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The visually warming effect of wood tone can make for a very inviting interior. Most popularly lately, we have seen expanses of wood tone working beautifully alongside shades of grey and white. Monochrome always looks chic but what if you fancy a splash of something a little more playful? The colourful elements of this wood covered interior, designed by Olha Wood, come in cheerful tones of coral pink, sunny yellow, muted red, pale turquoise and azure blue. The 1940’s inspired palette is juxtaposed with industrial styling, such as raw concrete accent walls and minimalist lighting fixtures, plus a selection of much heavier looking black pieces that appear throughout.

Starting in the living room we get a flavour of the 1940s colour clash right off the bat. A coral pink upholstered sofa sits in the same space as two cheerful yellow chairs and a roof red bookcase. The scene is set against a wooden backdrop that looks onto concrete columns, between which a flat screen television nestles. Matching the grey of the concrete columns is a stout grey coffee table by the sofa.

A black swing arm wall lamp lights the chaise part of the four seater pink sofa. The Counterbalance Swing Arm LED Wall Light is well situated for use next to the book collection.

Have an exposed brick wall, but not sure what to do with it? These three inspirational homes – sized as smaller apartments or more luxurious two-storey dwellers – use exposed brick, wooden paneling and shades of grey to create modern spaces. Long lines of wood construct kitchens with grey benches ending in exposed brick walls. Wooden doors shake off their natural grooves to reveal bookcases. Exposed brick tiling holds a faucet, and wooden shelving a sink top in a stone bathroom clothed in grey. Get inspiration and design ideas for your exposed brick facades, with these three homes combining brick, wood and grey.

Visualizer: Polygons  

Our first home uses grey, brick and wood in a loft for an IT specialist, a home designed to repel negative thinking and clutter. Opening to the living room, spaced wooden rafters cling to the ceiling, while a relaxed grey couch offers a seat beneath. A base in grey – spreading from two different paint shades in the walls, to a floor rug, coffee table vases and extractor fan high shelving – keeps the mood calm, refreshed and not too busy.

As we zoom further out, the Menu Willmann vases on the coffee table find friends in other small, grey-hued things. A row of aluminium camera lights draw squares around the ceiling; door handles shine bright in silver; a grey abstract houses smaller...

Dark grey just looks so sophisticated with a white and wood home decor scheme doesn’t it? The depth of hue works sharply against an icy white edge, and is effectively warmed by smooth natural tone. The quantity of dark accent colour used can affect the mood of a place. Large swathes make a room feel dramatic, a smaller expanse appears smart and crisp. This collection of three home design tours use dark grey, white and wood tone in all different ways. Our first house feels homey and warm, the second is slightly more suited and booted in a city slicker style, and the last sits somewhere comfortably in the middle.

Visualizer: Mirela Świerc  

Flying in the face of any critic who ever unfairly deemed grey as always being a dull or cold neutral, this home design is an incredibly cosy and cheerfully bright affair. A wide spanning arrangement of wall cabinets frame a warm wooden centrepiece that lays home to the flat screen television, a small gallery of prints and a mini book collection. The vista is lifted further by a modern accent chair upholstered in ivory coloured fabric. The chair used here is the Husk by Patricia Urquiola.

The large linear sofa is also a charcoal grey hue, which has been covered in a scattering of cushions in lighter...

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Never let the modest size of your home restrict your sense of style–someone somewhere must once have said. If they didn’t, then we’ve just said it, right then. So let’s get serious. Serious about the brave punch of style that each of these four little interior designs have whacked into their truly restricted dimensions. From big bright colour pops and large kitsch art prints to oversized statement lighting and expanses of bold patterned tiling, these little gems have got it all and more to boot. Modest room proportions don’t mean that everything in them has to be modestly proportioned! In fact, the designers of these four homes would probably argue quite to the contrary.

Visualizer: Fotis Kazantzidis  

Kicking off the small home style scene is this 31 square metre studio apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Hanging right in the centre like a chic sleek disco ball is a copper orb style pendant shade. The metallic surface reflects the room, creating a smaller skewed version of the furniture, artwork and indoor plants.

