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**Written by Doug Powers

Apparently Sen. Dianne Feinstein didn’t get the memo from her own party that everybody’s already been killed by the repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules and the passage of the GOP tax bill and there’s nobody left. In spite of that, she’s now warning that if there’s a government shutdown, there will be additional fatalities:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein warned Wednesday that when the federal government shuts down “people die, accidents happen” and it’s hard to assess what the impact will be when “necessary functions cease.”

The California Democrat made the stark comments in a Capitol Hill hallway interview as she left a caucus lunch where the standoff with Republicans over a government funding bill — known as a continuing resolution or CR — was discussed.

Since “people die” because of government shutdowns, how does Feinstein plan to vote?

Feinstein said she had not made her mind up about whether to vote for the measure.

Everybody has their priorities, and protecting illegal immigrants is the congressional Dems #1 concern apparently.

We’ll have to wait and see what Feinstein decides about the fate of many lives, but I have my suspicions:

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

Trump could have guaranteed himself re-election if he would have told Jeff Sessions to have this lawless “law enforcement” official arrested during his announcement that federal laws don’t apply to his state:

The state’s top cop issued a warning to California employers Thursday that businesses face legal repercussions, including fines up to $10,000, if they assist federal immigration authorities with a potential widespread immigration crackdown.

“It’s important, given these rumors that are out there, to let people know – more specifically today, employers – that if they voluntarily start giving up information about their employees or access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office,” state Attorney General Xavier Becerra said at a news conference. “We will prosecute those who violate the law.”

Becerra’s warning comes as fears spread of mass workplace raids following reports that immigration agents plan to target Northern California communities for deportations due in part to the state’s “sanctuary” law, which seeks to restrict local law enforcement agencies’ ability to cooperate with immigration authorities.

What’ll he charge employers with? Assisting federal law enforcement?

This is insane:

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

Before beginning, if you like, cue up some suitable background music:

Well, you’ve got to give them points for wishful creativity — too bad those don’t transfer to swing state electoral votes:


Given that there is “no mechanism in American law for a new election,” nor “a mechanism for correcting the criminal results of the previous election,” Ryan ought to nominate “the person defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become President,” Lessig went on to say.

On Wednesday, Lessig told Newsweek this scenario was still a possibility.

Hillary’s biggest fans and the liberal media react to the news:

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

At the conclusion of a White House event this week, CNN’s Jim Acosta just couldn’t help but ask the president if he’s against countries that aren’t “white.” At that point, Trump told him to get “out.” This scene was so entertaining that popcorn should have been served:

After that, Acosta barely recognizes the country anymore!

The Tony Awards people need to add a “Best Media Drama Queens” category to honor their Resistance brethren in the DC Theater.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

If this trend keeps up, on SOTU night, the Dem side of the chamber will be emptier than the Resistance’s list of actionable impeachment charges:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on Monday announced she plans to boycott President Trump’s State of the Union address to Congress at the end of the month, joining a handful of other Democratic lawmakers who are skipping the annual event.

“I’m here on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to say I will not be going to the State of the Union,” Jayapal said in a video posted on social media.

“I think it is absolutely unacceptable to see the racism and the hatred coming out the White House in a way in which this president is fueling the flames of divisiveness across our country,” she added.
The Washington lawmaker joins Democratic Reps. John Lewis (Ga.), Frederica Wilson (Fla.), Earl Blumenauer (Ore.) and Maxine Waters (Calif.) in skipping the president’s address, with many citing Trump’s recent remarks.

Fans of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton complaining about Trump “fueling the flames of divisiveness” might get laughed at by the “bitter clingers” and “deplorables.” However, if enough Dems leave enough empty seats, there could be an opportunity there for the GOP:

Trump should invite them up to tell Nancy Pelosi how the “pathetic crumbs” have actually...

**Written by Doug Powers

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power demonstrated by way of a recent documentary and interview what happens when the trifecta of overconfidence, sanctimony and bureaucratic gobbledygook collide:

On the night of Nov. 8, 2016, Power threw a party for the 37 female diplomats at her apartment in New York City, a scene that is captured in the new HBO documentary, “The Final Year.”

