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I had this idea to add wireless charging to my nightstand. This only cost me the price of the Nokia wireless charging pad as I had everything else, so less than £20/US$25. Total time taken approx 1.5-2 hrs.


  • MALM Chest of Drawers
  • Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad
  • PVA glue
  • Panel pins
  • Wire
  • Surface mount LED

Tools Required:

  • Router (or Circular saw with adjustable depth)
  • Drill with small bits
  • Chisel
  • Plastic pry tool
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Soldering Iron
How I hid a wireless charging pad in my bedside table

I carefully removed the top to my drawers and marked out on the underside where I wanted to place the charger. Take into consideration the overhang on the front and the depth of the side panel.

I don’t have a router so I used my circular saw set to a depth approximately 5mm less than the overall depth of the cabinet top. I ran the saw in lines approx 5mm apart then broke the strips of chipboard out. If you’re not sure what I mean … like this. I also ran the saw right to the back for the power cable to feed to the back of the drawers. Please be very careful if...

I have two of the IKEA FJELLSE beds. I made this video where I turned them into a trundle bed. We did it, so to create a lot more space for our kids to play.

What you’ll need to hack a FJELLSE trundle bed:


Assemble the 2 headboards and set aside. You’ll come back to it later.

Next, you need to resize the length of the second bed rails to fit beneath the top FJELLSE bed. It should be long enough the contain your mattress, yet short enough to slot under easily. Join the two bed rails together with the two leftover pieces of the footboard.

Then, shorten the wood slats of the second bed too, so the trundle bed fits neatly beneath the top bunk. Secure the wood slats to the bed rails.

Once your trundle is done, you can move on to the top bunk.

You’ll need to measure how high the top bed should be from the floor, making space for the trundle and mattress to slide in.

Mark the new placement and drill new...

We have purchased an IKEA HEMNES cabinet in black-brown color. We want to paint it to match two HEMNES bookshelves stained dark grey. We have found a Sherwin-Williams paint (Tynewood) which is almost an exact color match (ie close enough).

HEMNES dresser |

My Question:

Is it better to assemble – then paint, or paint, then assemble?


~ by Jim Webb


Hi Jim

My take on this is to paint before assembly. For one it’s much easier. You can just lay everything flat on the floor and go over with a paint roller, without worrying about not getting into the nooks and crannies.

Just be careful not to get paint into all the holes for screws, dowels, bolts and nuts, which may make it harder to slot the hardware into position.

Happy painting,



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Lately, I can hardly keep up with new product announcements from IKEA. The mothership seems to be firing out new collections at a fast and furious pace.

Just a few weeks ago, they announced OMEDELBAR, the goth and glam collection. And then on @ikeatoday, they gave a sneak peek of FREKVENS, a party range? (I don’t know how else to term it) in collaboration with Teenage Engineering. It features an electronic choir, vinyl player, party lighting and everything you need to throw a really good party.

There’s a lot going on at IKEA. And some of it is really good news. Like the DJUNGELSKOG, IKEA’s soon to be launched kids range that has sustainability at its core.

Besides looking so darn cute, it’s made from all things good, using the latest in eco-friendly techniques.

DJUNGELSKOG, which means Jungle Forest in English, has a big mission, Agnieszka Lachowicz, Children’s Sales Leader, IKEA UK and Ireland, explained in a feature in Ideal Home. “We believe that when children play together they connect, learn and grow — and through DJUNGLESKOG we are focused on ensuring that children learn about the environment and become more aware of protecting it,” says Agnieszka Lachowicz, Children’s Sales Leader, IKEA UK and Ireland. “We also hope it will help educate on animals at risk and build a love that will hopefully lead to the protection of these species in the future.”

IKEA’s new kids range has sustainability at its heart

For this simple yet effective hack we used a single 1×1 KALLAX unit and transformed it into a combination bedside table and daytime small side table by adding BJORLI legs and a drawer insert.

The unit is in my new home office and we needed it to work for a coffee table when I am relaxing on the daybed in ‘sofa mode’, and also as a nightstand when guests visit and the daybed is in ‘sleeping mode’.

As such, we needed a small side table we could move around the room easily. It had to be the right height for the daybed – in both modes. Ideally, it had to have drawers so guests have somewhere to pop their essentials when they visit. The back of the unit had to be white so that I can have it in the middle of the room if there are several people in there having a coffee.

Ikea items used:

  • KALLAX drawer insert
  • BJORLI legs

Other materials and tools:

  • Drill
  • White grip adhesive


How I made this small side table

We simply built the KALLAX cube.

Then, we measured out the spots to drill in the same place on each corner.

Next, we drilled the holes with a drill bit slightly...

