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Look who it is!

That’s Stardust and her brother Nelson.

Debra said: She now has the run of the house. Still a few hisses, but she seems fairly relaxed. We are still supervising, and she seems happier without the other cats, but she is doing so much better! We dedicate an hour each day to “stardust time” to reassure her that she is loved.

And then a little while later…

Phoenix (front) and Stardust! Not bad progress – and it’s only been a week!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Katia’s kittens are 3 weeks old now! Their eyes are all open, they’re starting to wander around the crate. They’re getting used to being touched and picked up by the weird lady.

They easily escape the pie plate.

(They haven’t escaped the crate yet – and actually, they haven’t really seemed to notice that they COULD escape the crate yet.)

Katarina reminds me of a black and white Puff with her little mustache and her big ol’ head.

Oksana, keeping an eye on me.

Torvill, with the serious little face.

Dean wonders WHAT is going ONNNN.

Tuxie girls.

Torvill (right) and Dean (left) check out the pie plate.

Oksana has got herself a serious ‘do.

Friday night (or Saturday, I don’t actually remember at this point), Kristi went into the crate with Katia and the kittens,...

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Just wanted to say that I won the race between me and Kristi! Had my baby girl yesterday! So come on and give up those kittens, Kristi! It’s time!

Yay, Gretchen! Congratulations!!


Why does it seem as if Kristi is holding onto the floor (bed, window, whatever) for dear life as if she’s trying to keep it from spinning all the time? Morning sickness must be awful!

She does that when I’ve been petting her for a while and then stopped to take pictures. I figure it’s because she’s purring so hard she’s afraid she’ll vibrate herself right onto the floor!


Do you use catnip scented dish soap?

Nope – Archie’s a Persil laundry detergent boy all the way. He particularly likes it when the dish towel is a little damp.


Question – is it possible that one Mama will turn on the kittens of the other Mama’s litter? Grandma hissed at her grandkittens when she first looked in on them, so is it possible one might get a bit “territorial” with the unfamiliar smell of another litter of kittens? In the wild, you see prides of female lions co-mothering each others cubs, so probably not (and seeing how the two girls were in a feral colony together), but I wonder if anyone has heard of that happening.

While anything is possible, I don’t think that’s going to be an issue with these two. They co-mothered their previous litters, and in the past week I’ve seen Kristi go...

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We took another look at the back ends of the kittens last night, and it turns out that Jayne Torvill is actually a boy. So the two black kittens are boys, and the two tuxies are girls.

I’m going to keep the names the same – just go with Torvill and Dean rather than Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. New rule here at Love & Hisses: no more naming the kittens ’til they’re at least two weeks old!

(Fun fact: at this point, it looks like Dean is the dramatic kitten of the litter. I’ll be interested to see if that holds true as they get older.)

Things to note: Dean, there in the middle, showing off his eyeballs. And Oksana in front of him, mid-yawn.

Torvill caught the yawn and passed it on.

Katia’s turn!

Over to Katarina!

Back to Torvill. This yawn is really travelling!

Torvill again!

It is exhausting to be a wee kitten.

Watchin’ squirrels.

Such a pretty girl.



Khal Drogo, feelin’ fangy.

So. Much. FLOOF.


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A few weeks ago, I told y’all that Stardust – one of Mercury’s kittens – had been returned. She was a bit traumatized from her experience in the home where she’d lived, and so she went to Camp Kathie for a little while to hang out, decompress, and relearn how to be a kitten.

Well, last weekend she went home. To a wonderful home where she has siblings… one of whom is her actual sister, Phoenix!

Stardust is adapting quite well after a few days. Phoenix is not sure what to make of this new addition, but I suspect it won’t be too long before those kittens are best friends again.

Is that wonderful news, or what?

(Thanks, Debra – not only for the picture, but for giving those girls a wonderful home!)


Pile o’ sleepy.

Chunky little muffins.


More toeses.


Lovin’ the ear rubs.

She is just so darn pretty.

Since 3 out of 9 of my previous pregnant cats have birthed those babies on a Wednesday, maybe today’s the day? Maybe… not? Maybe she’s waiting for St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe she’s waiting until Katia’s kittens are old enough to babysit for her? Who knows?

Last night I decided I really needed to get a look at Katia’s kittens’ eyes close up, so I asked Fred to don the welding gloves and help. I figured we could change...

