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Listen, every few months I like to pop in here and remind you that it’s time to make the doughnuts.  Literally and figuratively.  

This Spring marks the 1 year birthday of my sweet little brunch book, OVER EASY?  Does one throw a birthday party for a book? Certainly not.  But you can’t stop me from making doughnuts about it.

I’ve surrounded myself with strawberries the past few weeks.

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I hope there’s a lightness to your Spring weekend.  Lightness and rest, and at least one wood-fired pizza.  

My friend Jon and I shot a new batch of recipes for the site this week so there’s some good stuff coming up!  We celebrated our hard work with pizza, at a new place called Echo’s in New Orleans.  It’s easily on my list of perfect Spring-time meals in the city.

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There’s a spot for sour dairy in my refrigerator.  Not the accidental soured dairy that’s been left too long, forgotten behind the orange juice.  I’m talking about the intentional soured diary that has claimed its space on the lower door shelf of fridge.  It’s a spot of honor really, next to other highly reached-for items like ketchup, hot sauce, and white wine. 

I have this hazy memory of a Frasier episode wherein Frasier reprimands Nigel (?

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I’ve waited on this magnolia in my backyard for weeks and weeks and here it is in all its glory. It smelled like sweet new syrup and the bees were absolutely love drunk.  

This week synopsis with a lot of omissions:  I found a package of peanut butter cups in my travel purse this week and thanked my past travel self for the indulgence.  I walked in the sunshine, had one of those weird nightmares where I screamed myself awake, had dinner with my older sister and her boss, and drove to Ponchatoula Louisiana for the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten.

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Let me tell you about my FAVORITE holiday of the year.  It involves Spring weather, show-stopping hats, bourbon,  and very fast horses!  It’s The Kentucky Derby and just around the corner! 

Here’s why the Derby is so so great whether you’re in Louisville Kentucky or not – it’s not just the greatest two minutes in sports – it’s an all-encompassing celebration of Southern food, cocktail, and style.  Y’all, we’re lifestyling! 

While flocks of people to Churchill Downs every May for Mint Juleps, horses, and Southern-style hat fashion, for years I’ve been celebrating the Derby with my dear Kentucky friend Whitney.

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Hello friends! 

I want to come here and lament about how last week was a doozy… but I think I offered the same sentiment last Sunday.  This feels like it goes beyond a Mercury Retrograde situation and into the real of daaaang we’re just working hard, aren’t we?  The good news is that in the past few weeks I’ve had a sweet visit from my Mama and some quality paper flowering making times with new friends.

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Hey friends!  I made us burgers out of one freezer item + one canned bean item and every green thing you might have in your produce drawer.  

It’s more likely that I have frozen peas and a can of garbanzo beans in my kitchen than a package of meat, so I always make some sort of mishmash of a vegetable patty the is equal parts easy and satisfying.  The flavors are simple but totally malleable.

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We’ve all got plenty on our everyday To-Do Lists – things like, put on pants, brush teeth, don’t lock your keys in your car.  We usually nail it, we’ve gotten good at this.   Then there’s the Weekend List that’s usually a bit more fun and may or may not involve pants.  There’s also the To-Email list that is well… just deeply stressful. And the To-Dust list that we willfully ignore because of the All The Things You Can Do Besides Dust List which is suddenly very relevant every time dusting crosses our minds. 

I’m here with a new submission.

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I’ll tell you now that there is no April Fools Day moment in this post.  I don’t fancy myself much of a trickster save for the one time I put vaseline all over the toilet seat one April Fools Day when I was little.  The slippery seat was met with less than enthusiastic reviews from my family. That joke didn’t go over well and I mostly stopped with the pranks right there.

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Remember that phenomenon a few years back when we pressed everything from hash browns to quesadillas and chocolate chip cookies inside of our waffle makers?  We had some success.  We had some failures.  We learned that waffle irons are mostly best for things like, say… Blueberry Buttermilk Waffles. 

Can we waffle that?  Well, lately I feel the same way about caramel.  Name a single ingredients and the first thing that pops in my mind is….

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I don’t need much convincing when it comes to carrot cake.  I’ll have it any which way you’re making it.  Is it more coconut than carrot?  Chocked full of walnuts and dried cranberries and pineapple and raisins?  I’m here for it. Mostly, I’m here for the cream cheese frosting so…. whatever is underneath gets a hearty thumbs up from me.  

