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Something real assuring about a dogs love and a fire, hard to beat it ya know? I dunno about y’all but I am so ready for some dirt roads and camping this summer

For the first time that I can remember I ain’t in a hurry for nothing. I’m telling y’all the truth, if you can hold life loosely it’s a better ride.

You’d think photography would have made a patient man out of me, it’s a whole bunch of waiting, but it never did. Photography just kept me thirsty.

Anyhow, if no one in your life hasn’t looked you in the eyes today and said you’re enough just the way you are I hope you can have that gift to someone after reading this.

Hi y’all! If you’ve ever enjoyed what we’ve created along the way it would be lovely if you grabbed a copy of our new book. This is the single biggest way you can support us so we can keep stomping around the world doing what we love most! Your local indie book shop might have it laying around or there’s an Amazon above.

Being a photographer is literally living my dream. I’ve been blessed that I’ve gotten to live it. It’s not lost on me that my slice of life is a gift. I get to wake up everyday and explore the world and create images.

But it also takes funding to keep it all going, that’s just the simple reality of it ya know. I figure it’s akin to a musician you enjoy or a TV show that hits you right, so maybe you buy their album or have a Netflix subscription. Being a photographer takes financial resources to keep on keeping on.

Grabbing a copy of my new book is the single biggest thank you that you can send our way. Forever grateful that once in awhile y’all think what we do once in awhile is interesting enough to follow along ❤️


NYC snow 🌨

Melting. Gah. Maddie is the most snuggliest ever 😭 I’m real fond of her

Even after all these years I’m still just as content with a $40 roadside motel as any fancy spot you could find.
I sure do love being on the road, there’s a lot of peace in the hum of 33” mud tires on the highway. This morning I was thinking about a time 6 years ago I was just about out of money and was gonna have to hang up my exploring hat. That’s a humbling spot for a man to find himself in. The good thing about that season in my life is I didn’t own much and was asking for little. One morning I got an email from People Magazine looking to print a few photos and I was happy to send ‘em their way. They offered me $900 and that just about blew my mind, that anyone would sling money my way for images. I took that $900 and kept filling up my gas tank.

We’ve come along way since then, both career and heart work. But this year I’m gonna be on the lookout for that fire again, when an opportunity cane my way that helped change it all.

The older I get the more I’ve settled into knowing that what we create isn’t who we are. Vulnerability will be my life time struggle, it just doesn’t come easy for a fella like me. But I know everyday I show up and become present with my friends it points towards something better.

Man I sure did miss this pretty girl. Glad to hang my hat in this honky tonk town.

Leaving this silly creature later on today for 2 weeks to head over to the UK to shoot a project ✨ I’ve actually never been to Europe so I’m really looking forward to it.

If you happen to own a Land Rover (that’s running, lolz) drop me a line! I’d fancy getting stuck in the English country side

It’s good for a man to take a portrait with his best hound

My buddy Shane, and one of my very favorite Nashville artists, brought over a new piece to hang above my bed! I love his work so much, all the feels 😊✨

Someone’s finally up

The little home I built 😊

It feels so good to be home y’all! I’ve had a bunch of rambling in my bones the past few years but whenever I come back to this space I never wanna leave. This house makes me so happy, wish I could describe it better, but I love my little home!

Glad to be hanging my hat in Nashville for a minute and reconnect with my community ✨

Whenever I start getting close to the South folks start asking me when I’m pumping diesel “hey, does that dog hunt?” Without fail. Part of what I love about heading home 🙃.

And I always respond “Yes’er, organic quinoa bowls.”

Just kidding. I literally never say that.

Put my blue collar shirt on the past few weeks, trying to remember where I came from. I love photography like nothing else in life. But some of my finest days where on a tractor in a field. I’m thinking my hands are gonna get a bit dirtier this year.

But for today we’re back to living the dream and sitting in the worlds finest hot spring 😊

Kaniksu National Forrest