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January 22, 2018Brought to you by The Samson Pet Group Samson was our beautiful German Shepherd who passed away shortly before Christmas in 2014 at the age of seven from cancer. We are dedicated to honoring his name by providing safe, high quality, unique, and fun products for our pet-loving customers, and by giving back to the pet-loving community.  Life for Samson began in a horrid puppy mill in Oklahoma. He spent the first three months of his life in a small and dirty cage. Having eaten a combination of kibble and his own feces, Samson was suffering from Coccidia and Giardia when we took possession of him. My wife and I, and our four young children welcomed him into our home with great love and caring. Samson was our first family dog.  */ As Samson grew up with us and matured, his protective instincts began to appear. Every night while our children were sleeping, my wife and I would hear him walking on the hallway wood floors and enter into their bedrooms to check on them. He wanted to make sure our children were safe. This was an amazing thing to experience. He loved spending summers at our family's lake house in Connecticut swimming with our children,...
January 22, 2018  Everyone loves their little dogs but not the big mess they leave behind, and more pet parents are using puppy pads to provide convenience and flexility for their small dogs of all ages. Yet handling stinky pads is messy and tiresome. But not any more!  BrilliantPad does the dirty work of cleaning and replacing soiled pads for you. BrilliantPad handles #1 and #2 and then wraps and seals waste to keep your home clean and odor free. Foul odors are locked away so messy and smelly is replaced with clean and fresh. Regular dog pads just don’t do that! BrilliantPad is hands-off for up to a month at a time. After a roll is used up simply remove and replace — the used roll is clean and dry to your touch. Further, BrilliantPad uses one-third less material than traditional pads and the caps that seal each roll are biodegradable, so you can enjoy all of the convenience without any guilt.  Customers tout BrilliantPad's convenience. One customer wrote how their poodle-mix is a home alone during the work day. With BrilliantPad they “don't have to worry about her potty needs while gone. The roll really does trap the smell and it's just...
Mon, 01/22/2018 - 10:40Therapy pets are similar to the average pet because they offer stress relief, comfort, and affectionTexas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical SciencesTherapy pets are similar to the average pet because they offer stress relief, comfort, and affection. Therapy pets are similar to the average pet because they offer stress relief, comfort, and affection. However, therapy pets differ because they are specially trained to travel to and remain calm in various environments, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and college campuses.Site Sections: Dog Life
January 15, 2018The beginning of the year marks the start of a brand new season of pet trade shows and industry events all year long. One of the most anticipated events of the pet industry is none other than Global Pet Expo, and the show is expected to be big as ever in 2018. In 2017, there were over 6,700 buyers, 1,130 exhibitors, and over 16,600 total attendees at the event. This year, APPA expects over 1,100 exhibitors, 7,000 buyers, 3,400 booths, and over 3,000 new products on the show floor. Why Global Pet Expo 2018? Global Pet Expo is an international coming together of pet industry professionals from all over the globe. It offers a chance for pet businesses to get an edge up on competition by being educated on current market trends, business guidelines, the latest products and services available to them, and networking opportunities. According to Annie Rotberg, Director of Attendee Serviceses for APPA and Global Pet Expo, "Global Pet Expo provides tools to grow your business and knowledge to be relevant at a very competitive time." At the show, you will be able to: Discover value and explore the variety of products to keep your product lines fresh for your customers Find new products that reflect emerging technologies and the growing awareness of functional health benefits of pet food Connect face-to-face with decision makers...
January 15, 2018 Looking to make a difference in 2018? One simple way to do just that is to get involved in the BC SPCA’s National Cupcake Day. By baking cupcakes and giving them away in exchange for a donation, participants can improve the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected animals in our communities. National Cupcake Day is cross-country event presented by the BC SPCA, the Ontario SPCA and participating humane societies. This year, Cupcake Day falls on Monday, Feb. 26 (the last Monday of February), but animal lovers and bakers are encouraged to fundraise throughout January and February. “When it comes to baking, cupcakes are pretty foolproof. Trust me, if I can make them, anyone can,” says National Cupcake Day spokesperson and TV host Kristina Matisic. “Over the past few years we’ve seen kids, small businesses and large companies get involved. I love the cute creations that people come up with and seeing all the donations come in.” Participants who register at before Wednesday, Jan. 31 and raise $50 will be entered in a draw to win a KitchenAid Stand mixer, the perfect tool for whipping up delicious cupcakes and frosting. Last year, Canadians raised more than $600,000 through their baking and fundraising efforts. Since the campaign’s inception in 2013, $2.45...
