Photographer Michael Lavine has always followed Nirvana, from the beginnings of the grunge group to its heyday. To pay tribute to his friends of yesteryear, the exhibition Kurt Cobain 50: il grunge nelle fotografie by Michael Lavine will be held until January 31st in Bologna in Ono Arte of Bologna, Italy. There are unseen pictures of the group, taken between 1990 and 1992 as well as intimate shots of Kurt Cobain.

Kim Wilkie is a virtuoso landscaper. Graduated from the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, California, he combines nature and design to create unique and dreamlike gardens, which he himself describes as “an endless conversation between the vastness of the geological crust. and the successive layers of life built on it.

Based in San Fransisco, Astrid Endeavor is an accomplished jewellery maker. The magic happens into the wee hours of the night when the artist can focus on her craft. The embroidery gives her pieces a retro look, which contrasts with the modern geometric designs and makes every single piece so special. It is the perfect accessory to brighten up an outfit. Find more of the artist’s creations here

Prince has not always been worldwide famous. In 1977, for example, his discography only contained only a demo of the track Soft & Wet. Enough for the photographer Robert Whitman, who, on this same year, took those photographs of this young artist in whom he had discovered the genius before everyone else. 40 years later, Whitman delivers his photos to i-D magazine.

Janice Sung is a Toronto-based freelance illustrator whose work is inspired by her love of fashion, people and nature. Gifted in portraiture, her creative narratives explore different worlds and characters, which she uses to elevate story and beauty. Below are examples of her wonderful portrait work, and see the rest of her portfolio and on Instagram.

Native from Colorado, photographerJamie Kripke is multidisciplinary: he excels in portraits, sports photography and landscapes. In the spotlight here, his series Hunting & Gathering, which depicts his daily adventure in the United States in color, where he makes a point of capturing every detail, pleasant capturing or feeling he lives or sees.

The studios TYIN tegnestue andRintala Eggertson have teamed up to create the Fordypningsrommet fleinvaer, a unique workspace located in the north of Norway. “I wanted to create a unique office in the world,” explains owner Håvard Lund. Well, it’s quite a success. In addition to the perched office, the architects have built a real tiny ecosystem, composed of small charming houses.

Eugenia Dudnikova is a Russian artist whose acrylic paintings are filled with a form of autumn melancholy inspired by the surrounding landscapes. The sometimes gloomy atmosphere of the scenes depicted is enhanced by pastel tones that infuse the candid poetry of children’s book illustrations in her works. With this series of drawings that blend into the decor, she renews the genre of street art, usually confined to city walls, and chooses nature itself as her medium of expression.

In Barcelona, French photographer Gauvin Lapetoule decided to look up. And he did well, because it allowed him to find ceilings all more majestic than the others, that he has compiled into a series of ceilings belonging to various artistic trends, from ancient to modern, from the ZARA store to the prestigious palaces.

Slava Thisset, known asLocal Preacher, is a true detail specialist. As witnesses the Wet Neons series, where the photographer travels the streets of Sochi, Russia, immortalizing each reflection of neon in puddles. If the idea seems far-fetched, the result is as mysterious as intriguing.

Peter Clarke is one of Australia’s leading photographers, and has been documenting amazing images of urban, natural and man-made landscapes throughout his experienced career. His series South Country features sweeping aerials of greenery, seas and landscapes — a beautiful balance to his architecture, construction and aviation shoots. See more of his work here, and follow him on Instagram. All images © Peter Clarke

The Italian design firm Adoratorio Studio is such a big fan of Ikea that it has created a series of beautiful graphic posters in tribute to the Swedish homeware company. This collection of unofficial posters features eight of IKEA’s most popular designs, and uses colour gradients to create light and shadow. The best part is, you can download them for free, to print some and display them between your Billy Bookshelf and your Docksta table at home

California-based Italian photographer Nicole Sertorio has been documenting various rest stops and rest areas along the US interstate, most of which have been replaced by gas stations and food chains. Taken around Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Texas and New Mexico, these rest areas are unused and abandoned architectural relics, photographed dramatically against empty landscapes. More of Sertorio’s work on his website, and follow him on Instagram.

2017 was a good year for music. We got to see that the need for an artist’s visual identity to “pop out” is more important than ever whether it is for you to click on Spotify, or, if you’re a music lover, to pick the album out at your local record shop. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of our favourite album covers of 2017.

Logic « Everybody »

Vince Staples « Big Fish Theory »

Mura Masa « Mura Masa”

For their Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, fashion house Gucci opted to present their catalogue in a series of surrealist illustrations instead of glossy photographs. Titled Utopian Fantasy, the collection is illustrated by Ignasi Monreal, who is one of the most sought-after illustrators and graphic artists in the fashion world. With influences of Renaissance, Surrealism, Monreal draws us into a fantastical visual journey through earth, sea and sky. More of Monreal’s work here, and follow him on Instagram.

The pencil stroke of Lithuanian artist Aiste Stancikaite is both delicate and precise. Her play of textures, shadows and details gives a striking, abstract and vast visual outcome. The artist skilfully combines traditional illustrative techniques with the use of digital mediums creating art that is more accessible to today’s audience.

Photographer David de Rueda, gives us a stunning tour of the United States, a vibrant tribute to all the forgotten places, a testimony of past times. Urban Escape is a poetic trip across the US, showing us its disaffected factories, empty stadiums and abandoned asylums. Letting your imagination do the work, this beautiful work goes with a stunning movie. Follow David on Instagram.

Whether you live in New-York or visit the city for the holiday season, you have until New Year’s Eve to admire the latest creation from Future Expansion’s urban design studio. This installation called “Flatiron reflection” consists of a collection of scintillating tubes inspired by the architecture of the neighbouring building. This contemporary tribute to the Flatiron Building, one of Manhattan’s tallest skyscrapers, forms a sort of arc of circle that opens onto the square. With its reflective and deforming walls that sublimate the variations of light during the day, it almost blends in with the surrounding landscape and emerges in the eyes of passers-by as they approach the artwork. The photos were taken by Noah Kalina.

Covering subjects as diverse as ethnography to fashion, photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett is known for his stunning visual narratives of extraordinary stories, people and places. In Slow Road to China, he documents Humla, an isolated region of the Himalayas, and its residents who are considered the last stronghold of pure Tibetan culture. His black and white portraits are a poignant and eye-opening look at a culture overlooked in today’s busy world. See more of his work here and on Instagram.

Mateusz Lengling is a Polish graphic designer whose visually-grabbing digital collages and illustrations swing from monochrome to neon-infused. Presented below are his best works from 2017, and as you can see, he is one young artist to keep an eye on. See more of his work on Behance, and follow him on Instagram.