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A few re-occurring themes you will see throughout this post: high waisted denim, stretch, Madewell, Levi’s. If I had to sum up the post in four words, those would probably be them. But if you want a few more details and some verbs in there, read on. If not, scroll past these paragraphs and see my recommendations with photos below. If you like long-winded bloggers like me, then…hello there. Have a seat, let me get you a coffee and let’s talk denim.

For me, I could not wait to get back into a pair of real jeans. It was a dream I had at 41 million weeks pregnant. I was convinced that I’d never see real pants again. I was so sick of maternity anything and I just wanted to see my waist again. I didn’t even care what size they were; I wanted to wear real jeans with a zipper and a button. Who knew I could miss such small details in life? I missed tucking, I missed belts. BELTS, of all the things. I didn’t even wear belts much before but here I was wax-poetically about them to my husband. Of course, I knew that I couldn’t fit into my pre-pregnancy size jeans for a while because that first baby weight gain is REAL so after about 6 weeks straight of wearing post-partum leggings, I was ready...

Gemma is 6 months old and I’m answering all the questions you’ve asked! Let’s get started. But first — look at this adorable face. Can you even?

Fourteen is my new favorite number. You see, last year we decided to announce my pregnancy on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Little did I know at that time that exactly 6 months later she would make her arrival into this world on August 14th after 41 very long weeks of pregnancy. Flashback to last November when I was making her 6-month doctor’s appointment, the nurse set the appointment on February 14th, exactly on her 6-month mark. It hit me — her half birthday is Valentine’s day. If that is not the best holiday to have your half birthday fall on, then I don’t know what is.

I wanted to set up her 6-month photos and of course, we had to do Valentine’s theme! (Thanks to Cassie Lorree Photography for running with this idea!) She is such a big girl in these photos, sitting up and everything. Makes me tear up just looking at them.

I still love prints and patterns but I find myself being drawn more to muted hues and solids here lately. Of course, when I see a print I love, I can’t help myself. When I picked this top up in store, the sales girl said that this print was much better in person than online. I didn’t know what she meant at first because I loved it in person, then I realized when I went looking for it that it really doesn’t...

Pssst: my top is only $20. Amazing, right?

Trust me, if this shirt gets you excited, you’re going to want to see all of my favorite Nordstrom Winter Sale selects!

I feel like when winter sales begin to happen this can only mean one thing: spring is right around the corner. True, I could look at the calendar and also come to the same conclusion. But this is my version of the groundhog predicting 6 more weeks of winter; except I’m predicting up to 40% off winter merchandise that goes very well into spring.

I looked through almost every 141 pages of the women’s sale and I found the best of the best! A few items to get you through the rest of winter and a few to take you right into spring. Including this fabulous top, I found for $20. It runs true to size and I found it to be a lot longer on me than it is on the model! Win-win for tall girls because that’s usually the opposite.

See below for all my favorite pieces on sale! (PS: if you roll over the ‘+’ you can see the sale price and go directly to the product!) You can find the entire Nordstrom sale here.

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This post is brought to you by The Mom Pant®.

Okay so technically I made that phrase up, it’s not actually registered as a thing and no one is paying me to talk about these pants. But you need to know about these pants. In fact,  as of last Thursday, before I discovered these part joggers / part leggings / part sweatpants, they were just regular pants on a website. In fact, I’d bet that you would scroll right past them online or in person you wouldn’t have even noticed their magic. Sure they just look like normal black leggings. But they are so much more than that. And you know what? It’s...

Click through for all my favorites from the 40% off sale at LOFT!


Although my style has definitely become more casual over the last six months or so, I still find myself reaching for something semi-fancy every once in a while. I found this shirt at LOFT as I was checking out. I didn’t even try it on, just grabbed it and I knew we would be fast friends. The subtle pearls make this bell sleeve blouse just the right amount of fancy-ish. A small dash of fancy-ish is all I’m looking for these days. Plus these Vince Camuto heels are deceivingly comfy. (And they are now made in a million different colors! Find them for under $150 here.) Fancy-ish...


This sweater is from last winter (you can see where I first wore it here!) and it’s a favorite from Rebecca Taylor. I bought it because I was trying to hide my pregnancy on the blog at the time and the loose-fitting sweater was just right. It’s funny at the time I thought I was just SO noticeably pregnant — which makes me laugh now because I just looked like I had a big lunch in the first trimester. I had NO idea what I was in store for with those last few months of the bump. But as someone who lives and breathes for clothes that don’t touch my body, I am saying thank you past Kendi for taking a chance on this lilac sweater. It’s been a favorite...

This, my friends, is what we in the biz call a ‘swacket’. And by ‘we’ I mean me and my love for combination words. A swacket is, of course, a sweater jacket. It looks like a jacket feels like a sweater. I actually ran into J.Crew to make a few returns because my online selections had failed me miserably and it ended up being an even exchange for this jacket. If I’m in J.Crew, I’m gonna look around...

It’s baaaaaack! I’m bringing back this most-requested, reader favorite weekend post! It’s all my favorite things from the week piled into one post — my Friday Night Likes!