Power also invited Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the first woman to hold the position, to the election night party, which she expected to end with Clinton’s victory.

“I thought, what an amazing night for them,” Power told Politico of the 37 female ambassadors to the U.N. “I mean, that’s what America represents to the world, when a glass ceiling is shattered in our country, it creates a whole new sense of possibility for people everywhere.”

Power said she hoped the election wouldn’t be “quite the blowout that it was anticipated to be,” as she wanted her attendees to have more time to interact with Steinem.

But instead of being a “blowout,” Power said it soon began to dawn on her guests that the election would not turn out the way they predicted, as Donald Trump began to gain on Clinton.

Power’s party started out as Woodstock and damn near turned into Jonestown in a matter of hours.

The interview with Power is nothing short of unintentionally hilarious. Seriously, who talks like this outside U.N....

**Written by Doug Powers

The book “Fire and Fury” has been shown to be little more than Resistance fan fiction, and with reported “sources” like these that’s putting it mildly (via Allahpundit at Hot Air):

Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading Wolff over the years. You can call him many things (see the preceding paragraph), but never dull. I do not know Wolff nor can I vouch for his credibility. Though I should add that a mutual acquaintance of ours, after spotting an anecdote he’d casually tossed off to Wolff turn up in Fire and Fury, reported this to me of Wolff’s seemingly slack methodology: “[He got it] from me, which I got from a woman on the beach in Florida, who heard it in a carpool line. Literally. I had no idea he was including it. That guy is a serious bullshit artist. Wow.”

Wow. Simone had more reliable sources than that in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

In Hawaii yesterday, an Emergency Management employee pushed the wrong button — twice — and sent the islands into a panic:

A slapstick sequel to “War Games” just wrote itself.

The state’s emergency management leaders are obviously going to have to put additional safeguards in place to improve upon their only current guideline for employees:

Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard used the situation to call for a review of emergency procedures in her home state slam Trump:

“The people of Hawaii just got a taste of the stark reality of what we face here of a potential nuclear strike on Hawaii,” Gabbard said during a phone interview on CNN minutes after the alert was broadcast across the islands.

“This is a real threat facing Hawaii,” she said.
Gabbard criticized President Trump for his administration’s response to North Korea’s past provocations during her CNN interview Saturday.

“Donald Trump is taking too long. He’s not taking this threat seriously,” she asserted.

With that in mind, rewind the tape to just four days ago:

**Written by Doug Powers

Are you among those who are confused about why the GOP tax bill has been signed into law and yet life as we know it has not been wiped out as we were promised? House Democrats, at the behest of Nancy Pelosi, will spend part of the weekend explaining the anomaly to constituents while at the very least letting them know how the GOP screwed them over by allowing them to keep more of their own money:

Congressional Democrats will hold a series of “teach-ins” to celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday, hoping to rally Americans against the GOP’s tax bill as they seek to regain their legislative footing.

After ending 2017 on defense, watching from the sidelines as the GOP approved a landmark tax code overhaul and repealed a major portion of Obamacare, Democrats are vowing to try to push their agenda in 2018.
As for the Jan. 13 teach-ins, she said the goal will be to use the civil rights icon’s holiday to rally opposition to the tax overhaul, which she and fellow Democrats have labeled the “GOP tax scam.”

Roll tape on the Loony-Tron:

In other words, Pelosi’s sending Dems out to put a fresh spin on their failed previous spin. No wonder she’s dizzy.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

Remember when Nancy Pelosi warned of GOP tax bill “Armageddon” along with all the accompanying doom and gloom that made the guy in Ghostbusters describing what would happen if the proton streams were crossed sound understated?

Now that it’s clear most working Americans will be seeing more money in their paychecks, with some companies offering bonuses as a result of the relieved tax burden, Pelosi’s still weaving a narrative for the Dems:

“A number of bonuses — one of the bonuses was in a union contract and then they added a little more money to that. That same firm just told the employees they were going to be laying off 1,500 people and if they wanted to save their jobs, they could work 32 hours. In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic,” Pelosi said on Thursday in response to a question from The Daily Caller’s Kerry Picket. “And I would hope with their big advantage of bringing home at a very low rate that they would invest in infrastructure but our experience has been they will seek dividends and buy-backs. It is insignificant.”

