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Video Link: clickParts ListAutodesk Inventor SoftwareCura SoftwareUltimaker 2 3D Printer / PLA Plastic FilamentServo Motor / GearToggle Switch for MotorJumper WiresAdafruit MicrocontrollerPower SupplySlide Switch for Circuit15 Blue LEDsSoldering Iron / SolderGlueJumper Wires3V Battery / HolderAbstra...
By: bcamrl

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Ingredients:500g paprika250g onions250g cherry tomatoes1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon pepper1 teaspoon thyme2 spoon paprikawooden skewers Preparation Give a few spoons oil in a bowl and add salt, pepper, paprika & thyme. Mix everything together and give the cherry tomatoes in the bowl. Cut the paprika...
By: FoodforDude

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This recipe yields enough dough to make 3 reasonably sized loaves, or you could make one monster loaf or any combination in between. Hey, you do you, is all I'm saying. There's room for customization in this recipe, and I'll try to point out areas for that as I go along. Gathering Supplies You'll...
By: RobPaige

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Have you ever wanted a quality dust extractor? which works so well that no clean up is needed from thicknesser well today my friends your in luck because im going to show you how i made my dust extractor from trash which can surely compete with the £100+ dust extractors on the market and i made it r...
By: paul the maker

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I've been looking for a good way to take away boredom when I have nothing to do. So I came up with this pocket sized tin box RC car to take away the boredom out of everything! It has all the great characteristics! It's small, lightweight, easy to make, easy to control, and very portable!It really is...
By: Gio Maverick

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This IBLE is my entry into the Trash to Treasure Challenge Contest. These particular fire starters are made from:Empty Paper Pulp Egg Carton (you don't want to use the plastic or foam egg cartons for this since they will be burned)Dryer LintWax from old candles Waxing Nostalgic I had a really co...
By: Lorddrake

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VFD - Vacuum Fluorescent Displays, sort of Dinosaur of Display Technology, still pretty nice and cool, can be found in many outdated and neglected home electronics devices. So shall we dump them? Noooo we can still use them. It cost a little effort but that's worth it.... Get to Know the Display ...
By: mariosis

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I built a pair of matching workbenches in my shop a couple of years ago entirely out of pallet wood and they have been a staple of my shop ever sense. Now, ever sense I built them I had the intention of adding a moxon style vise to one of them to help hold work pieces and today is finally that day. ...
By: JackmanWorks

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Em algum momento na internet eu me deparei com alguém que havia feito um jogo como esse, mas infelizmente, eu perdi o bookmark. Então decidi fazer minha versão, me baseando um pouco no que eu lembrava do joguinho que vi.O jogo consiste em calibrar os três V.U.s usando os três potenciômetros. Parece ...
By: nicolaudosbrinquedos

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I'm a big fan of wallet multi-tools. They cram so much useful stuff into a flat piece of metal the size of a credit card; it's amazing. However, cramming everything into one handy little package means that not every tool works as well as it could. I've had a fair amount of trouble using the larger w...
By: M3G

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Several months ago I got this nice photophore you can see above. It has a solar panel on the top so it can charge its batteries during the day, and at night there is a LED that lights up. It is really nice!But I was quite embarrassed because I had no idea where I could place it. I live in a relative...
By: Matlek

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I am continuing my quest for clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Our son has muscular dystrophy and contractures in his elbows -- which keeps his arms at roughly 90 degrees. It makes putting on and taking off jackets difficult. So, my idea was to essentially make the arm hole a whole lo...
By: gluckc

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Have you ever wanted to use a 3D printer, but don't know where to start? This tutorial goes over from start to finish how to model and 3D print a Lego for beginners!MaterialsAccess to SolidWorksA Tazbot 3D PrinterABS Plastic Let's get started! To begin 3-D modeling a Lego brick, you must open Sol...
By: DramaticIron

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I recently came across 3D printing on fabric in this Tweet. I was instantly fascinated by the idea and have been wanting to experiment with using this technique with making jewelry and when I came across this Imgur post, I knew I had to just go for it.In this Instructable, I will talk about my exper...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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Croissant Loaf! Homemade Butter Croissants How to Make Homemade Croissants Nutella Croissants Stuffed Croissants Easy Croissants Croissants
By: EmmaP68

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This is the best chocolate cake ever... period. Especially since it really is mostly made from chocolate. There is no flour in this cake, so that alone should give you an idea of how rich this cake is. Which also makes this cake gluten free too. I suppose this cake has more of a brownie textur...
By: DroosKitchen

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You know all those times you or someone you know finished off a 2 liter bottle of soda and had to take care of the remaining bottle? Did that bottle get thrown away or recycled? According to statistics stating that only about 20% of plastic bottles are recycled worldwide, it was more than likely j...
By: Emma_Gi

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In my recent instructable I highlighted my experiments on fusing plastic vegetable mesh bags into sheets of plastic and at the end, I promissed to show another way of recycling those bags by turning them into rugs. This is what this i-ble is about. These vegetable bags are widely used for packag...
By: Waldemar Sha

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In this Instructable I’m going to show you how I made a concrete and acrylic LED lamp with a wooden base.Here I’ll try to embed tiny acrylic pieces into concrete, which will guide the light from the LED light source to the concrete surface.Materials:Acrylic sheet http...
By: Creativity Hero

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The feeder "DOMOVOY" is designed for automatic feeding of aquarium fish on schedule.Features:Designed for automatic feeding of aquarium fishFeeding is performed at the set timeA special algorithm prevents feed jamsParameters can be changed using the buttons and the displayThe feeder can be controlle...
By: kwlsoft

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