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Photo by Coco Studio

Every day our community grows in unexpected and delightful ways. For our Fresh Shops series, we spotlight new and noteworthy sellers who have been on Etsy for a handful of months or are waiting for those first few sales.

With the holidays behind us and a few more months until spring, ‘tis the season to surround yourself with everyday luxuries that spark joy and help brighten winter days. From tiny papercut art pieces perfect for displaying near your desk to silky lingerie sets suited for indulgent evenings in, we’ve rounded up a range of special “me-time” purchases for every style and taste. Bonus: Each featured item is from an emerging designer who’s totally new to Etsy. Take a look, treat yourself, and say hi to these Etsy newbies. Because little luxuries + warm welcomes = the best kind of shopping.

A cozy handmade sweater

There’s a time and place for neutral knitwear, but eventually winter lingers on long enough that a pop of color becomes a welcome relief. When you reach that point of the season, it’s time to shop Viktorija Bugajenko’s collection, Zefyraz, which she produces from Vilnius, Lithuania, with the help...

Photo by Kate Szabone

Designing and creating wedding and engagement rings has never been a job without its pressures. After all, if you do it right, you’re making a piece of jewelry that someone is going to remember—and wear—for the rest of their life. But modern makers like Whitby, Canada–based Kate Szabone face even higher stakes than their metalsmithing forebears. “It’s different how people shop for jewelry now,” Kate explains. “They’re looking to buy a pretty expensive ring that they’ve never seen in person before.”

Her fine-tuned solution to this relatively recent challenge? Combining cutting-edge technology like CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and 3D printing with old-fashioned communication and relationship-building to set customers at ease, keep everyone on the same page, and ensure that each client walks away with a ring that’s love at first (actual) sight.

Explore the Kate Szabone Jewellery collection

“It’s really exciting to work with technology that combines the old and the new,” says Kate, who worked as a photographer before transitioning to jewelry making after her daughter was born. “There are certain things you’re always going to do the same way, like casting, but these tools make the processes much more efficient.” The most exciting part of all, however, is the role her work plays in her customers’ lives. “Being a part of this important step in their life and helping them create a symbol of their love is so rewarding,” she says. “Sometimes...

Photo by Fatal Potato

I’ve loved miniatures for as long as I can remember—they’re practically entwined with my DNA. In 2012, I launched @dailymini as a way to showcase everything tiny to the world at large, and discovered that I wasn’t alone in my admiration. Minis delight the masses because they’re readily recognizable, universal objects—simply shrunk down, with impossible detail achieved through impeccable craftsmanship. We all speak the language of miniatures: “Well, that’s just unbelievable. And adorable.” Whether you gravitate toward microscopic fake food or unthinkably small pottery, one of the eight shops below is sure to give you a little thrill.

Fatal Potato

Carb lovers, come on down! Fatal Potato founder Leah’s expert handling of clay is evident in her miniature ice cream creations, delectable strands of pint-size pasta, and minuscule kernels of corn. I’m a big fan of her style and was impressed to learn she creates minis in her spare time between industrial design studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her ice cream bars are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, or for your favorite summer adventure partner.

Mad Missy Minis

Photo by Kingsley Leather

Six years ago, when Kingsley Thompson realized his wallet had become threadbare, he did something unconventional: Instead of buying another, he decided to make a new wallet for himself. A lifelong lover of leather shoes, belts, and bags, Kingsley soon found himself immersed in the traditional craft of leatherwork. “Leather really tells the story of its owner,” he says. “I’m very drawn to the tactile feel and the smell, and I love the way leather ages over time.” Before long, Kingsley’s friends and family were requesting his bespoke designs, and in 2013, the self-taught craftsman launched his eponymous Etsy shop, Kingsley Leather. Two years later, inundated with orders, he made the decision to devote himself to leatherworking full-time.

Explore the Kingsley Leather collection

Today, Kingsley creates his dapper range of handmade wallets, belts, key rings, and cufflinks from his home workshop in Cheltenham, England, using a curated collection of vintage and modern tools. “Leatherwork is quite a rare skill. You can’t always do a Google search to figure out how something might get made,” Kingsley explains. “When someone comes to me for a custom order, I have to use the skills I’ve developed. The challenge is great, and I love that the items I make are sent all over the world and put to use.”