If you have my first cookbook, there’s a Carrot Bundt Cake, kitchen-sink-style, in that in has every dang thing in it.

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I’ve needed a heavy dose of chocolate from my kitchen the past few days.  No negotiations.  

There are all sorts of ways to get chocolate into my system, the most recent being this mushroom hot chocolate I’ve enjoyed every night for a week.  We drink mushroom now.  Did you know?  I think it’s been all the rage for awhile but, well… I’m tardy but I’m here for it. 

Of course one of the finest homemade chocolate iterations is that magical space between a brownie and a cookie.  Fudgy and chewy, crispy around the edges and crusted across the top.  This version is pleasingly chewy (even a few days after baking!) and covered in lightly crunchy chocolate jimmies.

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Hello dearhearts! 

I hope today you can do one strong thing that gives you peace.  Keep it small.  I want to moisturize and get to a yoga class.  Let’s just keep today’s goals simple.  

Be well today.  Feel rested. Have a dang bagel.  Hang out here to read my offering of links for reading: 

•  Isn’t it incredible we shared the world with this human?  Stephen Hawking; his mind roamed the cosmos (The New York Times)

  STAY VOTING.  See:  Conor Lamb.

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If I were to offer you any unsolicited advice worth taking it would be:  live in a city with a sandwich.  

Now if you’re smart… you’ll live in a city with multiple sandwiches.  Top of mind that means that the most successful living takes place in both New Orleans (for its po’boys and bless-ed muffulettas) and Philadelphia (for its cheesesteaks, truly important roast pork sandwiches, and for the way people in Philly pronounce hoagie more than a hoagie itself… ya feel me?).

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Hello my dears,  

I’m often surprised at how often I have to redefine what balance looks like to me.  This week was no different. Sometimes balance requires more yoga, sometimes less… way less.  Sometimes balance involves more Oreo cookies, less time with the computer, and more walks along the river.

Speaking of the river, our great Mississippi: It’s been high this week – reminding us, as though we’ve forgotten, that she’s in charge.

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Oooh oooh, all the ways we’ve come to enjoy cake.  

We can stack it high and chocolate frost it.  We can top it with candles and light it on fire.  We can slice it large and eat it greedily.  Heck… we can bake it in a paper cups and still call it a cake.  Bundt it?  That’s as fine an idea as any. 

What’s so deeply glorious about cake is that it signifies an occasion, grand or otherwise.

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Hello sweet friends and welcome to Sunday!

The Japanese magnolias are in bloom in New Orleans, making the city even that much more magical!  I love these blooms.  

I managed to tick every task off my to-do list this week and I’m rewarding myself with some very chill and restorative crafting this Sunday afternoon.  I’m thinking something along the lines of this jean embroidery from Honestly WTF

I’ve been thinking about those of you in that monster snow storm and I hope today finds you with light and heat and all the coffee and hot breakfast you need. 

My Sunday offering follows:

 We all have our blind spots but you can trust me when I tell you that I am very very smart and very very creative.

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There’s a short list of things that I can eat by the gallon full and I’m here to swing my arms in the air and tell you this is iiiittt!  Rice pudding.  Hello, sweet lover. 

There is divinity in the simplicity of this dessert.  It’s rice – double cooked with sweetened milk, stirred to thickened, stirred until you’ve worked yourself in a trance.  Spooned into generous portions and chilled with patience.

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Hello dearhearts,  

It’s been a wallop of a week for me between exciting work projects, trying relationships, and deeply sad family loss.   I’m hoping that this Sunday offers a settling of heart, mind and body for me and… while I’m making wishes for myself, I have the same hopes for you.  Essentially, I hope we all can just sit down and close our eyes for a spell.  

Putting this post together is one of my favorite tasks in a week.

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I’m not going to tell you that these are the world’s best oatmeal cookies.  I won’t tell you that this is the only recipe you’ll ever need until the end of time.  I’m not going to tell you that I’m omg obsessed or anything like that. 

I will tell you that I was trying to re-frame cookies into my everyday life.  What’s the cookie that I want to eat everyday, any time of day, with hot coffee or cold milk?

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