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Flipped House is a two-story residence with a modern, turnkey design located in a neighborhood dominated by more traditional architecture. The team at Atelier RZLBD renovated an existing brick bungalow in Ontario, Canada, and added a second level to the structure.

The project gets its name from its unconventional “flipped” layout. While a typical dwelling keeps all public-facing spaces confined to its main floor, with private areas like bedrooms sequestered upstairs, Flipped House divides its public and private zones on either side of a vertical plane.

As a result, the home’s den, kitchen, dining and living rooms are all located on its street-facing northeast side, while the house’s three bedrooms span both levels of the building’s more secluded southwestern end.

Inside, knotty cedar slats surround the linked kitchen and dining room, wrapping up the side walls and the ceiling above to create a sense of warmth and grandeur. The linked first-floor kitchen and dining room are double-height spaces, which produce a dramatic effect when entering the house.

Upstairs, a flexible family room carries on to a small wooden patio built atop the existing garage. At the other end there is an airy home office...

Though a tremendous undertaking, you can get through your next remodel with our tips. Image: John Dancey Custom Designing/Remodeling/Building

Anyone who’s ever tried to manage a remodel can tell you that it’s a huge undertaking. Between trying to stay on time, on budget and on top of a thousand moving parts, it can feel like another full-time job. It’s far from impossible though. In fact, with a little prep work and organization, you can plan a home improvement project like a pro, even if you’ve never tackled one before.

If you’re just about ready to plan your next remodel, this post is for you. We outline the steps needed for every aspect of these projects. Keep reading to get the scoop on all the work that goes into planning a remodel — and how you can pull it off the right way.

Finding design inspiration...

Wonder Architects Studio redesigned a traditional villa in Xicheng District, Beijing. The project features an unconventional layout, minimalist arrangements and a creative indoor-outdoor interplay.

“Beijing is a city that lacks architectural variety,” the architects said. “From modern apartment buildings to traditional villas, architects decorate this huge void city with limited building types. As a result, people living in Beijing developed numerous methods to expand their spatial experience by constructing gardens in their courtyards, building forts in vacant spaces and using wood panels to separate spaces.”

This villa is a manifest against “void” architecture. The designers aimed to create a “garden within gardens” and cross the limits of the typical Beijing house layout.

New materials adjoin the traditional frame of the house defined by wood and brick. Floor-to-ceiling glass additions open up the interiors to the valley.

“After the reconstruction of each space, we recombined the functional areas to form a new set of spatial narrative experiences,” the architects added. “We placed groups of rocks all over the courtyard, creating coincidental collisions between architecture and nature.” Landscape design by Li Ding; photography courtesy of Haiting Sun and Qipeng Zhu.

A few tips can make shopping for accessories much easier. Image: Studio Duggan Ltd.

If you’ve been an interior design aficianado for any length of time, you know that including the right accessories can make or break a room. However, beyond giving that initial piece of advice, most design sites are vague in terms of how to find the decorative items that will complete your design. That confusion stops here.

If you’ve been wondering how to find decorative items that work, you’re in luck. We developed a guide on shopping for accessories. Use our tips to help gain clarity before your next spending spree. That way, you can be sure you’re purchasing pieces that take your design to the next level.

Many décor elements can be considered accessories. Image: Arkee CreativeKnow your options

Before you can start shopping for accessories, it’s helpful to...

Brussels practice Notan Office completed a roof extension and water tank project in a crowded urban area of Beirut, Lebanon. The unconventional extension has a total surface of 250 square meters (2,691 square feet).

“In Beirut roofs are inhabited, private or shared, terraces or technical roofs,” the architects explained. “The extension was built on a flat roof that had to host water tanks as well. To make it habitable, a volume rises and contains the water in a common tank.”

The architecture practice envisioned an imposing rock monolith facing panoramic views of the city. Thanks to its double orientation, this last floor is open and ventilated; at the same time it ensures a high level of privacy.

The 13th floor addition to this Beirut building exhibits a playful spirit. The apartment adjoins a generously sized terrace where the inhabitants can feel the pulse of the city below.

As you step inside, you are welcomed by cozy interiors, despite the array of raw finishes used in the design scheme. The floors are made out of crushed white marble, which complement the concrete ceiling and wooden window frames. Photography courtesy of Leva Saudargaité.