Beneath the copper lighting is a cluster of gold coffee tables with black glass tops at varying heights. The combination is a glamorous look that...

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If you love the look of beautifully smooth grey and white interiors as we do, then this is a great set of inspirational home designs for you. Ranging from a dark moody grey apartment, moving through a couple of more balanced schemes and finishing off with a much lighter and brighter example of a space. This spectrum really has something to suit everybody’s grey loving tastes. Each of these four contemporary interiors also follow a minimalist style that fits with a modern lifestyle. Open plan living rooms where a sociable kitchen and dining space overlook a lounge area; serious home offices for working around the clock, large bedrooms and spacious bathrooms.

Visualizer: Dekaa  

House interior number one holds an all star grey composition. A cosy yet modern sofa, a soft area rug, curtains and wall paintwork are all smooth shades of grey. The single hued composition could fall flat if not for the purity of white elements that pepper the scene. White decorative vases, scatter cushions and a coffee table tray are all presented as unpatterned accents that lift the scheme by their very simplicity.

Cool swing arm wall lamps are the wall adornment of choice right now, and here above the grey sofa we find the Flos Mod 265 model.


If the rolling hills of a large country estate has always been your dream, you might not like what you find here. More and more urban dwellers are finding that you simply do not need an overwhelm of area to create a stylish and comfortable home. The four apartments featured in this post measure less than 50 square meters (538 square feet) and yet, each includes beautiful furnishings and stunning modern design. With the right eye and more importantly, a careful selection of what you are able to live with and without, it is possible to create a home you love, and one you love to look at, without a lot of space at all.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

The first apartment featured uses a floor-to-ceiling window as its focal point in the main living area.

The natural light immediately makes the small space feel bigger and more open.

You will also notice that neutral color palettes are quite popular in these smaller spaces.

Black, white, and gray work well together to expand the space visually, as seen here in every detail including the kitchen clock


We all like the idea of luxury. But while there may be a certain style of interior design that evokes the word, isn’t true luxury just being able to create the space you want? Just because you can afford those trappings of generic luxury like gold accessories and expansive kitchens does not mean that such a design will feel like luxury to you. For the two homes featured here, there are certainly common indicators of a sumptuous design, including lush fabrics and of course, the stunning reflective warmth of copper accents, but there is also a clear focus on the importance of comfort, which is what makes any home a truly luxurious experience.

Visualizer: IQOSA Architect  

While this post exists to call attention to copper accents, in this first home it is virtually impossible to ignore the metal’s impact .

A copper accent wall not only feel luxurious, but also reflects a muted light that’s quite flattering for all surrounding objects.

The texture of the copper wall is also worth mentioning as an attention to mixed textures is evident throughout the space.

Nestled between pieces of a plush sectional, a Swiss cheese plant makes for an ideal

Coral and green are the fresh and friendly colours of choice in this compact modern apartment in Nõmme, Estonia, designed by Ace Of Space. Set against a pure crisp white backdrop, the more colourful home style elements are reminiscent of a summer garden. Muted grass green rugs and brighter leafy greens give the home a natural feel despite the somewhat limited appearance of natural textured materials and potted house plants. The cheerful coral hued pieces work beautifully alongside furnishings and accessories that are picked out in shining metallic gold and copper. The three harmonious tones meld warmly and lift the scheme by introducing joyously unexpected shining moments.

The apartment walls and floor treatments are completely stark. White paint covers each and every internal wall. Bookcases and cabinets are coated in a white finish. Floors are a clean light-reflecting gloss white. The largest pieces of furniture in the room are also free of colour, with the sofa upholstered in soft grey fabric and two comfortable chairs in contrasting ivory.

The first blast of colour hits us from the wall space above the sofa where a series of three pieces of artwork by Anu Samarüütel take pride of place. The small gallery sets the tone and palette for the entire apartment.

