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It has been a while since I wrote an instructable but here we go...I found an old catapult rubber sling so I decided to make a slingshot. If you don't already have one of these they are very cheap to buy off the internet...I can even use a old bike tire tube we use to do this as kids back in the day...
By: Wacky_WoodWorks

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This guide is created in an attempt to answer some of the questions I have received after posting my light painting robot instructable and the example images attached to this instructable have been annotated with details of the tools used to create each image.So first of all what is light painting.....
By: AlanH87

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Hello Guys1Today I am going to show you how to build a voice controlled RGB led using an arduino/Ebot8.So without any further a due, go to step1.And good luck in building it! Step:1 Gathering the required items You will be needing the following items to build this project:Arduino Uno x1Ebot8(if n...
By: MishaalK

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I decided to create my own pedalboard because of the prices in the market and also I wanted to do it based on my needs. Selecting the Materials To complete the project I had to buy some elements:1. Aluminum square pipe.2. Cable ties.3. An extra 2 wire cable to extend the power adapter from the su...
By: CristhianB3

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Hello! This instructables will show how to make an inexpensive yet very effective pen holder which will help maintain even pressure across the printing/machining surface of a CNC machine. I was inspired by this instructable by ähöüokul :, I...
By: Henri.Lacoste

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For me, being outdoors, is like being in my studio. In this project, the ground is my mold, the wind my tool, the river’s water one of my materials. Being outside reveals a new way of approaching design. To lose oneself is to finally recreate landmarks of your own.Here, in this Instructables, I want...
By: FloraKoelDesigner

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Check out the build video for more details on how I built this stool. Please subscribe to my channel to keep up with all my builds. Now to get started: Milling the Wood & Cutting Legs & Stretchers For this stool I used 6/4 hardwood maple. This runs about $4 a board foot where I live, and a 9 foot...
By: jonnybuildsstuff

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In this project i've generated a SPWM(sine wave pulse wide modulated) signal from two arduino pwm digital outputs.Because to make such a program i have to talk about many others functions and properties of the arduino the full project including oscilloscope images and for different frequencies pleas...
By: eprojectszone

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For a school project I was tasked to use an Arduino to make something interactive. I really wanted to do something with light. The result ended up becoming a disc-shaped light that you can move around on a flat surface to move it over to a different color.The colors and their position in the virtual...
By: ErikO35

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This is an amazing DIY Mardi Gras Wig! I made this project because I feel that the world has a lack of color, both bright hues, as well as personality wise. This project is extremely simple to make, and also immensely cool and can be worn to almost any occasion! (Moose Crafts Inc. does not condone t...
By: cshockey035

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In the present world people spent more time in work place rather than their homes. Hence there is a need of home monitoring system where people can get to know the conditions of the house while they are at work. It would be even more better if one can just ask "someone" about their home during work ...
By: Adithya T G

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I made this ornament, because my mom has one similar to this in our living room. She had always talked about how she loves it. I thought for her birthday, I could make one similar to it for her. It was very simple to make and she loved it. Gather Your Materials These are the materials you need. 1...
By: sharding120

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This interesting but complicated project will cover things from designing building a robot, to advanced configurations in linux (raspberry pi) to building an Android application and controlling the robot. So this being said it's more ambitious then the average projects, but i think you'll have a...
By: danionescu

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What is an Astrolabe?The astrolabe was the most advanced and complex device for timekeeping and making astronomical calculations during the Middle Ages. By modeling the motions of the stars, Sun, and planets, the astrolabe allows the user to predict the positions of objects in their sky at any tim...
By: JohnW539

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A small and AUTONOMUS case to monitor several usefull varaibles to help you gardeningThis device is designed to measure different weather parameters : Floor and air temperature Floor and air moisture Luminositydisplay it on a lcd screen and also send it on actoboard via a sigfox module (...
By: quentin.louvion.93

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This fun project will never be duplicated! With no two scrap quilts the same, you will never have to worry about remembering the pattern. In my case, I had some scraps, but ended up shopping for scraps - at yard sales, thrift stores, and sale corners of quilt shops. Choose your fabrics. With a S...
By: Oditoadie

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This device is a gift I have made and offert several times since 2 years. The version I made for this tutorial is the most complete of all because it takes into account the suggestions I've had in the past. I would also point out that English is not my fluent language but i hope to be understandable...
By: Youz

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Everything in this instructable is included in the video. Skip ahead to 4:58 if you just want to see how to tie the Ian Secure Knot with Ukrainian Lacing.There are two parts to using a shoelace. How you lace the shoe, and how you tie the knot. Ukrainian Shoe Lacing offers many advantages over tra...
By: hyperfocused72

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In this tutorial I am using a old jeans which were just sitting in my cabinet for years I thought why not I use it to make something which could be useful for me like making a sleeping eye mask so I don't have to worry about the light reflecting on my eyes and waking me up ,it's a very simple easy f...
By: tybsmr12

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Through this step by step process, I will teach who how to create your own inspiring sign that you can give to a friend or loved one using easy to pick up materials from any nearby store, without any power tools. ( Although the example is a beach sign, you can also make any design you think your fri...
By: TrevorE18

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