January 11, 2018 ZippyPaws ended 2017 on a sweet note, selling their one millionth donut on December 14th. This past year has been a very successful one for the company. Not only were they awarded one of America’s fastest-growing private companiesby Inc. 5000, but ZippyPaws also had a new warehouse and office facility built, which is over three times larger than their currentheadquarters. In addition, sales more than doubled over 2016. “It feels surreal,” says Jennifer Cao, Vice President of ZippyPaws. “What a great year 2017 has been for us! I still remember starting ZippyPaws with my father, in our garage. Now we’re moving into a new building, celebrating one million Donutz sold and being named one of the lead plush toy manufacturers in the industry.”                                   “It’s been amazing seeing how the company has grown over these six years. We have new launches happening in 2018 – I’m very excited to share these new collections with everyone! With this new year, I have full confidence in the ZippyPaws team that we will continue paving the way for the dog toy industry.” The Donutz toy line has...
January 10, 2018Brought to you by BuddyRest                 With so many dog beds on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Selecting the right dog bed for the buddy in your life is an important decision - and one which shouldn't be taken lightly. A great dog bed will last a lifetime, and can hugely improve your dog's quality of life. But the truth is that not all dog beds are created equal. In this post, we will share our top tips for choosing a dog bed that will stand the test of time, support your dog's health, and provide a cozy resting place that they'll just love. So, let's get started ...Comfort Just like humans, dogs need a comfortable place to rest and sleep. Here are some pointers to help you choose a bed that's comfortable - and will stay that way: Match the bed to your dog's size - Before buying a bed, measure your dog from nose to tail with a tape measure to ensure they'll have plenty of space to stretch out. For dogs that prefer to curl up, you may want to choose a bed with raised and cushioned edges that cradle your dog and provide security. Choose a...
Wed, 01/10/2018 - 11:00Lya Battle is working to help hundreds of stray dogs in Costa Rica Lya Battle is working to help hundreds of stray dogs in Costa Rica The guys of the insightful and thought provoking On The Bus Podcast received a private tour of Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica from the inspiring owner Lya Battle. She rescues and keeps hundreds of stray street dogs on her privately run sanctuary in the jungle mountains of Costa Rica.Site Sections: Videos
January 9, 2018TropiClean Pet Products is proud to announce Landon Hobson as the new CEO of Cosmos Corporation. Cosmos Corporation is TropiClean’s manufacturer that oversees TropiClean Pet Products on the Pet Specialty side and Naturel Promise Pet Products for Food Drug Mass. Hobson joined TropiClean in 2016 as the Director of Operations and will resume as the new Chief Executive Officer effective immediately.  “I’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful company. The pet industry is growing, and our company continues to innovate new products and packaging to satisfy the needs of pets and their people. The TropiClean leadership has made the brand a trailblazer in the industry, and I look to bring my expertise and experience to continue our success,” says Landon Hobson. Prior to joining TropiClean, Hobson received his Bachelors of Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Business and Tourism Development.  He then went on to receive his first Master’s Degree from Southeastern Theological Seminary in Christian Thought & Cultural Engagement. Landon received a second Master’s Degree from Columbia University in International Economics along with a Masters Certificate in Leadership & Development. Tags: TropiClean Pet ProductsCosmos Corporationpet industry news
Mon, 01/08/2018 - 14:50Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical SciencesThe thought of removing a pet’s eye can be scary, but in some cases, eye removal is necessary to improve the pet’s quality of life. Dr. Lucien Vallone, a clinical assistant professor in the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, explained how eye removal can be beneficial.Site Sections: Health