Since the last Renovation Diary update, things have progressed rapidly. Dismantling the old kitchens and hacking the walls took more than a week, but we’re on track. Hats off to the guys. Demolishing brick and mortar is not for the faint hearted.

We did hit a few speed bumps though.

That’s the thing about old houses. As we tore down, more and more problems cropped up. (Just know that when I say we, I don’t mean ‘me’ because I didn’t sledge hammer anything, but I mean the awesome team from Granbuilt Construction.)

We found out the water damage in the ground floor bathroom did not originate from said bathroom but from the ventilation pipe. The vent pipe goes through the ground floor bathroom to the first floor bathroom and all the way to the roof. Somehow water found a way down. I panicked a bit because when he was explaining the issue to me, all I could hear was an old Abba soundtrack.

Fortunately, the guys at Granbuilt were able to solve it without me needing to sell my uterus. Then, just when I thought I could breathe easy, we had the strange case of waste water not flowing into the sewer. That stinks, literally. We had to lay new pipes and we’re back in the flow.

You can’t help it when it comes to old houses. If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s you need a good contractor to help you troubleshoot on the fly. And make sure...

My daughter loves her DUKTIG play kitchen, and was always asking for a fridge, which IKEA doesn’t sell. Figuring out how to hack a play fridge was the hard part, afterwards assembly was done in roughly 30 minutes.

The hack is very simple, but it looks wonderful and I’m very happy with it, and I love that the METOD doors match the play kitchen’s doors. The hardest part was the planning, and if nit-picking, having to go to a second store to buy the acrylic sheets. Only thing missing: making the doors magnetic, which I will be doing this weekend. The total hack came at 97,96 € for IKEA supplies, plus under 15 € for the acrylic sheet and profile.

IKEA items used (references for Portuguese IKEA):

  • METOD Wall cabinet frame, in white (402.055.42, 40x37x100 cm);
  • 2 UTRUSTA hinges (602.042.45);
  • UTRUSTA shelf, in white (502.129.76, 40x37cm);
  • 2 SÄVEDAL Doors, in white (602.930.00 – 40×60 cm and 002.929.99 – 40×40 cm);
  • CAPITA feet, in white (402.443.41)
  • STUGVIG, basket with suction cup (502.493.81)
  • 2 VARIERA boxes (701.772.55)
  • MOLGAN LED Lighting (602.637.29)
  • DUKTIG play kitchen handles, requested at customer service
  • Shelf pins (IKEA sometimes sells them as spare parts – look for the ones with rubber caps, usually used for glass shelves)

Other materials and tools: Clear acrylic sheet, for shelves, and acrylic profile, for finishing.

Instructions for hacking a play fridge

It’s very easy. Assemble METOD unit as directed in its instructions, and do the same for the SÄVEDAL doors and CAPITA feet. To mimic our fridge (refrigerator on...

My girlfriend wanted a rolling TV stand for her new 55 inch flat panel TV and Bose speakers. At IKEA, we located an affordable table the perfect size but without wheels.


  • IKEA 403.492.63 LACK Nesting Tables $29 each x 2
  • IKEA 002.886.57 KALLAX Rail with 2 casters $15 each x 2
  • 4-inch x 1/4 inch lag screws and washers x 4
LACK nest of 2 tables |

So we bought a second table to form a base and also bought some IKEA casters.

KALLAX rail with 2 casters |

Related: One TV in 2 rooms? Here’s how to hack a rotating TV panel and room divider.

We turned the table upside down, drilled new holes, and screwed the casters and base into the table legs.

Has anyone put the GRIMSLÖV Medium Brown (link to product on IKEA website) next to the ADEL Medium Brown to confirm that they really are the same?

I went to complete my install this weekend (yes, from an order 3 years ago!) and discovered that I’d returned a wrong door so have 1 glass, 1 solid in a place where I wanted 2 solid.

My closest IKEA is 4 hours away so, it’s not like I can pop in to check. So, before I order the GRIMSLÖV I wanted to see if anyone has put them side by side successfully. Thanks!

~ by Rebecca

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Custom reed glass in ADEL door

The hack is a very simple idea; insert a selected glass into an IKEA cabinet. we chose to insert a reed glass into a dark stained Adel birch cabinet. Any kind of glass will work for this hack. See how it is done.

How to fix broken ADEL glass door

The glass panel in your ADEL kitchen cabinet doors is broken. Here’s how to replace it.


The post Hackers Help: GRIMSLÖV vs ADEL...

The JANSJÖ is a nice design, energy efficient and cheap lamp, which I wanted to hack into a LED spotlight. It wasn’t very hard, if you know what you’re doing. It took about an hour’s work and about €1,50 for additional components. The bonus point is the mains unit fits nicely into the foot. But before you embark on this hack, 3 things! Safety, safety, safety. Mains voltage is deadly. Bad connections cause fire.

