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Original architectural features bring history and stunning individuality to a home in spades. Just about everybody swoons at a place that harbours these preserved special little treasures – but what about when you’re in love with modern day home style, is it safe to meld the two? Yes, say these three home designs by Sergey Klochkov. The combination of contemporary furniture, modern home accessories and quirky accents only gain in impact when set against a traditional backdrop. Embrace every bit of decorative crown moulding, intricate boiserie, heavy wainscotting and deep architrave, and see how to create your very own and extra special version of modern meets traditional home style.

Apartment number one resides in St. Petersburgh, with a total area of 78 square metres. The ceiling has beautiful original plaster coving around the inset of the ceiling. To draw attention to the architectural detail, a bespoke shelving unit has been fitted into the alcove directly below it, causing the eye to travel up over the display and ultimately meet with the ceiling detail. The cubic design in the side supports of the shelf unit also reflects the square perimeter of the ceiling feature, whilst a nearby wall clock matches the intricacies of the moulding pattern itself.

Down at ground level, a

Rocking chairs are not only for new mothers and the elderly. Smooth, comfortable and gently moving, they offer a great place to read, watch TV, or simply reminisce about times past whilst rocking back and forth. These 34 rocking chairs follow mid-century modern, Scandinavian and international designs, leading the way with their innovative forms. Find a plastic Ray Eames replica – at a fraction of the original’s price. Rock out in a brown leather chair supported on chrome. Take a peek through our top 34 list, to see how rockers can relax your modern home.

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Stylish Rattan Rocking Chair: Complement a South-East Asian-style home with the Orinoco Rocking Chair, a stylish find in rattan. Its white metal legs are perfect for watching the world go by in your lounge or conservatory.

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Acapulco-Style Outdoor Rocker Chair: Like a bit more colour? Mexican-themed abodes would appreciate this plastic weave find, which uses Mayan hammock-weaving techniques to create beauty with ergonomics. Stand its coloured strands and rust-proof iron frame on the deck for morning birdsong.


The colour blue is said to symbolise many positive qualities, such as trust, loyalty, truth, wisdom, intelligence and confidence, faith and heaven. Blue is thought to be beneficial to the mind and body as it produces a calming effect that is even said to slow human metabolism. If light colours leave you cold, dark blue is associated with stability and depth. With all of this in mind it seems like a pretty great colour choice for a room used for relaxation doesn’t it? We think so too, so we’ve put together thirty of our favourite blue living room decor schemes to help relax your mind, body and soul.

Source: Hukla  

This pure sky blue paint colour has got to be one of the most relaxing of all. Teamed with white adjacent walls, floor and furniture the look is kept fresh and uncomplicated. The introduction of green from indoor plants acts as a subtle splash of contrast against the hue. Black accents brought in via a console unit, cushions and coffee tables add just enough weight to the light scheme.

Designer: Charlotte Crosland Interiors  

If dark and sumptuous opulence is more your style, then this dark blue lounge scheme with a plum coloured sofa and yellow ochre cushions is sure to inspire. Bronze accents and colourful wall art complete...

A sweets baker resides in this 49.57 square meter(534 square feet) Banqiao, Taiwan based home, created by A Lentil Design. The project, sweetly entitled ‘Meio’s kitchen’ was designed to include many details, with every single corner crafted with focus on refinement and exquisite taste, whilst still reading as clean and unadorned – just like one of Meio’s classic scones. “People who don’t love scones only never eat good scones.” says the baker. The designers explain that this minimal, relaxing space has been cooked to be enjoyed with a cup of tea, and to house two people – oh, and one furry friend (who probably gets to enjoy a lot of cake crumbs).

Besides the bathroom, but including the bedroom, there are only two separate rooms in this modest scaled apartment. We begin in the sitting area of the open plan living room, where a small tufted back sofa sits in front of a sliding window and door. The small space is packed with side tables, a bar cart, and a step to reach up to high shelves that doubles as a plant stand.

One side of the black aluminum framed window slides open over an adjacent recessed shelving unit. The displaced glass appears as an attractive display cabinet door in its secondary position.

The sliding door too moves into position...

This phenomenal 7 bedroom home resides on prestigious La Gorce Island, with views stretching from Biscayne Bay all the way to Downtown Miami. Built on a lot of 23,000 sq ft, the 11,000 sq ft home has an outdoor living area that is designed as a natural extension of the interior space. At $38,000,000 this kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap, but you can expect a 200+ bottle wine room, 8.5 bathrooms, cinema room, gym, elevator, walk in closets, chef’s kitchen, staff kitchen, maid’s quarters, mezzanine and rooftop decks, zero-edge infinity pool, outdoor shower and kitchen, meditation garden, 3 car garage and a guest house.