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Yesterday morning I was hanging out in front of Katia’s crate, petting her kittens, and apparently I went one pet too far, because she hissed and smacked at me AND HURT MY FEELINGS.

“I thought we had an understanding!” I said to her. “I thought I could pet the kittens and not you and you’d be okay with that!”

“Lady,” she said. “You think I didn’t notice that you petted my foot when you were petting that kitten. YOU THINK WRONG. You touched my foot and it was deliberate, and YOU WAS OVER THE LINE.”

She had a point. She has forgiven me, thankfully, and I will watch myself from here on out.

Tandem yawning.

I swear those babies are always eating.

That pouty little face (Jayne Torvill, I think) in the middle is killing me dead.

Katarina says hi.

Lining up.

Oh, these kittens. I just wanna snatch them up!

“Mama, Mama, you is crushin’ me!”

Listen, I can’t swear to it, but I think her nipples are getting pinker, which is a sign that birth is closer.

“Ha ha, that’s what YOU think, lady!”

Check out Kristi’s alien belly, video from yesterday afternoon. If I wake up in the morning and find kittens, I will be very much not surprised (ha ha, who am I kidding? I’ll be checking on her all night long!) Those kittens...

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Kristi has not had her kittens yet, but other exciting things that happened over the weekend:

1. I touched the babies, and I made a video of it. You can see that when you scroll down to the video section. I did not lose a finger, didn’t get a scratch or hiss or smack or growl. In fact, Fred said “She’s more relaxed with you leaning into the crate than she is with me sitting three feet away and not trying to touch anything!” Whoooo’s the Katia Whisperer? ‘Cause it ain’t Fred! (Yes, I’m gloating.) I have, since Saturday evening, touched the kittens every single time I’ve been in the room since. I haven’t tried picking any of them up, but that’ll be the next step.

2. Katia came OUT of her crate while I was in the room, and I caught it on (not very good) video. I think she wanted to go eat some of the canned food I’d brought in with me, but she was nervous to begin with and then Fred started making noise downstairs, so she went right on back into the crate. But still – first time she’s ever willingly left the crate with a human present! (I didn’t move, I barely took a breath, and I certainly didn’t try to touch the babies. We’re taking it slow.)

3. That BELLY.


They’ve gotten so big, haven’t they? Two weeks old as of yesterday!

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I know it is all about perspective, but are the kittens that big already, or is Katia tiny herself?

Both – they’re very chubby kittens (as they usually are at this age) and she’s a very small cat. The fact that she’s so small makes them look that much bigger!


so, where the cat couch and the purple chair thing is, is that wide enough for a loveseat?

It is! A loveseat or a queen-sized bed. The space measures 60″ across. I still haven’t, obviously, found a loveseat for that space.


Is she [Katia] calming down at all? I see her give you eyes of love, or at least non-hatred, can you touch her yet?

You know, she ACTS like a cat who wants to be petted, she talks back to me, she has rolled onto her side and given me the blinky-blink Eyes of Lurve, but when I slowly reached in to see if I could pet her last night, she hissed, growled, and smacked at me, and she wasn’t kidding around. Lucky for me, the sleeve to my shirt got in the way of her shredding my hand. She can be SKEERY.


So, I’ve been wondering, since Katia had those cute little muffins has she ever laid on her other side? LOL She’s always on her right side leaning against her shelter. I know, silly thought but I can’t help it, I’ve thought it every day now.

I hadn’t noticed this ’til you...

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Katarina goes wanderin’. Please note that Katia isn’t looking at her kitten, she’s looking at ME. She knows I’m dying to snatch up that kitten.


Katarina suddenly realized she was more than an inch from her mother and started peeping. Note that Katia? Still looking at me. She’s no dummy.


Those legs in the air!

Jayne Torvill, flopped across her brother. Katia, watching me.

You can see from that face that she’s about tired of my nonsense.

Oksana considers her next move.

Apparently flopping down for a nap was the move she decided on.

Katia is getting more relaxed around me – sometimes I could swear she wants me to pet her, but the instant I reach to do so, she hisses, growls, and smacks. I’ve gotten video of her “talking” to me, which is adorable, and last night she got as close as she’s ever gotten to me (laying down with her head about six inches from the mouth of the crate.) I have yet to touch her and have only touched her kittens during the two super-fast picture-taking-and-bedding-changeout sessions we’ve had. The kittens are finally starting to do a little wandering around the crate, so I’m hoping I can sneak in a little petting here and there. Once all four of those kittens are on the move surely she’ll be distracted, right?

