of her earliest musical inspirations for her new album of Olivia Newton-John covers.

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Before his death in 2015, the subject of the hit podcast made music inspired by painter and ambient musician Tor Lundvall. Now, Lundvall is paying tribute to McLemore in return.

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Shonda Rhimes' ABC smash hit Scandal takes its final bow, Beyonce preps for another set at the mega-popular Coachella music festival, and Rapper Kendrick Lamar wins a Pulitzer Prize.

Conductor Marin Alsop muses on the power of ballet and her memories of watching choreographer George Balanchine bring the music of Tchaikovsky to life with the New York City Ballet.

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Chicago jazz mainstay Willie Pickens died this past December at age 86. Revisit his performance with McPartland in this 1997 episode of Piano Jazz.

Swedish musician and DJ Avicii has died at 28. NPR's Ari Shaprio talks with KCRW's Jason Bentley about his career.

Sam Sanders, host of NPR's It's Been a Minute contextualizes the philosophy of Kanye West, as discerned from the rapper's recent string of inspiring tweets.

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