These interior design optical illusions can totally transform your space. Image: Klopf Architecture

If there’s one goal of interior design, it’s to make the most out of your interiors. Sometimes, the space you’re working with is ideally set up and all it takes is a few small tweaks. Other times, you need to consciously work toward changing the entire perception of the room. On these occasions, it’s all about harnessing the power of interior design optical illusions to create change.

If you’re not aware of how much of an impact these design maneuvers can make, you’re in luck. Below we’ve outlined four of the most common illusions, as well as how to you can pull them off in your own home. Keep reading for a crash course on every decorator’s secret weapon.

Dark colors can tighten the room. Image: The WorksChoose colors wisely


Ananda House is an unconventional holiday retreat designed by IBUKU Architecture in the shape of two multi-level structures. Hidden in the tropical forests of Abiansemal, Indonesia, these two architecture gems blend natural materials with innovative lodging.

Stone pathways wind through the terraced garden and lead the way to the main entrance of the retreat. Wooden balconies and decks ensure a smooth transition between the interiors and the magic outdoors.

“The curving leaf-shaped roofs sweep low around the sides, and under them you can see a glimpse of glass which reflects the green of the garden, and white curtains flowing,” the architects said. “These are the private bedrooms, and at the front of each is a private balcony pointing east towards the valley.”
A teardrop-shaped open pavilion accommodates the living area, with comfortable rustic chairs and a welcoming kitchen. The wooden bar features a curving countertop made from flat slabs of river stone.

“The deck sweeps around the north side of the family pavilion towards the grotto pool; it’s a continuation of the living space which cultivates an indoor-outdoor feeling and overhangs the cliff just slightly,” the architects added. Photography courtesy of Stephen Johnson, Shaan Hurley and...

Here’s how to figure out your interior design style once and for all. Image: helsingHouse Fastighetsmäklare

Before you can start any design project, you need to have some sort of inspiration in mind. If you’re fully aware of which design styles you’re consistently drawn to, finding a muse should be fairly easy. If not, though, it can be hard to even figure out where to start. In that case, the question becomes: How do you go about finding your interior design style?

We’re no strangers to defining a personal aesthetic. Below you’ll find a few questions. Ask yourself each one, in turn, and look over each of the corresponding options. You’ll likely find some overlap in your answers. At the end, research whichever style catches your eye most often and see how you feel. We bet you’ll find a look that resonates with you.

Ben Callery Architects completed the rehabilitation of a terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. The old heritage building on the site was dark, narrow and overshadowed by neighboring walls. In response, the contemporary Beyond House has an open layout that addresses the inhabitants’ need for connection.

“The owners are serious about sustainability and wanted the new addition to be naturally comfortable, using sun for heating, breezes for cooling, water harvesting, solar power, recycled materials (even re-using the old kitchen),” the architects said. “We looked beyond the site constraints and beyond the typical spatial boundaries within a terrace house’s rooms and levels.”
The new design ensures an optimum indoor-outdoor connection, thanks to an array of carefully placed windows. All rooms have floor to ceiling glass doors to capture the views.

“Through the insertion of a central void, adjacent to a multi-purpose studio space, opening onto a roof deck, the occupants engage with the outdoors – the sun, the sky and trees,” the architects added. These elements also break down the social barriers typically associated with a terrace house and encourage interaction between the inhabitants. Photography courtesy of Ben Callery Architects.

Sometimes, even the most beautiful rooms can benefit from a few interior design tweaks. Image: Catherine Staples Interiors

Sometimes, even when you follow the fundamental interior design principles to the letter, your project doesn’t come out quite right. It’s not that there’s anything truly wrong, it’s just that something feels a little off about the whole room. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how frustrating it can be. After all, how do you even know where to start looking for a solution?

Well, we’ve been there before and come out on the other side. Below are three interior design tweaks that can make a huge difference in how a space looks and feels. Try them out in your own home. We’re willing to bet they can help you feel at peace with your interiors.

Give your layout a refresher. Image:

Amsterdam-based studio Cocoon Living transformed a large three-story house into a contemporary home for a travel-loving family. The renovation is part of a larger project that aims to upgrade many of the old buildings surrounding the canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

As you step inside, you notice an eclectic mix of furniture and decorations against an immaculate white background. Open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows give the feeling of a bright home.