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I walked into the foster room yesterday to find that Kristi had moved from the box back to her favorite spot in front of the window.

“You gonna come over here and pet me?”

She is just so PRETTY.

So, I don’t know. I’m done making predictions. She’ll have ’em when she has ’em. Maybe she’s hanging on ’til St. Patrick’s Day. Hey, it’s only a week and a half away!

Look at those chunky little muffins.

Oksana’s belly. You better believe it killed me not to pet that girl!

“Hi, Mama!”

Katarina’s all pawsed-up, y’all.

Their eyes should be plinking open any time now.

Big babies.


Sheriff Mama (Kara), keeping an eye on the inside from outside.


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We have kitten names! You’ll have to forgive me for reusing pictures from yesterday.

Let me introduce to you…

Christopher Dean!

Jayne Torvill!

(See Torvill and Dean’s Bolero performance for reference.)

Katarina! (After Katarina Witt.)

Annnnd Oksana! (After Oksana Baiul, of course.)

Now that they’re named, Kristi can go ahead and have her kittens. As of yesterday morning, she moved in to Katia’s neighborhood.

You can’t really see them, but Katia’s in the red crate on the left, and Kristi’s in the Lowe’s box on the right. You can also see that there’s a big carrier on the other side of Katia, as well as the box Emmy birthed her babies in. On the other side of the room are a couple of other options, but I’m hoping that that box is where she decides to have her kittens, since I can just sit there and look back and forth between the crate and the box.

Oh here, here’s a picture I took of the other side of the room:

Please note that I removed all the shelves so that neither cat could jump up there and fall and hurt herself. I had it looking so nicely arranged, too. Oh well – that just shows me that getting doors on those built-ins is going to be a priority in a few months between fosters.

Someone asked about that purple chair in the comments yesterday....

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LOOK at this pretty little poser!

She was posing, I couldn’t resist. Phoenix was listening to something upstairs and was sitting motionless for at least a couple of minutes. Thought you might enjoy this!

I’m so glad to know that the 12-week Posing for Pictures course I taught her while she was at Crooked Acres stuck! (Thanks, Debra!)


Yesterday we (Fred) donned the welding gloves and shooed Katia out of the crate so we could take pictures of each of the kittens, weigh them, and get them sexed. We found that we have THREE girls and one lone boy. I haven’t named them yet, but hope to get names pinned down in the next couple of days. Hey! Maybe Kristi is waiting for me to name the kittens we already have before she has hers. Yeah, probably not.

#1 (who was also #1 in the pictures I shared last week), the all-black kitten, is a boy. He weighed the most, at 7.8 ounces.

#1 again. This looks like a cry for Mama, but it was actually a hiss. We’ve hit our hissy stage.

#2 is a girl. She weighed in at 5.8 ounces.

#2 again, at the beginning of a hiss.

#3 (mostly black, with a wee white goatee) is a girl. She weighed 6.6 ounces.

#3 again, showing off her hissing skillz.

#4 – the tuxie with the white...

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I have a question for anyone having to feed two separate foods to 2 cats. We just got back from spending almost all Sunday morning at the emergency vet. She determined that Anna had pancreatitis. She’s keeping Anna overnight (or 2 or 3) to stabilize her. The vet said we will need to feed Anna a prescription food, which her sister, Bella, won’t need. What are some of your tricks for keeping them eating their own food?

I’m hoping others will chime in here, but I’ll say that you probably need to either feed them in separate rooms (when Spanky needed special food, we always fed him in the bathroom) or you could try the feeders that work with RFID chips – this is the one I’ve seen, and there’s a great, in-depth review of it over at Cats Herd You. I’m sure there are others – who out there has advice? Please chime in!


If anyone is so inclined, please consider voting for my child Gabby’s painting of our Summer she’s entered in a pet portrait contest with an art supply company.

Please vote for Gabby! You can vote once every 24 hours.


How do you keep your cats from climbing the fence?

We have a cat fence.


You have your own WATERFALL?? Very cool! Also, so jealous!

I WISH we had our own waterfall! The first waterfall in the 1 Second Everyday video was located behind a house on the street...

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Back at the beginning of February, I downloaded the 1 Second Everyday app and started using it. I thought y’all might like to see the result, which is 99% cats. I suspect you are HUGELY shocked about that!

