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At the 2017 Embraer Suppliers Conference, recently held at Embraer’s facility in São José dos Campos, Brazil, we were honored with two Supplier of the Year awards in the categories for Technical Support to Operators and Electric & Electronics Systems. These awards join seven Supplier of the Year awards previously presented to Garmin in various categories related to the support of the G1000 Prodigy and G3000 Prodigy Touch integrated flight decks in the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 respectively.

“It’s an honor to again be recognized by Embraer for our continued commitment to design, manufacture, sell and support industry-leading avionics,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “Given the hundreds of suppliers to Embraer, and the four Embraer business units of Executive Aviation, Defense and Security, Commercial Aviation and Service and Support – to win two of the nine Supplier of the Year awards is incredibly humbling.”

As part of the 2017 Embraer Supplier Awards ceremony, we were recognized as Supplier of the Year in the Technical Support to Operators category. This award acknowledges the technical expertise and product-level support provided to Embraer and its customer base for the G1000 and G3000 integrated flight decks. We were recognized within this category for our performance excellence within parts availability, technical manuals and representatives, AOG response timeliness, as well as superior product reliability.

We also earned top honors as Supplier of the Year in the Electric & Electronics Systems category, which emphasizes design innovation and overall system architecture, as well as...

We are excited to announce the Xero A1 and A1i, two groundbreaking auto-ranging digital laser bow sights that automatically measure the distance to a target and provide a precise, virtual lighted pin for the shot. The first-of-their-kind Xero bow sights are being announced in conjunction with the 2018 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show in Indianapolis, and can be seen at the Garmin booth (#4035).

A silent, single-button trigger mounted on the bow’s grip lets the archer range targets at rest or at full draw, virtually eliminating distance estimation and hunter movement – two of the biggest challenges in archery hunting. The laser range finder instantly provides the precise angle-compensated distance – up to 100 yards on game or 300 yards on reflective targets. The Xero then projects a precise, virtual LED pin that is only visible to the archer, and without the clutter of multiple physical pins. An ambient light sensor ensures the pin brightness is optimized for various shooting conditions.

“The Xero bow sight is truly a game-changer in the archery world. It helps take the guesswork out of ranging a target,” said Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales. “When that buck of a lifetime walks by, knowing your precise yardage and having the exact pin to shoot is often the difference between making that shot or going home empty-handed.”

Archers can customize the Xero for single or multiple pin configurations, or they can manually select a pin of...

Inspiration is all around us. It is what drives us to work hard and pursue our goals. Whether it is about our work life, relationships or recreational endeavors, inspiration is what stimulates us mentally to better our lives. Many runners and other athletes are active on social media, following others on their journeys to get fitter, stronger, and faster. One exceptionally inspiring woman who has motivated so many of her followers to live a healthier and happier life is runner, Danielle Hartman. She became an Instagram sensation as she posted about her growing love for running and her journey to stay fit while pregnant. She recently ran her very first marathon shortly after her son’s 1st birthday, and has clearly portrayed that being a working mother and marathoner is most definitely not impossible. It was an honor to be able to interview her and learn more about her drive to inspire.

Why do you run and what made you get into the sport?

After marrying my husband and moving to a new city in 2015, I knew I wanted to keep up with my physical activity and finally hang up the soccer cleats. I turned to running because it was just as competitive and I knew I did not have to be on a set schedule due to traveling and working 12-hour shifts. That is what I love most about running is that it is always ME time as I can choose when I feel like lacing up and...

Garmin is proud to announce its title sponsorship of professional Bassmaster Elite Series angler and longtime Garmin pro, Jason Christie. Three-time Elite Series champion and winner of two Bassmaster Opens and 10 FLW events, Christie is a leading, and perhaps one of the most recognized anglers on the national bass tournament scene. With 56 top-ten finishes to date, he is currently BassFan’s second-highest ranked bass fisherman in the world.

“This new sponsorship reaffirms our continued commitment to being a top player in the freshwater fishing industry and we couldn’t be more excited to be all-in with Jason,” said David Dunn, Garmin director of marine sales. “With a world-class team of nearly 70 anglers and some of the most innovative sonar technology on the water today, the time was right for Garmin to become a title sponsor and Jason is a perfect fit. An avid angler, outdoorsman and family man with a proven track record of success, he represents Garmin’s values through and through.”

“I knew from day one with Garmin that they were a company I wanted to be a part of,” said Christie. “Garmin’s Panoptix sonar technology has played a huge role in my recent success, especially my win on St. Clair last year, and I know this opportunity will only push both Garmin and myself further to the top. Electronics have always been crucial to me on the water, and I’m looking forward to working even closer with Garmin now as they lead the way.”