IKEA items used:



  • Hot melt glue gun
  • Common tools like Saw, Screwdriver, Drill
How to hack the JANSJÖ LED table lamp to an LED spotlight

Part 1 : Dismantle

Dismantle the mains connection unit: take the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) out of its housing.

Keep some wire length on the low voltage side. (black wires in my case).

Mains unit housing and the switch are now obsolete

Dismantle the LED light armature.

Remove the ballast weight from the foot.

Part 2: Prepare

Prepare three pieces of wood or likewise isolating material:

– one piece is not too thick for the middle to allow you to screw the flexible arm onto it. Drill holes in this piece upfront. Measure the distance of the two screws of the flexible arm. Add an additional hole for the supply leads to the lamp.

– Two pieces with the thickness of the inside of the foot. Do not drill upfront.

We have had the KURA bunk bed for almost 10 years now. My two boys (9 and 11) share a room, one of them sleeping in the top bunk, the other on a mattress on the floor beneath. We needed more space and it also started looking pretty childish.

I looked up many IKEA hacks for adding storage to the KURA bed before I had a rough plan in mind. We set out to IKEA, looking for either storage containers or a bed to fit underneath. After looking at all the options, I decided that the most cost-effective option would be to buy a MALM twin bed with its two storage containers and slatted base and attach the KURA bed on top of it.

IKEA items used:
KURA bunk bed
MALM twin bed with 2 storage containers and slatted base

Instructions for a storage bunk bed

Back home, my youngest assembled the MALM bed (I helped with screwing and bolting everything together). We did not attach the headboard.

I made a moon lamp from the IKEA FADO, which sells for $24.99.

IKEA items used:

Other materials and tools:

Moon lamp hack instructions:

1. Clean the inside of the FADO lamp shade.

2. Put a small amount of grey acrylic paint onto a folded up paper towel.

3. Apply the paint very thinly to the inside of the lamp shade by dabbing and rubbing to create some darker spots and some lighter spots until you have peppered the entire internal surface with some degree of paint.

4. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.

5. Re-insert the bulb and observe the results.

If you use a Philips Hue or other colour changing bulb, try different shades of yellow, red and blue to create the full realistic effect.

~ by Leon Maughan

Other FADO lamp hacks you may like

#1 A FADO Kitty lamp that doesn’t say hello

Make this cute kitty lamp out of polymer clay, a black pen and a steady hand. See more.

#2 A Miffy lamp 

A DIY version of...

This is project I made for my daughter — a kids kitchen using mainly TROFAST furniture.

IKEA items used:

  • TROFAST wall storage unit
  • TROFAST frame, white
  • TROFAST containers and lids
  • Hob and tap from the kitchen DUKTIG
  • BYGEL rail
  • RIMFORSA hooks
  • GUBBARP handles x 2 two
  • GUBBARP buttons x 4
  • DUKTIG toys

Other materials:


How to turn TROFAST units into a kids kitchen

After deciding on the design and making a rough sketch of it, I outlined my drawings on to the fir boards for the sides and top. Then I cut them and stained them.

Dear IKEA Hackers,

I am looking to create a bunk bed for my two kids that would also incorporate some storage underneath and I was wondering if it would be possible to combine the Kura bed with the Nordli single bed frame at the bottom?

IKEA items:

KURA bed | NORDLI single bed |

Would I be able to simply attach it as it is or do you predict any complications / additional modifications would need to be made?

I hope someone can help.

Thank you!

~ by Eva (London, UK)


Hi Eva

The NORDLI single bed measures 202 cm in length and 92 cm wide.

The KURA is 209 cm long and 99 cm wide.

Not sure I read you right, but I’m assuming you want to slot the NORDLI bed into the space beneath the KURA bed? And not sit the KURA bed on top of NORDLI bed frame? Because the latter won’t work (due to different dimensions) and is probably pretty risky.

If it’s the former, you’ll need to head to IKEA with...

If you’ve always imagined IKEA as pine wood and clean lines, IKEA’s new range in collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund will surprise you. The collection, named OMEDELBAR is best described as a hybrid between Goth and Hollywood glamour. It features items like large glass hats, lip-shaped pillows, 3D-printed hands and pillows with eyes. It’s bold, definitely. And you’ll either love it or hate it.

This range comes on the heels of the DELAKTIG, the sofa/bed Tom Dixon made with IKEA. That too was a boundary-pushing project, a direction IKEA seems to be taking on regularly these days. I applaud their courage in challenging status quo and our perceptions of what IKEA should be. Hey, these guys even went all the way to “Mars” to bring us the goodies.

Now, back to OMEDELBAR and who is Bea Åkerlund?

