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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! Now if only it would stop snowing here… things would be perfect!

This week I shared a behind the book post on choosing the recipes in my next book. You have THREE days left to get the free bonus cookbook with an order of The Pretty Dish. THIS IS THE WEEK! AH! We’re starting The Pretty Dish book club on Tuesday too!

What are you guys up to? Are you going to drink green beer today? Please say no. xo

Have a wonderful weekend!

Internet bests:

dilly chickpea greens salad. OMG! making this week.

very into these homemade peanut butter eggs.

super simple marinara sauce that looks so good.

dreaming of this almond dutch baby.

cauliflower rice kimchi bowls. craving one.

this vegan chocolate zucchini cake is unreal.

oooh the best meatball sub! i need it.

sparkling grapefruit, elderflower and rosé in a cocktail. YES.

hello 5 ingredient chocolate coconut bliss balls.

pretzel lime pie. this looks magnificent!

craving this irish soda bread with dried apricots.

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For the love of the scone!

These cheddar scones with honey and black pepper are little triangles of heaven.

And you know. When I think about writing something such as “who doesn’t love a scone?!,” I have to hesitate. Because in my life, there are many people who do not love a scone. Eddie. My mom. Probably my dad. Definitely one of my brothers. The list goes on.

And I literally write this in EVERY post about scones, but even my own scone memory is horrible because the first time I tasted them was elementary school, on Saint Patricks Day when a parent brought in a classic version. And they had raisins.

Which I sort of believe shouldn’t even exist. Like why do we have to go and ruin grapes that way?

Said scones were also rock hard and dry. I was very much NOT into them.

Really. Could I be any more of a broken record?

So even though I adore this amazing old-school recipe that is a master base for an excellent scone, I’m always...

This has possibly been the biggest requested behind the book post EVER. And is a question I get often. HOW THE HECK DO I COME UP WITH THE RECIPES.

And how do I decide what to put in the book!?

Actually, coming up with the recipes is easy for me. I don’t know why. It just is. It’s probably like how math comes really easily to my husband or something like that. I have a big old recipe brain that is constantly churning out ideas. I’m constantly motivated and inspired and since I work everyday on these things, the motivation and inspiration just keeps coming!

That doesn’t mean I always love to cook. I mean, yeah, in the grand scheme of things, I LOVE it. But of course I have days where I just want to desperately get take out from anywhere.

The process of conceptualizing a recipe from start to finish though? I adore it.

Now here’s the thing!

Choosing the recipes for my book has ways been something that has really stressed me out! LIKE REALLY. I think it’s because as a lover of books, I want to make sure that I adore every single thing that goes into my own book that will live on a shelf. And since I love coming up with recipe ideas, it’s a matter of deciding what is worthy enough to live in...

It has already been a WEEK.

Give me a frozen irish cream cappuccino and let’s call it a day.

Bailey’s is life.

Even though this week was all about springing forward, everyone in our house decided to stop sleeping! It’s like the babies decided to rally at midnight and thought it would be SO fun to throw a party until 5AM.

It’s just been a blast! Not.

Perhaps I need four frozen irish cream cappuccinos. How would that go over?


What I love about this is that it’s not overly sweet. There is no other added sugar, besides the Bailey’s and while that is sweet, the amount in the cappuccino isn’t overwhelmingly sugary. It’s not like it has ice cream or anything. It’s perfection. Frozen, creamy, icy coffee!

Right before I got pregnant with Max a few years ago, I discovered regular old coffee frappuccinos at Starbucks. Just plain coffee, frozen, with no whipped cream or anything. And I fell in LOVE....

Here with an embarrassingly easy recipe for you!

Only my favorite kind of recipe. Besides the majorly trashed up ones.

But guys! This sheet pan salmon is SO simple. Really flavorful. Very easy and only contains THREE ingredients… aside from the salmon and brussels themselves. Crazy, right?

Lately I’ve been trying to share the meals I make on a day when I’m losing my mind, feel like I have zero time, don’t want to make something out of a box and feel like we’ve been eating out way too much. This is one of those.

And I entrusted my very helpful three year old to help me with food styling here. Note: I do not recommend. Even if it’s adorable!

No, really though, we are still eating seafood on Friday since it is Lent and I’m just trying to prevent Eddie from bringing home another Primanti’s fish sandwich. No heart attacks needed.

The thing is that I am generally not a...

And I have a couple things!! Besides maaajor excitement. Eeeek! Okay, so!

