Marilyn Monroe has always been very discreet about her private life, but for Milton H. Greene, she posed in 52 different locations, feeding an archive of over 5,000 images. “Up Close with Marilyn: Portraits by Milton H. Greene” at the Proud Central Gallery in London shows the actress’ different faces through rare images from the photographer’s extensive archive, up to June 24, 2018.

adidas prepares to unveil its latest model of innovative sports shoes, from the label FUTURECRAFT which includes the latest technological innovations of the brand: the model AlphaEDGE 4D.

The revolution is the lightweight, ultra flexible and robust sole, printed in 3D.

To design this latest sneaker, adidas and its technology partner, Carbon, have developed a pioneering process in the design of sports equipment: the Digital Light Synthesis. The sole is a digital production from liquid resins, light and oxygen. The whole is heated to give a soft, durable and powerfull sole.

In order to adapt the shoe to the needs of athletes, adidas associates
computer data to 3D technology. The information collected from the athletes allows to maximize the comfort of the sole, to adapt to the movements: speed, endurance, power, agility…

The different areas of the sole are designed with precision to provide cushioning, propulsion and stability to the athletes, who can make the difference in their sport.

Enigmatic light effects, contrasting double exposures, ethereal atmospheres and psychedelic urban scenes: French photographer based in Vancouver Louis Dazy never stops immersing us in a chimerical universe. His retro graphic signature unfolds through strong colour shades; hot red, powerful green or icy blue for a striking result on film.

«I always stay faithful to night photography, at dawn or at dusk, it’s difficult for me to shoot during the day. I don’t really know why but I find it just very boring, he laughs. I need the sunlight to be yellow, blue or pink, the neon lights of the city to illuminate the complete darkness of the streets.» Indeed, he has explored neon lights’ possibilities for several years.

The pictures featured here are part of his two series «Still Life»; a photographic story of various nocturnal wanderings, and «Honk Kong On Film». Follow his Instagram account.

Rozenn Le Gall likes to deconstruct the 60s and 70s fashion magazines’ pictures to turn them into minimalist and suggestive collages on paper. This self-taught visual artist based in Lyon develops meticulous aesthetics works where the female subject is omnipresent.

«It’s not what I think that matters, but how people are going to own the collage and interpret it according to their prism, she says. When I stick a washing machine’s window on a woman’s body, some see a conservative attitude that brings women back to the status of housewives. However, others perceive the active woman, washed out by too many pressure in her life!»

Surprising the audience through the ambiguity engendered by her combinations, it is precisely the collagist wants. «Viewers know the image is truncated, they know it’s artificial, but by reading into it, they will give it a subjective reality. Their own reality», she adds. Ambivalent or not, her delicate and surreal creations make our imagination going far. Follow her work on Instagram.

For our greatest happiness, Canadian photographer Andrew Knapp snaped his adorable companion through their travels and walks for two years. «The idea behind the series “Momo’s face” came from everyone’s obsession (including my own) with Momo’s face. It was a matter of identifying what engaged people the most within my photography and turning that into something I can make more. It’s sort of a social experiment, a daily meditation, and a therapy for me», he explains.

The artist has also published several books in which Momo is hidden within the beautiful landscapes they have travelled together across North America. Two partners with great talents who make us sincerely smile! For your daily dose of cuteness, follow the Instagram account of the project.

Daniel Jacob is an artist specializing in sculpture and works on paper. He has recently produced a series of sculptures paying tribute to pop culture, but using a specific process. He creates numerically a mold that he will eventually fill with resin, once solidified it comes to place by hand thousands of Swarovski crystals. 

Leonardo Betti presents a series where each work is presented as a chromatic search. Each module is composed of four basic circular elements, to which the artist comes to combine colors. The goal of this work is to find harmonious combinations to offer palettes that are out of the ordinary chromatic.

Joel Filipe is a modern day explorer who travels cities around the world. He settled in Toronto for his latest project on Behance. It is with an architectural approach that we discover the Canadian city, with angles of views focused on the interior of buildings.

Find her work on Instagram.

From the outside, the contemporary installation by artist Mark de Jong, Swing House, is not particularly distinguished from the other residences that line the street in the Camp Washington district of Cincinnati. The blue building has charming architectural details that adorn its windows and roof. However, the interior is remarkably different. All three levels of the house have been completely shaved to create an empty interior of all interior walls or floors, with a single swing positioned in the center of the space.

The Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation has commissioned Todd Saunders to design a series of six artists’ studios on various Fogo Island locations. The organization is committed to preserving the Islanders’ traditions and aims at rejuvenating the island through the arts and culture.

We Love Green marks, every year the beginning of the season of the summer festivals. This year the program will again be enticing in the den of the Bois de Vincennes on June 2nd and 3rd. Headliners such as Björk, Orelsan, Juliette Armanet, Jamie XX, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beck, Angele, Lomepal, Sampha, Ibeyi or Nina Kravitz will march on different stages. Concerts are like every edition completed by happenings and conferences.

