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Annnd we’re back! Our first mocktail of 2018 is HERE.

It fits perfectly into this winter citrus season, is super refreshing and better yet, feels like you’re drinking a fun fizzy cocktail! A kombucha mocktail is the way to go. Trust me.

Not that I’m participating, but dry January really stinks because January is such a BLAH winter month filled with cold and ice and slush and snuggling up by a fire with a booze-filled mug just sounds completely perfect and Instagram-life worthy. Since most of my 2017 was dry anyway, I figure I can still fit in a cocktail or two this month.

There are some delicious ones coming your way along with an entire other kombucha mocktail that I’m dying over. It will be perfect for brunch!

My love for kombucha is intense. It’s no secret. I ramble about it on this site and on Instagram stories and my fridge currently has 10 bottles hanging out on the top shelf. I know that...

Well if this isn’t the oatmeal of my dreams, I don’t know what is.

Remember when I used to think pistachio things were just for old people?

Well, now I’m an old person. Pistachio oatmeal all the way!

Gosh, I love it so freaking much. Everything pistachio-flavored is completely fabulous. It’s my go-to flavor for all the things these days.

THEN. Go ahead and add coconut? Flaked coconut and coconut milk? Mind is blown. The creaminess, ugh. It’s absolutely wonderful.

BUT THEN again. Add a few dark chocolate chips? Oh what the heck, I don’t even know what to do with myself. It’s like dessert for me and I am sooooo not one of those people that considers “those types of things” dessert. You know? Strawberries are not dessert. Almonds are not dessert. Tea is ESPECIALLY not dessert.

Cheesecake is dessert, plain and simple.

So if I’m saying that this bowl right here is reminiscent of dessert? It must be!

1. The stir craziness is out of control and I am SO glad it’s getting a bit warmer here. We need to get out! I can totally take Emilia to the movies at this stage, right? Since she just sleeps sleeps sleeps.

2. Um, I have a new obsession. Panera iced coffee. IT IS SO GOOD. The vanilla latte tastes like ice cream. So much better and less bitter than Starbucks. Major downfall: no drive thru. This is probably a good thing.

3. But all I really want in life is this homemade cookie cereal.

4. I downloaded the 1 second everyday app after seeing people post their videos at the end of each year for multiple years in a row now. I’m so glad I remembered! This gist is that you take a 1 second video every single day and at the end of the year, it puts an entire video together for you. Too bad all of ours have been with us totally stuck in the house so far.

5. Please tell me you’ve seen (and heard!) the new Bruno Mars video? He will forever be my favorite. And now he just speaks to my 90s loving soul.

6. There is no way I can get enough of Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. I adore her, of course. For the last few weeks I’ve been reading her...

Let’s throw everything in a skillet and call it lasagna!

Skillet lasagna, that is.

We have meat, a veggie, noodles, ricotta, sauce and some mozzarella cheese soooo…. I think we’re good.

It’s fun when I can make up the rules!

Even though we made it through the first week of 2018, this is bound to be a long one since it’s the first FULL week. Right? That’s always the hardest. Especially if you’re stuck in the bomb cyclone polar vortex igloo!

If you’re on a sunny beach somewhere, let’s forget about hot lasagna and I’ll just come visit.

Otherwise, skillet lasagna is going to be your BFF this week. Look at all those greens. HELLO HEALTH.

There are only a few foods in this universe that I’m not into, and sausage is one of them. But! It’s really only due to the fennel...

YOU GUYS! I was shocked last week to unexpectedly receive the first copy of The Pretty Dish – and I’m SO in love with it. It surpasses any expectations I had for this book and I cannot wait for you to see it! Here’s a sneak peek video of the inside!

I am so, so, so excited for you to see all of the recipes inside. Everything (aside from a slow cooker recipe or two) can be made in 60 minutes or less. There is a photo for EVERY SINGLE RECIPE! And these are brand new recipes that aren’t here on the blog – along with 50 DIY food-grade beauty recipes (think sugar scrubs! lip balms! face masks!) that I adore. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can find The Pretty Dish at: Amazon Barnes and Noble Indiebound Books A Million It would mean the world to me if you would...

Welcome to the first crushing on post of 2018! I hope you’re staying warm. Going a little stir crazy over here because it feels like -20 degrees outside, so we’ve been hibernating! This combined with being sick over the holidays makes me feel like I haven’t been out of the house in WEEKS! Luckily this means we’ve been productive inside (um, but the Christmas decor is still up) but man, I need to get out.

