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Which came first, the file format, or the camera capable of shooting it? For the Red Hydrogen One’s holographic-like display, the answer is the file format — but a camera to shoot the HV4 files isn’t far behind. On Tuesday, May 22, Lucid announced a partnership with Red to build an 8K prosumer camera capable of capturing 3D content and the H4V format introduced as part of the upcoming smartphone’s unique display.

The companies aim to create the first dual camera with 8K video and stills that can be converted into 4V in real time. That capability will allow the camera to shoot content that works on the smartphone’s 4-View display, and will allow the smartphone to work as the camera’s electronic viewfinder to preview what the shot will look like in the new format. The real-time capability will also allow for live-streaming, Lucid says.

Along with the smartphone’s essential role in the camera, the new camera will also take on a similar look as Red’s cinema cameras, the company says. Unlike the cinema cameras, the 4V camera will use two synced 4K cameras and a beam splitter, hardware essential to creating the 3D or 4V files. 

Lucid’s role is to integrate the real-time 3D Fusion Technology, already part of the LucidCam VR180 3D camera. The software, Lucid says, turns the intensive...

Wireless earphones are quite common these days. Sneeze on a crowded train or bus (…okay, please don’t) and you’re reasonably likely to hit a pair. In a crowded segment, it can be tough to stand out, and while the RHA MA650 Wireless look snazzy, they don’t offer any groundbreaking or unique features.

Given that MA750 Wireless were decent – but not great – we weren’t expecting a whole lot from the cheaper MA650. That said, RHA is a solid brand which has impressed us over the years, and we’re happy to report that the British brand’s latest are actually pretty awesome.

Out of the box

With a hang tab on top and no shortage of iconography detailing the headphones’ many features, the packaging for the MA650 Wireless looks very much like it was designed for airport vending machines. That’s not a criticism, just an observation.

Inside the magnetically sealed box, the headphones are snuggled neatly in a gray foam block, arrayed in the shape of a stethoscope opposite some color-saturated photos on the fold-out flap. Pulling out the foam (and the plastic overlay) reveals three cardboard compartments...

Admit it. When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, you occasionally feel a little antsy as you wonder if you’ve seen every new post that’s appeared since the last time you looked.

In that case, a new feature being put through its paces by Instagram should serve to settle your nerves.

Currently being tested with a select group of Instagrammers, the popular app will show a message that reads, “You’re all caught up,” when you’ve seen everything there is to see in your feed.

The notification, first spotted by TechCrunch, actually refers to all new images and videos posted to your feed in the previous 48 hours, so depending on just how much you fear missing out on stuff, you could continue swiping to dig ever deeper into your endless stream of content.

Since Instagram scrapped its chronological feed in 2016, it’s more difficult to know if you’ve seen all the new posts that have landed in your feed. A feature like this, if Instagram rolls it out to the entire community, would certainly help to provide clarity.

Part of its aim is to prevent so-called “zombie browsing,” freeing you up to go and do something more useful instead, though Instagram would ideally like you to stay with its app and maybe perform searches for new images or find some new users to follow.

Time wasting?

News of Instagram’s latest feature comes at a time when tech companies are talking a lot about spending...

Already a partner in a bike-sharing scheme in Baltimore, Maryland, Lyft is now eyeing the launch of a scooter-sharing scheme in San Francisco.

The news comes via The Information, which recently learned that Lyft representatives have been seeking advice from local transportation officials about the possibility of obtaining permits for such a scheme.

A person with knowledge of the matter told the news outlet that Lyft’s plan is still in its “early stages,” though the report adds that the ride-sharing company is already developing prototypes for its own electric-scooter designs.

Should Lyft launch the scheme, it’ll go up against a slew of others in the city offering similar bike and scooter services. They include ridesharing rival Uber, which at the start of this year partnered with Jump to offer electric-powered bicycles, perfect for San Francisco’s hilly streets.

Given that there are already so many bike and scooter services operating in the city, some will find it curious that Lyft is considering doing the same rather than going elsewhere.

Three outfits — Bird, Lime, and Spin — launched dockless electric-scooter services in San Francisco just two months ago, but some local officials are getting upset about how the vehicles are transforming the streets and sidewalks.

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin recently told Cnet he was getting “all kinds of complaints” about the...

