Beat Around the Bush

After swimming in the creek, he bolted straight for a bunch of bushes. I don’t know what kind of bushes they were, but hundreds of their parts stuck to him. Yay.

Echo, our new puppy, scaled a baby gate and unzipped mom’s suitcase to get to the Apple Pie Larabars that mom packs as snacks while she travels. Echo then scaled the baby gate back and nothing was amiss until Echo started pooping nuts and vomiting raisins.

Biscuit, the helpful older sister, helped us parents by cleaning up her baby sister’s vomit.

Unfortunately the raisins in Larabars are toxic to fluffs and off to the vet they went for treatment. Happy to report all fluffs are back and healthy, but only after Echo decided to remove the catheter from the IV drip OUTSIDE of her crate!

Poodle took steaks off counter.

I pooped in the doggie water fountain at the dog park.

It was all worth it.

I chewed up the internet cable so she would leave the computer and go play outside with me. And then I found out its raining outside. But now she’s mad and won’t throw fetch balls in the hallway.

My dog Poochie will eat her poop while I’m asleep. She then jumps on the bed and sticks her tongue in my nose. It’s Disgusting!!!

I gave my mom a heart attack when she mistook the stuffing from my bed as explosive diarrhea.

I jerked my mom in the direction of a Great Dane causing her to fall and break her collarbone.

I ran away from school, jumped in a stranger’s car and wouldn’t get out. No more school!

On the walk back to the car from Doggie Day Care I didn’t open the car quick enough so Tex jumped in a stranger’s car because the driver’s door was open. He climbed into the backseat and waited to be driven home.

I jumped out the window of a moving vehicle to chase a squirrel.

Happy Birthday Linda. Your cake was delicious. -Tula

I can sleep anywhere on the bed, but I choose Mom’s pillow. With my butt in her face. I HAVE NO SHAME.

I bit the gardener on the butt!

I was very defiant at the vet while getting my nails clipped…then, as we were leaving and mom was paying, I took a (massive) dump on the welcome mat in front of the receptionist desk…

Hopefully Rusty has learned that skunks ALWAYS win!

I stole an Easter bunny that was supposed to go in a 3 year old’s Easter basket. I’m not sorry.

Rowdy Kris

By the time I noticed he had stolen the stuffed bunny from the shopping bag, it had dog slobber all over it. Needless to say, Rowdy Kris got an early Easter present as it’s his now. (And he loves it!)

Beds are for eating! #SorryNotSorry

“Ma! It was the cat, I SWEAR” – Stanley

Mom didn’t need her brand new book….so I took it and destroyed it!