Yes, Nancy Pelosi just accused somebody else of “putting the schmooze on,” which is sort of like Michael Moore calling you a slob:

A brief video interpretation of what’s happened to the Democrats’ tax...

**Written by Doug Powers

This is a textbook example of what “climate change” alarmism is at least partly about: Attempting to blame the deepest available pockets for natural occurrences in order to re-fill the coffers emptied by spendthrift progressive ways while at the same time shifting money more in the direction of fellow travelers:

New York City is suing five oil companies over climate change.

The city is suing BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, according to The Associated Press.

New York alleges the five major oil companies have played a role in global warming, the AP reported and is seeking to recoup billions of dollars spent preparing for climate change.

A spokesman for Shell said the issue of global warming is not one that should be handled in the courts. A spokesman for BP declined to comment to the AP.

The city previously said it was going to divest its five pension funds from fossil fuel companies, according to the AP.

In other words, Bill de Blasio’s suing Big Oil over the weather.

The divestiture is amazing as well. Can the public counter-sue de Blasio based on the fact that a gov’t official is shifting around public funds based on what’s best for Al Gore’s bottom line?

What a socialist toolbag:



This one should keep me laughing for...

**Written by Doug Powers

One of the most quoted portions of Michael Wolff’s Resistance porn book “Fire and Fury” is the following, and it’s in regards at least in part to Trump’s cabinet:

Hoping for the best, with their personal futures as well as the country’s future depending on it, my indelible impression of talking to them and observing them through much of the first year of his presidency, is that they all — 100 percent — came to believe he was incapable of functioning in his job.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is quoted in the book as having called Trump “an idiot,” and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the president “a f**king moron” according to Wolff.

How many officials in Trump’s cabinet, as well as the VP, did Wolff talk to in order to draw those conclusions? ZERO:

Michael Wolff admitted Monday that he did not interview Vice President Mike Pence or any Cabinet members, though some of the more incendiary claims in his book “Fire and Fury” are credited to Cabinet members.

The book is dominating the news cycle and claims to portray life “inside the Trump White House.” He made the admission on “CBS This Morning.”

Now that’s some iron-clad reporting right there! Either Wolff made it up, it’s all based on hearsay, or he’s one heck of a mind reader.

**Written by Doug Powers

We’re just over a week into 2018, and already there are at least three (I’m sure there are more) seriously stupid and desperate climate change alarms being sounded.

First off, Scientific American poses a possibility for what might have triggered the Iran protests:

Yeah, that’s what it must be. They’ll do anything to sell a subscription to John Kerry.

Next we have Al Gore, who after spending years warning about warmer winters, said he (and his eco-alarmist buddy) predicted winter deep freezes all along:

Somebody check the oxygen mixture on the Goracle’s private jet.

Finally, Newsweek sinks what tiny remaining bit of credibility it might have had in order to explain why reality isn’t matching up to the predictions:

Newsweek’s desperation to keep pushing the AGW alarmist snake oil when reality doesn’t cooperate has caused these idiots to turn “science” into a spoof disaster movie written by Jim Abrahams and the Zucker...

**Written by Doug Powers

California Rep. Adam Schiff has been like a Roomba the DNC programmed to search for phony excuses for why Hillary Clinton lost as well as reasons to impeach Trump. If you’re keeping score at home, the narrative that started at “Trump colluded with Russia to hack the election” has now devolved to “well ok but he IS mentally unfit based on the dubious claims made in this book”:

And yet the MSM keep giving this clown air time and taking him seriously. I’m loving these “Trump’s got mental problems” accusations coming from some of the same Dems who flailed their arms warning that a tax cut bill would kill all life on the planet. The true mental cases are Dems in Congress and in the media who keep taking the bait every time Trump tweets something:

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

Yesterday, the host of CNN’s ironically-titled show “Reliable Sources” took issue with a quote the GOP used in their tweet discrediting Michael Wolff’s book which portrays the Trump White House as a Cuckoo’s Nest of dysfunction:

Brian Stelter originally said he was misquoted, but later acknowledged the quote is accurate.

