Moloney Architects completed the design of a contemporary residence in Australia. Named for its split monolithic architectural form, Two Halves House is distinguished by two pavilions that appear to stand alone, but in fact live hand-in-hand.

The 240 square meter (2,583 square foot) home was specifically envisioned for a family who needed both privacy and social connection. This requirement was achieved by dividing the “public” open-plan living zone from its neighboring sleeping and bathing quarters.

“The two pavilions essentially distinguish the functions of the house, splitting the public and private zones to give the main living spaces the best views and natural light access,” the architects said.

The kitchen and dining area were designed in an open plan, with interaction in mind. Welcoming and friendly, this family room features original elements such as a low-set bench seat that faces the kitchen island and various stools for casual conversation.

In the neighboring pavilion, the bedrooms and bathrooms were imagined like a series of cellular spaces that are “minimal in nature, yet intimate and cosy.” Information provided by Moloney Architects; photography courtesy of Christine Francis.

A new year means a new Pantone Color of the Year. Image: Nexus Designs

Every year, Pantone shakes up the design world with its choice for the color of the year. 2018 is no exception. This year, the winner is a striking shade called Ultra Violet and this bold color has already begun shaking up the design world for the better.

If you’re curious about how this shade came to steal the spotlight, keep reading. We’ve got the scoop on how this color came to be and the tips you need to make it work in your own interiors. Consider this your definitive guide to tackling Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year.

And, the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is…Ultra Violet. Image: PantoneWhy Ultra Violet?

To some, Ultra Violet may seem like a bold choice, especially...

ATELIER GÉNÉRAL architecture completed the design of The Rock House, a minimalist residence located in Shefford, Canada. Built on the slope of Quebec’s Mount Shefford, the retreat bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other.

Entering the site from below, visitors see a black volume that seems to emerge from the slope and detach itself from the surrounding vegetation. The living areas, located upstairs, offer an intimate relationship to the site and connect to a large terrace.

The kitchen, finished in white pine veneer, is framed by two parallel white blocks that form an indirect link with the adjoining dining room. This space opens onto the ascending slope and boulder located nearby, integrated into the terrace.

Nested between the bathroom and the living room, a triangular-shaped veranda opens onto a leafy cover, a nest perched in the hollow of the landscape. Like the house as a whole, this is a refuge both anchored and aerial.

Be sure to have a look at the house plans below for a better understanding of the project. Information provided by ATELIER GÉNÉRAL architecture; photography courtesy of Adrien...

These are a few home improvements that will give you the biggest bang for your buck in 2018. Image: My House Design Build Team

Every homeowner wants to get the biggest impact possible out of their home improvements. Whether you’re looking to make a move in the near future or are planning on staying put for years to come, it’s comforting to know that your investment of time and money is worth the effort, that the work you’re doing will add value to your home.

With that in mind, we decided to take the issue to the experts. We asked the leading minds in real estate to tell us which home improvement projects are set to have the best return on investment (ROI) in 2018. Read on below to see what they had to say and to learn where in your home your sweat equity will ultimately have the biggest impact.

Architecture Studio Snorre Stinessen completed the design of Malangen Retreat, a cluster of accommodation units located in Tromsø, Norway. The cabins are located on a ridge rising from the fjord below and neighbor a lush forest.

The clients wanted to enjoy a high level of privacy, while also being able to receive guests during the weekend. The main residence and the annex are each composed of two boxes. The main part accommodates the entrance, children’s room and a small secondary living room in the first box, while the bathroom and master bedroom were placed in the second unit.

The “annex” hosts guest rooms, utility rooms and a relaxation area with a sauna directly exposed to the view outside.

“We planned the main entrance, the living room and an annex separated by the central courtyard,” the architects said. “From here the retreat opens up to the natural clearing in the forest and you can enter into either the main building or the annex. A dedicated exit from the kitchen leads to the south-facing outdoor area where the family enjoy their dinners on warm summer days.”