  1. You have one week left to preorder and receive your free bonus cookbook! Think chimichurri garlic bread and chorizo guac. OMG. (Also, side note, if you filled out the form and didn’t get your book (and checked your junk/spam!), be sure to shoot me an email!
  2. In case you missed it, I posted the start of The Pretty Dish book tour on Sunday. I can’t wait to see YOU.
  3. THE PRETTY DISH BOOK CLUB IS HAPPENING! We’re going to cook out of the book together for the rest of the year. !!!!!!! So many fun things planned with this and they start next Tuesday, March 20 – the day that The Pretty Dish comes out! Grab your copy so we can start one week from today!

I love you forever. Byyyye. 

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1. OMG! These puffy pancakes? I’m in love.

2. Last year at this time, we were gearing up for our kitchen remodel. I can’t even explain how thrilled I am that something like that is NOT happening right now. We will never ever ever do anything like that again, mark my words. I jokingly wrote about how awful it was last year, but it was baaaaad.

3. I absolutely love this idea of morning pages. Right?

4. So I’ve always loved daylight savings time, especially the last ten-ish years with this job. It means more photography hours for me! But um, yesterday everyone was WIDE AWAKE at 5am for the day so I might be changing my stance on that.

5. TV things! I’m starting to like Homeland a little more this season. This Is Us was SO heartbreakingly good and I’m excited for tonight’s episode. And I pretty much can’t stand every single storyline on Grey’s Anatomy. Oh! Who watched American Idol? I mean, I usually like the auditions so it was okay?

6. True story: as a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of messages in a bottle! And let’s be real… it was probably mostly due to Nicholas Sparks’ book of the same name. My head was always in a book.

7. Give me all of your traveling/flying with multiple kids tips! Also,...

I’ve got a situation.

If you’re looking for some major comfort food, these Guinness short ribs and cauliflower mash are the business. I mean, we are talking one heck of a fabulous dinner.

You really want to get in on this situation, I swear! I’m calling it the meal of the WEEK.

And I know! I’m very much having a moment with Guinness. Never going to drink it buuutt… will gladly do all the other fun things with it.

These short ribs are SO fantastic. I made these three separate times (and three separate ways) to really test them, and they were also super delicious on sandwiches. And on nachos! Yes yes, omg.

Also! I used boneless short ribs here which I almost never do. I usually buy bone-in. The boneless I got were perfect. I had the butcher cut them fresh and he took off most of the fat (leaving some for flavor, obvs) and every single bit was deliciously edible. Unlike...

IT’S HERE! Eeeeep! I’m so excited to tell you guys about The Pretty Dish CookBook Tour!

First, I cannot thank you guys enough for all your amazing support with this book. I am so thankful for you and would LOVE to see you!

I’m spreading things out a bit more this time (because… kiddos!) and can’t wait to meet you. With my last book launch, the events were the highlight of the entire thing. You guys were amazing.

Below are the book tour dates we have planned so far. There are others coming too, but I’ll add those in once we have a solid date – so this coming week, be on the lookout for a few more dates (…L.A., Philly, Cleveland, D.C.)!

And if you haven’t ordered your copy of The Pretty Dish yet, you can do so right here! Remember that for one more week, you can get your hands on this FREE bonus cookbook if you order! And you can always bring your book with you to a signing. xo 


March 24

Barnes and Noble, South Hills Village

1 PM



April 11

Northeastern University, Stetson Hall at Xhibition Kitchen, 11 Speare Place, Boston

12 PM



April 14


Happy Saturday you guys!! How are things? Is anyone else totally thrilled about daylight savings time? I so am. More light!

So much stuff! First, tomorrow morning I’m sharing all the details we have (so far!) on the book tour for The Pretty Dish! Woohoo!

Second, you can still get the 15-bonus recipe ebook with a preorder right now. You have ten more days…. eeep! Can’t even believe it.

Also, I shared a little update this week on Emilia at four months. How is she so old?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! xo

And now, all this goodness down below that is rocking the internet:

oooooh i need this kale taco salad with jalapeño lime vinaigrette.

mint chocolate mousse with matcha meringue. i’ve never seen something so amazing!

super pretty kiwi and lime curd fools.

shredded chipotle chicken tacos. YES.

these closet organization tips and omg this closet! the colors.

very into this crispy lemongrass chicken!

guinness vanilla malted milkshakes. omg.

these photos of the northern lights are insane.

how stunning is this paella?

this parmesan roasted broccoli sounds delish.

one stunning almond crostada!

yes please: vodka strawberry lemonade cocktails!

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Yep we are DOING IT.

