This is a bit of a unique update. It aims to retain the same style of the N64 game, but also update it through Unreal Engine 4. Not sure if I like the results, but they are certainly interesting! If anything, it makes me want an all-out update to Diddy Kong Racing on the Switch!

No word on what games Ratalaika is teasing, whether they're new games or ports of other projects. We'll stay tuned to their Twitter account for more info.

There have been rumors of a Nintendo Direct in January for quite some time now. The biggest bit of evidence came from a document from EA, which pointed to Fe being part of a Nintendo Direct presentation. While we haven't had anything officially confirmed since then, we did get a new tidbit today.

A member of the Resetera forum, who is apparently in the know on these situations, claims that we'll be checking out a Nintendo Direct on Jan. 11th. According to the forum-poster, plans were to run the Direct on Jan. 11th, and so far there haven't been any changes to the plan. If there is indeed a Direct, I guess we'll be finding out about it soon!

We are very happy to announce that we will be relaunching Earthlock in Q1 next year. In many ways this version feels like a new game!

In fact, the changes are so big that there was no way we could keep it compatible with existing save games. In order to avoid problems where a patch would void all save games, we have set up a new game in the e-stores: EARTHLOCK

After we completed the PS4 version in January 2017 we began pre-production of Earthlock 2. However, after a few weeks of getting super excited about our next game, we realised that we were not comfortable leaving Earthlock: Festival of Magic behind as it was. A lot of the criticism we had gotten on the game by then were things we agreed with. For the initial launch we had to make quite a few cuts during the development and some of those cuts really hurt the story.

Long story short; We decided to make what we ended up internally calling the Shouldhavebeenedition. That way we could leave Earthlock 1 behind us with pride and begin work on Earthlock 2.

The subtitle, Festival of Magic was an old remainder from our first kickstarter campaign and felt obsolete, so we decided to cut that, leaving us with: EARTHLOCK.

So what have we done in the last year?
Story: It’s massively changed. Almost from the start. We have added more depth, humor and character to the story and things that did not...

In the tweet above, it seems like Level-5 might be teasing a localization of Yo-Kai Watch 3. If you look down in the bottom left-hand corner, you can see the ears of Usapyon, a Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3. Certainly seems like a bit of a tease for what's to come!

UPDATE - It seems Usapyon appeared in a Yo-Kai Watch Busters update. He was also part of Wibble Wobble. We didn't get Busters in the states, but we did get Wibble Wobble. Still, his sneaky appearance in the tweet leads us to believe something is up.

[Event] The 10th Voting Gauntlet event has been announced! It’s called “Winter Festival vs New Year’s”, and it starts on January 1st. (available until January 7th)

[Event] Round 1 of the 10th Voting Gauntlet is now live. (available until January 3rd)

[Quests] The first set of Special Quests for the latest Voting Gauntlet is now live. You can clear the quests in order to get various bonuses (available until January 3rd)

[Log-in Bonus] During the Voting Gauntlet event, all players can get 5 Battle Flags every day as special Log-in Bonus (available until January 7th)

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate New Years, all players can get 2 Orbs a day, during 10 days (so 20 Orbs in total) (available until January 16th)

[Maps] A new set of Daily Special Maps is now live, with one new map going live every day for 3 days straight (each map remains available for a full week). Clearing them on Normal and Hard allows you to earn up to 18 Orbs (available January 3rd)

[Maps] The first Daily Special Map for New Year is now available: “New Year’s – Part 1”. You can clear it on Normal and Hard to get some bonus Orbs (only the first time) (available until January 8th)

[Quests] A new set of Daily Special Quests is now available: “New Year’s”. It allows you to get Stamina Potions and Orbs (available until January 8th)

[Quests] Not one, but three new sets of Monthly Quests are now available for January (available until February 1st)

[Maps] The...

[PC/Mobile] MyNintendo Original New Year’s Mario Wallpaper (2018): Free (available until March 31st)
[PC/Mobile] MyNintendo Original New Year’s Mario Wallpaper (8-bit): Free (available until March 31st)

[Store] To celebrate New Year, two New Year’s Party Packs are now available in the store until January 5th:
New Year’s Party Pack S: Leaf Ticket x60 (40+20 bonus) + Calling Card x1
New Year’s Party Pack L: Leaf Ticket x700 (417+283 bonus) + Calling Card x1

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate New Year, all players can get the following as Log-in Bonus: Leaf Ticket x20 (available until January 2nd)

[Event] To celebrate New Year, the appearance rate of ★6 items in the Bonus Game of Remix 10 has been increased (available until January 4th)

Looks like Nintendo wasn't happy with sharing just a single piece of New Year's art. They've put out the image above as another part of their New Year's celebration. Seems like Nintendo might be sharing special artwork of the whole gang as the week rolls on.

Yet another weapon is making its way to Splatoon 2 tonight. You'll be able to grab the Octobrush Nouveau, which comes with the Squid Beakon and Tenta Missiles.

Looks like Darkest Dungeon is going to get a retail release. has a listing for Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Edition for Switch, and it's set for March 22nd, 2018. We've known for awhile now that the game was coming to Switch, but haven't heard a mention of a retail release. This version should include all DLC currently available, as the developers discussed in the past.

Volt Shock Fist Group Match

- runs from January 1st through January 8th
- this is a Basic Battle competition
- uses a Fixed Battle Arena
- participate for a special title reward based on Pikachu
- if you place highly you'll get other titles based on your placement

- anyone with a Suica card and a Japanese New Nintendo 3DS/2DS (LL) or Japanese Wii U can use it to add eShop funds
- until Jan. 14th, using your Suica cards gets you 5x more JRE Points
- users must sign up for the free JRE loyatly points program before being able to qualify for the promotion
- players who bought more than ¥3000 worth of eShop prepaid cards in 7-11 can receive up to 10% value of eShop credits back

In pretty much every region of the world, you'll be able to purchase Bayonetta 1 & 2 on Switch. The retail package will include a physical game card for Bayonetta 2, and a code for Bayonetta. Southeast Asia and Middle East markets are getting another option that no one else is. In those areas, you'll be able to grab a retail package that includes just Bayonetta 2. Sounds like it might be something to become a collector's item!

New items have been added to the Shop!

- celestial rings
- checkered kimono
- striped kimono

In today's video we're taking a look at some intentionally low quality models and answering why developers need to do it!

If you grab the Mighty Gunvolt Burst demo on either 3DS or Switch, you can also net yourself the Ekoro character DLC for free. All you need to do is transfer your save data from the demo to the full game. Details on how to do that are below.

Ensure that the retail version is updated to the most recent version of the game.
Start up the retail game, while there is save data for the demo version on the system.
Choose the “DATA TRANSFER” option from the Title Screen.
Follow the instructions on-screen to select the save data from the demo version, then copy it to the file slot of the retail version.
In order for the transfer to work, you need to download the latest version of the game: Ver. 1.3. This update adds several new DLC characters: Ray, Copen, and Kurona. It also fixes a couple of issues for the game: you can find more details about it on this page!