All the individual boxes are clad in cedar panels and treated with...

ASP Arquitectura completed a spectacular rehabilitation of an apartment on the lower level of a building in Mexico City. The design aimed to create a seamless connection with the surrounding landscape.

According to the architects, three indoor-outdoor transition elements were built with reinforced concrete, each with a distinctive personality. The first is a pool of water that greets visitors with movement and sound. The second consists of a garden of energy stones, while the third is a vegetable garden, designed to blend the gully’s natural vegetation with the terraces.

The indoor layout has a linear axis that links the common, semi-private and private areas. The northeast section has two terraces joined by a pergola; the first houses a living and dining area with a vertical garden built of wooden boxes reclaimed from the shoring system used in the construction. The second terrace rests on a lower overhang, suggesting a closer relationship with the landscape.

The southwest part houses a more private garden that connects to the bedrooms, TV room and kitchen, culminating in a contemplative space known as the Garden Box. This open module is designed for an intimate interaction between the spectator...

Modern takes on vintage interior design can be done. Image: Suk Design Group LLP

Vintage interior design is tricky. On the one hand, it’s easy to see why some would long to re-create the feel of elegance that is synonymous with homes of the past. On the other, it’s all too easy for a design to come off looking like it belongs in Grandma’s house. This is one occasion where striking the right balance is crucial.

We’re here to help you find that balance. We’ve compiled our best advice for pulling together vintage interiors that still feel appropriate for today. Read over these tips and incorporate them into your own design. We have no doubt you’ll be able to reach the perfect equilibrium between modern and traditional.

Stick to well-made antique pieces. Image: InUnison Design Inc.Choose well-made antiques

Antiques are the backbone of any...

Millennial pink was introduced to the world slowly, and then all at once. This dusty, muted version of a classic hue has taken the world by storm  that is, the fashion and interior decorating world. No longer just reserved for a little girl’s room or play area, this new “it” color is being treated as a neutral tone thanks to its effortless versatility. Adding this pink shade to any space in your home will provide a quick update, as well as a refreshing look and feel.

With its understated tone, millennial pink can be subtle, yet eye-catching at the same time. This quality makes it easy to add the color to an existing design layout or act as the centerpiece of your entire decorative ensemble. It’s relaxed, fresh, dreamy, and perhaps the color scheme you never knew you needed. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate millennial pink into your home.

Pink textiles give this space a dreamy quality. Image: HomepolishDining and living room accents

Your dining and living area is a space where you want people to feel welcomed. Adorning these rooms with millennial pink touches is a contemporary way to add some warmth and softness to...

Small bathrooms don’t have to be a problem with our tips for making good use of limited space. Image: Four Point Design Build Inc.

Small bathrooms are a plight to many. At times, it can seem like there is nothing you can do to make the space more usable. That’s simply not true. There’s always a way to make your space work better for you. We promise.

If you’re ready to throw in the towel on your bathroom, don’t give up just yet. Our small bathroom guide contains the tips you need to make that room a favorite. Read on below to find out our secrets for making the most of tight spaces.

Think outside the box when it comes to configuring your layout. Image: Caroline McCredieGet creative with the layout

When you’re dealing with tight space, it’s important to squeeze every last bit...

Japandi is one of 2017’s coolest style trends. Image: Powda Constructions

Sometimes two styles are better than one. Japandi, one of 2017’s coolest design trends, is absolute proof of that. This hybrid aesthetic combines the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian — or Nordic — designs with the traditional elegance that’s associated with Japanese styles. Together, they’re about to become your new favorite take on minimalism.

If you’re as intrigued by Japandi as we are, read on. We explain in more depth what Japandi is, why it works so well and how to make it work at home. Trust us when we say this trend is everything that you’ve been waiting for.

This look combines the best elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Image: Studio RevolutionWhat is Japandi?

Simply put, Japandi is a hybrid trend. This new look takes the modern flair of Scandinavian design...