Christie will kick off the...

Meet Major Dan Rooney – PGA golf professional, fighter pilot, founder and CEO of the Folds of Honor, husband and father of five. Get to know our latest ambassador and his journey from the golf course green to the wild blue yonder—and his most ambitious mission yet, to help military families in need. 

Q: What is your typical civilian flight mission, what do you fly, and why is general aviation important to you?

A: I have a cool story about how aviation combines in my life, and it was yesterday.

So I flew my Cirrus SR22 — it’s got a G1000 in it from Garmin — onto Tindal Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida. I got to fly three sorties, double turned, supersonic over the Gulf of Mexico serving my country, Finished my debrief at 3:30, hop in my Cirrus, takeoff out of Tindal Air Force Base and flew home to Tulsa. I land at 8:30, and get to put all five of my kids to bed. That is the ultimate.

What general aviation offers to me? I couldn’t have even gotten home last night if I was flying on the airlines. It’s different right, supersonic versus very much subsonic going 180 knots in my Cirrus. But I love them both for different reasons, and it is the first time I’ve ever gotten to fly actively in general aviation that last ten months since I’ve had my Cirrus, and it is singularly the best thing that’s ever happened to my professional...

Ice fishing season is in full swing for anglers in many northern states. With many options available to meet a variety of budgets, Garmin offers easy-to-use ice fishing electronics that both beginners and professionals can use and enjoy.

In fall 2017, Garmin introduced the most revolutionary technology to hit the ice fishing market since the powered auger, with the Panoptix Ice Fishing Bundle.

Panoptix Ice Fishing Bundle

Panoptix live sonar technology has changed the game throughout many segments of the fishing industry, and ice fishing is no exception. After months of testing last season, word got out that Garmin Panoptix for hard water fishing was the real deal.

Perfectly tailored to ice fishing, the Panoptix Ice Fishing Bundle includes a high-capacity 12Ah battery, Panoptix PS22-TR transducer with ice fishing mount, echoMAP CHIRP 73cv with built-in LakeVü HD mapping, and a GT10HN-IF ice fishing transducer.

The days of drilling dozens of holes in hopes that one of them has fish are over. Panoptix LiveVü Forward allows you to precisely locate fish. Simply drill a test hole and deploy your Panoptix transducer. At this point, you’re able to scan 360 degrees around the hole up to 100′ away. For this case, let’s say there’s a large school of fish 50′ away from your test hole. Simply walk over to where Panoptix says the fish are, drill a hole, drop in and let the catching begin.

Panoptix LiveVü Down continues the video...

For years, we have been at the forefront of the design, development and manufacture of many of the industry’s most innovative ADS-B solutions. Find out where we got our start in ADS-B, along with many of the advanced features we created along the way.


Learn more about why we developed TerminalTraffic technology, which alerts pilots to potential traffic conflicts in the airport environment. And, see how we adapted it to the unique operating capabilities of helicopters, too.

AutoSquawk Technology

See how our patented AutoSquawk technology allows our GDL 84 and GDL 88 ADS-B transceivers, and GDL 82 datalink to read the squawk code from the aircraft’s transponder and relay it to ATC — requiring no extra steps from the pilot and no extensive modifications to the aircraft’s panel.

TargetTrend Technology

Learn about how we developed TargetTrend relative-motion technology, an advanced feature that has changed the way pilots see traffic in busy airspace. With it, they’re better able to focus on the most likely relative threats, with real-time indications of where those aircraft will be in the future, and maintain a safer operating environment.

Why Garmin?

At Garmin, we’re pilots too, and that drives us to develop innovative solutions for your airplane. Hear how our passion for flight helps us bring new, powerfully integrated solutions to you.

Follow us on...

Can’t remember your best run time or where you were when you ran that best time? Not to worry, Garmin Connect remembers for you. Garmin Connect now houses your workout stats and photos within the app. Simply scroll through your activities for all photos and stats. Use these photos as motivation to keep going and beat yesterday.

Here is a refresher on how to upload photos:

  1. Open an activity in Garmin Connect Mobile and tap the camera button.
  2. Select a photo (up to 10 photos).
  3. Enjoy your photos while you reflect on your PR.

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all of the latest Garmin Fitness announcements, news and stories.

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On Sept. 20, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico at sunrise. The storm brought near-record levels of wind, rain and flooding, which destroyed buildings and critical infrastructure. In the days and weeks that followed, many Puerto Ricans were left without power, access to clean water or communications services. As of the end of November, portions of the island still lacked essential resources.

