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Sound And Picture has published an interview with Richard Ludlow (Audio Directory/Owner at Hexany Audio) in which he gives insights on approaching sound and music for new emerging interactive media platforms like Amazon Alexa. You can read the full article here.
Nathan Moody from Stimulant has written an interesting piece about his experience/approach to musical sound design for installations. The article touches on expectations and listener fatigue, considerations regarding the installation environment and how science fiction sounds often don’t translate well into the real world. You can read the full story here. recently published an article on how Acoustic Ecologist Gordon Hempton recreated the Sounds from the writings of naturalist and environmental philosopher John Muir. You can read the full story and listen to the sounds here.
  Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with 10+ year Sound Designer and all around audio veteran Andrew Dearing to chat about a topic in which I will admit I know very little about: the world of freelance. With the recent boom in technology over the last decade, it’s no wonder that creatives […]
Thumbsticks has published a wrap-up of Em Halberstadt’s GDC18 talk on the sound design of “Night In The Woods”, about the importance of off-screen sounds to establish a mood and using sound design to create intangible feelings in a player. You can read the full article here.
This mammoth guest contribution comes to us from Sound Designer Chris Lane. Chris is an independent sound designer and audio programmer based in Los Angeles. His recent credits include Black Panther, the Childish Gambino VR Experience: Pharos, and Apple’s Logic/Garageband. For this month’s theme of “Eureka!”, Chris put on his lab coat and did some in […]
Rycote has published an extensive interview with Chris Jojo, Senior Sound Designer at Codemasters (Formula 1, GRID, DiRT Rally). From planning to best practices for mounting/installing microphones, routing cables and protecting the cars in the process, Chris explains in great detail his approach to the challenging task of recording car audio. You can read the […]
As part of the “Behind The Title” series, Postperspective has published an interview with Sound Editor/Reccording Engineer Cathleen Conte. Cathleen explains what goes into working as Sound Editor, about her approach to voice over recording and the importance of making a human connection with the talent. You can read the full interview here. is looking for new contributors to begin June (2018), and we’re doing things a little differently from the past. The team is comprised of volunteers who contribute their time to enrich the sound design community and promote the sharing of knowledge. The site itself continues to be an add-free source of valuable information and […]
Eureka moments are often steeped in excitement and wonder. They are the great discoveries and innovations of the ages. Others are a slap on the forehead, a “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moment. This particular Eureka moment I’m about to share is of the latter variety and came about three paragraphs into an […]
Daria Novoliantceva (Daria Novo) is a classical singer, composer, and sound designer at nerdtracks in San Francisco. Before coming to the US, she earned her master’s degree in choral conducting at the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory in her home country of Russia where she composed and arranged over 80 choir pieces. She has also composed […]
The BAFTA Games Awards Nominees have just been announced. Nominees in the category Audio Achievement are: Call of Duty: World War II Destiny 2 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Horizon Zero Dawn Star Wars Battlefront II Uncharted: The Lost Legacy For a complete overview of all nominations visit the official website.
School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe is hosting an intensive 4 week program led by artists Florence To and Antoine Bertin on spatial audio titled Ecoacoustics. Among other things the course will cover binaural recording techniques, 360 audio mixing, interactive sound design with Max/MSP and tactile audio. This workshop will take you from the intricacies […]
As previously mentioned, we’re hosting a Pre-GDC gathering with the help of UVI. We’ll be meeting to chat, play pool, and drink/eat at The Broken Rack in Emeryville on Sunday, March 18th starting at 2PM. We’ll also be guiding groups over to the Vintage Synthesizer Museum, throughout the afternoon and evening. The Broken Rack (5768 […]
Matthew Florianz, Audio Lead at Frontier Developments, recently posted his presentation from Develop Brighton, which gives us an in-depth look at how they planned, recorded, and implemented the sound in Planet Coaster. From guiding us through the smooth, evolving ambience in the park to opening a Wwise session to show the intertwining parameters of a […]
We all know these special moments of success. Be it when you figure out a new production technique, when you accidentally or consciously record/design that special sound, when a game audio system that you’ve conceptualized and worked on for weeks finally comes together in the way you imagined it or when you finally figure out a […]
This is a guest post by Randy Jones, founder of Madrona Labs a Seattle-based company making hardware and software for computer music. You can reach him @MadronaLabs. Human-centered design is so mainstream now that it is synonymous with good design. This is as true in the making of sound creation and processing tools as in any […]
In a recent press release Avid announced the termination of Louis Hernandez effective immediately due to violation of Company policies related to workplace conduct. Jeff Rosica was appointed new CEO, who prior to his role as President served as Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the Company. You can read the full […]
SoundAndPicture has recently published an in depth interview with Production Mixer Mary Ellis And Editor Paul Machliss about their work on “Baby Driver” and how the music dictated the timing of almost every other sound. You can read the full article here.  
The 54th Cinema Audio Society Award Winners have been announced. The award for “Outstanding Sound Mixing Motion Picture” went to the audio team behind “Dunkirk”. Soundworks Collection has compiled a complete list of all winners.