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Our contemporary gifts roundup is for the design minimalist. The contemporary design fan prefers items that are clean lined, highly functional and pared down. They prefer items made with durable, high-quality materials like stone, chrome, porcelain and glass. New and unusual styles catch their eye.

Contemporary gifts for the mixologistThe Bali wine rack available at InMod holds 15 bottles stylishly in a wave-type form.Other contemporary gifts for the mixologist in stores now:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Contemporary serving and cooking gifts

This colorful and highly original home in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, New York, was specially developed for a couple of professionals with a passion for art and good books. The design brief called for special accommodations for their two shy but inquisitive cats to be able to navigate through small and high places.

BFDO Architects envisioned the living area on the parlor floor lined on one side by a full-length bookshelf, topped by a cat circulation space. “Shelves project to create steps for the cats to climb up to a continuous open ledge where they can observe activities from a high vantage point,” the designers added. “Trap doors allow the cats access to rooms above at either end of the house.”

The main floor is organized into four separate areas: the living room, media room, dining area and kitchen. Upstairs, the studio occupies the back half of the floor. A balcony in the window wall allows the client to step outside for quick breaks from work. The two-story wall of glass at the back of the house floods the interior with light.

This Brooklyn home offers so many visual points of interest; check out the diorama of a living room concealed behind the front door or the unconventional reading area...

Soho House, the famed London private club for artists, creatives and celebrities, has expanded in the past 20 years to offer lodging, restaurants and a stylish place to hang out in cities around the world like New York, Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin, Chicago, Toronto and more.

The secret to their success is the signature Soho House interiors, which are a combo of farmhouse, mid-century modern design and polished English style. It may be hard to get an exclusive membership, but you can now bring a little bit of the Soho House look home. The exclusive hand-crafted collection Soho Home, available at Anthropologie, is on sale now.

The new Soho House line of home accents, Soho Home, is available at Anthropologie.

Much like Soho House, the select collection will not be massed produced. Instead, Soho Home will be produced by the same local artisans that provide the club with their wares, including the English pottery studios of Burleigh, established in 1851, and Whichford. The collection is inspired by the Soho House Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, England.

Mid-century modern design is a hot trend. And a mod design lover has a special eye for retro, minimal and functional features. So what type of gift do you give this type of design purist? Here are the best mid-century modern gifts in stores now for the modern design fan.

Iconic mid-century modern clocksOne of the most iconic mid-century modern design pieces is the George Nelson Wall Clock, available at Design Within Reach for $395More mid-century modern clocks in stores now:1, 2, 3


Mid-century modern gifts for the coffee lover

This unusual looking guesthouse in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, was recently completed by Chinthaka Wickramage Associates. Issana Beach House is located 200 kilometers (125 miles) away from the bustling capital of Colombo and is a comfortable stopover for those looking to explore the country’s South Coast beaches.

According to the architects, the design of this house drew inspiration from the vernacular buildings of the nearby small towns and villages. The low-rise structures were developed to merge with the surrounding landscape. Local materials such as brick (for the masonry walls) and timber (for the roof and terraces) were integrated in the construction.

Before heading to the reception, visitors walk through an inviting forecourt. After checking-in, they are “squeezed” through a tall and narrow cathedral-like corridor that leads to the bedrooms. This narrow pathway continues with a triple-height lounge area, which visually communicates with the garden, beach and the Indian Ocean beyond.

The kitchen, storage area and laundry are all tucked to the rear of the site, while the living room and bedrooms are oriented toward the views. What are your thoughts on this tropical getaway in Sri Lanka? Information provided by Chinthaka Wickramage Associates; photography courtesy of Thilina Wijesiri.

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Interior design is much more affordable when you know where to splurge and where to save. Image: RisherMartin Fine Homes

Shop a similar look: Lamp | Serving Bowl | Wall Art

One of the complaints we hear most often against interior design is that it costs too much — and when you look at some of the price tags out there, it’s not hard to see why. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to redesign on a budget. At the end of the day, your success will come down to making smart choices on where to splurge and where to save.