The American Red Cross was on the ground in Puerto Rico before Hurricane Maria hit. Following the storm, the Red Cross activated more than 800 Red Cross disaster workers to help provide aid to the residents of Puerto Rico. The American Red Cross has since distributed more than 5 million meals, provided health services to more than 25,600 people in need and helped connect more than 12,200 families who were separated.


Utilizing inReach to Assist with Aid Operations

One challenge a relief organization faces when providing aid in the aftermath of a natural disaster is the lack of or unpredictability of communications services. As such, the Red Cross deployed 100 inReach devices in the field to help support their efforts in Puerto Rico.

As they traveled across the island to gather information and deliver relief supplies, Red Cross teams used inReach devices to send and receive messages, track their travels and set waypoints. In addition, teams were trained how to use the SOS feature, in case of an emergency.

As an example, in the remote mountain area of Utuado, Red Cross teams used inReach to mark the locations of homes with residents who...

With greater processing power, enhanced features, plus growth-oriented technology, our G1000 NXi next generation integrated flight deck elevates the legacy built by our ever-popular G1000. See how a rich set of features and capabilities helps make the most popular and trusted King Air flight deck upgrade even better.

Overall Improvements

More power! For starters, the G1000 NXi boasts modern processing power that supports faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the displays.

Advanced Features

With a feature set that includes SurfaceWatch, Connext wireless cockpit connectivity, HSI mapping display, autopilot-coupled visual approaches plus much more, G1000 NXi takes flight deck tech to the next level.


Heighten situation awareness in the airport environment with our SafeTaxi diagrams and TerminalTaffic surveillance, and latest SurfaceWatch runway identification and alerting technology.

Database Concierge

See how simple and convenient tasks such as updating databases and transferring flight plans can be with our Connext wireless ecosystem in the cockpit.

G1000 Legacy Upgrade

Already flying with a legacy G1000 in your King Air? No problem, thanks to a virtual “plug-and-play” swapout, it’s easy and affordable to upgrade to the new G1000 NXi configuration.

Learn more about the G1000 NXi for King Air at and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest product announcements, news and stories!

The post G1000 NXi: Popular King...

This past August, we asked inReach® subscribers to send us messages from the locations where they viewed the solar eclipse, and hundreds of you responded. View the map that displays the locations of where many of our subscribers viewed the eclipse, and read more about their experiences.

This month, Garmin would like you to send a message via your inReach on Dec. 31 from the location where you’re enjoying New Year’s Eve and celebrating the arrival of 2018. Here is how to send your message:

  • Send the message from your inReach to our email at:
  • The message will share your inReach location, and we’ll create a map that displays the many places where our inReach community is viewing the eclipse. We’ll also share some of the fun messages that describe unique or amazing adventures.
  • If you’re on a subscription plan with a limited number of messages, you can always send us a preset message for free. (Read how to send a preset message.)

Garmin loves hearing from our subscribers about their amazing adventures, and we look forward to reading more about your plans for the new year and how you’re living the inReach life. Remember to stay safe, and don’t forget your inReach.

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As of this month, there are more than 1,100 active inReach® devices in Puerto Rico and surrounding islands. Those devices have sent more than 356,000 messages in the days and weeks following Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

We received a number of emails from subscribers who shared with us how their inReach devices played roles in helping individuals connect with aid and assistance — as well as how the devices were essential tools for sharing information and giving peace of mind when other means of communication were not available. Here are some of their stories.


Sharing the Ability to Communicate When Other Systems Are Down

When Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island of Dominica, more than 3,500 students at Ross University sheltered in place while Category 5 winds brought destruction. When the storm ended, the students and the island’s residents were left without power and the means to communicate — unless they had access to a satellite communication device.

Bryan Bennett, a medical student at the university, had previously learned the benefits of having a satellite communicator when he served as a wilderness medicine instructor in Chile and Argentina. When he heard reports of the devastation on Dominica following the hurricane, he triggered an SOS on his inReach to contact the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) at GEOS and gather information — beyond the campus — about the situation on the island. Staff at the IERCC contacted the U.S. State Department as well as the U.S. Embassy in Grenada and then relayed information...