Read on to find out what surprised Kingsley most about working with leather, then shop the collection.

Photo by House of Baltic Linen

The Etsy Trend Guide is a compilation of fresh trends our expert is noticing across Etsy and the industry as a whole: what sellers are creating, what shoppers are loving, and what’s hot right now in the wider market. These trend predictions for 2018 are based on past top searches across categories on and within the industry.

And just like that, it’s 2018. Happy New Year! Last year, I began writing these Trend Guides to give an inside look at what’s currently trending in the Etsy marketplace and share my top predictions for what’s headed our way in the year to come. Now that 2018 is (finally!) here, I’m more excited than ever to watch those predictions come to life through the creative handiwork of Etsy’s 1.9 million makers and curators.

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to level up your accessories game, get real with your home decor, or even plan the one-of-a-kind wedding of your dreams, infusing your day-to-day with some fresh picks can set you up for success and help you step into the year with a little more style and pizzazz. Keep reading for a recap of my top 2018 trend predictions (and a sampling of the Etsy shops already delivering on them). It’s going to be good year, I can feel it.

Home decor Wabi-sabi

Photo by Erin Little

“From the time I was very young, I was told I was going to be an artist,” recalls Natasha Durham, the multi-talented, Maine-based designer behind luxe leather handbag line Rough & Tumble. “Nobody was a business person in my family. But I knew by the time I was four years old, making things and selling them to my parents’ friends, that I was meant to be an entrepreneur.” Following a brief stint teaching painting in her twenties, Natasha struck out on her first big entrepreneurial adventure, turning a four-table diner into a thriving two-restaurant business with a combined staff of 80. But after 17 grueling years in food, she was ready to find a new material—and her next hands-on creative pursuit.

Shop the Rough & Tumble collection

“I picked leather as my new ingredient,” explains Natasha, but she’s the first to admit the decision to pursue handbags was a bit of an accident. Never one for carrying a purse, Natasha whipped up a simple bag to use on a recentering trip to Italy shortly after leaving the restaurant world behind. “Long story short, I got...

Photo by DIVISA

It’s a widely accepted fact that yoga can increase your flexibility and provide relief from stress, but for London native Donna Rossiter, her practice was also the catalyst for a complete personal and professional 180. After years of moving through poses before heading off to her 9–5 as an account director at an ad agency, Donna started to notice a growing gap between what she was doing day to day and what she was passionate about. “I was working on a big global drinks brand, and I used to joke to my friends, ‘I get up and practice yoga every morning, and then I go and sell alcohol to kids all day.’ There was an inconsistency in my life,” she says.

Explore the Satya Yogawear collection

Then one day, all of that changed. “I quit my job and just kind of left London,” Donna explains. “I went to India for nearly a year and practiced yoga in Mysore, which is the home of ashtanga yoga. That life I was living before kind of dropped away, because I couldn’t feel any meaning in it anymore.”

The stars aligned after Mysore, when what was supposed to be a quick trip to Bali to visit a friend led Donna to meet her now-husband. Her time in Bali also held the key to unlocking another dream: creating Satya Yogawear, a yoga clothing line aptly named after the Sanskrit...

Photo by The Crafted Life

Whether you’re getting dressed for a formal event or jazzing up your daytime look for after-work drinks, an eye-catching cocktail ring can tie everything together. And while there are a lot of unique rings on Etsy, if you’re feeling creative, you can break out your jewelry-making supplies and make one yourself.

The process to make these rings is just the right mix of easy and fun, and the best part is that it only takes about 30 minutes to complete (plus drying time).

Ready to make your own? I’ll show you how.

At a glance

Time: 30 minues

Difficulty: Beginner

You will need: Step 1: Plan your design

Before gluing anything in place, it helps to arrange a mock version of your ring on a tabletop. Play around with the rhinestones until you get the desired configuration.

Step 2: Glue rhinestone clusters onto felt

Cut a...

