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These people would probably be better served without access to social media... Submitted by: Tagged: insane , FAILS , FAIL , failbook , facebook , insane people facebook , funny Share on Facebook
Having their computers taken away is the least of their concerns. Talk about getting caught red-handed! Submitted by: Tagged: crazy , wtf , kids , cringe , Awkward , parenting , weird Share on Facebook
Elon Musk cannot be stopped. Dude isn't having any of that self-appreciative, snobby gloating from this Harvard grad who got a solid rude awakening.  Submitted by: Tagged: elon musk , facebook , social media , funny , win , obnoxious Share on Facebook
It never ceases to amaze us what people will do for attention on the internet. These people just get off by spinning some absurd fantasy that makes them seem better than they really are.Unfortunately, for these morons, they had that false reality stripped away from them as reality came crashing down.  Submitted by: Tagged: FAILS , FAIL , bullshit , lying , failbook Share on Facebook
You know it's going south when the customer breaks out the ruler....Yes. To work in the hospitality industry is to be regularly subjected to testy customers that eat out for the explicit purpose of complaining....about ANYTHING. In this case, we're witnessing peak high maintenance mode from a sandwich snob that had to have that meal cut precisely down the middle, with no room (literally), for error.  Submitted by: Tagged: hospitality , restaurant , facebook , ridiculous , food Share on Facebook
We all have secrets, good or bad, that would drastically change the way that others perceive us. Although, for most of us, probably not to the degree of some of these insane stories.These secrets forever changed the way that these people looked at people in their lives.  Submitted by: Tagged: secrets , wtf , real life , cringe , relationships , dating Share on Facebook
Consider this list a comprehensive guide on what NOT to do. Submitted by: Tagged: dating fails , FAIL , cringe , nice guys , neckbeards Share on Facebook
Brace yourself, cause you're about to get hit with a strong wave of secondhand embarrassment after reading these. We're blushing just trying to imagine being in these poor souls' shoes.  Submitted by: Tagged: relatable , cringe , askreddit , relationships , dating Share on Facebook
These idiots are so dumb that they're going to make you cringe. Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , cringe , failbook , facebook , idiots Share on Facebook
Sometimes revenge is a dish best served cold.  Submitted by: Tagged: revenge , askreddit , relationships , funny , dating Share on Facebook
Open your mind and let the sweet, profound wisdom flow through you.  Submitted by: Tagged: Fun Fact , wisdom , interesting , shower thoughts Share on Facebook
The internet totally won when it was able to identify these strange (sometimes unsettling) objects.  Submitted by: Tagged: cool , interesting , Reddit , win Share on Facebook
What an a**hole. Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , FAIL , failbook , facebook Share on Facebook
This is exactly the kind of rant we need in light of the comical, alarming, disheartening absurdity encircling the Tide Pod challenge movement. What are people DOING?! Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: tide pods , FAIL , restaurant , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook
Mom! This is some serious business right now! Submitted by: (via Shelby Looper) Tagged: FAIL , cute , parenting , funny , Video Share on Facebook
Just in case you're crawling from out under a rock right now, porn star, Stormy Daniels revealed that Donald Trump has a propensity for getting spanked by Forbes magazines. This all follows previous reports of Daniels and Trump having prior relations. We can only imagine what she's going to drop next.  Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , wtf , donald trump , cringe , ridiculous , reaction , politics Share on Facebook
The morons that follow in this list should NEVER be allowed to spread their sheer stupidity and insane ideas across social media. They should be banned for life. Submitted by: Tagged: insane , FAILS , FAIL , failbook , facebook , idiots Share on Facebook
This devious trickster expertly sculpted a Toyota Supra out of snow in the streets of Canada, hoping to trick the Canadian police. Their reaction makes it. Here in the US they'd probably fine you for obstructing the road. Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , trolling , failbook , facebook , funny , win Share on Facebook
Chris Pratt's vegan followers were ready to skewer the star alive after his post about eating lamb from his farm. The sheer amount of rage from these people is staggering.... Submitted by: Tagged: vegans , cringe , social media , ridiculous , chris pratt , dramatic Share on Facebook
Tell us a time that Ryan Reynolds has ever failed to hit out the park...seriously, this guy and his razorsharp wit crush it on a continual basis; and we're endlessly grateful for the entertainment.  Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , throwback , ridiculous , ryan reynolds , funny , win Share on Facebook