Earlier this week I shared a day in the life post, and just in case you missed them: my end of the year beauty favorites and lifestyle favorites! And a bunch of you keep asking about my recipe disasters! They always go up the day after Christmas, so you can find them here.

Also! We are counting down the WEEKS until you can get your hands on a copy of The Pretty Dish. If you haven’t preordered yet, it would mean the world to me if you did! xo

Favorites this week:

definitely want to make this indian butter chicken.

31 healthy lunches! i struggle with lunch the most.

really into this roasted cauliflower hummus.

creamy cashew gingersnap lattes! it’s so cold here. yes to...

Before you freak out, I made these with brown rice krispies!

Brown rice krispie treats! That should allow us some wiggle room in this first week of January, right? Brown rice krispie treats should count for something.

Like a whole grain something. I mean, really. 

This is my first week of January struggle that I always talk about! I want to share some delicious, healthy meals with you that we actually make and like, but I also want to give you a snacky idea for the Golden Globes this weekend.

I love watching the award shows. And the red carpet even more.

So hello, champagne caramel krispie treats!

We loooove rice krispie treats in this house. Well, Eddie and I do. I like to think we are sort of, in a way, rice krispie treat aficionados. That’s the official name, of course.

Max isn’t into them yet, which seems odd to me. Like how can he not love krispie vanilla marshmallow-ness?!

See also: this is what transpires when you have leftover champagne on New Year’s Day that must...

[This is one random day in the life where we spent the ENTIRE day at home (hello stir crazy!) and I’m so glad I wrote out notes about the day as we went… because what was a very normal, real life, boring day ended up being super exciting at the end, and if I had sat down to write it all at once, I think the tone would be completely different! This is 100% real life, unedited, horrible quality pics straight from my phone!]

6:30am: I really wanted to get up super early and work out before Eddie left for work. I told him the night before that I was going to! This way, if the kids woke up, I wouldn’t be interrupted. Welp, I didn’t. Emilia was up from 3 to 4 and then I was wide awake for another 30 minutes (and going through my damn phone! THE WORST.) and while I should have probably just got out of bed then to do it, I fell back asleep.

I woke up to feed Emilia again at 630 and decided I had to work out then or it wouldn’t happen – definitely wouldn’t happen. I grabbed Emilia and put her in the pod so I could see her while I worked out. She just slept on and off!

7am: I did a quick workout of 20 minutes on...

This is the smoothie that is saaaaving us right now!

Oh Mylanta. This immunity boosting smoothie is what we are living on at the moment. And guess what? THERE IS NO BANANA! That’s right. All of you banana haters, rejoice! This is a banana-free smoothie.

HELLO and welcome to 2018 where here on the internet we tell you how to make a super high maintenance smoothie that takes a full 20 minutes. Apologies. But it’s so pretty?

What I love about these is that it’s basically three smoothies in one! I mean, it’s definitely three smoothies in one. You can make them separately or you can layer them if you want to feel fancy.

I want to feel fancy. Always.

While I live in leggings, FYI.

The year that I had Max, I got sick shortly after and would make a killer clementine smoothie that was so packed with vitamin C, it kicked the sickness’ butt. That, combined with an apple cider vinegar shot (which I’ve probably been doing for ten years now?!) got rid of...

Resolution of the week: eat more color.

And we’re starting here with this chicken zoodle soup.

We’ve had LOTS of beige foods over the last two weeks. Beige, brown, white and… cookies. Those were the food groups. It was glorious. It was gluttonous! 

Even though we eat pretty balanced dinners throughout the week and Max eats a healthier diet than I ever expected, one of my goals for 2018 is to make sure our dinners are SUPER colorful. I’m not so much doing it for me (though I get to reap the benefits too!) as I am for Max and eventually Emilia. I want them to be used to eating colorful produce at meals. Every meal, when possible.

As he grows up, I want him to wonder where the green food is and where the salad is at dinner or where the vegetable is on the side. Is this possible? I’m sure hoping so.

Soup still isn’t his thing – at least not an overly brothy soup. If it’s like a heartier...