Cereal milk cupcakes. A little take on Lucky Charms cupcakes! Which is actually a take on confetti cupcakes that have cream cheese frosting and all sorts of cuteness on top.

I wish it was appropriate to eat one every day!

Ooooh I am so excited to tell you about these adorable cupcakes!

Last year I made a Lucky Charms snack cake with cream cheese frosting that never saw the light of day. I was disappointed with the photos but also disappointed with the cake (it was way too dense) so I scrapped it at the last minute. For this homemade pub cheese spread. Which is, um… also amazing!

Anyhoooo. I wanted to redeem the cereal milk cake. I knew it could be fabulous and also super cute for Saint Patrick’s Day weekend!

You guys! Green goddess margaritas might be my new favorite thing.

They are super fun. They are SO refreshing. They taste amazing with lots of salt on the rim. And just how perfect are they for Saint Patrick’s Day?! This is a billion times better than green beer.

It all starts with green juice! And speaking of green margaritas… let’s talk about how there is a creamy, frozen avocado margarita in The Pretty Dish. Oh yes there is!

This one is different for sure though. It’s just super fresh. Which is necessary since I’m pretty sure we’re getting a blizzard today. FAIL.

Also! I know that I’ve mentioned what an insane obsession I have right now with edible gold leaf. It is so super pretty and of course I’m drawn to all things sparkly. It’s a little tricky to work with but makes these drinks look like an adorable lucky pot of gold.

The main flavors in this margarita are cucumber and lime. Super refreshing and kind of spring-like!...

Pizza again?! I’m calling it flatbread. So it’s fair.

Hear me out! I swear it is worth it. Buffalo cauliflower pizza slash flatbread is always worth it.

Because! I am sharing another recipe from The Pretty Dish with you! Eeeeeep!

I might be a walking contradiction this week, but at least I’m making it a delicious trip. Can we do all pizza all the time? Like our own personal Book It party? Book It was LIFE.

Really, I lived for personal pan pizzas and parties with Book It in elementary school. It just fueled my insane desire to read everything (by “everything” I mean Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High stopppp judging me!) and what kid isn’t motivated by holographic stickers and parties with pizza?


This is one of those flatbread crusts that is so simple to make. No rising of the dough! No waiting! Zero patience needed! You make the dough, bake it a bit and you’re golden. It’s kind of crispy and crunchy and almost like a cracker!

Basically, the complete opposite from t

1. Today marks exactly TWO WEEKS until The Pretty Dish is released! Eeeeep! You can still get your free recipe book if you preorder today! It would mean the world to me.

2. This yogurt queso is a thing and it’s a thing I want in my face ASAP.

3. Finally had an Instant Pot success! I made nom nom paleo’s kalua pork and it was pretty good. Still not sold on the IP though and sort of bummed.

4. Speaking of crazy kitchen appliances, are you moving on to the air fryer trend? I actually have one because I used it to make these lobster fondue fries for Crate and Barrel two years ago. I’ve only used it once or twice since though. Going to need a separate room to hold all of my kitchen junk.

5. If you’ve made the incredible chocolate chunk shortbread, this is so funny: how I ruined instagram’s favorite cookie.

6. Newest TV obsession: Ugly Delicious on Netflix. It’s so good!

7. Did you watch the Oscars?! Some of my favorite dresses included Jennifer Garner (omg, that color), Viola Davis (have I ever NOT liked what she has worn?), Lupita Nyong’o (that gold though), Gina Rodriguez (prob theee favorite), Allison Janney (because I’m just obsessed with her), Jennifer Lawrence (didn’t like it so much...

I know, I know, I know! I juuuuust shared a pizza with you five minutes ago.

At least it felt like five minutes ago because the days are moving at lightening speed. But this is a special one! An extra special one.

Also, how do I live in a world where it feels like everything is extra special to me?

New favorite thing alert! This is FAB.

It’s funny when I make a supreme pizza with all these toppings, because in real life I tend to choose PLAIN pizza. I’m so legitimately boring with my pizza that it’s unreal. I occasionally like pepperoni and roasted red peppers and mushrooms but I’ll still almost always choose plain. Or a white pizza, which is also rather plain.

Sometimes it’s buffalo chicken, but that’s a very specific mood, you know?!

But here’s the thing! When the traditional “supreme” toppings are all together on the pizza? I LOVE THEM. Like I crave the flavors that they...

I can’t believe we’ve made our way into March! This is going to be SUCH a fun weekend because I got my first shipment of The Pretty Dish! EEEEP! We are only 17 (omg!) days away from the book launch. I cannot even WAIT. If you still want to preorder, you can do so here! You can also still get your free ebook with a preorder!