On entering the home, a magnificent panorama dominates an enormous open plan room. The lighting in the centre of the room is recessed into the ceiling to allow an uninterrupted visual flow from inside to out.

Sophisticated high-end decor has been created in neutrals, allowing the room to take on nature’s palette of orange sunrises, blue skies and red sunsets. The light from the window reflects over the stepped surface of a large glossy coffee table, which is grouped with two movable side tables, and a menagerie of decorative items.

When the glass doors are retracted, the view only becomes more breathtaking. Sunlight floods in...

Home style influences from Scandinavia and Asia meld wonderfully together as they have the same relaxing and serene ideal in mind. The simplicity of this mix works in homes of all sizes but is a particularly great choice if you have a modestly sized place. The small footprint of the home will benefit from the feeling of balance and calm that this interior style brings in its smooth textures, crisp geometrics, cohesive colour palettes, neat statement lighting, natural accents and quirky accessories. Take a look through these five inspirational small modern apartment designs for ideas on how to bring a little Asian and Scandinavian aesthetic into your space.

Visualizer: Ngoc Nguyen  

In our first apartment we are immediately grabbed by the presence of contemporary pattern on the wall. These bold yet neat elements are teamed with natural wooden furniture, like the crate coffee table, side unit and wall shelves. The wooden arm sofa has an Asian flavour but is Scandi in its scatter cushions. There is botanical feel in this living room, not just in the living indoorplants but in some framed artwork too. This brings the garden that can be seen through glass doors right inside the home.

A calming blue-grey colour has been selected as an accent, used on one scatter cushion, one door of the entertainment...

Baby blue, sky blue, grey-blue, royal blue, peacock blue, vivid blue, all the way through to aqua and teal. We’ve left no shade of blue undiscovered in this massive run down of cool blue kitchen designs and kitchen diner decor. We even take a trip to the bottom of the deep blue sea (don’t worry we haven’t gone mad and put the chef in a diving suit, all will be revealed later…) Find inspiration on adding blue accents in the form of kitchen bar stools, lighting, tiling, paintwork, artwork and more – plus how to contrast, or calm and balance the brighter tones with soothing natural and simple monochrome additions.

Visualizer: Eugenia Anfilova  

Sitting mid way between the blue and green spectrum, this teal kitchen decor looks rich when put with wood and gloss black cabinets. Chrome pendant lights stand out against the colour dense backdrop. A Fornasetti plate decorates a plain teal end wall. Teal bar stool legs give the scheme a perfect and unusual finishing touch.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

Copper kitchen bar stools are bang on the metallics trend, and work perfectly with the warm wood tone of the breakfast bar. A unique industrial style lighting installation fills the ceiling space with matching copper tones....

Rustic decor can have a wonderful warmth about it, making it the perfect decor style to bestow upon a dining room, all set for feeding the family or entertaining guests. Although, rustic style can also be injected with many different influences, such as industrial chic, tribal, geometric, modern or traditional. With so many directions to go in it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your home. So to help we have put together an extensive selection of rustic dining room decor schemes that include a multitude of rustic dining tables, accent dining chairs and wooden benches, oversized dining pendant lights, and rustic wall decor.

Visualizer: Lib Team  

This rustic dining setup is part of a kitchen diner layout. The dining area is anchored in front of a beautiful architectural alcove with the help of an oversized rattan pendant light. The woven shade complements the style of the six dining chairs that encompass a glass topped table.

Designer: Eric Aust  

Sitting beneath another rattan shade (though this one being of a smaller scale), a chunky wooden dining table looks the part with a beautiful live edge.

Visualizer: Tomas Sciskala  

An eclectic mix of colourful rattan dining chairs and an upholstered banquette bench seat sets this dining suite apart from the rest.

The coffee table is a fickle friend. Positioned smack bang in your lounge’s centre, it offers a place for small items – but as a place for small items, it also attracts clutter. Whether you’re hiding a magazine or a full-blown closet, we’ve picked out 33 coffee tables that can store your tidbits whilst offering a lifted surface. Store your gadgets away, as your table lifts to a desk. Gas-lift your table vertically, to reveal four faux-leather chairs for unexpected guests. Find more innovative ways to store items and avoid bending, with our top list for top-lift coffee tables.

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Modern Wooden Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage: Love working at home? This wooden coffee table with polished chrome legs lifts up and towards you, so you can edit spreadsheets on the couch. A handy hollow inner hides distracting magazines.

$626BUY IT

Minimalist Coffee Table With Lift Top Unit: At first a compact table, this wood and white lacquer find can stretch its top 360 degrees. Lift up the smaller panel for coffee, the longer for detailed planning, as your everyday tidbits hide in its centre.