Beside the light grey modern sofa, a

Traditionally, pastels evoke the colours of nurseries – baby pinks, blues and creamy lemon yellows that hush the children in your family. But pastels have another side. Full of light, soft and oh-so-sophisticated, pastel greys can turn the longest of curved walls into a dreamscape. The most delicate shades of mauve can colour block couches; the faintest of baby blues partition your space. Pastels can ever-so-subtly direct your eye to teal bathroom cabinets, or drench your kitchen splashback in light blue. Whatever the size or scale of your apartment or interior, take a peek at these designs by visualizers Dezest for some pastel inspiration.

Sitting at a modest 105sqm, this apartment in Dnepr, Ukraine, uses shades of mauve and grey to create a dreamy yet elegant space. Welcoming us into the sitting room, two white modern coffee tables are surrounded by a mauve L-sofa and lightly-chequered one-seater. Wall heaters hidden in white and a tall sprig of a house plant add interest.

Separating from the lounge, a large white plinth creates a simple corridor. Camera lights peer down from the ceiling, while a Scandinavian standing mirror draws a white frame. A statement bench in teal provides a place for tired visitors.

The marriage of minimalism and eco-friendly design choices is a match made in heaven in this ecostyle apartment in Lviv, Ukraine. Realized by the visualizers at Fog Architecture, the house takes the clean lines and neutral color palettes of minimalism and combines them with luscious natural materials — especially wood — for a sunny, cozy feel throughout. From the open floor plan living area to the pops of color and light in the bedroom to the relaxing sea-colored chaise on the balcony, this home is exceptionally liveable and beautiful. Take a step inside and get inspired for your own eco-makeover.

The main living area is not extremely spacious, but the use of neutral colors like gray and white make it feel somewhat bigger.

Other design tricks, like a recessed television, make for a bit more space as well.

One design element that must be mentioned in this main area is the uniquely texture wall. This creative addition lends quite a bit of personality to the home.

Overall, comfort is key in this apartment, with this cozy gray chair acting as just one example.

While guests may move directly into the living area, the entryway is the first...

Exposed brick walls, metal beams and banisters, unboxed ducting, surface mounted electrical wiring, utilitarian lighting design; these are all things that have come to equate an industrial style home decor. The accumulative result is a no frills strong style that is often paired with a neutral furniture palette, particularly shades of grey and tan. But hold the phone: This collection of five industrial style homes introduce a much meatier scheme. Jewel colour accent furniture and flourishes, traditional silhouettes and inviting wall art, warm area rugs and even a splash of pattern all come together to create a rich industrial look that could even be described as cosy.

Visualizer: Fathy Ibrahim  

Industrial home decor is a cool trend but can appear a little cold. By introducing jewel tones into the scheme, like this garnet red accent chair, the room takes on a new personality. One solitary piece of colourfully upholstered furniture can bring a visual warmth to the whole room. In this space, the sumptuous red chair contrasts with the emerald green plants that have been dotted around the place, which gives the piece even more pop.

The television wall has a border of books that also apply a level of hominess to the utilitarian backdrop.

The area rug beneath the sofa and red...

Scandinavian design can be a very good choice for families looking for a way to unify their home. Not only does Scandinavian design encourage minimalism, it also has a playfulness about it with pops of color and fun objects that add personality to any room. The two homes featured here take full advantage of the mix-and-match Scandinavian look. Neither home is too buttoned up or so minimalist that you can’t imagine living there. Rather, they take the elements of the design style and make them liveable, meaning the houses will be sanctuaries for both the parents and the children.

Visualizer: Kyde  

The first home featured is a townhouse located in Odessa.

The two-story house was designed for a young family of 3 and also has an attic living space.

The home’s interior was designed with the Scandinavian aesthetic in mind, including elements of minimalism.

The main living area is located on the first floor and is quite spacious, featuring furnishings such as Scandinavian style chairs.

The central element in the living space is a large, solid wood table.