The home’s living room breathes elegance and is dotted with seating for the residents to lounge comfortably. In the kitchen, everything revolves around the subtle silhouette of the worktop, created using HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone.
“The exotic and human touch comes from the decorative elements, which provide an opportunity to reflect the family’s passion for travel,” the designers said.

“In this home you will find Versailles Baroque-style chandeliers alongside seashells in the bathrooms for a beach-like feel. Or a mirror, whose spokes recall the sun that warms the African savannah, mixed with a reproduction of a scarlet ibis, a bird indigenous to South America, that is the undisputed star of the living room thanks to its bright orange colour.” Photography by Pam Kat.

Some of the best home design ideas are only available to industry experts. Trade fairs are conducted secretly and away from view from most of us. By the time we find out about the latest trend, it may be when it’s on the store shelves. But there’s good news! There are plenty of home design shows open to the public around the world and they’re a lot of fun.

Here’s a calendar of some of the best home design shows open to the public for 2018:Bahrain 8 in 1 Expo | January 11-13

The Kingdom of Bahrain hosts this show, which includes Bahrain International Modern House, Health and Beauty International Expo, Fashion Time Exhibition and Perfume Expo, all in one place.

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) Orlando, Florida | January 9-11

This show is normally open only to the trade. But if you’re a student, you can access the most important remodeling, kitchen and bath design show in the United States. KBIS hosts this show in conjunction with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and runs alongside alongside the NAHB International Builders’ Show. You’ll find attendees like designers, retailers, builders and architects who specialize in kitchen and bath design.

Austin Spring Home & Garden Show, Texas | January 12-14
We asked home stagers to share their best tips for a quick resale. Image: Widell + Boschetti

Home staging can be tricky to wrap your head around. Most of time, it’s about taking your home as-is and making a few, small changes. Yet, somehow, those tiny changes can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting buyers. Sometimes it can even mean the difference between selling your home and having it sit on the market.

If you’re about to put your home on the market, this post is for you. We reached out to professional home stagers and asked them to share their favorite tips for getting a home resale ready. Read them over and do your best to implement them in your own home. Once you’re done, we’re sure the impact will be well worth the effort.

Staging your exterior is just...

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? As 2017 goes out, so do some outdated styles and old trends. After careful review of what the international furnishings shows, top interior designers and home magazines all have to say, here are the latest modern home design trends of what’s in store for 2018 — and why you should add them to your design to-do list for 2018.

Design resolution 1: I will add more color to my homeAdding bright-color decor to your neutral room is a quick and easy way to create a vibrant space. Image: JRP Design and Remodel

Designers and magazines across the board are calling for more color for 2018 and beyond. Although monochromatic white and grey spaces will always have a place in contemporary design, adding splashes of color by using accessories or paint is an easy and quick way to modernize a home.

Design resolution 2: I will do something about that blank wall

Beijing-based Evolution Design took on the challenge of rehabilitating two decrepit buildings located in a scenic village in Zhoushan, China. The houses, which had been unoccupied for 70 years, are oriented toward the sea and offer panoramic views.

The architects combined the existing structures into a continuous space with a modern layout. “The new residence is composed of bedrooms renovated from the two old houses plus a studio converted from an old kitchen with collapsed roof that is now replaced by a glass ceiling,” the developing team explained.

One of the design highlights is a reinforced concrete “box” facing the sea, which serves as an open space living and dining area. This architectural element is also a link between the upstairs master bedroom and the two guestrooms below.

“The new house is built with reinforced concrete and is a perfect match in terms of both structure and space while remaining free of excessive decoration,” the designers said. “Concrete was specifically chosen to help the house withstand erosion stemming from the harsh sea climate.”

The interior design is a hypnotizing merger between old and new. Wood, concrete, stone and glass have been tastefully put on display to celebrate this...

Coco Chanel, famous for her black-and-white signature fashion and accessories, may be long gone but she would love the latest venture in her name: the Coco Club. The private, invitation-only club is the first for the brand and opened in the Soho neighborhood in New York City.