This amazing rustic mansion in Park City, Utah, USA is set on a mountaintop, in its own private 4.3 acres of woodland. The enchanting home was built in 1996 with multiple outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas. With so much of natures beauty to enjoy, you might wonder if the owners would ever wish to go indoors… But this dwelling holds an extraordinary surprise feature. A river runs right through the centre of the interior, flanked by extensive volumes of natural rock, so that you need never feel separated from nature. Best of all, this house is up for grabs! That is, if you have a spare $9,400,000 laying around.

The exterior of this home reflects the natural elements that surround it. Built from raw timber and rustic rock the façade looks like it could have grown from the land itself.

The mountaintop beauty spot is awash with the sound of cascading waterfalls from the ponds and birdsong from the trees.

Decks around the home exterior enjoy views over the ponds, the changing colours of the trees and bright skies.

Outdoor relaxation would never grow dull with so many stunning aspects to soak up and enjoy.

Nature seems to hug this home.

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Living in a world of consumerism and excess, these habits commonly translate into abundant decor. Sometimes though enough is enough. We want peace and calm when we return to our ‘nests’. We want less. Wanting less however does not mean we do not desire a welcoming home or comfortable furniture. No. Minimalism isn’t about depriving ourselves of good design and home comforts, it’s about allowing us to enjoy these very things by cutting out all of the noise. This small modern apartment located in Nõmme, Estonia, visualised by Ines Käärma, shows us where to begin our journey to a simpler interior scheme and how to connect our colour schemes.

In an open plan living room we find a simplistic layout where a neat sofa faces a wall mounted entertainment console with TV. To the right is a minimalist white kitchen with a sociable breakfast bar that seats four. In this space we find the introduction to a cohesive colour story that runs throughout the entire apartment, uniting each space as one uncomplicated idea.

On the upholstered modern sofa there is a selection of scatter cushions covered in bright shades of blue and yellow. The amount of colour used in this space is not overwhelming though, allowing the eye and mind to rest. A nearby floor lamp has a soft metallic sheen, plain floor-length curtains and window frames are white,...

These three pastel homes positively sing with prettiness; “I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!”… Well, not literally obviously, but you get the gist. Sweet shades of baby pink, powder blue and chalky mint green cover the furniture, walls and accessories of this trio. If you worry that a candy coloured interior might make your teeth hurt a little, then this inspirational collection of interiors will show you how such shades can be comfortably neutralised with light wood floors and fresh white elements. See how to hold the hues within simplistic contemporary outlines to keep your scheme from appearing frilly or trite.

Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk & Stephen Tsimbalyuk  

Throwing you straight in at the deep end with our most pastel filled home, this first apartment is awash with soft shades of blue, pink and green. At the centre of the scheme the pink couch looks like a row of soft marshmallows but is of an unfussy contemporary style. In direct contact and contrast with the centrally placed couch, a sky blue area rug matches the powdery blue curtains and a light blue coffee table. To earth these airy colours, a selection of amber glass vases decorate the table surface. These tones are echoed over in the dining area situated behind the sofa, where six dining chairs stand in natural rattan.

The rattan dining chairs have...

Live small, think big. The designers of these four small but beautifully formed studio apartment interiors have put together decor schemes that are filled with gorgeous home style, furnishings and attractive accents without feeling overstuffed, despite their limited proportions. A small open plan studio layout can too often feel like each and every area is forced up to the next without pause or breathing space, but not in these examples. Take a look at how the designers of these compact homes have managed to create visual separation and even a feeling of airiness by using carefully considered colour palettes and modern furniture silhouettes in cleverly thought out arrangements.

Source: Husman Hagberg  

Our first interior is set in an apartment that was originally built in 1906. The total area of this small studio home is just 21 square metres. The tall black storage unit that stands between the bed and the sofa is the wardrobe; this provides the only large scale divide in the room.

The vibrant colour choices would have you think that this was a new build rather than being well over a century in standing.

The small sofa is stuffed with cosy cushions and a faux fur throw. Juicy orange colour pops contrast against luscious green indoor...

A dining room is all about its table and chairs, which means matching (or mis-matching) them perfectly is essential. Whether your dining room edges on the rustic, monochrome, Scandinavian or minimalist, we’ve put together 42 great combinations that show how the right dining furniture can be your décor’s best friend. Get four Kartell Masters around a table in the same hue, elongating the space of a kitchen-come-dining. Set a smooth white block around four Scandinavian chairs, with a handy table extension allowing two more. Get creative and cost-efficient in your dining, by taking a peek at our best original and replica dining table and chairs.

