Lulu refused to go for a walk in the wet weather. As a way of relieving herself, she peed on our downstairs neighbour’s doormat.

I ate the jaw off my shark. Who’s the apex predator NOW? – Buzz

I got hungry and couldn’t wait until mom got home.

I started the bathroom renovations – I removed some tile. My mom was NOT happy

I follow the chooks around and eat their poo. I even find if I scare them a bit I can get them to go on demand!

Chooks is slang for Chicken in Australia!

After digging a hole in the flowerbed, I dug a hole on the real bed.

“I climbed on the counter and ate an entire package of bacon. Package and all.”

Left the kitchen for 2 minutes. Returned and saw the remaining pieces of the package on the floor. She works quickly.

I like to “help” mom sort clothes.
Frenchie, our pit mix senior rescue, has decided to help around the house between nap times.

“My name is Loki and I keep my mom and dad up all night…sleeping is for the weak!”

I kept farting and got my mommy/handler kicked out of her meeting because it stunk up the admin conference room

I eat mud!

I chew my feet, so my mom had to put socks on me.

We had just went to the county fair and bought 3 different flavours of fudge. The fudge was in a bag on my husbands nightstand (hiding it from the kids). I returned home from shopping to find fudge all over my house. Our Boston Terrier/Pomeranian mix named Pudge had gotten into it and apparently preferred the Rocky Road to the Salted Carmel and Peanut Butter because that one was nearly gone. Pudge loves Fudge!

I ripped up the rent check because I didn’t want mommy and daddy to worry about money…

My mommy lets me run around really early every morning (5:30am) so I can get my energy out. Today, I met a new friend that is black and white. It sprayed me and then I decided it was time to go back to my apartment. My mommy knew what happened by the smell, but I rolled around in her bed anyway. My mommy locked me up in my crate and put me outside. By 8:30, my mommy has visited Walmart twice for supplies to get the smell out of our apartment. Am I ashamed? No, but I would like to go back in. She says no.

I walked all over the house. While peeing.

I eat dryer lint from the trash!

“Why eat your owner’s hair straightener when you can eat your houseguest’s?” Not to mention the makeup brush handles that apparently were delicious, in addition to the straightener plug.

So, Guapo has been eating this couch one chunk at the time until it was pointless to patch it up… Yes, he ate the patches too.

The cat door wasn’t big enough for me, so I made it bigger…