Photo by Andy Donohoe

In an era when everyone has a smartphone seemingly stapled to their hand and a slew of apps to help keep track of everything from grocery lists to dentist appointments, you might think that writing things down the old-fashioned way would go out of style. But London-based paper goods designer Nikki Strange has built a mighty successful business betting otherwise—and spends much of her time offline diving into illustrations for her ultra-analog line of notebooks, planners, and journals. Her goal? To help shoppers tap into their own creativity. “People are feeling really disconnected with how much we use the Internet,” says Nikki. “Getting away from the computer is a healthy way of knowing that you’re doing something authentic.”

Explore the Nikki Strange collection

Inspired by everything from walks with her dog in the English countryside to tropical beach vacations, mystical crystals, and faraway stars, Nikki sets out to capture the magic of the natural world and inject it back into digital-age life. “It’s almost like going back to the original source,” she explains. And from address books emblazoned with watercolor palm leaves to galaxy-themed pocket notebooks splattered with metallic constellations, her dreamy, ethereal line offers a refreshingly tactile touchpoint in a world brimming with sterile screens. “It’s so nice to actually put pen to paper as opposed to typing notes in your phone,” says Nikki. “And it’s nice to achieve that quiet...

Photo by Big Stuffed

If you ask us, there’s only one thing better than receiving a holiday gift purchased from an Etsy shop, and that’s getting an Etsy gift card to spend on the one-of-a-kind item of your choosing. And even though the possibilities for redeeming one are endless—or perhaps precisely because they are—we’re here with a handy list of nine irresistible ideas pulled straight from the most-loved Etsy Instagram posts of 2017 to help you decide.

Didn’t get an Etsy gift card this year? Don’t worry—you can enter to win any of the items featured here by commenting on the relevant Instagram post on the @Etsy account.*

Which one ranks at the top of your gift card-spending list?

Bound Love’s original watercolor-inspired moon calendar capitalizes on the all-things-celestial trend in the most beautiful way. It’s down-to-earth and out-of-this-world all at once.

Lightweight enough to hang from a magnet and made from reclaimed...

Photo by Alphabet Bags

Lucas and Hayley Lepola were a year into their relationship at university when they launched their first online business, created out of a simple desire to explore a shared interest in typography. Now, ten years and two kids later, the United Kingdom-based couple are co-owners of Alphabet Bags, a cheerful clothing and accessories line known for cheeky, eye-catching messages emblazoned on everything from makeup bags to baby onesies to totes and tees. “A common theme for our aesthetic is that everything is simple, straightforward, and functional—but also bold and with a sense of humor,” Lucas says. “We’re conscious of what works and what we enjoy designing.”

After their daughter June was born, Lucas and Hayley brought on Hayley’s sister Amy as a full-time colleague. “It happened so naturally. Everyone does a bit of everything in terms of coming up with ideas and finished products,” explains Hayley. “We all have a say in how we want things to look.” While everyone pitches design ideas and wears many hats, Lucas tends to take the lead on design, but is quick to credit his wife and sister-in-law for their expert input.

Together, the team has expanded from their initial line of tote bags to offer a wide assortment screen printed and embroidered pieces that make ideal giftables for wedding parties, new parents, or anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. “It comes back...

Photo by Heather Baird

There are few things sweeter than a winter walk in the woods—meandering along through patches of dappled sunlight, breathing in the inimitable fragrance of the forest, tuning into the sounds of snapping twigs, shuffling snow, and the occasional cold-weather bird. Why not evoke that same bucolic bliss indoors this holiday season with a collection of woodland-themed treats you can whip up in the kitchen? From irresistible owl cookies to a gingerbread gnome home, branch out from the standard sweets-table fare with whimsical desserts that seem transported from the pages of a storybook.

Read on to indulge your inner foodie (or fairytale-dweller) with these four festive showstoppers—each paired with a serve-ware suggestion.

Adorable acorn cookies

Serve in: a handmade cookie jar

On the hunt for a sweet holiday morsel that guests are sure to go nuts over? Feast your eyes on Heather Baird’s meringue acorn cookies. A light, airy texture and a melt-in-your-mouth combination of vanilla bean and chocolate nibs ensure these bite-size treats taste as good as they look. To display your stash, try a...