Bea Åkerlund describes herself as a fashion activist and is one of the most influential stylist and costume designers in the film and music industry. She has worked with the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and is know for...

After getting a record player for Christmas, it was clear it couldn’t be assigned to the floor of our living room forever. A solution, therefore, was to find a record player console – or similar – that would hold it along with the rest of my HiFi system and records. A quick scan of Google and Pinterest led me to a rather beautiful wooden sideboard which looks classically Scandinavian and has that vintage feel.

A bit of further research led me to the IKEA Hackers website and a post of the record player console by a contributor in September! See more of the record player stand here.

Having seen how much a good quality sideboard would cost me, I determined that if I want something similar I would simply have to build it myself. (Just to make clear, I have very little experience with DIY apart from woodwork at school and a general sense of enjoyment for getting my hands dirty.)

Hacking a record player console from BESTÅ frames

IKEA items used:

  • 1 x IKEA BESTÅ frame bench: £25
  • 2 x IKEA BESTÅ shelf: £5 each

Other items Used: (£50 overall)

  • 2 x standard pallets: free
  • 4 x hairpin legs: £5 each from eBay
  • Wood glue
  • Hinges
  • Nails (40mm)
  • Sandpaper / sanding block

I wanted a more robust and sturdy look for the IKEA bookcases to be installed in my basement. The final results look good and my family seems to like it. It took about 15-10 hours of work, with plastering being the hardest and most time consuming bit. The set up cost about $100 excluding the bookshelves.

What I like most about it is knowing that I did it myself.

IKEA items used:

  • 40 cm wide IKEA bookcases (BILLY) x 4

Other materials and tools:

How to frame IKEA bookcases:

After assembly of all six IKEA bookcases I used screws to fasten them to each other, so they basically become one unit.

Related: Full BILLY bookcase wall. See more.

Before fastening the bookcases on the wall I put two planks under them to vertically center the bookshelves on the wall.

I then begun building the frame around the bookcases using studs.

If you are wondering how to turn your RAST dresser into a handsome apothecary cabinet, I have just the hack for you.

IKEA item used:

  • RAST chest of drawers

Other materials:

The dresser has 3 drawers. I changed only the fronts of the drawers.

I used plywood with a thickness of 3mm, drawer handles and file label tags (frames to slot in a piece of paper). And covered the plywood with wax in oak color.

I think you can just score horizontal lines across the drawer fronts with a saw to create a faux apothecary cabinet style but I wanted more it realistic, with more texture. Plywood has a richer pattern too, in my opinion.

I coated the exterior of the chest with wax and stained the inside white. I like to leave it lighter inside.

Instructions for a faux apothecary cabinet:

1. Carefully sand the plywood to prep it.

Hi all!

I have the an IKEA METOD kitchen that I adore, but I have this annoying gap that currently holds no function. I want to fill this gap with something useful. My original idea was a pull-out cabinet on wheels, but everything is crooked in that kitchen, and I quickly realized I was way in over my head with that idea. Now I’m thinking a simple open cabinet design with space for my cookbooks might be a better use.

My current plan is to buy an IKEA cabinet and shorten it width-wise to 13 cm, so it fits in the gap. But how do I do that? Would you try and recreate the dowel holes or just attach them together using screws? And which cabinet do I buy? Here are the current contenders:

* METOD 20x60x80, classic base cabinet:
Thoughts: It’s cheap, and similar to the rest of the base cabinets, but it may be overly deep for cookbooks, and the metal bars might be tough to shorten.

* METOD 20x37x80, classic wall cabinet:
Thoughts: The cheapest option, no metal bars, easy to adjust shelves.

* HÖRDA 20x37x80:
Thoughts: The most expensive solution. “Prettier” (doesn’t have the holes). Shelves seems fixed?

Which would you choose? And how do I go about shortening them? Or would You do something entirely different? This has been sitting for 2 years now – IKEA hackers help!


Some specs:

  • The kitchen is METOD with off-white GRYTNÄS cabinets.
  • The gap is...

I was wondering if anyone has attempted to place a LILLÅNGEN Cabinet inside the walls in between studs? The width of this cabinet seems to fit within the typical 16 inch space of studs.


Thanks for any help!

~ by Cheryl


Hi Cheryl

I’ve not seen it done with a LILLÅNGEN cabinet but I believe, it can be done if the space between the studs and the depth of the dry wall allow for it.

As an example, here’s how Peter inserted the BRIMNES wardrobe into a nook under the stair. 

Good luck on the project and let us know how it turns out.

Happy hacking,



  • Use the LILLÅNGEN mirror cabinet as a vanity. See more.
  • Back to back vanity with double sink. Read more.
  • LILLÅNGEN cabinets turned into office storage. See how.


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