$140 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Merax Black Rectangular Table Chairs: Kartell Masters Chair Replicas
Designing for a kitchen-come-dining? Match your dining chairs and table to the shade of your kitchen. This simple, black rectangular table makes a charcoal bench seem longer, whilst drawing in the eye with a neon yellow fruit bowl. Four Kartell Masters chairs add subtle flair in similar materials.

$320BUY IT

Table: Dessa Rectangular White Dining Table (Similar) Chairs: Kartell Masters Chair Replicas
Reverse the look in bright white. A similar table in polypropylene-coated metal joins with three Kartell...

Life seems to race along at a faster rate than ever before now that we have instant access to everything and everyone via wireless internet and social media platforms. Our smartphones seem to be superglued to the palms of our hands whether we intend it or not. Have you ever wished you could break free from the shackles of modern media for a while by running away to a place where it simply cannot reach you? Well, imagine tucking yourself up in one of these four inspiring modern cabins in a twinkling snowy wilderness, with not one single ping or alert to disturb your outer or inner peace…

Visualizer: VIZN Studio  

A modern cabin doesn’t require you to “rough it” just to get away from it all. This first contemporary cabin interior contains all the desired home comforts – bar the TV, computer and phone. A cushiony sectional sofa is flanked by a selection of indoor plants perched on modern plant stands. A large piece of monochrome fox wall art decorates the wall to bring in a little wildlife.

Black floor cushions and a tree stump stool sit to one side of the modern sofa. A tribal...

The tribal chic trend is a strong look that evokes a specific natural ambience. This open plan studio apartment designed by Li Jun Chen & aTng 糖 achieves a sophisticated African look by sticking to a base palette of grey and white. Interesting layers of raw rustic accents are then introduced through textures found in nature, woven into organic handmade accessories and bold tribal pieces. Wickerwork, jute rugs, leather look items, smooth wood tone and large emerald green leafy plants act as the key to executing this exotic luxurious look. See how modern tribal decor is a style that exudes a warmth and embraces a creative mix of cultures.

In this elongated open plan, every area of the home is visible from the next. A centrally built sofa forms the living room, which looks over a bedroom by the window and a bathroom on the opposite side. No dividing walls have been implemented so that the natural light from the floor to ceiling window remains unobstructed all the way to the back of the room. Therefore, the style in this space also continues seamlessly. Tribal decor flows over each section in one united scheme.

There is no wall art hanging in the rustic living room, but decorative tribal shields are propped against the wall from the back...

Need to revamp your living room, but not sure where to start? Pick grey to colour it. No longer associated with dungeons, dull office blocks or unpainted walls, grey is a hue perfectly understated, making your furniture look contemporary sans large risks in design. Cut Lego-style stairs into a shaft concrete wall, amidst relaxed L-chairs in the hue. Go fifty shades darker, with charcoal leather couches, LED-lit bookcases and a roaring fire all in tone. Brighten it up with light grey walls, framed monochrome prints and a cornered Corinthian column. Effortlessly achieve a cool, up-to-date edge with our forty grey living rooms as your inspiration.

Visualizer: Thai Quang  

Combine grey and green together for a look that’s fresh. The tropical leaves and pineapples in this grey and white interior make a splash upon an exposed brick wall, two grey ottomans and two Scandinavian coffee tables built to match.

Photographer: Anders Bergsted   Source: Entrance  

Grey living rooms take on many styles. This light grey number simulates Scandinavia with its six monochrome prints, two square leather chairs and structured, rectangular furniture. A Greek column fireplace in the corner adds a touch more character. Check out our 50 Inspirational Scandinavian-Style Living Rooms post for more interiors in this theme.

Modern rustic decor often melds with industrial home style. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting contrast; where concrete backdrops and reclaimed metal intermingle with warm wood tones and natural rattan. We’ve selected two solid examples of this here. One a stark loft that appears as though almost everything in it was a once lost and now newly found item, perhaps recovered from an abandoned industrial building. The other home is steeped with tradition, abundant in decorative pieces crafted specifically for the space, but juxtaposed by concrete and modern styling. See how to adjust the balance of industrial and rustic to achieve a different twist on the same trend.

Visualizer: Serhii Seinov  

The first of our two rustic interiors with industrial influences is a loft interior in Chicago. From this birdseye view the scheme appears almost soft despite the solid concrete floor. The huge sectional sofa is a light grey upholstered design in a sociable L-shaped arrangement.

Peeping out from beneath the sofa in the rustic living room, an area rug lays at an interesting angle that invites you to come in and sit down, then leads you back out over to the dining suite.

An eclectic coupling of tables and an old planter make an...