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Upserve grew its Upserve Online Ordering capabilities, adding in-demand features that make fulfilling online orders easier for restaurant owners and staff while delighting guests.
Certified Retail Solutions is a global service integrator of end-to-end IT life cycle solutions for the retail and hospitality industries.

This integration empowers restauranteurs with enterprise-level order ahead technology that works seamlessly with Toast.

SiteMinder will streamline the distribution of Bin Majid properties to online booking channels

Keystone provides reconciliation between program sponsors, point banks and commerce partners – a feature some competitive platforms do not offer.
CHTA CEO Jing Zhu present Rama with the award at the Global CHTA Conference in Tokyo.

Find out how the integration makes life easier for users of Grubhub and NCR Aloha POS.

The lock virtually eliminates hardware, features mobile access with NFC and BLE, as well as wireless tech for real-time access control management.

Dale Carnegie trainer, David Osborne, will arm hospitality professionals with best practices to weather the rapid pace of change while maintaining a highly engaged and motivated staff.

Caesars guests who engage with Ivy, a 24-hour virtual concierge service, rated their overall experience an average of five points higher than guests who knew about Ivy but did not engage.

British online delivery firm Deliveroo selected data expert Looker both to operationalize its data and manages its international partner and customer networks.

Hospitality properties can deliver power wherever guest demand requires from the guest room to the lobby to an event space.
Businesses will also have access to analytics into each promotional campaign.

Register Now! Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 2:00 pm ET   Hotel guests are demanding more personalized engagement and hotels must find the right balance of technology and service to deliver the experiences that guests desire.
Upgrade will offer improvements to guest and staff facing features including dining and service requests and work order escalations.
Solution integrates reservation management, marketing analytics, mobile technology and venue management into an easy to use platform.

The James Beard award-winning chef who runs Brooklyn's The Tuscan Gun shares how designing a virtual reality experience has been a boon to his brand.

Pepper now has front of office capabilities, giving businesses more flexibility to create relevant and meaningful interactions through a unique conversational experience.

Discover why chatbots could be the solution for unique challenges in hospitality.

By tracking and analyzing big data, AI tools will be able to offer potential guests the perfect booking choice, faster.