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There’s no way to make dieting easy or fun.  If you’re already an Eat to Perform member, you know our philosophy – you should NOT be dieting most of the time.  If you aren’t familiar, let me explain why.

Many people come to us from an underfed background with a goal of fat loss. They’ve tried every diet or new fad out there and it’s eventually (even if after initial success) landed them in the same place – with fat to lose, frustrated and looking for answers.

A big part of the solution is establishing an adequate baseline. That baseline will look different for everyone, but years of under eating can lead to damaged metabolic and hormone function. Repairing those functions is a critical first step before considering a fat loss phase. You might be wondering why establishing a baseline is important. There’s a long answer to that, but basically:

  1. You can delay the metabolic adaptations that occur with dieting if you’re coming from a well-fed state
  2. Repairing hormone balance and metabolic function allows your body to do lots of things that you may not even think about – growing hair and nails, recovery, immune function, etc
  3. When your metabolism is healthy it can more effectively and efficiently use carbs and fat for fuel

If you’ve been eating at maintenance (meaning that baseline I talked about)  for a while or...

You’re probably asking yourself “Why is Dr. Brad writing an article on getting beach ready?” Look, I get it; I am 100% just like the rest of you.  Summer time is around the corner and that means beach season!  I’m interested in looking good when I go get my sun on too.   The goal of looking good at the beach is completely legit and I want to give you advice on how to do that the right way.

Confidence Baby, Confidence

Rolando Blackman was at the line shooting a free throw to tie the NBA All-Star game (before it was a total joke) and as soon as he let the shot go he yelled, “Confidence baby, confidence”. Before we even go into what you need to know to build a beach body we have to start with the most important thing, confidence.

I would guess 99% of what dictates how you perceive your beach body AND how other’s perceive you is your confidence. Love yourself and show the world how confident you are, and to immortalize Blackman, shout out, “Confidence baby, confidence.”

Beach Bodies Are Built – Not Revealed

About 20 minutes before I sat down to write this I was walking through the airport (work not vacation, yuck) and saw all of the health and fitness magazines with their “Get Ready For Summer” issue. Every single one had something to the effect of, “eat these...

A lot of this tutorial talks about the app or web which is the heart of the ETP experience:

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First things first, to ask an ETP coach a question (assuming you are a member or on a free trial) use the Message A Coach button or “Ask A Coach” in the journal pull down, this is what it looks like. (click the play button to watch the video)


We update this one every few months but we did this as a podcast, there is some strong language so be careful watching it around children. This walks you through the phases of Eat To Perform, why they are important and why we are so different from everything else out there. (here is a transcribed version of this podcast)

  1.  Should I be concerned if my weight...

Usually when we think of the word dieting, a strict system used to lose weight comes to mind. Our friend Merriam Webster defines “dieting” as, “to eat less or according to certain rules in order to lose weight.”

You can play all the semantic games you want and say things like, “No, a diet is just how I eat.”  but let’s be real – whenever anyone says “diet” they immediately think about “less.”

That’s why dieting isn’t the answer; it’s all about “less”, especially mentally, and you’ll never reach your fat loss goals at less than your best.

Dieting Breaks Exercise

When most people want to lose weight, they do two things: 1) they start some cult-like diet that involves cleaning out their entire pantry and eating like 1200 calories a day*, and 2) they go beast-mode at the gym for several months.

This is the perfect recipe for setting up a long-term failure scenario.

“Why?” might you ask? Excellent question.

Well, dieting while training hard is like trying to ride a bike and jamming a stick in the front spokes; you’re going to hit the ground like a sack of bricks and it’s going to hurt.

I’m REALLY not kidding.

The point of exercise, especially resistance training or even cardio, isn’t some magical calorie burn. The REAL point of exercise is to cause stress so your body is forced to respond and...

If you don’t put money in the bank you CAN’T make a withdrawal.

There are no shortage of companies out there trying to starve you to optimal body composition, but there’s one willing to give you the whole truth.  The best way to describe “the truth” to achieving your fat loss goals is with the “Metabolic Bank” metaphor.  Here we go!

Your Metabolism Is Like a Bank Account

Imagine this: around your teenage years you open your first Metabolic Bank Account.  We all remember these years, where we could almost eat anything and get away with it.

We were making deposits into the metabolic bank, almost irresponsibly so, and for some of us that was the first sign that we needed to start working out.

So let’s focus on that for a bit because the fittest people tend to be the people that have been working out the longest.  Once they started working out they might have mixed in a few more salads and a little less McDonald’s but in general, their Metabolic bank account was open and the few withdrawals they made were based around their fitness routines.

The rest of us did it like this…

In my 20s, I was active but working out wasn’t a priority and my perspective was different.  But I was making regular deposits into my metabolic bank.  Let me introduce you to the most important FACT related to metabolism:

The biggest determining factor for successfully...

