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I don’t know if you guys ever noticed, but Demi Lovato loves her huge booty, because she shows it off every chance she gets. Twerking on vacation, twerking at parties, just taking booty selfies. Anyway, I’m not as big a fan as she is (personally I think she should consider going to the gym for a few weeks and then doing the booty selfie thing…), but I’d never discourage a hottie from showing off her body for the views, so keep going, Demi.

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I must’ve missed this the other day, but here’s the very last LOVE Advent video for 2017: Karlie Kloss playing basketball in short shorts. Or maybe they’re just regular shorts since Karlie’s so tall. Either way, they should’ve been a few inches shorter. Or nonexistent. Both would’ve made for a way better video, if you ask me.

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I know Hailey Baldwin barely qualifies as a “celebrity” let alone a “supermodel”, but whatever. She’s hot enough and as long as she’s in a bikini, that makes her interesting enough to get featured on this site. What can I say? It’s not like I have high standards. I’m a blogger, remember? Anyway, honestly, Hailey should be an inspiration to all you ladies out there: if you want to be famous, you don’t need to have rich and/or famous parents. Hailey’s dad is Stephen Baldwin, and he’s practically D-list by now. All you really need is an Instagram, a phone, and a bikini and/or lingerie. It’s the American dream.

Gal Gadot was a model who became an actress and now it looks like she’s turning back into a model again, judging from this latest photoshoot. Here’s hoping, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I know everybody loves her as Wonder Woman, but I bet you’d love her even more as a full-time bikini model. I know I would.

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I don’t care if you got blackout on champagne at some overpriced bar or went to a house party or just stayed at home in your mom’s basement, because no matter how you losers celebrated your New Year’s Eve this year, I can guarantee it wasn’t half as good as the lucky bastards who got to ring in the New Year in the same room as Emily Ratajkowski dressed like this. I can only think of a handful of better ways to kick off 2018, but I don’t think I can print any of them on this site, so just enjoy.

It’s January 2nd, which means it’s officially time to get back to work for most of you… And unfortunately, yes, that includes us celebrity T&A bloggers too. Luckily though, it also includes hot nobodies like Sara Jean Underwood here too. I know it seems like Sara’s on a perma-vacation from all the bikini pictures in exotic locations, but she’s actually hard at work right now too. Her office is just a little bit more better than the rest of ours.

Looks like Selena Gomez took a bikini vacation with a few of her friends over New Year’s, and I’m seriously jealous. Not of the beach, although it is freezing in my mom’s basement right now. I’m talking about this chick who’s grabbing a handful of Selena boob in this picture. That’s pretty much my dream vacation right there.

I know I’ve liked to rag on Charlotte McKinney in the past for being basically a Hooters Girl who got lucky, but it’s a new year, and I’m a new Tuna. So this time, I’m just going to celebrate how amazing Charlotte and her bikini body looks, instead of pointing out how average the rest of her is. Ah crap. I already blew my New Year’s resolution, didn’t I?

If you guys have been paying attention to the site lately, you probably already know that Elsa Hosk is one of the fittest supermodels in the business right now. But just in case you needed a reminder, here’s a clip from a workout video the Victoria’s Secret hottie filmed for Harper’s Bazaar. I don’t know about you dudes, but forget trying this leg lift, I’m working up a sweat just watching her do it. Yow!

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I’ve done a lot of posts on Ariana Grande over the years, but I don’t think I ever realized she was a dog person before this. See, according to my sources, she’s playing with one of her dogs in this GIF, although I’ve been staring at it for 20 minutes now and the only thing I’m seeing is Ariana’s booty. I guess I’ll have to just take their word for it.

I’m not sure what Kimberley Garner‘s doing posing with angel wings here, unless maybe Victoria’s Secret finally accepted my online petition and hired this leggy British hottie to be one of their new models. I doubt it, because usually no one ever listens to me, but just take one look at these pictures and try to tell me Kimberley’s not hotter than half the so-called supermodels out there. Go ahead. I can wait all day.

I know I used to rag on these LOVE Advent videos and call them lame and boring and things like that, but they’ve been seriously stepping it up this year! And now they’re giving us a video of Hannah Ferguson wrestling another sexy model in lingerie? It’s basically the video of my dreams. Except I’m not in the middle refereeing, but whatever. Maybe we can do that for the sequel next year.

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I’ve never really understood why you perverts love Charlotte McKinney so much. As far as I can tell, she’s just another busty blonde with an average face and above-average funbags, and you can find tons of those on Instagram if you just spend all day/night creeping for new hotties look. But I will admit that I’ve always liked at least one thing about Charlotte: her cleavage selfies. So here’s a few new ones. Enjoy.