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Hired by a young couple returning to Taiwan to raise their baby, IIMOSTUDIO renovated a dated, 25-year-old house that was traditional in style and not the owners’ taste. The original layout was too broken up into smaller spaces and there weren’t enough windows making the interior dark and drab. To top it off, there were walls outside that were blocking what little views they could enjoy from the few windows. All the issues led to the freshly designed Fun House, which was completed on a budget and within the constraints of older construction.

The interior was opened up and given a modern transformation with the use of bold colors, a mix of materials, and contemporary furnishings.

Living “off-the-grid” connotes a level of living rustic and rough fashion, one distant from the comforts and conveniences the typical well-heeled urbanist might expect. The SPACE by Sweden-based iOhouse is designed to deliver the antithesis of this notion – a luxe and tech-equipped residential concept transportable anywhere and engineered to be operate sans external sewage, electrical, or water systems with a plethora of next generation smart home options.

Specifications: 60 m2 living space within a 5m in width, 12 m in length, and 19 tons structure.

The Space is a fully self-contained housing proposal transported by truck, and delivered with all furnishings, appliances and technologies already included (brands listed include Antonio Lupi, Vola, Andrew World, Penta Juliette, and Lago). Utility systems for water, electricity, heating and even wireless internet connections are all engineered for storage, use, and monitoring without a connection to the grid:

  • Electricity: integrated solar panels with generator, producing 220v
  • Heating/Cooling: air/heat pump
  • Water...

There’s something poetic happening when you see a chef making fresh pasta, rolling out sheets of dough to be cut into strips for your favorite dish. British designer Damian Williamson shares a similar sentiment. He decided to translate this nonchalant expression, when fresh egg pasta is draped over an extra-large wooden rolling pin, into an easy chair and designed the leather Ovo for Erik Jørgensen (the name is derived from the Italian word uovo which means egg).

The Ovo’s fluid design is due to the upholstery of the backrest and armrest that have been folded in the same way pasta is. The squared steel frame that holds up the chair shows off the chair’s soft curvature, similar to the fluid perimeter of pasta. The same steel frame is used to connect the back and front of the chair, continuing the playful integration between leather and steel.

Photo by Damian Miranda courtesy of the Naftali Group

Lauren Rottet is the Founding Principal and President of Rottet Studio, a Houston, Texas based architecture and design firm with professionals in Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai. The celebrated firm is behind projects that span from architecture, interior design, product design, furniture design, graphic design, branding, and art selection, with companies like Disney, Goldman Sachs, Viacom, New York Stock Exchange, United Talent Agency, Target, Comcast, Four Seasons, Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and more. Along with her many corporate and hospitality projects, Rottet’s repertoire extends to residential and furniture design, where her furniture and product designs have won four gold medals for the Best of NeoCon. Her latest venture, Rottet Collection, is a furniture company launched in 2017 that has garnered much attention along with the Best of Year award from Interior Design. In this Friday Five, the award-winning, multifaceted architect and designer shares her favorite parts of the world and what art inspires her.

1. Experiencing places...

Alexandra Buchanan Architecture designed the Coorparoo House for a family with growing children looking for a balance of separation and togetherness. Located in Brisbane, the home is situated on a sloped site surrounded by Eucalyptus trees with an elevated deck on the front enclosed with vertical wooden slats.

The home comprises stepped floor levels that surround a courtyard with sliding glass walls that connect the indoors with the outdoors.

There are...

Carpet tiles have been around for years, generally just utilitarian squares patched together to cover a bare floor in need of some coverage. Enter Swedish studio Form Us With Love who recently partnered with commercial flooring brand Shaw Contract on a new modular carpet concept called Inside Shapes. The innovative collection marks the first collaboration between the two brands and it marks a new way to think about carpet tiles.

Inside Shapes takes a different approach with the standard 24″ x 24″ carpet tile that goes way beyond just pattern and color. It begins with four geometric shapes – square, diagonal, point, and curve – and 12 color choices that come in light and dark shades. Between the shapes, colors, and shades, the resulting configurations are unlimited with only the imagination holding one back. If the open parameters are too much, they created 17 pre-mixed options that are quite compelling. Either way, the finished product will turn any floor into a dynamic piece of art.

If you’re feeling lost with all the possibilities, Shaw Contract has created a digital tool that gives designers the ability to see all of...