1. Who else was completely, weirdly satisfied that the start of a new year happened on a Monday?!

2. Definitely need a very (extra) large superfood salad.

3. I probably haven’t been this sad about the holidays being over since I was in middle school. Pretty sure it’s a combo of being sick and missing the most fun days with our families but also because Max is at an age where it’s

4. Do you ever batch prep your smoothies for a few days? I really want to do this but also can’t stand the smoothie separation after one sits in the fridge. I need tips.

5. On New Year’s Eve we played Heads Up for HOURS and oh my gosh, it was so fun! I basically want to make Eddie play it with just me every single night when he gets home.

6. Eddie is still binging on The Punisher, I watched a bunch of Fuller House (cringe city, but I can’t stop) and other than that, there’s been no TV! But I’m going to start rewatching The Affair and Billions in preparation for the new seasons.

7. Last year I ended up reading a ton of books in the first half of the year but fell off the wagon after summer when I got super busy. So I’m setting a 50 book goal for this year! I like to...

Happy 2018! How did we get here?!

This is one of my most favorite posts to share every year. Each year it’s similar but I add in/swap at least 40 to 50 of lightened meals that I really loved over the previous year and then remove the ones I wasn’t as drawn to making. I reference this post approximately ten million times over the the course of the year, especially when I’m really struggling for dinner ideas!

I’ve mentioned often that in our perfect weeks, planning and shopping for three full meals works best for us. This way, we don’t get sick of our “plan,” we always end up with leftovers (but not too many leftovers), it allows for a night or two of eating out on the fly, whether it’s both of us or one of us for work, and usually will allow one night of breakfast for dinner, which we adore.

This year, perhaps my biggest goal is to make sure our meals are super balanced, always including a vegetable, consistent and most of all, PLANNED! Our meal planning service, Sweet Peas Meals, helps me with this a ton, but I have to be better this year now that Max is completely aware of what is going on all day, everyday. I want him to remember us eating balanced, delicious meals together at the table as a family.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite meals below, along with your meal planning tips and how you plan...

All the things I’ve been loving in these holiday weeks! xo

Vineyard Vines Jolly Plaid Cape. This is my favorite thing of all of December! I saw this before Christmas but it was ridiculously priced. The day after Christmas it was already marked down and with other sales and exchanges, I got it for under $100. It is SO thick, warm, amazing quality and just gorgeous for the holiday season! I’ve lived in it all week. It’s one of those pieces that I feel like I’ll have forever.

Sequin Palette Mini Skirt. So in the most depressing new ever, this was my Christmas Eve outfit and since I got sick, I didn’t get to wear it. But! I’ve had this skirt since early November and am OBSESSED. It is extremely fragile and not the best choice to wear with kids but for a special occasion or whatnot, it’s amazing.

Trader Joe’s Goat Cheese Medallions. These are a new-to-me product and I can’t get enough. I love these for a snack with the pita crackers from Trader Joe’s. I just wish they didn’t have so many peppercorns! Not a fan of those.

Nest Birchwood Pine Candle. This is something I’ve talked into the ground, but I love burning this through January because it smells like winter. It’s my favorite candle for the cold months....

Later 2017! You were…

1. refreshing

2. a blessing 

3. delicious

4. adorable

5. brunchtastic

6. relaxing

7. unreal

8. colorful

9. sweet

10. exciting

11. tart

12. an experience 

13. a new beginning 

14. unforgettable

15. bright

16. beautiful

17. full of tacos

18. busy!

19. my favorite

20. an adventure

21. fun

22. stacked

23. the funniest 

24. insane

25. extra sparkly 

Thank you so much for sharing this space with me in 2017. YOU are what makes this one of the best parts of my life. I have so many fun things coming up in 2018 – and would love to hear from you below if there is anything you’d just love to see. Happy New Year! xoxo

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OH yes I just did it. I put pulled pork in your guacamole!

Or ON your guacamole. Let’s be real. Who does this?

ME. I’m doing it now.

I always love to share some sort of pork-based recipe this week between Christmas and New Year’s for those of you that eat it over the holiday for good luck. We’ve talked about enchiladas, grilled cheese, slow cooker sweet and spicy pork and pulled pork tostadas. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve never put pork IN the guac.

Why not?! I mean, I load tons of guacamole on top of my carnitas tacos all the time, so it was only natural.

Plus, we all know how I feel about majorly trashed up guacamole. Spoiler alert: I adore it. It’s a thing. My thing!