Photo by Twitch Vintage

Colorful? Yes. Statement-making? Absolutely. Ugly? No way! Sure, the holiday sweater suffers from a bad rap, but if you ask us, it’s just a classic case of misunderstanding. Because really, what’s not to love about a piece of clothing that doubles as a physical manifestation of your capital H, capital S, Holiday Spirit?

To help restore them to their rightful place atop the holiday attire hierarchy, we’ve rounded up our favorite not-so-ugly sweaters to keep your whole crew (pets, too!) feeling festive this holiday season. From fleecy pullovers emblazoned with cheerful messages to old-school Fair Isle knits, there’s something stylish (and cozy) to don for every December celebration.

For her

Whether you’re wrapping presents on the living room floor or singing your heart out on the annual caroling circuit, it’s easy to opt for a sweater that’s as chic as it is comfortable. Channel the ghost of (fashionable) Christmases past with a nostalgic vintage jumper, or consider wearing your holiday motto on your sleeve with a minimalist graphic number. There’s no wrong way to play it, but this year, our personal fave arrives in the form of a reindeer, finished...

Photo by One Man, One Garage

The first thing you’ll notice about One Man, One Garage is that there are actually two men working in that garage, Marcus Williams and SJ Stone. These two friends share a business, a shop dog named Ellie, and a 1950s ranch house with a detached garage on a residential cul-de-sac in Nashville, Tennessee. “The name of the business is a joke,” says SJ, “but I also see a deeper meaning in it: You can get anything done and you can do it anywhere, whether it’s in your garage or your craft room. Just get started.”

Marcus and SJ use their garage as a workshop and laboratory, designing and fabricating original laser-cut kits that assemble into lamps, birdhouses, planters, maps, ornaments, and more. With over 15,000 Etsy sales, this team thrives on nonstop innovation. “It’s totally based on passion,” says Marcus. “If you’ve got the drive, you can do it. We’re living proof of that.”

Read on to discover exactly how Marcus and SJ got their start, and shop the collection.

So, how did One Man, One Garage get started?

SJ: We had been friends for a while, and the business evolved organically. We started out just playing around with the laser cutter, going into...

Photo by Alice & Lois

The perfect decanter. A sized-just-right serving board (and charming cheese markers to match). There’s no end to the thoughtful host gifts you can buy for an entertaining-whiz friend to show your gratitude for all the good times they cook up. Even in a last-minute pinch, it’s worth bypassing the old flowers-and-fruitcake route for something a little more heartfelt. But if you have a couple of days and access to some natural fabric and dye, you can create an on-trend—and one-of-a-kind—indigo placemat set that will be the talk of the table at their next big event.

Our favorite method for dyeing with indigo is shibori, an ancient Japanese technique built around folding and binding fabric to create what’s called a resist pattern. The striped style we’re sharing today is especially beginner-friendly—and perfect for transforming lackluster table linens into eye-catching and gift-worthy accents.

A few tips prior to dyeing: Read the pamphlet that comes with the dye kit—it’s full of valuable information, and the more you know going into the process, the easier it will be. Then, make sure the fabric you are using is 100% natural, as indigo won’t dye synthetic fibers or blends. We love working with linen, as it picks up the indigo color nicely.

Ready to get started? Read on to learn how to bring linen placemats, napkins, and more to life with this timeless dyeing technique.

At a glance

Time: 4 hours or more


Photo by Erik Valind

Running out of time to find the perfect holiday present for your number-one gal pal? Don’t panic! For a DIY gift that’s sure to leave a lasting impression, look no further than these colorful pom-pom earrings. Great for a trend-savvy friend (or a sister you’re constantly swapping accessories with), this beginner-friendly jewelry tutorial is a fast favorite.

Thanks to the wide variety of pom-poms available, it’s easy to customize each pair to match the style of your recipient. Go bold with a multi-color version for the girl who’s not afraid to stand out, or opt for uniformly colored poms to add a more restrained splash of color to everyday ensembles. The best part? With instructions this simple, you’ll still have time to make a matching pair for yourself.