Another major element of the festival is the presentation of a signature artistic work, specially designed for the event, elected last April by a jury of which Fubiz was part, surrounded by Jean de Loisy, president of the Palais de Tokyo and godfather of the jury, the architect Grégory Chapuisat, the designer Constance Guisset, the artist Jean-Marie Appriou and the scenographers Eléonore Doisy and Etienne Vilotte from the studio Épatants.

The creation called Nouveau Monde designed by the Stavy Architectes agency, was chosen among more than 200 applications to be presented during this eighth edition of We Love Green.
Stavy Architects is a multidisciplinary agency, which imagines works and nourishes the imagination in the field of architecture, urbanism or scenography. The theme of ecology is at the center of the concerns of creatives. This is the case of the work selected by the jury of We Love...

Ben Van Berkel, one of the founders of architecture agency UNStudio, has designed “ellipsicoon”, a mobile structure designed as a place of rest, retirement. Fully thought and digitally developed and hand-woven by highly skilled artisans. The structure is composed only of high density polyethylene 100% recyclable.

Aquatic and intriguing, Toronto-based photographer Meaghan Ogilvie’s universe tries to make the audience a bit more aware of the vital relationship that links us to the oceans. Between ethereal aesthetics and artistic militancy, we asked a few questions to this artist whose works cannot leave us indifferent.

In your photographs, water is omnipresent. Why and how did it become your main inspiration and artistic signature?

I started shooting underwater when my dad was diagnosed with Multiple Systems Atrophy. Not much was known about the disease, so I wanted to use photography to bring awareness to it. Underwater photography was rare at the time, and I realized I could combine my two passions of water and photography in a project. I hoped to create memorable images to get people’s attention, and it worked. The series got a lot of exposure so I was able to talk about the disease and I quickly became recognized as an underwater photographer.

I’ve always been in awe of water. I love the many facets of it and how it makes me feel when I’m in it. I can stay in the ocean for hours, and when I’m away from it I feel homesick! I love its complexity, but most of all I love how it connects everything and everyone. So, I continued shooting underwater, started to travel more and...

50 Rebel Women by British artist and textile designer Vix Harris is a tribute to the world’s strongest and influential women. The series features illustrations of beloved women figures in our world today, including Audrey Hepburn, Billie Holiday, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Amelia Earhart, Georgia O’Keefe and more, decorated with colourful textile-like patterns. Raised by strong women and having lived all over the world dedicating herself to charitable causes, it’s obvious that feminism lies in the heart of Harris’ creations.

Leo Coulongeat is a photographer used to traveling through difficult areas like Lebanon, Mexico or Iran. It is therefore without difficulty that he went to Colombia to discover the desert of Guajira, at one end of South America. Through arid landscapes and sumptuous sand dunes overlooking the sea, Leo Coulongeat takes us to the heart of Colombia for an unforgettable trip.

Find her work on Instagram.

Seizing dancers and circus performers’ movements in spectacular places: it is what French photographer Haze Kware realizes with precision. Specialized in sports and motion photography since 2013, the visual artist likes to immortalize his models in atypical landscapes, far from stages, where we really do not expect them.

«I have this desire to play with the scenery. Every detail counts because it is according to the architecture, forms, lines and environment that we will choose the movement, the gesture or the pose. However, sometimes it’s the pose that impacts everything else», he says.

In the perpetual search for more unusual landscapes to continue his series, it is an epic and rich atmosphere the photographer wishes to build at each shot. Indeed, his pictures have a robust cinematic potential, enhancing and poeticizing athletes’ bodies which seem almost too perfect to be true. Follow his Instagram account.

In his series Unreal, photographer Giacomo Infantino takes us through the province of Varese in Northern Italy. He explores undefined characters and observes them in a detached way through cinematic landscapes and portraiture. Like light and shadow, dreaming and awakening, Infantino’s images “float between reality and fiction, orchestrated by distorted perspectives in which the point of view is nothing but the projection of ourselves.” Follow more of his work on Instagram.

In his fancy and original series “Cabana”, photographer David Behar portrays a collection of beach cabines. The saturated atmosphere, paradisiac colors and the funny touch of the approach, make this series a very “instagrammable” work.

En mélangeant la 3D et des perspective de photographie, le graphiste italien Michele Durazzi propose une série intitulé Was ist Metaphysik ?. Les photos sont empreinte de minimalisme et de pureté, confirmé par la dominante de couleurs blanche. La présence humaine nuance les perspectives, les angles et ajoutent une consistance géométriques.

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Kristen Meyer has a great sense of composition. She combines natural elements, such as flowers, pieces of wood or seashells, to create perfectly organised geometric flat-lays. In this series, the designer blurs the line between organic and geometric shapes.