The invitation to the Coco Club opening in New York City. Image: Eventbrite

Coco was always a feminist. She embraced men’s clothing and used men’s tailoring in her designs. So a private women’s club inspired by a gentlemen’s club would be a natural progression for her brand. And the club’s design is inspired by one of her most iconic watches — the Boy-Friend. The colors of the interiors are graphic black and white with cream and gold accents everywhere.

The entrance to the Coco Club. Image: Chanel

Lucky members receive a gold card for access. There’s all sorts of fun and unusual services at...

This historic chapel in Belgium was recently converted by Studio klaarchitectuur into an unconventional office space. Dubbed Waterdog, the project aims to transform architecture work into an almost spiritual experience.

“Due to the chapel’s status as a listed building, the renovation project was bound by several limitations,” the architects said. “For instance, it was vital the historical character of the building remained intact. This was achieved by erecting a brand-new construction from scratch, completely separate from the historic building, in sharp contrast with the old walls.”

A large, sumptuous space was maintained at the heart of the building, with work areas located at the rear of the chapel. Ceiling vaults add to the grandeur of the space.

“By stacking the different offices and spreading out the various departments across different floors, a constant sense of dynamism is created in the workspace,” the architects added. “No more dull and unimaginative offices; be inspired by a challenging working environment where past, present and future are inextricably linked.”

Even though the building is primarily an office space for the architecture studio, some of its areas are open to the public and various events are expected to take place here. Photography...

One of the first things about a house that a guest or home buyer notices is the front door. If you want to make a statement, upgrading or revamping your front door is a smart move that isn’t all that expensive. According to, it’s the second best return-on-your-investment renovation.

Ready to get inspired? Here’s a collection of the latest front door ideas and trends you may want to steal to improve your home’s curb appeal.

1. Front door paint color ideasRed will forever be one of the most popular front door colors, regardless of architectural style. Image: Faust Construction

One of the quickest fixes to upgrade your front door is to simply paint it. Choose an exterior paint designed for the door type; there are paints and primers for steel, fiberglass and wood door surfaces. About one quart of paint should do for an average door.

Gloss or semigloss are the most durable; the sheen holds up better against nicks and scratches and tends to show bolder colors better. It’s easy:

  • Although you can paint your mounted door, removing the door and all of the hardware will give you a better finish.
  • Sand the door lightly to get rid of old paint...

This small, one-room apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, is incredibly well planned. With the home at just about 344 square feet (32 square meters), it features a fully equipped kitchen and spacious living room that doubles as a sleeping area.

A small entrance hallway guides you toward each entertainment space, while the light gray walls brighten up the place and perfectly complement the wooden floors. The living room is large enough to accommodate an extendable sofa, reading corner and bed. Plus, the vintage bench and stools add a charming touch to the interior.

It’s a known fact that Swedes love flowers, which is probably why this apartment is sprinkled with plant stands — all the more reason to fall in love with this place!

The kitchen has an array of storage options that make it extremely practical, but it still has a cozy feel. The window offers a lovely view of the building’s inner courtyard, where residents can relax and unwind during warm summer days. Despite the small size of the apartment (discovered by Freshome on Alvhem), the exquisite planning makes it spacious enough for two people to live here.

They’re the incubators where design starts. The international furniture design shows are where young and established designers and brands display their latest offerings in the hopes that the biggest retailers in the world will buy them — and bring them to you. Here are the most important international furniture design shows for 2018.

Trendset Munich, Germany | January 6-8

This is the winter edition of the “interior, inspiration and lifestyle” show with a heavy focus on home accents and accessories. There’s also a July show, although the winter show is more popular. You’ll find the upcoming spring and summer trends, which Trendset forecasts as “Earthy colours, relaxed patterns, and sustainable materials characterise the widely diverse trends of the coming summer. The deep attachment to the earth gives rise to new ethnic and near-natural designs. Natural and recycled textiles arise from the innovative power and creativity of excellence in craftsmanship.”

Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt, Germany | January 9-12Messe Frankfurt Theme Park

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for textiles. You’ll find professionals from all fields who work with fabric and textiles, like architects, designers, internal decorators, visual merchandisers and bed and bath retailers. According to Heimtextil, the future trend will be about urbanization and city...