Thu, 01/04/2018 - 15:45When you have pets, accidents happen.....Sara Marie HallWhen you have pets, accidents happen..... When you have pets, accidents happen. Unfortunately, sometimes that means those accidents happen on your furniture. But all is not lost. With a few tips and tricks, you can keep your sofa looking good and feeling comfy as a favorite spot for both you and your pet. Renew the look of your sofa with our guide on removing stains, getting rid of pet hair, and hiding wear and tear.Site Sections: Dog Life
January 4, 2018 Outward Hound® has entered into a partnership with consumer products and retail expert J.W. Childs Associates in a deal announced in December. J.W. Childs has a successful portfolio of current and exited investments that include notable successful brands including Meow Mix, Hartz, Pinnacle Foods, Kosta Browne, Mattress Firm, Bass Pro Shops, and many more.  “Outward Hound will continue creating innovative products in the pet space and could not be more excited about our new partnership with J.W. Childs that will take us to the next level with both our retail partners and consumers,” said Outward Hound® Founder & CWO (Chief Woof Officer) Kyle Hansen. “We completed four acquisitions over the last 3 years including Petstages, Dublin Dog, Nina Ottosson and Bionic with the goal now of expanding our portfolio even more in current and new categories.”  “We’re excited about our investment in Outward Hound® and the fantastic leadership team that has built one of the fastest growing brands in the pet space,” said J.W. Childs Partner David Fiorentino. “The innovative product portfolio in multiple categories create exciting opportunities to deliver great products for pet parents around the world and accelerate growth.”    Four executives from J.W. Childs will join the Outward Hound Board of Directors: Partners David Fiorentino and Adam Suttin, Vice President Kyle Casella and Operating Partner Philip Damiano. Philip Damiano Operating Partner at...
Fri, 12/22/2017 - 11:05"I want to adopt an old dog, one that no one else wants"Eleanor MunkThis is a beautiful, heart-warming story just in time for the holiday season! Kaylee, an eleven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who lived at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, finally finds her forever home when a nine-year-old girl made the decision to "adopt the oldest dog at the shelter". This is a beautiful, heart-warming story just in time for the holiday season!     Kaylee, an eleven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who lived at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, finally found her forever home when a nine-year-old girl made the decision to "adopt the oldest dog at the shelter". "I want to adopt an old dog," Raven told her mother, Melissa Davis. "One that no one else wants."Site Sections: Dog Life
Thu, 12/21/2017 - 14:07The TV event of the year approaches!Jennifer NosekThe TV event of the year approaches! Did you know that the second longest running sporting event in the United States is a dog show? The storied Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has been held since 1877—only the Kentucky Derby outdates it, and by just one year. The 2018 show—the 142nd annual!—takes place Monday, February 12th and Tuesday February 13th, with Best in Show going down on the Tuesday evening.When To Watch From HomeSite Sections: Dog Life
December 19, 2017Millions of lost or abandoned dogs enter animal shelters every year, and only a few leave, through rescue and adoption. The rest are euthanized or live out a lonely, caged life. Commercial photographer Andrew Grant began to photograph dogs in 2009 after learning about the state of animal shelters in America. He started photographing homeless and rescued dogs with the goal of raising awareness for the millions of beautiful, lovable and loyal pets waiting to be adopted in shelters. Over 6 years he has raised nearly $2 million for animal shelters through his photographic project He did this with the sale of four limited-edition books of beautiful dog portraits, each called Rover. Each book was bigger than the previous, and the funds were raised through the hundreds of sponsoring dog owners. An early edition of Rover was made famous by one of Hollywood's biggest animal advocates, Ellen DeGeneres. Andrew has photographed the dogs of many celebrity donors as well, including Heidi Klum, Steven Spielberg and Ewan McGregor. The previous 4 editions are sold out, and fetch up to $400 on the rare book market -- when available. Most, though, are as treasured as their canine...