In the kitchen, simple dark cabinetry and indoor herb...

Three bedrooms and 99 square meters provide the canvas for this chilled out interior design, visualised by Lera Brumina. Located in Minsk, Belarus, this open plan home might be at the cutting edge of home decor with its geometric furniture and accessories but the atmosphere is of a relaxed vibe. There is no garish use of colour to achieve modernity here; smooth walnut and shades of grey work alongside pure white but the scheme is not devoid of colour either. Muted tones of dusky purple, sky blue and bottle green are used over large areas, with the occasional controlled accent splash of red for added interest.

Beginning in the open plan living room that leads through to a kitchen dining area, we’re met with what appears to be a largely colour free scheme. The sofa, armchair and large geometric rug move through a spectrum of grey. The walls are white and the most colourful shade in the room is provided by the smooth walnut wood tone of a wall mounted entertainment unit that matches the arms and legs of the comfortable chair.

Through a set of interior glass doors we’re able to see a slight hint of some colour. The internal glass wall feature allows natural daylight to shine through from the living room windows into the back rooms.


This office-like home interior, by The November Design is a vision of pure white: White painted walls and ceilings, crisp white veneer and powder coated metal, white kitchen and lights. Each icy detail just showing subtle variation in tone. Elements of furniture and flooring provide accents of lightly warming woodgrain. Soft furnishings and the bathroom tiling bring hints of beige into the mix too. Because the palette throughout the apartment is kept so simple, all visual interest must come in the form of great design and layout. Dominating the layout is a large work desk, placed right in the centre, where a bold black desk chair waits.

The sitting room of this apartment looks very similar to a client waiting area in an office or design studio. The neat wooden arm settee does not provide a lot of lounging space or cosy comfort, which might tell us a lot about the hardworking nature of this homeowner. The surrounding storage furniture is also of a chic modern office style, typically found to be holding reference books, files and stationery supplies.

A white wall sconce acts as a reading light over the seating area. A second lamp at the other end illuminates the book cabinets.

Although the colour-free decor might initially cause the home to appear minimal, the apartment actually contains a...

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A chic vibe runs through this Scandinavian style home, located in Minsk, Belarus. Much of the furniture is of a classic clean-lined Scandi design that we have all come to know and love but we also find a couple of little surprises along the way. The decor that sits as backdrop to these pieces offers up inviting pitstops of cool colour and bold pattern jostled amongst relaxed white-washed walls. The 120 square meter modern apartment, visualised by Gennady Shmidt, is set over a sophisticated herringbone floor, and accessorised with a menagerie of eye-catching oversized pendant lights and unique floor lamps, along with a selection of attention grabbing artwork.

Kicking things off in the living room, a bright teal sofa is the hero piece of furniture. Beneath it, an area rug has subtle splashes of matching colour. The rest of the chilled room is a monochromatic scheme except for a piece of modern artwork propped up at floor level for that nonchalant look.

Above the colourful sofa is a Mention the unique wall sconce, which is the dual headed Serge Mouille. Further along the wall is a another large piece of art; a portrait piece where the subject’s red lips match with a red stop sign in the background.

Living in a tiny amount of space can be limiting in many ways but living small certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Not convinced? Well, take a look at these three small apartment interiors, all under 50 square metres, that are creative in using stylish furniture and decor to set a high-end scene. Large light fittings over sociably sized dining areas, practical kitchens that do not feel cramped, chic bathrooms and bedrooms brimming with storage are all present in these limited living quarters. Plentiful storage solutions keep these compact homes free from clutter overwhelm so that they appear spacious and the interior design can shine.

The IT_H_1 Apartment, located in Lviv, Ukraine has an area of just 47 square metres but still manages to have dining seating for a party of four in the open plan reception room. A comfortable modern sofa shares the same space as the dining area. Behind the sofa a long planter full of indoor plants acts as a low level room divider.

This pendant lightshade is of a rebellious size for such a small home. The large pendant creates a central focal point for the room.

The attractive