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Right after I had Gemma and I was attempting to nurse, I got into a weird habit of going into the depths of Amazon’s fashion pages to see what I could find in between her feedings. This experiment yielded mainly questionable results; some items I understood why they were so cheap, some items I couldn’t believe I found them for such a good deal. This top is one of the latter. First off, it has over 2500 4 star reviews. If the general public likes it, I could like it, too. I loved the way it looked on the model and with my post-partum, still visible bump I thought ‘yeah let’s do the this, super loose top.’ I was gonna take a chance for $15 because if it was bad...

Look at that face. That face says play with me, mama! That face also says let me sleep on you at all times because I may be a tad bit clingy. She is a very snuggly baby and let me tell you, I am here for all the snuggles requested. I’ve got a 24/7 snuggle hotline open and she has the number. But do you know what is very, very hard to do while snuggling a baby? Basically everything.

So here is our story of how we get anything done and how it almost broke my new mama heart in two.

Since both B and I work from home, we knew that we would need childcare eventually but honestly, it was a topic both he and I avoided. I think this was out of ignorance mostly (that sweet, sweet ignorance, oh how I miss thee) as we didn’t really know what it took to care for a newborn. There was a part of me that thought — truly thought — that I’d be able to work on KE, which is...

To answer your question, yes my toes were cold. Was it worth it though? Meh. I really hate cold feet but my shoes are very cute. It’s a toss-up. I didn’t get frostbite so I’d say, yes, it was worth it.

These last few days have been that sad kind of grey outside. B and I usually do that annoying thing where we end up matching each other and don’t realize it until it’s too late and we are in the car driving to go out into the public, but yesterday I just decided to match the weather. We basically wore the same thing. It was embarrassing.

I’ve been stocking up (for no real reason) on these Madewell Whisper Tees. I bought this grey and...

This month I am all about that winter glow. Okay, okay most of the time it’s summer glow and not winter because let’s be honest — winter skin sucks. But I’m trying my best to keep my skin looking fresh and not like I’ve been sitting under a heater for the last two months, which I have. As a true Texan, if it’s not summer, you can bet I’m cold. So let’s talk about some winter beauty products to get us through the rest of the season!

(PS if you are sensing a theme of this month’s beauty buys, of course, it’s pink. I’m using the excuse of Valentine’s for everything to be pink but really, I live my life in a large pink bubble. If it’s not pink, I’m not interested.)

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My favorite kinds of outfits are those that can be changed from casual to dressy in two seconds flat. This outfit is a perfect example of this. I can wear this outfit with sneaks or flats (or barefeet, if we are being honest ;))  and it’s perfect for mommin’ or a work from home kind of day. But the minute I slip on some fancy mules and grab my favorite neutral satchel — BOOM — the outfit instantly looks polished and I’m out the door in a flash looking fancy. You’d never think I was catching spit up in my hand just 5 minutes ago.

I’ve been in a bit of a heel rut lately. At once I want a bold statement in a heel but I also want simplicity, as most of my outfits lately lean towards simple instead of bold. Shoes everywhere have informed me that this is asking a lot. They are either very simple or way too bold. There is no in between. So I thought, until I stumbled upon these cognac heels from M.Gemi. B has ordered shoes from M.Gemi before but this was my first time and good grief are they nice. They fit perfectly and while they are on the more expensive side I would say, they feel like they...

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I just looked down and my calendar and just one question: How is it still January? Is this like January 49th? Longest month ever. Of course on the other hand, when you have a newborn you kind of want every month to last a little bit longer. Little Gemma is growing SO much every single day I’m already like looking back at her infant photos and crying. Seriously, who knew I’d be such a softy??

So speaking of January, longest month in history, we are in that in-between time of style where you don’t necessarily want to buy a lot of winter things and you don’t want to start buying spring items yet because you can’t wear them...

I bought this plaid top last fall when I was desperate for anything new. After wearing the same maternity clothes over and over, I just wanted something pretty to fit. We took a quick trip to Austin and I found this at the Free People store. And then… I kind of forgot about it. I wasn’t quite sure how to wear it and I ended up just tucking it away. Seems kind of silly, but this past weekend I pulled everything out of my closet and re-organized and realized my love for this top. What was I doing hiding it away?? It’s the prettiest pastel plaid and I love the high neckline. Maybe I was ahead of my time buying this top months ago, so I tip my hat...

I told you earlier this month that one of my goals this year is dressing with more intention and truly loving the things I own and the things I buy. And the best way to show love to a piece of clothing is to wear it to its threads. This sweatshirt has been living up to this goal of intention, as I’ve literally worn it every single weekend since I’ve bought it. Bryan has dubbed it my ‘weekendi’ sweatshirt (yeah, Weekendi. We cheesy like that.) If he didn’t have a calendar, he’d know it was the weekend by my sweatshirt. And my wine glass.

Speaking of weekend outfits, this is pretty much my uniform. I’m trying to keep myself from dressing too casually during the week and for the most part, I wear my yoga pants on the weekends. So you are looking at my weekend uniform. (But sometimes weekends start on Friday. Let’s be honest.) Besides this sweatshirt, my...