Razer is claiming the “world’s smallest” trophy with the latest version of its Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop. The 2018 edition packs a six-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor and your choice of a GeForce GTX 1070 or GTX 1060 (6GB) discrete graphics chip, both of which are based on Nvidia’s Max-Q design. That means they are tweaked for ultra-thin laptops to draw less power and thus produce less heat but at the cost of a slight performance decrease compared to the non-Max-Q chips. 

That said, the use of Nvidia’s Max-Q GPUs enable Razer to build a high-performance 15.6-inch gaming laptop at just 0.66 inches thick. That is for the GTX 1060 configurations: the GTX 1070 models are nearly as thin at 0.68 inches. By comparison, Razer’s 13.3-inch Blade Stealth measures just 0.54 inches thin while Razer’s high-end desktop replacement, the 17.3-inch Blade Pro, is 0.88 inches thin. 

Here are the five configurations Razer offers starting at $1,899: 

As the chart shows, all models will ship with 16GB of system memory clocked at 2,667MHz although you can upgrade the sticks to 32GB. The GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 models have two storage configurations each – either 256GB or 512GB on a PCIe...

Fresh from his appearance before Congress in which he faced questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is about to grab his rarely worn suit for a similar grilling in Europe.

The Zuck will meet senior European Union (EU) lawmakers on Tuesday to discuss Facebook’s role in the controversial affair, which involved the harvesting of large amounts of user data by the now-defunct London-based political consulting firm.

The original plan was to hold the meeting behind closed doors, but following calls by a number of European officials to make it public, the Facebook CEO agreed to have his appearance live-streamed. European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová, for one, reminded Zuckerberg in a tweet last week that “there are more EU users on FB than there are in the U.S. [and] Europeans deserve to know how their data is handled.”

Following talks with Zuckerberg and his team, Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, confirmed in a tweet that he had discussed the idea of live-streaming the meeting, adding, “I am glad to announce that he has accepted this new request. Great news for EU citizens. I thank him for the respect shown towards EP.”

Tajani said the meeting will take place in Brussels, Belgium, at 6.15 p.m. local time (12.15 p.m. ET, 9.15 a.m. PT) on Tuesday May 22, and is expected to last around 75 minutes.

The stream will be available via this page, with...

After an initial launch in Boston and Chicago at the end of 2017, Comcast’s Xfi Pods are now available to all Xfinity internet subscribers in a three-pack for $119, or a six-pack for $199. They’re compatible with the company’s Xfi Wireless Gateway and the Xfi Advanced Gateway, extending the reach of your wireless network in the home or office. 

“Our gateway devices are incredibly powerful, but we know that some homes have a unique layout or are constructed of materials that can disrupt Wi-Fi coverage in some rooms,” Eric Schaefer, Senior Vice President, Comcast Cable, said in a statement. “Our Xfi Pods can blanket a home with great coverage and are simple to install and easy to use.” 

The Xfi Pods are AC1200-class devices, meaning they support speeds of up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band (2x 150Mbps) and up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz band (2x 433Mbps). They plug directly into a wall’s power outlet to create a “mesh” network: A web of coverage that shows up on your device as a single access point no matter where you are in the home or office. 

The hexagon-shaped Xfi Pods are the result of a collaboration between Comcast and mesh networking kit developer Plume. The Plume Wi-Fi system relies on what the company calls “Adaptive Wi-Fi” that is a...

Summer is fast approaching, and with it, beautiful weather. Folks everywhere are already starting to make preparations to get out of the house and enjoy the natural splendor of the outdoors. But with so much hiking, fishing, and exploring to be done, there’s still one question you need to ask yourself before you start frolicking through the woods: Do you have all of the gear you need? If the answer to that question is, “I’m not sure,” then we highly recommend you check out the REI Anniversary Sale and all it has to offer. Chances are they’ll have something you need for a decent price.

From now until May 28, this anniversary sale will be offering up to 30 percent off outdoor brands you know and trust. Garmin, Patagonia, The North Face, Arc’teryx, and REI Co-op will all have discounts ripe for the picking. Whether you’re looking to grab a nice tent, an affordable sleeping bag, or just load up on outdoor wear, make sure to take a look at  one of REI’s biggest events of the year both in-store and online. And if you’re already an REI Co-op member, you can save an extra 20 percent off one full-price item and an extra 20 percent off one REI Outlet item. Just make sure to enter the coupon code ANNIV18 at checkout.