Today marks the official first day of summer (yay!) and with that comes official beach weather. To get you ready for future dog days of summer, here are 10 of the newest beach towels to hit the Society6 catalogue:

Hot dogs and lemonade beach towel Selma Cardoso

Surf girls beach towel by Tasiania

TOUCAN tropical toucans beach towel by Magic Dreams

Here comes the sun beach towel...

The following post is brought to you by Corian® Design. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

If you don’t know who Bobby Berk is, it’s time to get acquainted. The talented product and interior designer has had retail shops around the country, appeared on TV, in magazines, has designed furniture and decor and everything in between, and is now lighting up Netflix as the design expert in the Queer Eye reboot (which is fabulous, heart-warming and highly recommended!). While our history with Bobby goes way, way back, we were able to catch him for a few moments in between premiere events and talk shows to learn more about his fun new project with Corian® Design.

Bobby worked with Corian® Design to create a moodboard using their new Corian Moodboard Maker, which we must admit, is more than addicting—if you are one to make moodboards, collages, or even collect and categorize imagery on your phone, you’ll definitely want to add this site to your bookmarks. And don’t worry, it’s not just for the Bobby Berks of the world—designers, homeowners, renters-who-will-be-homeowners, dreamers, power-pinners, color lovers, you’re all welcome.

To use the Moodboard...

Dmitriy & Co has recently launched its newest collection, inspired by classic forms with a modern twist. The pieces were conceived by mixing 19th century Parisian furniture with elements found in mid-century design, embodying refined forms with a quiet sophistication.

Each piece is handcrafted with careful consideration for subtle details, with tailoring expressed through hand-sewn stitching, not unlike couturier craftsmanship. The manufacturers wanted to create pieces that transform not only the space, but how users interact with the piece.

Producing the pieces serves as both a vehicle of artistic expression and an ancient trade that remains embedded in Dmitriy & Co’s heritage. The pieces are all handmade in Long Island City.

At the foot of the Mogan Mountain in Huzhou, China, sits the Anadu, a luxury rural resort designed by Studio8 where the element of water is the unifying theme throughout the hotel’s interiors and themed guest rooms.

Studio8 designed the Anadu guest rooms with four different themes, each unique in their own space and inspired by the room’s surroundings. The Tea room faces the white tea harvest so its interiors reflect materials and colors that reinforce the tea theme. The Mountain room faces the mountain on the south so it features natural stone and a dark grey color palette reminiscent of the distant mountains. The Bamboo room faces the bamboo forest in the east; naturally bamboo is the featured material here. Lastly, the Sky...

Imagine superimposing the contemporary architectural angularity of a Daniel Libeskind structure to the form factor of an audiophile-rated speaker and what you might get is something like the Constellation Audio Leo, a high-end three-way stereo speaker system outfitted with a 6” subwoofer, 560 watts of amplification, and Chromecast, AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity hidden within its sharply faceted topography.

The Leo is a “lifestyles” tabletop audio system engineered by a company normally focused upon catering to the stratosphere of higher end (and priced) audiophile components. Though the audiophile market has tended to lean toward discrete, multi-component systems to achieve optimal audio performance, Constellation Audio’s Leo is an attempt to engineer a high level of digital audio processing and amplification technologies within a single form factor.

Noting the developing generation of music listeners increasingly prefer compact and mobile device connected systems like Sonos, the Apple HomePod, and other multi-room ready speakers, the Leo is admittedly still a much more expensive proposition, outfitted with a much higher level of componetry within. Inside, Class D amplifiers and a multichannel DSP...

Designed by Iwasaki Design Studio for Arper, Kiik is a modular collection of seating, tables, ottomans, and consoles created for times of gathering, working, and relaxing in various settings, like offices, waiting rooms, lounges, and mixed-use areas. The components can be arranged into any number of configurations to work in any given space.

Each item can be customized – the seats come with or without backrests, the tables can be circular, triangular, square, or rectangular in shape, ottomans can be added, the consoles can be low or raised in height, and the upholstery is available in different colors and textures – proving that the collection is designed to complement any interior.

This week, Baron Fig, known for their clever paper products and writing utensils, is expanding their offerings with the launch of small leather goods. The first product is the Card Sleeve, a minimalist wallet aimed to protect your cash and cards while you’re on the go.

The flat, durable wallet is made with their signature Italian vegetable-tanned leather with a diagonally cut pocket on the front for quick access to your often-used items. The inner and back pockets offer more protection as they’re designed to discreetly hold your other items, like bank cards or cash.

