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The electric carmaker envisions a Shanghai region plant to build 500,000 vehicles a year, as well as the batteries and motors they’ll need, without laying out a plan to cover a price tag that could reach $5 billion.
For ShadowBox, foot traffic and traditional press served as a one-two punch for business. “It was a mix of good location and good timing in the wellness space because a lot of badass women were looking to try new things and do more than dabble in boxing,” said Glazer.
This CEO turned a bad experience into a popular women's cycling apparel brand, and learned the key to launching and growing a business is authentic community connection.
Researchers at Duke have found that more than 40% of your daily actions are autopilot habits that don’t use up your decision making brain power. So let’s tack a little add-on to one of those ingrained habits.
This summer, New York Fashion Tech Lab graduated its fifth cohort of eight women-led companies. Here are the top five companies from NYFTL 2018 that are using innovative technologies to reshape the fashion industry.
Yes, we were heartbroken when the note came through. It did explain why the update kept being delayed. It did also leave the door open for our chances at being accepted. It would just be delayed. Deep breath, then to keep working on our business.
Rhode Island has recruited 24 companies in the past two years to either come to the state or expand the presence the company already has in the state. Gov. Gina Raimondo is calling it a modern industrial revolution.
Bestselling authors, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, share three of the secrets to their success.
Four reasons why now is the time to address the increasingly deadly problem of sales and marketing misalignment in your business, before it is too late. The latest research points to new urgency.
As a 19-year-old college kid, I was thrown into the deep end at GM's Cadillac assembly plant in Detroit. My dad's advice helped me jump into water over my head, learn some big lessons, and have an unforgettable summer with a very scary looking bunch of guys.
California robotics firm Bossa Nova is breathing new life into bricks-and-mortar retail with the help of its smart, shelf-scanning robot.
What do you really need them for, anyway?
If your small college or traditional university is struggling with low enrollment, here are 5 entrepreneurial strategies you can use to boost those numbers, thrive, and still make a profit.
To remain competitive, freelancers should constantly look into expanding and upgrading their skills. In the ever-changing job landscape, adaptability is the key to remaining an in-demand hire.
IBM has poured $71 billions to develop new technologies, which have begun to win big customers.
Lisa Napoli at Gracefully Radio interviewed me about why we started Next For Me. In the conversation we cover the changing face of retirement, a looming fiscal crisis and changes in the workplace for +50 workers.
Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?
To stick or to twist? A question not only asked of Blackjack players in Vegas, but start-up founders too.
Attracting and serving high-paying clients may sound like a solitary career, but it is really a team sport. Even solo entrepreneurs need vendors, suppliers, freelancers, coaches, and joint venture partners. The first person you need to lead on the team is yourself.
Is the timing right for new players in franchising that can relate to their local market and connect with customers socially? It appears to be...small is big again in franchising!