Subaru recently found itself in the same position as Quint, Brody, and Hooper in Jaws: it needed a bigger boat. Or, rather, Subaru needed a bigger crossover SUV to accommodate larger families that were outgrowing their Foresters and Outbacks. As the Japanese automakers’ largest-ever production model, the 2019 Subaru Ascent hopes to fill that niche.

The Ascent brings Subaru back into the lucrative midsize crossover market for the first time since the ill-fated Tribeca went out of production in 2014. Over the intervening years, the segment has become bloated with vehicles ranging from the American Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Traverse, to Japan’s Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX-9, and Nissan Pathfinder, to the Korean Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento. Volkswagen also recently joined the party with its Atlas. Subaru has its work cut out for it.

When it hits showrooms within the next month, the Ascent will be offered in four trim levels: base, Premium, Limited, and Touring. The base model starts at $31,995, but we sampled a fully loaded Touring model with a sticker price of $44,695. That’s a lot of money for a mainstream family vehicle, but it does buy a lot of equipment, including a panoramic moonroof, 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 14-speaker Harman/Kardon sound system, and a host of driver aids. 

Interior and tech

Subaru’s main motivation for building the Ascent was to offer an SUV with three rows of seats that could keep buyers from jumping to other brands. The Ascent is available in eight-...

June is here, and along with it, the return of the sun (a truly special event for us Portlanders at Digital Trends). Lucky for us, June will also bring new and exciting streaming content from HBO, including new episodes of popular shows and numerous hit movies.

On the series front, things are relatively slow. New drama Succession — following the fictional family behind a massive entertainment conglomerate — will debut  and the second season of Westworld will wrap up, as will the first season of Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas.

In terms of feature-length content, there are a two notable new documentaries (Believer, It Will Be Chaos) joining the HBO library, in addition to some blockbuster films — including American Made, ItA Cure for Wellness, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and our 2017 movie of the year, Blade Runner 2049. Some older films are making a return to the platform as well, like The Devil Wears PradaNapoleon Dynamite, and Jersey Boys.

As always, each passing month means some titles move from HBO’s inventory will fade into the realms of memory and Blu-ray purchases (or onto other streaming platforms). As June comes to a close, HBO will say a mournful farewell to all the Harry Potter movies (all eight main-series films,...

Nintendo has had the portable gaming market in its pocket since its classic Game Boy lit up the scene in 1989. The company’s 3DS continues to dominate, thanks to its great hardware and an awesome library of games. The handheld system’s built-in stereoscopic 3D, on the other hand, is one feature that many gamers were ambivalent about, with many choosing to rarely use it to preserve battery life.

Nintendo later released the 2DS due to demand for a cheaper handheld for players who couldn’t care less about the stereoscopic 3D. The 2DS proved to be a success, leading the iconic Japanese gaming company to roll out some special-edition systems like this Pikachu 2DS XL, which features the clamshell form factor and vibrant dual displays of the 3DS. Now, you can score this limited-edition 2DS XL along with a free game and Pokémon-themed power bank — the perfect deal for budding Pokémon masters.

The Pikachu 2DS XL is compatible with the entire lineup of 3DS games, the only difference being that the handheld has no 3D functionality — hardly a problem for the many users who never bothered to use this feature. If you’re one such gamer, then the 2DS XL is a great alternative to the more expensive 3DS, giving you the same hardware, bright and clear displays (which are 82 percent larger than those on the...

The ridesharing revolution began harmlessly enough. Uber used the burgeoning app market to launch an on-demand vehicle service that soon grew into a multibillion-dollar game changer. Lyft wasn’t far behind, launching its own flavor of ridesharing in its home market of San Francisco soon afterward. Today, the question of choosing Uber vs. Lyft is a debate many of us face each time we need a ride.

While there are other ridesharing apps such as Sidecar and Hailo, Uber and Lyft command the greatest chunk of the market. Ridesharing has become so popular that several major automakers are either partnering with Uber and Lyft, or preparing their own competing services. This buy-in by major manufacturers highlights the current shift in consumer transportation. Instead of a corporate car, many companies in urban areas now offer credits with various ridesharing services. People have begun commuting, shopping, and hitting the gym in an Uber or Lyft. Personal vehicles are reserved for weekend expeditions.