While GAN has largely been known for their playful rugs and modular seating options, they’re expanding with the launch of their first outdoor collection with the hope of bringing indoor comfort to the outdoors. The Garden Layers collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, was inspired by a visit to India and traditional Mughal culture and architecture. The gardens and terraces she saw jumpstarted the idea and the result is a series of rugs, mats, pillows, cushions, and the just released Indian beds and side tables to round things out.

The modular components are designed to be moved around to create the ultimate outdoor living room, with the bed offering additional comfort raised off the ground. The side tables bring another furniture element to the collection allowing users a place to rest a drink or book. The existing pillows, mattresses and rugs can be thrown into the mix to complete the look.

The beds (single or double) and tables are...

The Crafted Sunroom Flat in Taipei, Taiwan, was designed by PhoebeSayswow Architects to maximize daylight and flexibility throughout its two-bedroom interior. The apartment spans 132-square-meters (approx. 1420-square-feet) and part of the renovation included changing the layout so the circulation flowed better for both the children and the pets.

The master bedroom features two glass walls framed in a black geometric pattern that allows light to pass through the space and keeps the visual lines open for a larger appearance.

Light, neutral tones are paired with curated pops of accent colors, with modern furnishings alongside playful design accents. The floors are covered in a terrazzo with a gold detail pattern that changes in the various spaces.

The kitchen...

NeoCon has once again come and gone and this year’s show marked the 50th year of bringing the latest and greatest in the commercial design world to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. The show presented a host of innovative textiles and workspace offerings that can and will change the landscape of offices and other commercial settings for years to come. Brands are spending more time focusing on noise reduction, privacy, and comfort, with aesthetics and ergonomics playing a key role. Check out below to see some of our favorite finds at this year’s NeoCon.

KnollTextiles also launched a new collection of wallcoverings by Trove. The Atmosphere Collection comes in several variations, each with a watercolor-like feel, including Cascade (below).

Ghislaine Viñas launched her first-ever textile collection – the Curious Crowd collection with HBF...

It’s not about the rhino. That’s my conclusion after spending 30 minutes with Urs Fisher’s unbelievable full-size replica of a rhinoceros-turned-porcupine currently occupying a glass-encased corner of Midtown Manhattan.

Things, 2017 © Urs Fischer, photo by Stefan Altenburger Things, 2017 © Urs Fischer, photo by Stefan Altenburger

The artwork is a 10-foot milled aluminum sculpture by Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer, eight years in the making. The rhinoceros itself is based on a 3D-scan of a real taxidermied animal, to which the artist has added 20+ random objects that morph and flail from it. Though the choice of objects is unexplained, they each seem to “show off” his perfectionism in using aluminum to mimic every possible material: the leather of a handbag, the porcelain of a toilet, patterned fabric, and my favorites: a potato-chip bag and a cardboard pizza box… all aluminum… all unbelievable.

The introduction of braille in the 1820s was a revolutionary event that helped increase accessibility for the visually impaired all over the world but its use is dwindling due to the difficult learning curve associated with it. To solve this, the team at ELIA (Education, Literacy, Independence for All) has been working for almost two decades to create a new, easy-to-learn (not to mention beautifully designed) updated system that can be learned in as little as 3 hours, and it’s called the ELIA Frames.

The Elia Frames is a tactile standard alphabet that is based on the current standard Roman alphabet, making it familiar for the majority of individuals with visual impairment that previously had sight. After testing hundreds of letter shapes and letter features with over 175,000 test participants, the team prioritized letters that were most frequently used with shapes that were easiest to feel.

When Raleigh Denim launched in 2007, their goal was simply to make a great pair of jeans. They made every pair by hand out of their apartment, initially selling to friends and family and then expanding out-of-town when they received an order for Barney’s. Over time the brand organically grew and with growth, their need for additional sewing machines sent them down the rabbit hole of North Carolina’s prominent textile industry. Today, each pair of jeans is made on their old textile machines they’ve restored by expertly trained jeansmiths, each of which are taught to make the jeans from raw fabric to finished pair. The brand hasn’t stopped at jeans though – they’ve been collaborating with Bernhardt Design for the last few years on textiles and a recently unveiled work table and seating collection. The co-founders behind the Raleigh Denim Workshop brand, Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko, are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and today, Sarah is graciously giving us a look behind the scenes at their workshop, home studio, and her work style, in this month’s Where I Work.

What is your typical work style?

My work style is a mash-up of regimented and haphazard. I...