I ate the dressing that packed my owner’s abscess. It was delicious and I would do it again.

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“This is my THIRD murder this week. I’m not sorry.”

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I pooped in the basement while mom was doing laundry. Then I ran upstairs to finish her cereal while she cleaned up after me.
-Sorry (Not sorry.) Keetza

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“I give dirty, judgmental looks (but really I’m a big almost 90lb baby!)

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…because he knew he would be put there anyway, as he has been the last two days (to no apparent effect…).

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Daisy Mae loves her brother the cat, especially his poo.

“I jumped over the baby gate so I could snack from the cat box.”

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I peed on our rug, because I thought it was Purple Shaggy Grass… I’m Sorry!
– Roman

Roman is a rescue dog, that had never had an accident in the house, until now. He just had a moment of confusion… But at least he’s sorry.

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Andi decided she would surprise mummy with breakfast in bed… or breakfast on the couch… on the floor… It’s the thought that counts.

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Once my dog brought in a dead bat which most likely killed by who knows what. She brought it in as a “gift” and put it on our SOFA..
Why animal control? That was not us, that was our grandmother after we told her the story.
Here is what the sign says:
I brought in a dead bat and went nuts when the animal control people came over to check me for rabies. That is just 1 of the bad things I have done.
Sorry for poor handwriting. :/

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Meet Cooper and his new memory foam bed. “It wasn’t me… It must of been defective.”

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I ate moms pork chop off of her plate when she wasn’t looking. Then to show her how bad I felt about it…I threw it up on the couch.


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My mom spent $1,300 to make sure the shoelace I ate didn’t get stuck inside me! I pooped it out fine…
-actually kind of sorry, Oliver.

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“The pillow made an attempt on my life. I fought back.”

No witnesses would testify against this.

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I chewed up mom’s remote control to our tv while she was icing Day of the Dead cookies…it’s the second time this month!

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Harlan is toy obsessed. He always hoards them on the dog bed and plays a game where he rolls the balls under the counters. We still haven’t figured out why…

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Abbey is scared of everything, but tries to seem as tough as possible.

Casanova doesn’t like it when we leave him and he isn’t destructive so this is how he shows his unhappiness.

My name is Geddy and I love playing with animals in my yard. Last night I chased a black & white squirrel- Mom said it’s a skunk and skunks are NOT my friend. Dad asked if I have learned my lesson? I’m not sure…. Oh look, another squirrel!!
Skunks-4, Geddy-0

Finn always looks for an opportunity to explore. He’s impossible to catch and comes to the front dog and barks when he’s thirsty and exhausted.

Bought this funny new coffee table book about dog shaming to come home and find it all over the floor. Can’t even be mad about it haha