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My Peoples,

Big day. I’m chill but butterfly-ish. I’m ready! Let’s get ready together, if you want.

I asked. You shared. About: the times we power through. The dreams we dismiss as fantasy. The soul-dulling things we tolerate, but haven’t made time to fix. The things we ache to change.

I sorted it all out. Pattern recognition-style. Here’s what I see us craving (and I’ve turned these into our “8 Intentions” for the LIGHTER program):

  • We want to be deeply devoted, to ourselves and however we define Spirit.
  • We want to feel truly supported + connected in our friendships.
  • We’re almost desperate to have a sane relationship with our effing phone.
  • We want to flow with time… “arriving” and relaxing into it.
  • We want to help the world, be of service, activate.
  • We want to eat clean.
  • We want less stuff, but more of the quality.
  • We want to feel free, brave. LIGHTER.

LIGHTER, as in less weighed down, less cranking, less friction.
LIGHTER, as in clear-minded.
LIGHTER, as in with glowing hearts we heal—ourselves and each other.

Babe, I’ve got you. I made something that I hope will get us there.

HERE SHE IS… LIGHTER. Today, we open the doors to LIGHTER. The first year-long program I’ve ever offered. Girlfriend-style Soul support for more sacred. More sanity. And less of everything else. Learn more about LIGHTER here.

I’m going to go have a happy cry now. This is a big deal for me. Community and beauty and a long view. And printed, mailed monthly...

I’ve spent a lot of New-Age-hokey-true-wisdom-searching-efforting trying to figure out what joy really is. Is it our true nature, our original essence, the stuff of our Soul? If joy is our true nature, then why do so many hardcore buddhists seem so fucking serious all the time? If enlightenment is about becoming desireless, then do I have to let go of all my desires to tap into joy? Questions, questions.

I’ve talked to rabbis, and priests, and monks, and people who I consider to be high esoteric practitioners. I’ve figured out a few things about joy… and I’ve woven them into this week’s episode of LIGHT WORK: “The service of joy, especially in these times”. Listen in for:

  • Should you leave your soul-dulling job and follow your joy to France? (Maybe.) I’ve got some ideas on HOW to buck fear and obligation.
  • The difference between happiness and joy, and a story from my divorce about the first time that I really understood the truth about joy.
  • Are you addicted to longing? Waking up to the corruption and addiction in our own psyches, community, and society. Starting to make more holistic choices.

I’ve struggled for a long time with wondering if pain and suffering were essential to growth. Are they essential to me being a more expanded, clear minded, loving, joyous, sexy human being? Do I have to hurt to get there? Well, I fucking hope not… but I haven’t figured out a way around suffering yet.

I’m really committed to doing what it takes to move towards my joy. Gratitude is a big practice for me. Feeling the agony of what’s going on in the world is a really big deal for me, and I’ve had my own real tragedies. At the time they happened, I’d wished they hadn’t… but now I’m glad they did.

But I’m not specifically grateful because those awful things happened. I am grateful that I had the capacity to turn awful things into expansion, to turn pain into power. So I’m not giving any spiritual credit to perpetrators or to betrayal, or to viruses that infected my body. I’m giving full credit where credit is due: which is to how I hold the divine and use that as a tool to turn the darkness into light.

So many of you shared how difficult it’s been to keep moving through pain and suffering. I had to make this episode about...

It’s Episode #2: The upside of suffering… sort of. Let’s just get in there, shall we? Suffering. This is not a breezy pick-me-up podcast for the morning (or maybe it is). It’s gritty. I hope it’s meaningful. I know it’s necessary. Because we can’t get to the light, until we understand the suffering.

Some highlights from Episode 2 of LIGHT WORK:

  • The 3 types of suffering (knowing what you’re experiencing is key to liberation).
    • Everyday suffering—the slog, the general malaise, the greyness.
    • Interconnected suffering—the feeling a lot of us have because of the agony in the world.
    • Brutal tragedy-type suffering—seemingly insurmountable circumstances, violations, and losses.
  • How some New Age perspectives on suffering utterly fail us, invalidate us, and keep us from liberation.
  • My damn the man retelling of the Princess and the Pea story that illustrates how to keep moving forward when the day-to-day takes it out of you.

