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Looking to hide some sandwiches and 85 cans of beer from a bear? One of these will do the trick.

There's grilling with instant light charcoal briquettes, then there's grilling. These three charcoal alternatives cook hotter, last longer and harbor way, way less chemicals.

Patagonia's Worn Wear website is a place where used and repaired clothing and equipment is sold at a huge discount. Given the company's gold-standard repair-or-replace policy, it's an awesome way to find great gear - here's what we would buy.

From Outerknown, Patagonia, Saint Laurent and more.

Who sends texts in complete sentences and grammatically-correct words, anyway?

Moleskine notebooks did not become as popular as they have by way of suggestive design — it became popular for the exact opposite reason. Moleskine notebooks are nothing but a sturdy front and back cover, ivory-colored pages and your choice of gridded or lined paper. Knowing this, it’s easy to guess what a productivity app by Moleskine would look like — clean, loads of empty space and without loads of extra features and functions.

Actions is a new productivity app aimed at keeping you on task without burdening you with the weight of tasks that have sub-tasks that have sub-sub-side-tasks. Add tasks on simple cards that appear and reorganize the order of the list per your priorities, and cards can have short notes attached to include small bits of extra info (phone numbers, grocery lists, etc.). Actions is also compatible with Timepage, Moleskine’s calendar syncing app — syncing Actions with Timepage pulls your Timepage calendar into your daily tasks. The beauty of the app is its intuitiveness and its simplicity — you open it and it’s very clear what it does, and it isn’t too in your face about using its 126 task customization options.

Actions is available on the iTunes store now, and it’s free to download.

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To get the best out of your bookshelf speakers, or even integrate them in a home theater system that you’re building, you need to invest in a receiver that can properly drive them. A two-channel stereo receiver is great if you just want to play music, either streaming from your smartphone or connected them directly to a CD player or turntable. An A/V receiver, on the hand, is the slightly more expensive but practical option, giving you the option to merge those speakers into a multi-channel home theater system.

When deciding which kind of receiver to buy, it’s important to know how you’re planning on using it — strictly audio or for home theater — and what you’re going to use them with. It needs to be compatible with your existing speakers and TV, too. The best thing is that today a great entry-level receiver doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, it shouldn’t cost more than your bookshelf speakers. That’s why we set a price cap at $300. Below, we’ve listed our favorite entry-level receivers under $300 to pair with your bookshelf speakers.

Yamaha R-S202 Stereo Receiver

The Good: This Yamaha R-S202 is one of the entry-level receivers. Its combination of price, looks, ease of use and stellar performance make it a no-brainer for anybody with bookshelf speakers looking to listen to stellar stereo...

If you haven’t washed or treated your waterproof-breathable jacket, and it’s seen a few seasons of use, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t keep you as dry as it used to. One of the biggest misconceptions with waterproof jackets is that you should never wash them. If you don’t wash them, your jacket’s pores can clog and it will no longer be breathable. The oils from your skin can also lead to delamination in the liner of your jacket. There is a simple process for washing your jacket and revitalizing its waterproofing that will help you get more out of your jacket and help to extend its life for a few more seasons.

Contributions by AJ Powell and Tanner Bowden.

More Sports and Outdoors These Are the Best Travel Pants I’ve Ever WornThese Are the Military-Inspired Shoes to Wear Every Day googletag.cmd.push(function() { window.lazyload('Mobile_PP_2'); }); A Note on DWR

When you’re buying a rain jacket or any outerwear for that matter, you’ll often come across the initials DWR, which stand for durable water repellent. DWR is a coating applied to...

I used to dream of a middle ground designed specifically for traveling. Somewhere between sweatpants and jeans that looked good, but not sloppy. I refuse to buy stretch denim, so that was never an option. Lululemon’s ABC pants were close, but they don’t offer the performance and durability that I want in a do-it-all travel pant. Then I tried Mission Workshop’s Signal Pant for the first time, and I was smitten.

It’s a difficult thing to get right; comfort, performance and aesthetics don’t often go hand in hand. But the Signal brings all three to the table and more. I’ve worn them hiking, cycling, running through the airport, on 30-degree days and on 80-degree days — and they’ve never disappointed.

Mission Workshop spared no detail in the Signal. It’s crafted from an ultra-durable, military-spec, four-way stretch nylon fabric that manages to bring all of these properties to the table while remaining breathable. The pants also have an EDC blade-sized pocket on the right-hand side so that your knife is always at the ready. And if you happen to get caught in a rainstorm, no bother. The military-spec nylon fabric is also highly-water repellent.