There are still some holdouts. Those without smartphones — a percentage of the population that shrinks each year — call for cabs. Those who prefer the privacy of their own car won’t commute with a stranger. Those with access to good public transportation won’t sit in traffic. These are the exceptions, however, not the rule.

The big question for most people is not whether they should use...

Google Photos is continuing a push to serve as both a photo storage platform and a social media site by rolling out an essential social network feature: Reactions. Google photos will soon have a star and heart option on photographs, the company tweeted on Monday, May 21.

The two different reaction icons serve two different purposes. The heart is available when viewing photos friends have shared on the platform. The reaction is available for individual photos and entire albums. When a friend reacts to your photo or album, a heart icon with their name appears underneath.

The star, on the other hand, is designed for your own photos. Tapping the star icon in the app will mark photos as a favorite, collecting all the favorites into one automatically generated album, similar to the heart icon in Apple Photos. Favorites won’t work on photos friends have shared with you, however, unless you add the photo to your own Google Photos library.

While both take up a small portion of the screen, they could be a significant update for users. Just imagine Facebook without the like button or Twitter without the heart icon. Google Photos is more dual purpose, serving...

Car dealerships in Scandinavia — and perhaps beyond — have something against electric vehicles. That’s the conclusion of an investigative study conducted by researchers in Nordic countries, where they visited car dealerships and found agents actively discouraging going electric.

“We essentially found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, most car dealerships do not want to sell electric vehicles, even though they cost more … than ordinary vehicles,” Benjamin Sovacool, a professor of energy policy at the University of Sussex and one of the study’s researchers, told Digital Trends. “This creates a key barrier to adoption that has not yet been addressed by policy, let alone explored systematically in research.”

To conduct their investigation, the researchers visited 82 car dealerships in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. They arrived under the guise of being everyday customers, and later spoke to experts to give context to their experience.

In two-thirds of their visits, agents steered the researchers toward gas-powered cars, sometimes dismissing electric vehicles (EVs) outright. In over three-fourths of the visits, vendors didn’t even inform the researchers that they sold EVs.

At one dealership, the researchers report being told, “Do not buy this electric car, it will ruin you financially.”

“Dealers act as a key type of agent known as an intermediary — someone between a product and service on the one hand, and the user, customer, or owner on the other hand,” Sovacool said. “They can thus exert very strong influence over what consumers think and do.”

Sovacool notes that the dealer’s role...

For good reason, there is plenty of concern right now about the possible dangers of smartphone addiction, particularly among kids and teenagers. While we’re still pretty far away from conclusive findings or solutions, a new Android app called Siempo wants to help you kick the smartphone habit — or, at least, stop you wasting quite so much time staring at it.

To help with this mission, Siempo gives you a calmer home page to look at it, minus the flashy badged icons and attention-grabbing logos which are A/B tested to heck to get you tapping on them. Think of it as the equivalent of walking down a street in which none of the stores have fancy window displays to lure you in.

Siempo also gives you a bit more control over your notifications by allowing you to receive alerts every half an hour, hour, or even every day. That means you’re no longer constantly distracted from what you’re doing because someone happens to like your picture on Facebook or mention you in a tweet.

Speaking with Digital Trends, Siempo CEO Andrew Dunn described the app as, “more than just a self-control app — it’s a whole new smartphone interface designed to prevent unconscious usage and promote intentionality. Siempo [is] the first step towards creating a single wellness filter across all devices that is on the user’s side, protecting their attention and...

Desktop gaming will always be the pinnacle of the PC gaming experience, but gaming laptops have come a long way in the last couple of years. Some even rival their desktop counterparts in power, design, and affordability. Whether you’re looking for a serious gaming laptop or just a notebook that happens to have a discrete GPU, there are more options than ever out there.

So scroll down and join the growing ranks of laptop gaming adherents — here’s our list of the best gaming laptops on the market today.

At a glance Best gaming laptops Category Our rating Acer Predator 17 X Best gaming laptop overall 4 out of 5 Razer Blade Best portable gaming laptop 4 out of 5 Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Best cheap gaming laptop 3 out of 5 Dell XPS 15 Best stealth gaming laptop 4.5 out of 5 Acer Predator 17/17X The best

Why should you buy this: You want to play the latest games at the highest settings while you’re on the go.

