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I don’t know if a bunch of flowers on a string technically qualifies as an “outfit”, but then again, I don’t know if Lorena Rae technically qualifies as a “supermodel” either, and that’s never stopped me from doing posts on her before. What I do know is this chick is super hot, and I really hope this look takes off as the next big fashion trend. Fingers crossed.

I guess all that time Ariel Winter‘s been spending in the gym is finally starting to pay off, because I’m pretty sure this is the first bikini photoshoot we’ve seen from her in years. Or at least the first one that was actually shot by a professional, and not just one of her friends on their phones. Anyway, I don’t know if I buy Ariel as a “professional” “model” but it’s not bad. All she needs now is to hook up with a photographer who knows all her best angles. Luckily, my phone takes great pictures. Call me!

I know I like to make fun of Sara Jean Underwood for not having a real job, but honestly, she’ll always be one of my favorite do-nothing hotties. Because while the rest of these wannabe hot nobodies are just doing the same old boring, lazy Instagram photoshoots, at least Sara’s actually getting out there and putting some real effort into it. That’s gotta count for something.

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At first, I didn’t really understand why Shape Magazine put Bella Thorne on the cover of their April issue, considering all she does is smoke weed and party and show off her tongue and/or fake boobs on social media. And last time I checked, I don’t think that counts as a workout. But then I watched this video, and now it all makes sense. See, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a workout for the rest of us. And I don’t know about you dudes, but my heart rate’s already climbing.

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Here’s some more #fitspo from everyone’s new favorite fitness model Bella Thorne. Just kidding. It’s just more pictures of Bella showing off her super-cute booty for social media. But actually, now that I think about it, these could definitely make for a good wrist/forearm workout. I’m sweating already.

I know I’ve been hyping Romee Strijd as the next great Victoria’s Secret supermodel for a while now. But if she really wants to take over Alessandra Ambrosio‘s top spot if/when she finally retires Romee’s going to have to do better than this. Don’t get me wrong, this Harper’s Bazaar spread is nice and classy sexy, but the people don’t want classy, we want more of this.

I guess Kendall Jenner is still trying to prove she’s a real fashion model, because here she is in Vogue‘s April issue dressed up in a bunch of ridiculous “high fashion” outfits like a Carmen Miranda hat and… whatever the hell this is. Anyway, according to the quote on the cover, Kendall says she has nothing to hide. But I don’t know, she sure looks like she’s hiding an awful lot here. She could definitely be showing way more skin.

That Miley Cyrus Wonderland photoshoot is the gift that just keeps on giving, because I found a couple more pictures from that magazine spread. Only in these, Miley is doing her signature pose: tongue out, chest out, booty out. It’s a classic. And you guys know I always love it when Miley plays the hits. Here’s hoping we get her licking the floor topless for an encore.


I think I’ve said that Rita Ora is Rihanna 2.0. However, she has been blowing up her social media game, and lately I totally forgot that Rihanna existed. Where has the chick gone? She better get in shape fast, make a sexy video or else Rita’s going to own her like a little b%tch.


Damn! Alexis Ren is the master of the art of tease. Obviously, we know she’s playing the barely legal vibe and using it to milk and grow her audience. She ain’t stupid. Men are disgusting filthy pigs and I won’t be part of that scene. And if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.


Selena Gomez is pimping out PUMA and she is doing an amazing job at it. Here are some GIFs that will entertain you for a few seconds and make you wanting more. If that’s true you need to get off the computer and get a life. I’m just speaking fro experience.


Usually we get super sexy pictures of Irina Shayk, but here she is in Vogue stripped down with little to no makeup and looking somewhat human. I think I’d actually have a chance with this chick, if she was messed up on coke and high. Anyway, I dig the realism.

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