If you’re thinking of investing in interior design, this post is for you. We’ll show you where your money will be well-spent and where it’s OK to cut corners. Read on to learn how to make smart purchases that will be well worth the cost.

Sanders Architecture collaborated with Cravotta Interiors to design and develop a modern apartment in downtown Austin, Texas. An array of materials and textures make this place vivid and appealing. Moreover, each functional area has its own personality, as you can observe in the photo gallery below.

“Close attention to detail is key to the beauty of this 3,100 square-foot (288 square-meter) condo customization,” the architects said. “A rearrangement of spaces and a playful embrace of existing infrastructure was necessary to accommodate a family of four in this high-rise urban condominium.”

A steel and glass wall divides the living areas; this installation is inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian and is undoubtedly the highlight of the apartment. It also serves a practical purpose, as it opens up to reveal a television set. Check out the pool table next to it, that can transform into a welcoming dining table for eight.

Large expanses of glass bring views of downtown Austin inside and keep the room naturally lit all day long. Moving over to the kitchen, you notice a colorful backsplash against dark-colored appliances, which makes the space come...

Welcome to a contemporary attic bedroom that exudes personality. The owner, a young lawyer, decided to convert the empty attic of a building in Sopot, Poland, into a quiet place for relaxation.

Studio Raca Architekci began by changing the geometry of the roof to make more space inside the new bedroom. A peaceful ambiance was achieved by cladding the ceiling and floor in oiled wood planks. Simple, modern furniture in black and gray complements the interior. A reading corner was placed by the window, with a modern chair designed by Hans J. Wegner and a minimalist Zuiver floor lamp.

The work area features a simple black desk and an Eames swivel chair. A modular sofa in the corner is used by the owner as a comfortable spot for watching computer movies.

“It was impossible to design a standard wardrobe because of the geometry of the roof,” the designers said. “We decided to build a cabinet at the back wall, opposite to the entrance. The doors in dark gray lacquer finish create a good contrast with the wood and reflect the space.”

We invite you to take the virtual tour of this attic bedroom in...

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Mandarin, pumpkin spice, sunset, warm persimmon … these are all paint color names for orange. Orange is a contemporary, fun and warm color, but it can be tricky to decorate with — until now. Here are some orange decorating ideas to inspire you! You’ll be an expert on how to decorate with orange to add some contemporary flair and warmth to a room.

So, how to get started decorating with orange? First off, you don’t have to spend a fortune or redo your house to add orange. The color works beautifully with earth tones and neutrals such as taupes, beiges and greys. It’s such a vibrant and eye-catching tone that a little can go a long way. You don’t have to commit to a fully orange room. Choose a few elements instead, like the images below.

Decorating with pumpkin spice in the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to add a little (pumpkin) spice into your life is by adding some orange to the bedroom. Start with some throw pillows and a blanket, or a bench or orange foot stool. Decorating with orange by adding these small elements isn’t expensive. You can warm up your bedroom on a budget.

Italian firm Studioata completed the design of an original apartment in Turin, Italy. The home is located inside a heritage building and cleverly combines classical details with contemporary arrangements.

The interior consists of a succession of environments outlined by different heights. As you step inside, you discover the spacious living area which, overlooks the terrace and inner courtyard. The social zone is filled with light and ruled by a charming eclectic vibe. An old fireplace was restored and acts as the focal point of the entire space.

In the kitchen, the designers opted for a contemporary design in a neutral color palette. We particularly like the wooden table (with bright green legs) which prompts a nice visual contrast.

The blue steps in the living room leading up to the mezzanine add a dynamic touch to the overall design scheme. The upper floor of the apartment accommodates the bedroom, TV room and study. It’s here you find the true highlight of this home: a perfectly conserved ceiling covered by old fresco-style paintings. Find this interior as fascinating as we do? Photography by Barbara Corsico.