YouTube link


I was very pleased to walk into the room and see that the kittens were in a pile instead of bellied-up to Katia. I considered sneaking a hand in there to touch them, but she was keeping a pretty close eye on me, so I behaved.

Lined up at the milk bar.

Snuggled up to Mama’s behind.

The side eye I’m getting from her cracks me UP.

They certainly do blend in, don’t they?

Lined up again.


“Lady, if we are to be friends, you better STOP trying to get pictures of my belly!”

So no kittens from Kristi yet. Obviously. Maybe this weekend. Who knows?


Video! Katia’s kittens, wiggling around at the milk bar.

YouTube link


Drug Den
(starring the Shady Cove Gang)

Khal Drogo, enjoying the sweet, sweet catnip.

“Dude,” says Frankie. “Stop bogarting the ‘nip!”
“YEAHS!” adds Stefan.
Shockingly, Sheriff Mama doesn’t seem to see what’s going on RIGHT in front of her.

“DUDE, come ON, hurry it UP!” says Frankie.

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“Watchin’ you, lady.”

“Watchin’. YOU.”

“Paws up, y’all!”

So yesterday morning I decided that I couldn’t stand the idea of those babies rolling around on soiled bedding. It was driving me NUTS. So I suggested to Fred that we (he) put on welding gloves, shoo Katia out of the crate, and then he could scoop the babies out of the crate and I’d replace the bedding really quickly, and hopefully we wouldn’t end the day in the emergency room, maimed and bleeding.

Fred put on the welding gloves, and I unzipped the top of the crate.

“What the what is going on?!”

I moved out of the way, and Fred reached in to shoo her out the front of the crate. She growled, hissed, and gave the gloves several hard smacks before running out of the crate and over to join her mother.

“I don’t think I like these people, Mama.”

Fred put the kittens in the pie plate scratcher.



Since Katia was staying over by her mother and didn’t seem inclined to attack, I asked Fred to hold each kitten up as he put them back, so I could take pictures. I took a lot of blurry pictures, but managed to get decent pictures of each kitten!

We didn’t take the time to sex them, but it went so well today that we’ll likely handle them again in a couple of days...

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Look who it is! Our favorite sisterly duo, Amber and Phoenix!

Phoenix and Amber with a teaser… And Phoenix growling quietly, letting everybody know it is hers!

I love how Amber is sitting at a respectful distance, all “Yes indeed, that IS yours!”


A couple of people asked for details on Fred’s level of excitement when he called down to me to let me know that he’d heard kittens in the crate Sunday morning. His tone was… bored. On a scale of 0 to 10, I’d say he was around a -1. Fred finds newborn kittens to be just about the most boring thing on the face of the planet because he is utterly insane. I’ve said this before, and I get the feeling you guys think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding one little bit – I might even be understating it. He doesn’t find them the slightest bit interesting until they’re around 6 weeks old, and he doesn’t think they get truly interesting until they’re around 10 weeks. I, on the other hand, raced up there just as fast as I could. I’m not sure my feet even hit the ground!

Check out the kitten in her armpit.

I’d like to report that Katia is relaxing and starting to trust me, but alas she is not. This is her reaction when I dare to get within a foot of the crate.

As far as reaching into the crate, well, that’s not...

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So, in short: Thursday Kristi and Katia hung out in the crate together, and I was like “I bet Kristi’s about to have her kittens!”

But she didn’t.

Friday Kristi and Katia hung out on top of the crate together all day, and I was like “I bet Kristi’s going to give birth soon, and she wants to be near the crate! I bet tonight’s the night!”

It wasn’t.

On Saturday, they spent all day on the cabinet in front of the window, and I was like “Okay, well. Whatever.” And Fred and I both petted Kristi a lot, and Fred casually, very lightly petted Katia a few times. Kristi purred and kneaded; Katia hissed and smacked.

I like how you can see the squirrel down on the feeder.

“I think maybe another week for Kristi,” I predicted. “And a little while longer for Katia.”


I’d love to have a blow-by-blow description of the birth story, but here it is in its entirety:

Sunday morning, I could see on the Dropcam that Katia used the litter box at 5:45 and then went into the crate. Fred went in and petted Kristi and peeked in on Katia about an hour later. I went in a little after 7:30 and swept the room, scooped the litter boxes, and petted Kristi. I peek in at Katia, but didn’t spend too much time looking at her. It was dark in the...

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I want to help donate some food with all of those babies coming.. do you all have an Amazon page or Chewy page??