See you in the Light,





PS: This is the second podcast of a 6 episode series of LIGHT WORK, leading up to my new year-long Soul support program LIGHTER that starts in May 2018.

.  .  .  .  . 

The Princess...

Loves. My brand new, first ever podcast is liiiiiive!

The name: LIGHT WORK. Six episodes on serving the world while staying sane, cosmic connectedness over tech addiction, and (my favourite word) Devotion. Poetry. Hilarity. Peeks into the personal. From my podcasting closet, to you…on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

We can talk about the creative process, about the “stuff” of it—sacred activism, our longing for more connectedness, rants on materialism, “life balance” (kidding, there’s no such thing), and my angsty happy launching. Or whatever you want.

TUNE IN! Wednesday April 11, 2018 12pm PST | 3pm EST RSVP HERE


LIGHT WORK. Made with Love, in my closet. Unfiltered and 100% in service of our collective Light.


Soon! xo

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Emily Dickinson said, The soul selects her own Society. We have our biological family, and we have our logical family. We have our blood relations, and we have our Soul relations.

I think one of the reasons that the craving for more fulfilling relationships is so strong for us is because we are being rewarded by technology for valuing productivity over intimacy. We are less connected than we have ever been. We know this.

So I begin here: with Friends, Lovers, and Therapy. Here’s some of what happens in my first (eeep!) episode of LIGHT WORK

I. Some ideas for nourishing friendships (sourced from my circle of rad friends)

  • Small talk can keep us small. Ask bigger, sweeter questions like, How’s your heart? What are you excited about? So… how are you… really? My friend, Steph, is excellent at this.
  • At your next birthday gathering (yours or someone else’s) do a round of “Favourite Frames”. The idea is for each person to offer up their most cherished memories of the person being celebrated. We did this for my friend Kate Northrup. We went around as we were inspired, sharing about the time we met Kate, or the dancing we did, or that time Kate did that hilarious thing… Favourite Frames work anywhere, anytime. Deeper connection.
  • Start your own Goddess Group. Here’s a script: (You can text this, email,...

I asked about a zillion people what they wanted more of in their lives. The #1 craving, by far: more fulfilling FRIENDSHIPS.

We’re connection starved, we know this. Let me give you a peek into my own circle. In this first episode of LIGHT WORK, I use my own friends as how-to examples for creating radical support and sweetness in your life.

Also in this episode: riffs on romantic love. If you want a foundation of friendship with your lover-person, I’ve got some advice: do not fall into being the therapist in the relationship. It comes so easy to a lot of us but… bad idea. Tune in for a few gems on healthy whoa-mance. Listen to LIGHT WORK Episode #1 on iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher.

Other Light bits:

  • Grab your blankey: I spin a campfire story to illustrate the scientific proof that we need each other to shine.
  • Sultry tunes from my friends, DJ Drez and Marti Nikko
  • Some of my spoken word to send you on your way…

All light,

The teacher who constantly references their past success to prove why you should believe what they say, is teaching you to listen to yourself.

The teacher who chooses their rhetoric over compassion, is teaching you to speak up NOW.

The teacher who pushes you around in order to point out how resistant you are, is teaching you to walk away.

The teacher who needs everyone to agree with them, is feeding on approval.

The teacher may be worshipped, articulate, deft in human behaviour even; philanthropic, even… but deluded by their own persona.

Delusion is dangerous, especially when it has a microphone.

Popularity isn’t always true power.
Money isn’t always success.
Experience does not guarantee wisdom.

Question it all. And do not doubt the wisdom of your rage.