In other news, this week I shared a bunch of extras: another day in the life post, my february lifestyle favorites and beauty favorites.

Tomorrow Emilia officially turns four months and (cliche-ly, of course), I can’t believe it. Cue the tears.

What are you up to this weekend? Tell me the goods! xo

The best of the best on the internets this week:

this is brilliance: a sweet and salty yogurt snack.

how fun – printable bingo for the oscars!

caramelized white chocolate swirl brownies. omg.

really love this orange, bourbon pecan glazed ham! and i usually don’t even care for ham.

a roasted red pepper bloody mary! WHOA.

obsessed with this DIY rainbow wall hanging!

loving these crispy buttermilk chicken tenders.

grapefruit crispy waffles! need these.

majorly craving this spanish tortilla.

cauliflower rice veggie bowls....

Hello hello! Can’t believe we’re here again!

Such a short month and it FLEW by. I have a few new favorites from the month and few oldies but goodies that I adore. I wore makeup a lot more this month that I have in awhile – well, since the beginning of the year when I resolved to really GET READY every single day! Not tons of makeup, but at least the basics!

In good news, I also heard that Benefit Gimme Brow might be coming back next month? I hope! I have tried everything everyone has suggested and nothing is exactly like the product. I did try the Essence version and it’s VERY close… but not exact.

What else?! I’m still obsessed with the RMS luminizer. It is all I’ve used to highlight. If you’re looking to grab one thing, that should be it! Otherwise, here are my major February faves below. Can’t wait to hear what you’re loving. Woohoo.

Marc Jacobs Eye Conic Palette in Glambition. This is one of the palettes that I got back during the VIB sale and it’s become my go-to quick makeup when I actually put on real makeup. Like when I...

[This post is sponsored by McCormick. I can’t wait for you to see the deliciousness I’ve whipped up with some of their products in 2018!]

HELLO fondue, you make all my 80s dreams come true.

Irish fondue, to be exact. Today we’re talking about the appetizer that can be the hit of your Saint Patrick’s Day. Spiced stout pretzels. Dipped in a rich Irish cheddar fondue. I NEED NOTHING ELSE IN LIFE.

Saint Patrick’s Day is huuuuge here in Pittsburgh and especially this year, because the parade falls on the actual holiday. The parade is INSANE. Like truly, a crazy experience. To be real, it’s not an experience I have wished to have since leaving college, but if you haven’t witnessed all the green beer that you can find in the city, it’s worth one try.

The actual parade isn’t even what draws the biggest crowd… it’s just the huge party downtown surrounding the parade!

Some of the wildest memories I have from college include...

Hey hey! Here’s a list of all the food and fun and random things I’ve been loving in February. Let me know what you’ve been loving down below!

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. OMG. Obsessed with this podcast! I have always loved Dax, especially after watching Parenthood. Every episode has been great so far and I love that they are so long. The one with Kristen Bell reminded me so much of my own marriage too! And Jimmy Kimmel. I  laughed out loud multiple times.

Gary Vaynerchuk Crushing It is the book I’ve read (errr, I actually am looking at it on my phone on the kindle app) all last month. SO inspiring. I always make excuses and am horrible with self sabotage and this really gives you a kick in the butt. I love anything self improvement.

Bauble Bar Feather Drop Earrings. These are another pair of the statement earrings that I am OBSESSED with. They are just so fun!

Rebecca Minkoff Geo Stud Earrings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, day in and day out I am a studs girl. I love finding ones that are more fun that just regular studs, and these are my current fave! I’ve basically been living in them.

Vanilla Iced Lattes from Panera! This is a repeat but OH MY GOSH. I...

And gummy hearts! OMG yes – it’s true. Champagne gummy bears here we come.

I’m saying yes way rosé to GUMMIES! They’re a thing and we’re doing it at home.

Um, these might be my most favorite thing that I’ve made in a long time. They are super fun. They are SO much easier than you’d expect. And they are adorable! Perfect for the Oscars this weekend if you’re watching (hellllo Jimmy Kimmel!). Perfect for spring, perfect for a cocktail party, perfect for Sunday funday with your friends.

I should probably just write a post on why you shouldn’t make them, because I can give you 100 reasons why you SHOULD!

So, I am such a huge fan girl of sugarfina champagne bears. When I realized that I could make these on my own, I was thrilled. I have spent an embarrassing amount on sugarfina gummies as gifts for friends and family. And some for myself. You can do it at home, you can!

I started with this post...