Forgotten Felines has an Amazon wish list right here – and thank you for asking!


This is Sophia.

She came from the same place as Kristi and Katia, and she is also pregnant – unlike Kristi and Katia, she’s friendly. SHE NEEDS A FOSTER HOME. If you or someone you know is in this area and would like to provide a home for her and for her kittens (that’s a time commitment of about 4 months), drop an email to Forgotten Felines. Know what’s awesome about fostering a mother cat and her kittens? She takes care of them, and you get to just hang out and enjoy their antics. It’s awesome!

(I would love to take them myself, but SOMEONE thinks that a third pregnant cat in that room would be too much and will not be swayed. WHAT DOES HE KNOW??)


Several of you suggested the awesome name Spitz for a potential kitten name. It is a great name, which is why I used it back in 2015.

That FACE!

Y’all have given some excellent suggestions, thank you – keep ’em coming!


About the yowling, I wonder, do cats use echolocation, like bats? Is she sounding out the new-to-her space?

I have no idea, but I love the possibility, so we’re going to say YES. That’s exactly what she’s doing!


Our former foster...

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Before we go into the story behind our new fosters – to make the story telling easier – first, I’ll tell you their names. The dilute torti mama is Kristi and was named after Olympic skater Kristi Yamaguchi. The black mama is Katia, named after Olympic skater Ekaterina Gordeeva. Their kittens will be named after Olympic athletes (not necessarily skaters), and I’ll lean toward older names, most likely. Suggestions are welcome!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I was expecting to get pregnant dilute torti Kristi as my next foster. It turned out that Kristi wasn’t going to be so easy to catch, so plans were made to trap her as well as several other cats. Last Friday, while they were trying to trap Kristi, Brittany told me I should let her know if I knew anyone who wanted to take a second pregnant cat. It took me the better part of a second to tell her that if she thought they’d get along with each other, I’d take them both.

They weren’t able to catch Kristi on Friday, so resumed trapping on Monday. Very late Monday evening they trapped Katia, and at nearly midnight, Winnie delivered her to me. We took the carrier up to the foster room, I opened the door to the carrier, and Katia went WILD. She jumped up to get as high as possible, got up on the very top shelf of the built-in shelves, and then fell. She looked...

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Archie, keepin’ us safe.

Fred took this picture of Maxi a couple of days ago, and I think it might be the best picture of her EVER.

Newt, Frankie and Khal Drogo, starring in: Cuddle Puddle. Coming soon to a theater near you!

Frankie thinks this “outside” stuff is kinda cool.


So, a couple of weeks ago I told Brittany that my foster room would be ready “In a week or so.” We were having the guys come in and put down hardwood floors in the closets a few days later, and then I needed to paint that stupid closet. She mentioned that someone had contacted them about a pregnant cat, and I let her know I was very interested.

The floors went down, the closet got painted, and I messaged Brittany and said “My foster room is hungry!”

A few days later, she told me that the cat might be feral, but I told her as long as I didn’t end up with the cat long-term, I’d still take her. Emmy was my first (really, only) pregnant feral, and that turned out fine. Brittany assured me that if she was feral, she’d be spayed and returned. This is the cat in question – isn’t she pretty?

(She’s a talker!)

This story isn’t going to end the way I’d expected, though. As it turns out, I didn’t get a pregnant mama.





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Look, it’s our favorite sister act, Amber and Phoenix!

Amber, please! My ears are clean!

I love seeing that sisterly love!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Day two of the cats having access to the back yard came and went with no issues except for the time when Dewey caught a vole, Frankie killed it, and Archie carried it down to leave it on the deck outside the kitchen window. Team work!

That doesn’t look very comfy.

Ears of Annoyance.

Extreme Ears of Annoyance.


Jake, pleased with himself.

Jakey in the sun.

Jake and the James Patterson book.

The Sheriff wonders if she’s got time for a quick nap before making the rounds.

So Fred opened the cat doors just before sun up yesterday, and the cats eventually wandered out for a look around. They mostly went outside early in the morning and again in the afternoon, but there were a couple of cats out there at any given point during the day. Alice hasn’t been outside, and neither has Newt, but the others go in and out pretty regularly. I’m sure that once the newness of the back yard wears off, Archie and Kara will start looking in earnest for ways to break out. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

It hasn’t been hard to get them inside (we shut the cat doors at 5:00, before...