Here’s one of the reasons I am loving: major texture and...

Here we are! The end of 2017. Craaaazzzzy.

I have lots of likes (and dislikes?!) to tell you about this month. I’m still riding some of the new makeup high from the VIB sale!

SO. I also tried a few Glossier products this month after getting them on Black Friday sale and honestly? Was TOTALLY underwhelmed. Like so underwhelmed. I absolutely hated the boy brow. Everyone has told me to try it since it’s similar to Benefit’s Gimme Brow (which is currently recalled? And I’m freaking out about it!) and to me, it’s no where near as good! The brush is bigger (so I have less control), the brown shade isn’t dark enough (but the black was too dark) and the formula didn’t cover my brows evenly or anything like Gimme Brown does. Really bummed.

I also bought the haloscope? And hated it. First, there is like no highlight at all, no sheen. Not even a super natural sheen. The formula also never dried down so it was sticky on my face the entire time and would rub off. Horrible!

A product I do like but don’t think is groundbreaking or anything is the Balm dot com in birthday cake. I’m just keeping it in my kitchen for constant use!

There’s only one product I really LOVED and it’s listed below.

So let’s do it!

I have always loved New Year’s Eve… as long as I’m staying at HOME! I have no desire to go out on that night and love staying home whether it’s with family, friends or both – and lots and lots of snacks.

This year, we are obviously going to be hanging at home and with the Christmas sickness in this house, I cannot wait to make ALL THE PARTY FOOD for Sunday night!

Let’s start with cocktails. OF COURSE! I was toying with doing away with my Thursday cocktail posts come 2018 (just to save time), but they are honestly some of my favorite to make, style and shoot. Plus, being pregnant almost ALL of 2017 meant I missed out on all the summer cocktail options. So thirsty Thursday shall stay.

Here are some of my favorites for New Year’s Eve… or New Year’s Day. 

These lemon raspberry sorbet prosecco floats are so fun and totally customizable with your favorite flavors!

If you’re still somewhat celebrating Christmas (we are!), this pear sangria is insanely festive,...

1. I’m posting a late night Tuesday things from the sick house, as I was hit with the stomach flu on Christmas Eve morning. We haven’t left the house in three days, had barely any food in the fridge over the duration and officially missed every Christmas festivity we’d been looking forward to for months. It was such a bummer, but at least we cuddled (read: slept like the dead) on the couch together under the lights?

2. So I’m craving all sorts of things since I couldn’t eat for 72 hours but these chocolate espresso vegan cinnamon rolls are at the top of my list!

3. This week is like the summer mindset for me. I always look at it as vacation and am shocked when Eddie’s like, um, I have to work. Or that I still have to do work. Wait, what? Don’t we just permanently have summers and the week after Christmas off like we are 12 years old?

4. Every year that I’ve created a vision board has ended up being an AWESOME year. I love it.

5. Since I’m starting to feel better, I think I’m going to read a Christmas book super quick this week and am considering the Seven Days of Us. Have you read it?!

6. I caved and watched the Christmas Prince on Netflix last...

Hey hey!

To kick off 2018 on the right foot, we’re offering a totally FREE one week trial to our menu planning service, Sweet Peas Meals!

We have had such an amazing time creating this community and the meal planning tips and tricks that I’ve learned through the members have been priceless! Your trial will start the first week of January (HELLO!) and you’ll get all the goods that members get to test it out. FUN!

And starting tomorrow, I’ll be back with some killer eats for New Year’s Eve! 

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Happy day after Christmas… aka, my annual recipe disaster post.

For the eighth year in a row, I’m showing you all the stuff that I totally failed at in 2017. Or, half of the stuff, let’s be real. There were LOTS of things, let me tell you. Why do I think I can just throw all the flavors together? Make all the things?

The first half of the year, I was photographing my next book and finishing a few recipe tests which led to TONS of major fails. The second half, I was trying to get a bunch of recipes ready for when Emilia was born and anytime I attempt to make tons and tons of recipe at once, it’s never good. So let’s get to it! Oh and…

for previous recipe disasters, see:








These horrific spirals that are supposed to resemble a version of cinnamon rolls are actually a recipe in my next book… but don’t worry, I perfected it. I swear. Don’t worry!

Because these above are pretty much the grossest things I’ve ever seen.

This is another recipe for the book and it’s the best thing...