In a CNN-on-CNN drive-by lecturing, CNN reporter Jake Tapper took a shot at CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host:

The “fake news” streams have been crossed! I suggest CNN change the name of Stelter’s show to “Unreliable Sources” in the name of journalistic integrity.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats went full-blown apocalypse NOW when trying to convince everybody that the GOP tax bill was a planet-destroyer:

Pelosi called the tax bill “Armageddon” and the “end of the world”:


You’ll be not so frightened to know that the “Armageddon” Pelosi warned was going to destroy the middle class is underway:

Additional “Armageddon”:

The horror!

When blue state Dems say the tax bill is frightening, they mean that in the...

Pyongyang on the Prairie, Part 3:
All in OCPD’s Crime Lab Family
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2018

Last year, on the morning of Dec. 6, 2016, I emailed Oklahoma City Police Department senior crime lab analyst Elaine Taylor. She’s the government forensic expert who was assigned to handle the DNA evidence in the case of former OCPD officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

(Click all thumbnails for full-size)

Taylor is also the mother-in-law of Det. Rocky Gregory, who co-led the police investigation of Holtzclaw from the outset. Det. Gregory collected and submitted DNA evidence items to his mother-in-law; their biased and unprofessional conduct regarding DNA evidence collection, testing and analysis has come under international scrutiny and public criticism from at least seven scientists and DNA experts. The familial relationship between Taylor and Gregory, which I first reported on Dec. 5, 2017, was not disclosed to Holtzclaw’s trial defense team or to the public defenders on his appellate team.

The city’s litigation division head has shrugged off the failure to disclose this key information and dismissed any actual or perceived conflict of interest.

I did not know of Taylor and Gregory’s relationship when I first reached out to Taylor about the...

**Written by Doug Powers

Elizabeth Warren’s determined to up her “do as she says, not as she does” game as the next presidential campaign season rapidly approaches.

The wind-up, from two years ago:

“Thanks to the Supreme Court, our system of elections is riddled with corruption. Money floods our political system, money that lets a handful of billionaires shape who gets into Congress and may decide who sits in the White House,” Warren said on the Senate floor in January 2016.

And the pitch from this week:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has raised more money than nearly any senator in recent history, according to Politico.

The senator, who is widely considered a potential 2020 Democratic candidate, reportedly has $12.8 million in campaign cash, beating out other incumbent senators at this time in the election cycle, according to the report.

Let the Massachusetts senator and possible 2020 Dem presidential candidate be known henceforth as “Dances with Hypocrisy.”

(h/t @JasonElevation)

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

**Written by Doug Powers

Hey, why should Hillary Clinton hog all the ex-Obama officials’ self-unawareness fun during the protests in Iran? The people who were key in working with the regime, sending them a couple billion in cash and doing anything to save their precious nuclear deal are now criticizing the current administration for taking sides.

First off, John Kerry:

If you hold that tweet close to your ear you can hear the sound of James Taylor music coming from Kerry’s den. My guess for why that statement is so meandering is that Kerry’s not quite sure how to handle a problem he can’t figure out how to directly blame on climate change.

Next up, Iran Deal cheerleader Susan Rice:

She should go on some news shows now and blame the uprising on a video just for consistency.

Finally, Obama’s former deputy national security adviser:

**Written by Doug Powers

From the time they assumed office in January of 2009, President Obama and his State Department led by Hillary Clinton chose a side in the “Green Revolution,” and they didn’t stand with those who were seeking to take the nation from a dictatorship to a democracy during protests about the “election” of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Instead Obama became pen pals with the Ayatollah to help seal the Iran Deal, which Hillary Clinton was quite proud of:

Fast forward to this week’s anti-regime protests in Iran, and suddenly Clinton’s with the protesters — sort of:

That from the person who sold out “the freedom and future they deserve” in order to try and help Obama secure a “legacy” that’s going to go down in history as one of the dumbest foreign policy initiatives of all time. It’s also beyond comical that she’s hoping an Islamic theocracy doesn’t over-react to protesters calling for an end to the Islamic theocracy.


Meanwhile, the Iranian government did not appreciate President Trump’s encouragement to anti-regime protesters:

Iran’s government attacked...