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Brooklyn-based Voodoo Manufacturing has one of the world's largest clusters of 3-D printers, and it’s using them to make high-volume manufacturing accessible to everyone.
Sovereign Group, an investment company controlled by Kenyan multi-millionaire tycoon Joshua Kulei, a former Private Secretary to former President Daniel Arap Moi, is set acquire a 33.8% government-owned stake in the 5-star InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi.
If you're in the market for a new credit card, it's important to consider the full lineup of products available to you. From signup bonuses, to travel credits, to ongoing card benefits, here are my favorite business credit card offers on the market right now.
A travel hacker shares her 12 top tips for using miles and points to get free flights.
The truth about marketing can set business leaders (and a lot of additional revenue) free.
“When it all stops, you have a period of grief,” says Vicky Brock of being sacked from Clear Returns, the startup she’d built over five years. The abrupt way the founder learned of her dismissal didn’t help. Yet today, she explains how it led to her to build a brilliant new business GetMarketFit.
If you’re running an organization, dealing with clients, or leading a team, having integrity means following through to do what you say you’ll do—no matter if it’s hard, costly, or unpleasant. Without integrity, your communication lacks substance. Without substance, your communication has no power.
Twenty years ago, the idea of building a software business for cheap was almost unheard of. Now, it's become easier than ever. Hatch, a DC-based software startup is bringing this innovation to the industry of creating apps.
An important concern that most people forget is that holidays could affect whether your employees are paid on time.
For decades, the home building industry has operated the same way—highly inefficiently and based on a lot of guesswork. One small home builder--Arbor Builders--in Bend, Oregon figured out how data could be a game changer. They followed three simple steps in 'datafying' the way houses are built.
Non-Amazon related businesses across the world face pressure to deliver on time and in full, but don’t have the necessary tools to execute contracts, take payments efficiently, and track deliveries, ensuring that goods arrive when they should. But, blockchain could make the supply chain whole again.
Lauren Bush Lauren's FEED bags have already provided meals for more than 100 million children.
Are you an education entrepreneur or startup attending ISTE this year? Nine education voices from the field share their secrets and best practices to building critical relationships with teachers, schools, and their decision makers.
A recent trip to the optician taught me how failing to look closely at how head office policies, processes and equipment levels affect the experience of all of their customers is both a mistake and a missed opportunity.
"Don't let it end like this!"
I spoke with Pam Capalad and Dyalekt about the vision behind their movement, closing the wealth gap and the need to educate all ages about financial literacy.
Recently Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of the venture firm, Backstage Capital announced via Twitter and the United State of Women conference that their newest $36 million fund will invest exclusively in black women-led startups and entrepreneurs.
Schmidt's Naturals went from the founder's kitchen to a giant exit and bootstrapped the whole thing. It's a tale for the ages. Here's how they did it.
Do you feel like these platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are training clients to think your work is doable at insanely low rates? Are these platforms having an adverse effect on the market, making clients cheap? I explore if it does, and if so, how business owners can use this to our advantage.
Nobody likes negative feedback. But how much of it is really useful? We all take negative feedback to heart, but should we? Let's take a look at why bad feedback probably doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.