To better train drones and reduce the risk of damage to itself and its surroundings, MIT engineers developed a training platform called “Flight Goggles” based on virtual reality. This enables a fast-flying drone to train within a virtual environment while speeding through empty physical space. Given the nature of VR, these drones can now safely train for any environment and condition. 

Without Flight Goggles, drone training typically includes a large enclosed area with nets to catch “careening” vehicles and physical props including doors and windows. If they crash, that’s an added expense to the project due lost time, repairs, or a complete drone replacement. This type of training is ideal for slow-moving drones designed to scan an environment, not fast-moving models. 

“The moment you want to do high-throughput computing and go fast, even the slightest changes you make to its environment will cause the drone to crash,” says Sertac Karaman, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT. “You can’t learn in that environment. If you want to push boundaries on how fast you can go and compute, you need some sort of virtual-reality environment.” 

To develop Flight Goggles, the team began with a “hangar-like gymnasium” lined with motion-capture cameras mounted on the walls to track the drone’s movement through physical space. This data is inserted into an image rendering program that generates a photorealistic virtual environment based on the drone’s position and perspective. The program...

Micron is setting an industry first with the release of its 5210 Ion solid-state disk. The drive relies on the company’s QLC NAND technology, packing 33 percent more storage capacity than a similar SSD with TLC NAND. The drive targets markets where clunky hard drives still remain the dominant storage device due to their large capacities and lower prices. 

QLC is short for quad-level cell, meaning each memory cell can hold four bits of data. It’s a means of providing a high storage capacity at a lower cost versus using a single-level design to achieve the same storage amount. In other words, you could more than double the capacity of a 500GB single-level cell SSD by using multi-level cell NAND without increasing the price. 

Typically, the most recent SSDs rely on triple-level cell NAND flash memory. Depending on the manufacturer, the memory is either spread out horizontally like a city block or vertically like a skyscraper. Micron’s “3D” QLC NAND is the latter, enabling more storage without the constraints of the drive’s horizontal physical space by vertically stacking 64 layers comprised of four-level cells. 

The company’s new SSD targets datacenters that are in dire need of retiring their hard drive farms. Although SSDs are not fail-proof, they have no moving parts, thus they’re not only power efficient and quiet, but more dependable than hard...

When the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to plan some grilling with friends and family…unless you’re in an apartment, loft, or house with no outdoor space. Then things get tricky. That’s why you need an indoor grill. These-mini grills use electric heating elements to mimic outdoor grill heating—and we’ve got a list of the top performers for you to check out.

Note: All these grills are obviously fume-less, since they don’t use charcoal or gas. But your food will produce smoke as it is grilled. Some grill designs mitigate this, others don’t. Either way, you may not want to set your grill up too close to the smoke detector.

Breville BGR820XL ($285) Breville’s powerful 1800-watt grill can offer 310 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking all your favorite breakfast and grill foods. Really, there’s not much this grill can’t handle. You can open it partway for panini mode or all the way for a double-sided grill mode, with 6 different height selections and adjustable plate tilt so you can make sure grease quickly spills into the drip pan. There also three settings for low heat, sandwich-making, and high heat/searing for general temperature selection. Plus, the grill just looks great. Buy it at: Amazon Hamilton Beach 25361 ($65) If the Breville model is way too...

Lets face it, going to the gym may be good for our health, but the amount of perspiration that we produce while exercising can bring a host of challenges at times. No one enjoys the feeling of sweat dripping into our eyes and too much moisture can make it difficult to grip kettlebells, weightlifting bars, or other exercise equipment, let alone interact with touchscreen devices. Thankfully, Nike is looking for ways to alleviate these challenges by potentially creating a new line of workout clothes designed to perform at a high level, while also offering athletes a way to wipe away excess sweat too.

In a patent issued to the shoe and athletic wear giant last week, the company outlines plans to add what it calls “wipe zones” to traditional athletic garments. Made from a different type of material than typically found in exercise apparel, these zones would allow the wearer to quickly and efficiently wipe away perspiration, keeping their hands and brow drier in the process, without interfering with the performance of the workout clothes in any way.

According to the patent filing, these wipe zones would be created from yarn that has “a very small denier-per-filament” ratio. What that means is that the material would be made up of very fine fibers that create a larger surface area thanks to a larger number of filaments contained in a...