There was something very apparent this year at the CrossFit games, there were essentially two groups of athletes who came to the games. Those who went into it well fed and ready to compete in a competition designed to test your physical capacity, and those who had been running in a deficit to get as lean as possible for the games. The former athletes excelled, the latter ones did not. Anyone who works with world class athletes should not be surprised by this. Optimal body composition is a poor predictor of performance.

As a coach you also have to think about what the entire purpose of an athletes career is and what they are trying to do. If you are a CrossFit Athlete your goal is to win the Games, it isn’t about vanity. At least in the sense that the winner gets a 285k check and the guy or gal with the best abs doesn’t. The goal of nutrition for these athletes is to facilitate their performance; however, there has been a recent message pushed that optimal body composition is the key to a world class athlete and this hurt a lot of the Games athletes this year, in a big way.

Paleo is dead but what has replaced it is worse

The deviance from Paleo and Zone happened at the games level WAY before boxes got the memo.  What has replaced it however is a point of view where food is the problem. I mean...

This is going to be an audio series I am doing to make the process of joining and navigating Eat To Perform much easier. You can view them as short daily lessons or gobble them up all at once.

You don’t need to download soundcloud to listen to these (though soundcloud REALLY wants you to), you can listen to them by simply hitting play in your browser.

This clip talks about the baseline plan and why it’s the most important step when you first start out.  Also the transcript for this audio clip is at below the audio versions so if you scroll down you can read this is you can’t listen to them right now.

If you are looking for tutorials on how to hook up your MyFitnessPal, Food Log or activity tracker we have various training videos that show you how to do that here CONNECTING MY DEVICES AND APPS TO THE ETP APP.  Once again, the transcript to read is below if it’s not an option to read.

This clip walks you through the functions of the app, the features and how to use them.

Why the plan varies and why you don’t need to change your workout schedule (note: this is the longest clip in the series because there is a lot of ground to cover but two things I glossed over was the fact that when you are eating more you metabolism is better and if...

I want to start in the beginning because I think people are often confused when they start and see our baseline plan, most people coming to Eat To Perform look at that plan and see it as a reasonable amount of food, some even suggest it’s “more food than they could possibly eat”.  So I am going to start where most of you start, the baseline plan.  The baseline plan is simply an assessment we use to make adjustments to help you get the results you are seeking, it is the starting line.  The good majority of people that come to Eat To Perform assume wrongly that they are over eating and that is why they can’t lose weight but MANY people that do the baseline plan do in fact lose weight even if the calories are higher than they were eating previously but once again that is the starting line, it’s like the appetizer before the main course.

Why performance recomp exists, why it’s important and why understanding what it does is paramount to your success for the rest of your life

To understand performance recomp (I will refer to it as Recomp for the rest of this article) you need to understand your bodies basic energy requirements and we have the best way to figure that out.  When we move someone from Fat Loss to Recomp we want to do that as fast as possible, the reason is simple, the faster you...

If you can’t listen to this we will provide a transcript below

In terms of this list of foods don’t view them as a do or don’t list, view this as a “mostly do” list. If you eat things outside of this list so do the rest of us.  The key is finding what fits your style of eating but ultimately try and simplify the amount of change you might need to get the results you want.


Here is the transcript of the podcast

If you’re like most people that are starting ETP, you’ve been following the page for awhile, you’re really interested in what we’re talking about and, frankly, it makes sense. The one thing that happens to people when they start, though, is they don’t realize the amount of change that’s going to need to happen, so sometimes that becomes a little overwhelming. We are therefore going to really nail down one important idea to focus on at the beginning, which is logging your food/macros. When you start, we give you a plan and that plan undulates. The next videos will talk about why it changes from day-to-day, but right now we are focusing on how to nail the plan from the beginning. You are trying to create a baseline the coaches can use to manipulate to get you the results you want. When you are given...

This is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

ETP is more effective than virtually any other system out there.  We are going to give you a quick run-down of the phases, training, and general tips and guidance.

We have a free two-week trial starting up.  With this free trial, we increased our capacity so that we can take on more clients.  We usually sell out within hours when offered over one day.  We are going to try and space it out to take on 300 people a day over multiple days, but it sells out in 30 minutes a day.  This is the first time with a free trial that we have also offered a training template.  Starting September 15, we will have a new challenge.  During the last challenge, we had a few prizes that were given out, but we are starting a new round; details to follow.

Let’s Talk About Goals

With ETP, we coach you through your goals, which change frequently.  Anyone can write out a diet plan, like you buy with expensive coaching programs – they deal with bodybuilders and that is their way of doing things.  We deal with the mass population, and assume people want to eat ice cream and drink wine on occasion, and also want to see progress and meet goals along the way.

In general, most macro sites don’t work with a...