It’s the season of giving, and that pilot in your life can be tough to shop for. Whether you’re in search of that perfect flight-bag-gadget, or a fashion piece to complement their wardrobe, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of aviator essentials: 

D2 Charlie 

The third-take on our popular D2 series of aviator watches, the ‘Charlie’ is by far our most advanced. With a standard feature set that includes a full-color dynamic moving map, NEXRAD weather display, airport information and more, it’s tailor-made for the cockpit. But it’s just as useful day-to-day, with activity tracking, multisport features, a heart-rate monitor, smart notifications plus much more. Starting at $799 USD


aera 660

Get our latest aviation technology in the palm of your hand with our newest aera series product. The aera 660 features a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver and 5-inch sunlight-readable, intuitive touchscreen display. Keep an eye on traffic and weather when connected to compatible devices, including our GDL 39 series and GDL 52 series products. $749 USD


Garmin Pilot

An aviation app designed for both Apple and Android devices, Garmin Pilot makes flight planning, filing, flying and logging a cinch. Check the weather, calculate your weight and balance, review NOTAMs...

When you’re out hunting during your game season of choice, there are many things to consider in order to have a successful and legal hunt. Among those considerations is making sure you and your group are hunting in the right place. Boundary lines can be confusing, and some hunting seasons and regulations differ by zone.

Garmin offers a practical solution to this challenge for inReach® device and Earthmate® app users. The Earthmate app — a GPS navigation and mapping application for mobile devices – comes with access to downloadable maps, U.S. NOAA charts, color aerial imagery and more. With an annual subscription, Earthmate Hunt Edition provides hunters with unlimited access to an additional set of cacheable hunting maps and layers for the entire U.S., including wildlife and game management units (GMUs), private and public land parcel data with owner names for many parcels, Public Land Survey System (PLSS) maps and more for planning or use during a hunt.

Choosing a Complete Hunting Map Solution

Available on iOS and Android, Earthmate Hunt Edition functions beyond the reach of cell phone service, enabling hunters to scout, plan, execute and review their hunts anywhere in the U.S. If you have an inReach Explorer®+, you can sync the Hunt Edition maps to view directly on your inReach device.

By pairing your mobile device (via Bluetooth®) with any inReach satellite communicator, the Earthmate app...

Garmin and the Association of College Anglers (ACA) are pleased to announce the four (4) new college team members that have been selected to the join the existing Garmin College Fishing Team for the 2018 season. The four anglers were selected from dozens of applications from anglers across the nation looking for a chance to be a part of the Garmin College Fishing Team.

Each of the anglers will be equipped with detailed lake maps and best-in-class Garmin marine electronics and technology to use on their boats during tournaments, television shows, and in public appearances.

“We are pleased to add these four young men to the Garmin collegiate roster,” said Ted Gartner, Garmin Director of Corporate Communications. “It’s only fitting that the best anglers have the best marine electronics. We wish the team good luck and tight lines as they compete this year.”

The new 2018 Garmin College Fishing Team anglers include:

  1. Luke Miller – University of Louisville
  2. Jarrett Robertson – Tarleton State University
  3. Jesse Garren – Tennessee Tech University
  4. Andrew Marquez – Morehead University

They will be joined by the returning Garmin College Fishing Team anglers:

  • Nathan Bell – Bryan College
  • Cole Sands – Bryan College
  • Zach Clisch – University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Jacob Harris – Southeast Missouri State University
  • Ethan Raleigh – Morehead State University
  • Christopher Oja – Ferris State University

“The Garmin College Fishing Team is a great opportunity for anglers to get a chance to use the newest technology on the water while gaining first-hand experience what the working directly with major companies is like,” said...

Whether you’re currently injured or not, understanding how to recover as quickly as possible, as safely as possible, is an integral part of performance. So to help you stock that knowledge arsenal, we’ve put together a recoop rundown. Get ready to PR your recovery.

An Injury’s Lifespan
You wouldn’t treat a newborn baby the way you would a teenager, right? Similarly, an injury has its own lifecycle, and it needs to be addressed accordingly.

The Inflammation Phase occurs during the few days immediately following your injury, and it’s pretty hard to miss; it’s characterized by pain, swelling, redness, and/or bruising. It’s important to take it easy here – overexertion can cause this phase to last a week or more.

The Repair Phase, occurring about 4-6 weeks post-injury, kicks recovery into high gear. Blood flow to the injury site improves by this point, helping to do 2 things: remove damaged cells and toxins, and recruit restorative oxygen. You’re also especially vulnerable to reinjury during this phase, so proper rest and a focus on nutrition are non-negotiable.

The Remodeling Phase, which occurs about 1.5-3 months post-injury, is when active recovery becomes most important. By this point, the injured area has been dormant, and is probably weaker than its counterpart (right vs left knee, for example), so it’s during this phase that the partners start to get back on the same page. For this to happen smoothly and evenly, you should challenge your muscles with moderate strength training. And, as always, eat the right foods (keep...

