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A Q&A with Jim Denevan, founder of the Outstanding in the Field pop-up dinners that often take place at unique locations around the world.

So what does brown butter improve? We have eight recipes covering everything from cookies to mashed potatoes, asparagus to salmon and more....


Happy Saturday and welcome to the weekend. If you’re one of the many people who celebrated 4/20 yesterday (a day designated to celebrate cannabis), you might be interested in Test Kitchen director Noelle Carter’s tips for how to make pot butter, seeing as butter is the base for most delicious things...

If you want to understand why Narisawa is often considered to be among the best restaurants in the world, you might have a look at Satoyama Scenery, a kind of seven square inches of edible forest floor that is constructed from sprigs of mountain herbs, a scattering of cherry blossoms, rough cylinders...

Happy 4/20. Have you planned your munchies yet?

Now that California has officially entered the land of legal pot, it’s high time we know what to do with it. And while smoking is a time-honored tradition, what about those of us who prefer to nibble our way to bliss? Because butter is the foundation...

In honor of 4/20, a local chef breaks down the joys of cooking high, and what he likes to make and eat while he's stoned.

What's in season: If you've never prepared an artichoke before, the process can be a bit intimidating. Artichokes are edible thistles with tough, thorny exteriors that require time and patience to prepare. But the results are worth it — there's a reason why they've been prized since Roman times...

A Q&A with Laura Avery, the woman behind the Santa Monica farmers markets.

Is there a wrong way to enjoy French toast? For fans, probably not. Which is why we've compiled a dozen great variations, from the classic topped with powdered sugar and maple syrup, to variations stuffed with cheese, baked, topped with chocolate and nuts — we even have a savory version.


It’s spring, which means, in L.A. at least, that it’s officially rosé season, that time of year when everyone, but everyone, is starting to think pink.

Did I say think pink? Sorry, I meant drink pink. When? Whenever, all the time, I mean, it’s rosé o’clock somewhere, right? When you’ve got on your...

Most chefs with Michelin-starred restaurants, plus a classical training and the résumé to go with it, would pour all that fancy stuff into their debut cookbook. Glossy cover. Art house photography of white tablecloth dishes and, well, tablecloths. Anecdotes from world-class kitchens. Recipes one’s...

While you can readily buy dried or canned chickpeas at your local supermarket, fresh chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, aren’t so common a find. Similar to fava beans and English peas, fresh chickpeas grow on vines and generally contain one to two beans per pod. The smallish pods can frequently...

From classic vanilla to beer, tangerine, espresso and even green tea, we've compiled some of our favorite ice cream recipes, including some that don't even require an ice cream maker or other fancy equipment.


Paired, a beer festival that features beer and food pairings, is coming to Los Angeles on Oct. 18 and 19. Not only will Paired offer a wide array of breweries from across the country, each beer will be partnered with a small bite made by a beer-loving chef.

For the past 10 years the Brewers Assn...

Walk into many big Korean grocery stores and you’ll find, among the rows of produce, the bags of rice and aisles of kimchi and the seafood counters that often have more tanks of live fish than some aquariums: a stack of portable gas stoves. These little stoves come in black plastic carrying cases...

The landscape of the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, a concrete universe of slightly less than three square miles in Mid-City, is a bilingual-signed jigsaw of strip malls and squat high-rises, barbecue restaurants and porridge joints. It’s about as far away from John Cheever’s Westchester...

From a new food hall in Orange County to a Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown L.A., here’s what’s happening in the food and drink world:

Round two: Bestia chef-owner Ori Menashe started a new Italian movement when he opened his Arts District restaurant in 2012. With his house-made charcuterie,...

From classic banana bread to variations topped with streusel and studded with nuts or poppy seeds, here are 6 recipes for the ultimate banana bread fan, including two recipes for banana bread pudding, and even an extra-flavorful and tender banana cake recipe.


Rachel Krupa is on a mission to create a new kind of convenience store. The Los Angeles publicist, who works with some of the city’s most popular restaurants (Sweetfin Poke, the soon-to-open Milkbar, Botanica), just opened the Goods Mart, a convenience store in Silver Lake.

The storefront, located...

Get creative — and colorful — with your slaw. We've compiled a dozen great recipes for slaw using carrots, fennel, radicchio, peppers, jicama, beets and more.