Read on to get started.

At a glance

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Beginner

You will need Step 1: Thread needle through pom-pom

Photo by Erik Valind

When the cold, dry winter months hit, we can all use a little pampering—yes, even those burly bearded types who would genuinely rather spend an hour shoveling snow than soaking in a soothing Himalayan salt bath. This holiday season, you can take matters into your own hands and whip up a multi-purpose hydrating face oil that will help your brother, best friend, or significant other look and feel his best in spite of the harsh weather conditions. And thanks to their easy-to-customize fragrance options, these handsome little moisture bombs make the perfect affordable gift for him.

Our DIY calls for a blend of bay rum and clove oils for a classic masculine scent profile, but it’s easy to create a signature scent of your own by mixing complementary essential oils and fragrances. (Bonus: You can use the same instructions to make a luxurious hair conditioning oil—simply change up the scent combinations to suit the intended recipient.)

Read on to learn how to create custom-scented oils for anyone on your last-minute shopping list.

At a glance

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Beginner

You will need

Among the many trends we fell hard for in 2017—celestial motifs! statement seating! resin jewelry!—unconventional, asymmetric wreaths rank pretty high on our list of obsessions. So it’s only natural that, now that we’ve finally reached peak wreath season, we’d be eager to experiment with a festive holiday version.

This DIY idea takes the door decor standby in a whole new direction—more cascading, boho waterfall than orderly evergreen ring—and incorporates a few other elements we’re enamored with right now: earthy materials and metallic accents. We won’t lie—this project requires a bit of patience, but the materials are affordable and the results are fresh, surprising, and delightful (just, we hope, like the new year ahead).

Ready to get gilding? Read on for directions.

At a glance

Time: 4+ hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

You’ll need:

Photo by Artemer

Marriage may be an ancient institution, but these days, more and more couples are forgoing old-school wedding traditions in favor of fresh, one-of-a-kind celebrations. And in addition to the eclectic dresses, unexpected decor, and hundreds of other delightful details making weddings ever more unique, there’s a new crop of original engagement ring styles on the scene, providing refreshing alternatives for brides- and grooms-to-be looking to stand out from the hordes of happy couples announcing their big news via blingy Boomerangs.

This season, jewelry designers on Etsy are setting new standards for engagement rings—beginning with the notion that there aren’t any standards. Innovation is the name of the game, with today’s rings serving as vehicles for personal expression rather than outdated symbols of status. From delicate stackable bands to unconventional gemstones, the engagement ring trends of the moment celebrate a sense of romantic individuality that’ll last a lifetime.

The evolution of the stack

The showstopper solitaire was once regarded as the ultimate in bold wedding jewelry, but these days, many active brides are placing a premium on everyday wear, replacing chunkier standalone rings with stacks of whisper-thin bands that are designed to...

Photo by Aquarian Thoughts

Trends in high school come and go, but for many of us, whatever is of the moment at that particular moment tends to be a subject of ongoing interest and fascination. For a teenage Nadirah Bostick, the desire du jour was the expensive friendship bracelets then sold in high-end department stores. She’d been looking for a creative outlet at the time, so her next step seemed like a natural one: Nadirah stocked up on inexpensive colorful glass seed beads, conceptualized some designs of her own, and started stringing.

Explore the Aquarian Thoughts collection

At first, braiding and beading satisfied Nadirah’s artistic urge, but it wasn’t long before she began teaching herself how to wire-wrap, eventually gravitating toward soldering and metalsmithing. As her interest in artisanal jewelry grew, Nadirah found her way to gemstones and crystals, a discovery that transformed everything: “My first love affair was with labradorite,” she recalls. “I remember buying a strand and then finding out that it’s a healing stone for Aquarius. I wanted to make everything labradorite and benefit from its properties.”

Today, Nadirah’s Aquarian Thoughts line of dainty, handmade pieces features not just labradorite, but a diverse and quirky mix of polished and rough-cut gems, in settings designed to be layered. But her enthusiasm for her materials still informs her creative process: “I’ll sketch out my ideas first if it’s a piece that’s more complex,” Nadirah explains. “But that’s...