When you ask a boy what he wants to be when he grows up, he might suggest a lot of things, including a professional athlete or maybe a jet pilot. But what about both? Meet Major Dan Rooney – PGA golf professional, fighter pilot, founder and CEO of the Folds of Honor, husband and father of five. Get to know our latest ambassador and his journey from the golf course green to the wild blue yonder—and his most ambitious mission yet, to help military families in need.

Q: Tell us about the genesis of aviation and golf in your life; at what point did you know you wanted to become a fighter pilot and a golfer?

A: When I was a 12-years-old, I met a fighter pilot on the golf course, and that’s when I knew that my dream was to combine these two things. Interesting, you know: I asked my dad, and his question to me was, “do you know which way an airplane takes off?”

I’m 12, and I’m like, “into the wind.”

He said that’s exactly right. And I think the beauty of that moment is he was preparing me for these inevitable headwinds that would stand between a 12-year-old boy and these two different, but big dreams, and certainly that has been the case.

But what I had no idea is how these two dreams would ultimately combine in my life to send me on a trajectory that I never would have imagined. But certainly—biased from me—one of the coolest...

Understandably, you might have come to this post looking for a minute-by-minute race day breakdown. But cracking that code demands hours of pre-race preparation. In fact, nutrition training can be the defining factor of your performance. But such a complex issue can include a lot of guesswork. Lucky for you, we’re here to cut through the junk, and get down to ins and outs of racing fuel. Here’s your guide.

Months Before
The months leading up to the race comprise your trial-and-error period for race day fuel. During this time, you have two nutrition tasks: 1) test how different foods affect your performance, and 2) get a solid understanding of how you need to hydrate.

The former is a bit more complex than the latter. Some people swear by ‘real’ fuel like bananas, white grains, and jams, while others need ultra-engineered gels and chews. The key is low nutrient density (so not too much fat, protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals), and high in simple sugars and/or sodium. Find out what works for you. Each training ride/run/swim, fuel your fire with something new, and take detailed notes of how you felt before, during, and after.

Be sure to vary your sugar sources and incorporate salty snacks as to not pigeonhole your engine’s options. This might mean playing foods that you know will be part of the race day buffet; that way, if something goes wrong with plan A on the track, you have a plan B. Bottom line: don’t get frustrated by the...

Our latest Garmin Pilot update for Apple devices, version 9.1, introduces a new high resolution base map layer from OpenStreetMap, worldwide gridded winds and a streamlined Connext Device page.  We’ve also significantly expanded our aircraft library so pilots can access performance profiles, checklists, and weight and balance data for even more aircraft types. Here


With the integration of OpenStreetMap, pilots now have access to high resolution, detailed street maps for enhanced situational awareness.  We worked closely with our team in Yarmouth, (formerly DeLorme), to develop a custom basemap designed specifically for use by pilots.  And best of all, these maps are part of the standard offering and once downloaded to your device they may be used both on the ground and in flight!

Open Street Map

To use, select the OpenStreetMap as the Map / Chart option under the Map page.

Worldwide Gridded Winds

Garmin Pilot incorporates gridded winds aloft forecast data, based on the Global Forecast System (GFS) weather model, to provide detailed coverage for your area.  You may display global coverage by enabling ‘Worldwide Winds Aloft Coverage’ in the Data Services section of Settings.

Worldwide Gridded Winds

Aircraft Library

The Garmin Pilot aircraft library has been expanded significantly to include new performance profiles, checklists and weight and balance data for Beechcraft, Cessna,...

As an athlete, you know that training sessions are, at their core, intended to create minor inflammation. After all, that’s what allows us to build muscle and repair or remove damaged cells. But we’ve noticed some inflammation-related rumors flying around – some correct, some not so much. So we’re addressing them head-on; it’s about time we pass the Inflammation Expert torch onto you. Here are three that we (and maybe you) have heard more than once.

Truth #1: Mental stress now can lead to decreased performance later
Cortisol has earned quite the reputation as ‘The Stress Hormone,’ and for good reason. Originally intended to kick us into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode when we were cohabitating with beasts on the African savannah, cortisol levels spike when the modern human encounters all kinds of stressful situations, ranging from emotional turmoil and inadequate sleep to intense exercise and injury. The result? A suppressed immune system, breakdown of proteins (muscles) for energy, and increased inflammation.

So if you live every day feeling mentally drained or overwhelmed, your cortisol levels have little chance of returning to baseline. As a hormone, cortisol induces side effects all over the body – they’re not just localized to your brain. And since cortisol triggers inflammation, that shoulder that’s been bugging you at the top of every stroke gets further and further away from recovery. And with long-term amplification from cortisol, this seemingly benign tweak can have a malignant effect on your race day results.

The moral of the story? Declutter your brain; practice...