If there’s one feature on the Signal that I’d rather go without, it’s the zip pocket on the outer right seam of the pant. It isn’t exactly necessary, and it gives away the Signal’s technical prowess with its inclusion in a product that’s designed to fly under the radar. But it’s a minor detail,...

Replacing the California T convertible, Ferrari’s most-sold car in its long history, the Ferrari Portofino is a luxo-sporty grand tourer aimed to sell. Associate Designer Hunter Kelley attended the NYC debut (at Classic Car Club Manhattan) to grab some glamour shots of Ferrari’s new car, seen here.

The Portofino is an improvement in nearly every metric: it is faster and roomier and can drive for longer distances, thanks to a 460-mile cruising range Its body is longer, wider and lower and features nicely-updated, crisp sheet metal (offering six percent less drag than the California). The Portofino is 10 percent lighter and it’s much stiffer overall, while components like magnetic dampers and an electronic differential put power down in a sophisticated way.

The California T’s 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged flat-plane-crank V8 engine carries over, but with many improvements: 38 more horsepower (to 591), three more lb-ft of more torque (now 560 lb-ft) and it reaches maximum boost a hair quicker. It’s quick in other matters too: the Portofino, likely relegated to boulevard cruising, will all the same top 200 mph and reach 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. Most interesting is that Ferrari claims 85 percent of California owners use their cars as daily drivers — a figure I bet remains the same or ticks up slighty as Portofinos find new homes.

What Others are Saying:
“What’s clever about the Ferrari Portofino is that it’s engaging to drive at moderate speeds. Brisk cruising is this Ferrari’s forte; it flows beautifully...

A few months ago, Symbol Audio released several new home storage solutions to its collection, including the Unison Record Stand for all your audio components and the Dovetail Vinyl Storage Cabinet for your record collection. Now the company we know for making some of the most beautiful analog audio equipment is back to doing just that, with the Modern Record Player ($3,295+).

As a “first-of-its-kind audiophile quality record player with upgradable wireless capability,” the Modern Record Player has an integrated turntable, custom-engineered speakers and a custom-built class AB amplifier. It has a three-source selector switch (phono, auxiliary and wireless) so you can use it in a variety of different ways. Also, you can seamlessly connect it to your current system if you have a Sonos Connect or Airport Express.

The all-in-one system is available for preorder now, going for $3,295 (or $3,795 with the stand) which actually seems reasonably affordable, given how much the company’s other audio components run. (Its Modern Record Console, while much larger, cost $20K when it was first released several years ago.) The Modern Record Player is available for preorder today, and you can expect it to ship sometime this September.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Modern Record Player cost $1,648, but that’s actually what the deposit costs. The article has been adjusted to reflect this change. Preorder Now: $3,295+ Today in Gear

As far as outdoor gear is concerned, Arc’teryx certainly finds itself in the upper echelon of brands. It makes incredible products, but the price tags that come with the gear tend to land outside of the average outdoor adventurer’s budget. The Arc’teryx sale going on over at Backcountry is worth a mention for that exact reason. Right now, you can get 30% off any full-priced Arc’teryx item at checkout, but to help fill your shopping car a little faster, we picked out a few of the jackets that caught our eye.

Theta AR Jacket $625 $438

Beta SL Hybrid $399 $279

Cerium LT Hooded Down Jacket $379 $265

Gamma LT Softshell Jacket $225 $158

Nodin Jacket $110+ $77+

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“I wanted to do a military-inspired story that was still related to the outdoors,” says Jon Tang, founder of the outdoorsy lifestyle brand Fronteer, referring to his newest shoe. Tang has targeted similar genre-crossing themes throughout his line of colorful canvas and leather shoes and boots that he designs to function equally well in the woods and Brooklyn. Some of those designs lean hard on mountain inspiration while others channel current trends in a way that would make a Nike designer envious.

The new shoe that Tang is referring to is the Ranger. The Ranger blends the heavyweight canvas once used in old rock climbing shoes with an equally-rugged rubber toe cap characteristic of old military boots. Its outsole is lugged Vibram rubber, which every hiker recognizes as a gold standard. Together, these elements create a functional lifestyle shoe that’s combat boot meets Converse, or Smokey the Bear meets SoHo.

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Anker made a name for itself making good-looking gadgets to compliment your everyday lifestyle and last year, the brand dove into the audio product market. It should come as no surprise the Bluetooth speakers Anker has cranked out are equally thoughtful in design and performance as the rest of its lineup. Which is why today’s deal on the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is that much more special because it’s at the lowest price it has ever been at $24, down from $80. Saving 70% on a high-quality portable speaker is hard to pass up.

