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Ford's vision of a transportation 'cloud' for the future for cities is bold but can it deliver on its vision?
A goal is like a contract you make with yourself. Make sure to get it in writing.
A look at the differences and similarities between big tobacco and social media.
In the social impact space, your culture creates the legacy you leave behind. Whether your company culture is healthy or is in need of improvement, consider these three principles to influence your culture in the coming year.
I spoke with Lucyd CEO Harrison Gross about the vision behind his company, the future of ICO investing, and his approach to developing AR products for the future.
A recently conducted survey of some 17,000 self-employed professionals revealed exactly what influences the global freelance pay rates. If you are interested in earning more, take the following insights into account.
Million Short Founder and CEO Sanjay Arora shares the vision behind his company, overthrowing Google’s search engine monopoly, and his insight into the future of finding information online.
Nick Hanauer is, by his own account, "obscenely wealthy," but he thinks the GOP tax cut is bad for the middle class — and therefore bad for him.
Make 2018 the year you give up on "productivity hacks" and instead invest in some real project management techniques. (Hint: it's not about the plan. It's about the critical path.)
I spoke with Edge Security CEO Paul about the vision behind his company, rethinking cyber security, and how Blockchain solutions can prevent data breaches.
From European elections to Trump’s travel ban to surges in cryptocurrency price, all of these events have had and could still have a impact on the fintech industry in 2018. With the sector expanding and an increasing amount of investment going into financial technology, 2018 could be the year.
With the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to take an honest look in the mirror and make changes that can help you reach new professional heights. Instead of coming up with a list on my own, I decided to survey my team for eighteen resolutions that will make your career skyrocket this year.
Looking to 2018, what are four big things marketers need to keep in mind when thinking about AI, machine learning and marketing automation?
It's futile to try to stomp out online lying, of course. Unfair as it may seem, the burden is on business leaders to pull honest proposals from the sea of false bravado.
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcases the industry's hottest gadgets now and in the future. From an augmented reality holo messenger to a robot that can play scrabble, this is a peek at a few gadgets and devices on the horizon.
Ring in 2018 with a commitment to leisure time and making space for the work you want to be doing. After all, science shows that stress affects your immune system. Plus those ridiculous productivity hacks are so 2017.
Knowing where the dangers lie can make charting a course so much simpler. Here are a few things to keep in mind.
As cloud-based tools proliferate, small businesses are turning to them for billing, collaboration, project management, video conferencing and customer engagement, among other tasks. A virtual assistant app has placed more than 850 calls for one entrepreneur.
We’ve looked back at Forbes coverage of women founders and funders over the year. The women represented here have between them have a half a billion dollars in new funding, a billion-dollar deal waiting in the wings and a rising portfolios of funds.
When Joe Alexander lost his job, he decided to take a $50,000 severance to start his own company.