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This is where self esteem goes to die.  Submitted by: Tagged: roasts , insults , brutal Share on Facebook
There's nothing we love quite more than someone, anyone, who is able to make the most out of their disability by healing some of the pain through humor and laughter. It feels like just yesterday we discovered another young woman on Tinder who was going viral for her phenomenal ability to incorporate missing an arm into hilarious costume ideas/one-liners. Now, we have Mandy, who lost both her legs back in 2014 after being hit by a train. And instead of letting utter devastation wash over her, she's fighting back, throwing herself headlong into the predictably wild world of Tinder to share some amazing humor. Let's just say her bio's the best thing we've seen in a while! Submitted by: Tagged: humor , tinder , viral , funny , win , dating Share on Facebook
We got some egos up in here! Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , cringe , smart , ego Share on Facebook
A solid guide in what NOT to do next time you try your hand at flirting.... Submitted by: Tagged: crazy , twitter , pregnancy , birthday , live tweet , ridiculous , traveling Share on Facebook
Overshares and all caps rants, oh my! Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , facebook , old people , funny Share on Facebook
We wish our police were this cool! Submitted by: Tagged: australia , facebook , social media , funny , police Share on Facebook
CRAZIEST.BIRTH.STORY.EVER.  Submitted by: Tagged: crazy , twitter , pregnancy , ridiculous Share on Facebook
The amount of stupid never ceases to amaze... Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , satire , facebook , idiots , funny Share on Facebook
Kanye West has a gift for getting the internet riled up. HIs latest Tweet about President Trump is making tidal waves, and we're not surprised.  Submitted by: Tagged: news , donald trump , kanye west , reaction , politics Share on Facebook
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ABORT!ABORT!ABORT!  Submitted by: Tagged: creepy , cringe , nice guys , conversation , texting Share on Facebook
Prepare to be ENRAGED.  Submitted by: Tagged: vegans , cringe , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook
This guy took matters into his own hands after his bank refused to come and fix the local ATM. In an hilariously absurd fit of rage he decided to tape a fish to the ATM. He then posted the photo on the banks Facebook page in order to call attention to the broken machine and now the internet is hailing him as a hero.  Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , the internets , facebook , funny , win Share on Facebook
These people might not have a whole lot going on upstairs. Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , dumb , funny Share on Facebook
It demands tickles. Submitted by: (via Tagged: scary , toy , tickle , elmo , funny Share on Facebook
The first full official trailer for the Venom movie dropped, and it's already garnered a staggering amount of thirst from fans everywhere. Can't say we saw this one coming, but hey--- don't put it past Tumblr to surprise the shit out of you on an aggressively regular basis.  Submitted by: Tagged: tumblr , ridiculous , superheroes , reaction , Venom Share on Facebook
Jim Jefferies delivers a maddeningly brutal commentary on gun policies in America. Submitted by: (via Jim Jefferies) Tagged: guns , gun control , funny , comedian , politics Share on Facebook
Catfish or creep, you be the judge.  Submitted by: Tagged: wrong number , cringe , conversation , texting Share on Facebook
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The amount of craziness some sh*theads get away with is truly beyond belief. Hopefully these make you feel better about yourself.  Submitted by: Tagged: customer service , crazy , wtf , work , cringe , askreddit , ridiculous Share on Facebook