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Government Shutdown: America's Closed 2:25
Since Democrats and Republicans can't seem to come to an agreement about our budget, the government is set to shut down a midnight, when America will officially be closed.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: government shutdown government politics barack obama obama pelosi reid boehner gop dnc republican democrats america closed no longer in service national parks park rangers
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The Hungover Games 2:41
Each year, drunk people are selected to participate in torturous games the morning after a big night out. There's no sunglasses, no water, and no headache medicine.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: the hunger games hungover hung over hangover jennifer lawrence movie film books trilogy suzanne collins premiere release drunk wasted hungover lottery bread battle metropolis josh hutcherson liam hemsworth panem haymitch abernathy caesar flickerman gale peeta katniss gary ross
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Conference Championships: The New Class 0:39
Saved By the Bell: The New Class was a bust but something tells me the NFL figured out a way to make this work.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: Conference Championships The New Class Saved By The Bell Parody Case Keenum Nick Foles Blake Bortles Tom Brady Bill Belichick Tom Coughlin
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White Noise Sleep Machine: How Racist... 1:58
Is the thought of equality keeping you up at night? Rest easy again with the all new Aryan 2 White Noise Sleep Machine.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: White Noise Sleep Machine White Noise Racism Intolerance Aryan 2 Sleep Machine equality Donald Trump Richard Spencer Alex Jones
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Everyone On The Bachelor Is Wasted 1:54
The Bachelor had some low moments this week as the girls get drunk with Arie and get busy. Gross.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: The Lowest Moments Of This Week's Bachelor The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.
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Melania Trump's Wife Coach Reveals Se... 4:33
Life as one of President Donald Trump's wives is not for the weak at heart and often requires extensive training. Karolina Petersberg (Nina Dobrev) is a professional Wife Coach who has trained not just Melania, but also his first two wives Ivana and Marla as well as the wives of some of the world's worst men.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: Nina Dobrev Donald Trump Wife Coach Wives Melania Trump Ivana Trump Marla Maples Harvey Weinstein Mel Gibson Karolina Petersberg Parody Mockumentary Training
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Stephen Miller Talks Steve Bannon In ... 2:11
Stephen Miller (Pauly Shore) responds to CNN’s Jake Tapper on the relevance of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon to Donald Trump’s administration.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: Stephen Miller Pauly Shore CNN Jake Tapper State of the Union Steve Bannon White House Chief Strategist Donald Trump President POTUS Michael Wolff Fire and Fury Book Sloppy Steve Russian Investigation Russians
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The 'Family Matters' When Steve Urkel... 3:12
Remember the 'Family Matters' when Steve Urkel got drunk and fell off a roof? It was a very special episode.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: A Very Special Episode Family Matters Steve Urkel Drinking Anti-Drinking Binge Drinking Drunk Roof Fell off Roof Sitcom 90's Social Issues
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Donald Trump's Cruel Intentions 1:30
Donald Trump may think he is king of the class, but Michael Wolff has all the gossip and isn't afraid to share.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: Cruel Intentions Parody Mashup Donald Trump Michael Wolff Fire and Fury Book Scandal Gossip End Scene The Verve Bittersweet Symphony
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Sabrina & Salem: Together Again 2:46
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was a huge show with their two stars, Melissa Joan Hart & Salem the Cat. The two reunite in this magical new video.
Submitted by: Melissa Joan Hart
Keywords: melissa joan hart sabrina the teenage witch witch witching 90s nineties witchcraft salem salem the cat magic magical spell child kid children rester aunt reunion reunited cat cats catty kitty purr kitten adorable
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The 10 Best Twitter Reactions About N...
This week's most exciting tweets about nothing particularly too exciting.
Submitted by: It's Internet Time
Keywords: Twitter Reactions Trump
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7 Answers You Wish The Ouija Board Di...
Submitted by: Pitch
Keywords: ouija spirits ghosts magic games humor comedy
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The Funniest Replies to Donald Trump ...
You know how you know President Trump was in real estate? Because he can’t stop talking about where the walls should go.
Submitted by: Tweet @ Trump
Keywords: president donald trump twitter usa maga make america great again
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This Is Why Eating Healthy Is Hard (T... 4:06
To save humanity, a dietician travels to the past. A lot.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: Time Travel Dietician Diet Health Healthy Eating cholesterol Eggs Fried Eggs Steak Toast Bread 1970's 70's Kitchen Paleolithic Paleo Diet Genetic Exercise
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Modern Office with Christina Hendricks 1:55
When Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) gets a job at a new office, it's unclear which is more old-fashioned: her style, her typing skills, or the office's policies toward women.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: modern office present christina hendricks mad men equal pay fair wages fax 60s sexism wage minimum poptart hamburger phone iphone case stroke smoke martini drink mad women
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The Little Scientist Unveils a New Ki... 0:30
The juice was worth the squeeze! After 89 trials and ten months of dedication in the lab, Kiehl's NEW Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate now packs in 12.5% Vitamin C! #CTheDifference
Submitted by: Kiehl's
Keywords: Kiehl's Little Scientist Kids Children Experts Skin Care Natural Products cosmetics natural beauty products
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Technology Problems 2:24
Jimmy gains problems as technology advances. Subscribe for new comedy sketches every Monday! Welcome to Life According to Jimmy. Check in every Monday as I'm joined by Christian Pierce or other guests for weekly sketches, balcony conversations, and more!
Submitted by: Jimmy Tatro
Keywords: Denis Shepard Bree Miller Nick Langer Christian Pierce Jimmy Tatro Life According to Jimmy latj lifeaccordingtojimmy Sketch Comedy (TV Genre) Comedy (Film Genre) Technology (Industry) Comedian (Profession) Technology Problems Problem (Quotation Subject) Jimmy Tatro Text Cell Phone Mobile Siri Reading Text
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