Do you have trouble getting rounded over or pushed forward in the squat? Chad shows you some exercises to help with this problem.

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Scott Salwasser, Director of Speed and Power for Texas Tech Football, joins us to discuss his journey as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, how the weightroom influences on field speed and more.

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Chad and Max put on a Squat Clinic at Arlington Strength in Arlington, TX and discuss exercise selection for the squat.

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Catching the bar in the right place in your front rack is key to a made lift and the ability to stand the bar up confidently to prepare you for a big jerk.

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Calves are notoriously one of the most frustrating muscles to grow but in this video, Dr. Mike Israetel will help you tackle this problematic area.

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Josh Bryant is one of the most accomplished powerlifting coaches of all-time, coaching 12 lifters to 600# bench presses, as well as being the youngest lifter to bench press 600# himself. Josh gives us some background on his powerlifting career, the transition to being a coach, his coaching methods and some wild stories from Metroflex gym.

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Turning the bar over with quick elbows and tension throughout the body is critical to a successful clean. The Turnover is the focus of the latest Clean Technique Pillar with Max Aita and Alyssa Ritchey.

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Cake, Peach, Booty…whatever you call it, people wanna know how to build it. Dr. Mike Israetel brings you the Glute Hypertrophy Guide.

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We sat down with Team Juggernaut Weightlifting Coach Max Aita to discuss his new book, Strength Development for Weightlifting. You can read the interview below, or check out the audio version HERE.

Chad Smith: Hey everybody, Chad Wesley Smith here bringing you a special little bonus interview for the JuggLife. I’m joined, as always, by magnificent Max Aita. It will be a little bit different today in that I will be the interviewer and Max will be the interviewee. How are you doing buddy?

Max Aita: I’m doing pretty well, doing pretty well. How are you doing Chad?

Chad Smith: Good, good. Talking to Max today because he’s got a new book coming out this week “Strength Development for Weightlifting.” Just wanted to give you all, the listeners, the fans, the athletes and coaches, a better understanding of what this is, why Max has created it, and how it can help you. Let’s just dive right into it with that first question. Max, what made you want to create this book?

Max Aita: What made me want to create this book is that when I started lifting there was no great resources in terms of learning what the right path take, learning a lot about how to actually balance program, how to create long-term training strategies, and then also how to really assess what I needed as a lifter. Because I didn’t have those resources I feel like personally I ended up...

One of the most decorated American Weightlifting coaches of All-Time, Tim Swords, joins us this week on the JuggLife. Tim’s career as a weightlifting coach began in the late 70s and since then he has produced International Team members at the Youth, Junior and Senior levels, all training out of his garage gym in League City, TX.

Get Max’s new book, Strength Development for Weightlifting, HERE.

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The explosion from the hips is critical to impart height to the bar while keeping it close to your body for a successful life. This is covered in our latest Clean Pillar with Max Aita and Alyssa Ritchey.

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Sumo Deadlift:

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The Snatch is one of the most athletic and complex movements in all of sports. Mastering Snatch technique is a process that takes many years and some may argue it is never truly mastered. In this series, Max Aita breaks down the foundational principles of effective and efficient technique in the Snatch.

Start Position

Finding your optimal start position is critical to making successful lifts because if you don’t start well, the lift is unlikely to end well. While start position will vary based on body proportion, Max gives some guidelines to help you find what is right for you.

Pull to the Hip

Putting the bar in the right place at the hip so that you are primed for an excellent position happens through a combination of tempo, timing, staying over the bar and patience, Max Aita teaches you how Team Juggernaut does it.

The Explosion

Imparting upward momentum on the bar through a synergistic effort of the legs, hips and back is one of the key phases of a successful Snatch.

The Turnover

A fast and efficient Turnover that puts the bar into the right...

Dr. Mike Israetel brings you another Hypertrophy Guide, this time covering Abs:

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Adam Nelson, 2004 Gold Medalist in the Shot Put, joins us on this week’s JuggLife. We discuss a variety of topics with Adam from his own training, retroactive drug testing (which he was directly affected by) and how to tow the line between mindfulness and aggression during competition. This is an episode, not to be missed!

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Pulling the bar from the floor, keeping it close and setting your self up for a great explosion phase is the focus of our next Clean Pillar with Max Aita and Alyssa Ritchey.

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Sumo Deadlift:

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The Front Squat is a foundational movement to build quad strength, positioning for weightlifting and the ability to recover from heavy cleans before you drive a heavy jerk overhead. Team Juggernaut Head Weightlifting Coach Max Aita is one of the strongest front squatters of all-time with a 272kg/600# PR at 91kg/200# bodyweight and in this series, shares his expertise with you to improve your technique and performance in the Front Squat.

The Front Rack

Holding the bar in the right place is the first key to a successful Front Squat. In this video, Max discusses hand placement on the bar and where on your shoulders the bar should rest.

Are you struggling with the necessary mobility for the Front Rack? Dr. Quinn Henoch is here to help:

Breathing & Bracing

For many lifters, the limiting factor in the Front Squat is the ability to stay upright. The chest tipping forward and hips shooting up and back makes it very easy to keep the bar in place and if you’re standing up a max clean, can sap your energy before the jerk. In this installment, Max discusses how to best...

Dr. Mike Israetel welcomes you to Trap City…

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LS McClain, 2x 93kg IPF World Champion, joins us to discuss his championship performances, mindset towards competing, life as an underdog and more.

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