Tue, 12/19/2017 - 11:57These Christmas-Inspired Dogs Are Ready For the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!Tangles of Christmas lights, sparkling romps in the snow, the scent of eggnog and freshly-baked gingerbread... Our pups can get just as excited about the holidays as the rest of us! Don't forget to put out a stocking full of dog biscuits for all the good boys and girls this year! Christmas lights glowing on pine trees, sparkling romps in the snow, the scent of eggnog and freshly-baked gingerbread... Just because our doggies aren't doing any holiday shopping doesn't mean they can't tell the holidays are here! Our pups can get just as warm and fuzzy about the holidays as the rest of us... especially if you put out a stocking full of milk bones!   1) Cody Site Sections: Dog Life
December 18, 2017A;jgd;lsaslhgjf jfkalw;glajkgl;??? Sorry, I… Okay, better. Hello. My name is Henry and I am a Welsh corgi. Please excuse my attempt at typing just now. I had ordered a dog-friendly keyboard which I was told would be easy to use, but setup proved to be a nightmare of cords and wires, and I don’t have any thumbs. The dog-keyboard people are in for a withering Amazon review. My name, again, is Henry, and I am simply delighted to make your acquaintance. I was lucky enough to be the subject recently of a new novel (based on my life) called Henry: The Queen’s Corgi. A friend suggested that I use some dog puns to try to sell it to you lovely people, along the lines of “A perfect gift fur the holidays!” I told this friend that these puns were beneath me. They’re beneath you, dear reader. They’re beneath all of us. What I can do is tell you what a fun read the book is. In it, my family takes me for a day trip to London, where I become separated from them at Buckingham Palace. Ordinarily this would be a scary occurrence for any dog, but as luck would have it, a certain occupant of Buckingham Palace is an owner and enthusiast of corgis. Before long, your humble guest blogger...
December 18, 2017 Once upon a time, there lived a Chihuahua named Bean. She had a sassy attitude with a strut to match, and she loved her fabulous lifestyle next to her best friend Makeda, who happened to be a Rottweiler. Minus their noticeable size difference, they were twins – they did everything together from lounging around the house to conquering new territories in the backyard. There was just one problem, they couldn’t celebrate their friendship the way they wanted – through fashionable, matching accessories. Consider the scenario of 8 pounds versus 80. Small dogs had such limited jewelry options; but there was even less, actually none, for large dogs. Per Bean and Makeda’s request, our mission was to find the solution that would allow dogs of every breed, size, shape, weight, and height to wear the same glamorous styles. The search to find a necklace that could endure typical dog behaviors sold from Bean’s size all the way up to Makeda’s yielded no results. So, on that day of utter devastation, Thy Fairest Fido was our ultimate creation! We proudly present Thy Fairest Fido’s customizable Jewelry for Dogs that supports a Pawsitive Cause!...
December 18, 2017At WholeWoof, we believe every dog deserves healthy, safe products. The food and toys you give your pets on a daily basis play a crucial role in their health and well-being, so we’re here with a selection of treats, toys, and clothes to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our mission is to make sure that dogs everywhere have access to stylish clothes and accessories, fun toys, and healthy food to enjoy a long and happy life. We go the extra mile to make sure that all of our pooch-approved products are healthy—even for the most sensitive dogs. Whether you’re looking for all-natural, organic, grain-free, or gluten-free treats, we have them in-store for you. When it comes to our collection of WholeWoof toys, each one is completely chemical-free, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly. They’re also made of sustainable and biodegradable rubber, organic cotton, recycled plastics, and all-natural dyes. Explore our store for healthy and eco-friendly essential pet supplies, or try our new exclusive WHOLEWOOF DOG TREATS, our premium GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE dog treats are handmade and baked in small batches using only ALL NATURAL, LOCALLY SOURCED, HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS. Tags: WholeWoofonline storehealthyeco-friendlyenvironmentbiodegradable
Fri, 12/15/2017 - 13:03Our Top 5 Dog-Friendly Whistler Hotel Picks! Our Top 5 Dog-Friendly Whistler Hotel Picks! Snow, trails, lakes, parks, beaches—Whistler, British Columbia is doggy heaven! This first-class super-dog-friendly ski resort town has so much to do and explore, your pup is guaranteed to have an amazing Whistler experience in either winter or summer. Modern Dog has teamed up with to find the top five dog-friendly Whistler hotels so you can get planning!    Site Sections: Travel