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There is a clear harmony in a green and gold colour combination in decor. Maybe it is reminiscent of colours found in nature, like the changing colours of tree leaves in the weeks leading from summer into autumn, or of strong sunlight dancing over wild grass. Whatever it is, the pairing also has a regal quality that adds an air of sophistication in whichever space they grace. Take this green and gold home tour designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova. This apartment has tones that vary from an aqua blue-green hue all the way over to deep forest green, and gold that ranges from classic gleaming metallic to matte golden yellow fabric.

This green and gold colour journey starts with a decidedly aqua blue-green tone. A section of wall and ceiling around the floor to ceiling windows is of a turquoise hue, brightly framing the natural light source in the room. The colour band creates a visual pitstop at the end of an elongated layout. A couple of indoor plants soak up the sunlight that filters through white privacy voiles across the exterior glass.

Taupe upholstery on a deep cushioned sofa works beautifully with the vivid blue-green paint colour, slightly neutralising its intensity. A selection of graphic scatter pillows tie the two hues together. A bold black and beige...

Instead of featuring a cool product which we normally do at this time of the week, we have something special to announce today – a 3d floor plan design service. What are 3D floor plans? They are top-down 3 dimensional perspective renders of a building like the one you see below:

Who are they for? 3D floor plans are for anyone looking to present a building in the best possible light. They are especially useful for real estate agents or institutions looking to market their listings. Surveys have shown that buyers consider floor plans to be more important than the main image or the summary description when they search for a home. 3D floor plans are basically floor plans on steroids with the added benefits of being more visually engaging and easier to comprehend even for people from a non-architecture background. Are you interested in getting high quality 3d floor plans for your projects at affordable rates? Fill out the form we have here and we will get back to you shortly!


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Dark themes are great for creating a sophisticated looking home. Sometimes though, homeowners who have smaller scale apartments may shy away from darker themes in fear that it may cause their living space to appear more cramped, especially if there isn’t a huge amount of natural light to begin with. However, dark sophisticated decor can work over any room dimensions, just like the rooms of these three apartments that are all approximately just 50 sqm in area. These home tours use charcoal grey walls and dark wood panelling interspersed with white walls and lighter pieces of furniture to break up the deep tones and maintain a spacious look.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Kurilov  

The first of our three dark decor apartment schemes utilises shades of grey to create light and shade across a compact open plan living area. The window does not flood the home with vast amounts of natural sunlight but the instances of stylish modern lighting are well placed around the layout.

The couple who live here have items of humorous artwork on display to further lighten the mood of the home, like this portrait where a serious looking subject is seen to be blowing bubble gum. The long reach of the Flos Mod 265 Wall Lamp places the light source directly over the artwork that is tucked casually behind a pale grey modular sofa.

A super swanky interior awaits us in this ritzy home near London, UK, visualised by Polish firm KUOO Architects. The enormous project is filled wall to wall with expensive design choices. A neutral yet multi-tonal backdrop sets a serene scene in each room of the house. This relaxing decor falls far from flat, thanks to multiple bold metallic accents of shining gold, copper and rose gold. Much of the home is a light and dreamy affair but we also find deeper monochrome schemes here, in the form of a black bedroom and ensuite bathroom. The contrasting spaces create an overall balance of light and shade.

First stop in this high-end home is an open plan family room, where the kitchen diner is visible behind an enormous modern sofa. The sprawling sectional seating provides space for all of the family to come together and relax or socialise, as well as a few friends too.

A couple of unusual floor lamps keep the space under a cosy glow during the later hours, when no more natural sunlight spills through the floor to ceiling windows that run the length of the entire room. A contemporary letter box fireplace adds to the ambiance, set within a bespoke storage unit.

Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cosy home comfort. The nesting instinct in us appreciates the beauty of a more compact bolthole, with cushiony furnishings and uplifting colour. Well if you’re feeling ready to wrap yourself up in a blanket of hominess then this apartment design from the shore of the Volga river, Tolyatti, Russia is just for you. Visualised by the team at Vagon Architects, this welcoming decor makes us want to crack open a paperback and curl up on the purple sofa!

Due to the modest proportions of this riverside home, the walls have been painted white to increase the sense of space and light. The apartment interior was designed for a young family with three children, so the added chaise section of the sofa provides additional sitting space. Two small wooden coffee tables provide a spot for drinks and snacks.

In the same compact space, a four place dining table sits beneath an eye-catching pendant light. The dining chairs are mismatched to create an interesting eclectic look. Flower vases are a great way to add hominess to a room and the one...

Don’t like the cold tones of silver and chrome? Find gold and brass furnishings appear too tacky? Sophisticated copper is the element for you. We’ve combined the traditional table lamp with unusual copper fixtures, bringing you a stellar top 36 list of lamps to make your interior shine. Whether bedded on a round of marble, levitating off a walnut wood block or grounding an up-ended, blown-glass tulip, their twisting forms are perfect on your office desk or bedside table. Take a peek at our best selection to snag one of these copper beacons for yourself.

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Decorative Copper Pipe Desk Lamp: Wrap your lightbulb inside your lamp. This fixture, handmade in Turkey, creates triangles out of polished copper, while its Edison bulb dims inside its metal geometrics.

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More Amazing Pipe Lamps: Enhance your steampunk home décor, with a plethora of copper piping. These lighting options wind their forms around temperature gauges, lampshades and faucets to trick your eye into seeing the industrial.

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When designing contemporary homes, the result can sometimes come off as a little synthetic-a million miles away from our natural roots. Modern interior design focuses on clean lines, edging toward a minimalistic aesthetic, so our dear old house plants get left out in the cold. Health benefits from spending time in nature are obvious. We’re more grounded and peaceful, finding clarity in our thoughts, and in the air that we breath. We can’t always escape our city lives to reconnect with nature but we can bring a little bit of it into our home. These three contemporary homes show us how it’s done-the modern way.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

Our first modern botanical themed home not only brings the house plants back into the home but takes its colour palette from them too. A luscious leafy hue has been selected for the settee, knitted footstool and chevron rug.

Two throw cushions have a bold frond print too.

Out on the balcony limited space is no obstacle; a climbing plant adds a spray of greenery over the wall. Another leaf adorned pillow decorates a chair. The fresh green looks effective against contemporary geometric black and white prints.

Every opportunity has been fulfilled in adding planting over in the dining area of the home. Two...