Buy Now: $80 $24 More Deals, Served Up Fresh Every Day Deals, discounts and drops on products you actually care about and want. Curated by the Gear Patrol Editors. Start Saving Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

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Since the dawn of the memory foam mattress, two complaints have bubbled to the surface time and time again — they sleep hot and they don’t provide enough support. Getting a Tempur-Pedic’s mattress topper solves the latter.

By placing a memory foam mattress topper on a traditional spring-frame mattress you get the more solid back and lumbar support you need, and the magnificent melt-into-your-bed effect of the memory foam. The Tempur-Pedic mattress toppers can also just as easily be rolled up and thrown down at a campsite.

All sizes of the Tempur-Pedic topper are on sale now on Amazon for at least 25 percent off the typical price, with some nearly 50 percent off. And as for the second issue of sleeping hot, we recommend extra crisp Snowe percale sheets or a set of Rough Linen sheets.

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Though Italian auto accessory maker MOMO is best known for its racing and aftermarket steering wheels, in the 1970s the manufacturer ventured into making alloy wheels for racers and road cars, both for the aftermarket community and directly for manufacturers (including Ferrari). The brand’s first wheel was a six-spoke design that saw use on race cars back in the early ’70s, and now MOMO is making a tribute to that original wheel.

The new Heritage 6 takes on the look of the original wheel but has ostensibly been made using modern techniques. MOMO notes it was made through a “rotary forged flow forming technology” which makes it both strong and light. The wheel comes in nine different colors (black, white, red, bronze and gunmetal to name a few), and is available as a 17 or 18-inch option, varying in depth from eight to 12 inches. Thus it’ll fit a wide range of cars, but given the classic aesthetic will look most at home on vintage European performance cars from the ’70s and ’80s.

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Ray-Ban just released a limited-edition aviator based on an iconic model from the archives. The Outdoorsman Reloaded is a refresh of the Bausch and Lomb Ray-Ban W0744, a style that features plastic circles around the tear-drop lenses and a plastic brow bar.

Made in Italy, the new shades sport a metal frame and come in three colorways: Gold/Havana, Gold/Black and Silver/Nude. Out of those, the Gold/Black combination is the only colorway including G15 polarized lenses. This limited release is only available for five days — until May 25 — on the Ray-Ban website and prices start at $173 for non-polarized styles. If you’re a fan of vintage eyewear, this is a way to get an iconic style without the sizable vintage price-tag.

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Earlier this year, I had a blast reviewing Anker’s little portable projector, the Nebula Capsule ($349). I mainly connected it (via HDMI) to the retro gaming console I was playing at the time, the Analog Super Nt, so I could play Pokemon Blue on the huge screen that it projected on my wall (up to 100 inches), but the Nebula Capsule can be used in a number of other ways. It easily connects to a laptop or smartphone, so you can project large slideshows and presentations. It’s a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker, so you can bring it anywhere and listen to tunes. And it’s a little computer by itself, running an Android 7.1, so when connected to wi-fi it can play movies from Netflix, YouTube or Hulu. (You can also download these shows, the same way you would on your smartphone or tablet, so you can watch them when wi-fi isn’t available.) Essentially, the Nebula Capsule is a pocket-sized cinema, and a very useful gadget to take on long work trips and family vacations.

It’s a niche product, for sure, but there aren’t too many portable projectors as small and as intuitive as the Nebula Capsule. If you’re looking for another alternative, there’s the Sony MP-CD1 ($399), but that’s more expensive and needs additional accessories, such as a speaker and a laptop/smartphone, to get the most out of it. If you’re even a little bit interested in the Nebula Capsule, today’s a great day to think extra hard...

Start celebrating Memorial Day early this week with Eddie Bauer’s big sale. Almost everything is 40 percent off — on new items as well as clearance products. Some highlights include hard-to-pass-up deals on hiking boots, caps, vests, sweat-wicking tee shirts and more. Use code TRIBUTE to start saving now.

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Allen Edmonds crafts some of the best Goodyear welted shoes from its factory in Port Washington, Wisconsin. As such, the company has been a staple of the American footwear industry for over 95 years. If you’re in the market for a new pair of well-made shoes, Nordstrom Rack is offering up to 52 percent off classic Allen Edmonds styles. From loafers to bluchers to derbies, there’s something for everyone at a solid discount, but don’t wait long because this sale won’t be around long.

Buy Now: $130+

Daytona Penny Loafer by Allen Edmonds $195 $130

Walden Loafer by Allen Edmonds $275 $160

Riverside Blucher by Allen Edmonds $395 $190

Madison Avenue Derby by Allen Edmonds $395 $210

Fairfax Oxford by Allen Edmonds $395 $210

The Best Boots to Buy