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There are still some basic good manners that should prevail no matter our generation, station, or affiliation. Here’s what it might mean to be classy, kind, and considerate whenever you are able (and we are almost always able):

  1. Big Moments deserve a call. When someone texts to tell you they are pregnant, not pregnant, breaking up, getting engaged, got the job, lost the job, saw aliens in the sky… CALL THEM—even if you know they’re going to let it go to voicemail.
  2. Bring something when you show up. A small bar of dark chocolate. A few sticks of incense rolled in a piece of paper with a message written on it. A book you read that you’re willing to loan or give. A postcard you had pinned up forever. Small beauty is a big gift.
  3. Re: Customer service. It’s often well-meaning, but saying No problem” when the customer thanks you is not a terrific response. Because it shouldn’t ever be a problem, you’re in the position of service. Powerful replies: You’re very welcome. My pleasure. I’m happy I could help.
  4. I’ve heard that spitting on the sidewalk is illegal in the Netherlands. They’re on to something.
  5. If you REALLY want to meet up with someone, don’t just say, “Let’s get together soon” and pause, waiting for them to bite or blow...

Light Makers,

I finally did it. Made a podcast. This was creatively edgy for me. Because it’s… just me… sitting in my podcast closet (it really is a closet) waxing philosophical for about an hour. There was a distinctly different feel about this creative venture like feeling EXPOSED. But, deep breath and a great back beat, thanks to my friends DJ Drez + Marti Nikko, and here we go!

The LIGHT WORK series will unfold over six episodes. These are girlfriend-style sermons on serving the world while staying sane, cosmic connectedness over tech addiction, self compassion and more fulfilling friendships. Poetry. Hilarity. Peeks into the personal. The podcast—and my upcoming LIGHTER year-long “Soul support” program—is intimate with plenty of esoteric talk.

Listen to the podcast trailer here.

The first episode drops Sunday April 8th, in time to fire up your week. There are only 6 weekly episodes, so catch it while it’s fresh. You’ll need to do two things:

  1. Subscribe to LIGHT WORK on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher.
  2. Click here to get email notifications as soon as a new episode goes live.

LIGHT WORKMade with Love, in my closet. Unfiltered and 100% in service of our collective Light.

One Love,

Dear Tribe,

Here’s what’s coming together…

I’m launching a year-long program. Support for simplicity, the sacred, SANITY. I sat by the fire for a few weeks with a pot of rose tea and sticky notes and looked at the patterns in everyone’s answers to the “What do you crave…how’s it going?” question. And I came up with eight tracks:

We want to be more deeply devoted, to ourselves and however we define Spirit.
We want more fulfilling friendships.
We’re almost desperate to have a sane relationship with our effing phones and computers.
We wonder if we’ll ever be in sync with time… “arriving” and relaxing into it.
We want to help the world, be of service, activate—intensely. We’re not sure where to start.
We want to eat clean.
We’re tired of buying and accumulating crap we don’t really need.
We’re tired.

So this is what we’re going to work through, together, over twelve months. Like, there will be a pedagogy to this, a logic to how we create changes. I like systems. I like progress. And I’m pouring every tool and theory I have on to this. And a lot of beauty. Because beauty is a language for healing and insight.

The stuff of it: I’m going to MAIL you things. Papery, inquisitive things that you can touch. Old school, babe. And there will...

…to the women determined to restore the divine to where it has been pummeled out of memory,

where denial is so calcified that our beauty is last to be seen in economics and science and law
laws that are too small for what our bodies know to be true.

The most powerful possible Yes to women
…to the dark, the spacious, the sweet, the jaded, the women who live as certain as light rays,  
who renovate broken boardrooms and policies with justified anger and overwhelming Love —
Love of inclusion, of ecology, of bone solid Truth — Love of Love.

For those who do not have a Yes, I will share mine.  
Because, I can be radiant with my power — from the erotic to the cash.
I can fight my pain in public, choose my lovers, work my genius into shelter and endless comforts.
I am free to heal and so I must braid myself to
those whose bodies are stolen, where mine has always been free;
whose ideals cannot even be whispered, where mine have been invited…
The most powerful possible Yes to these women.

For the women who use privilege like a drug, for the ones so wounded...

I asked this question of you a few weeks ago:

What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points.
What do you love, crave, want?
How could I help you with that?

Here’s what the responses confirmed:

We are articulate, we are passionate, we are in pain, we are hungry, we are wise, we are lost, we are longing for connection—intensely. We are talented, scared, tired, we are not entirely well. We are addicted. We are hilarious, insecure, highly intelligent, productive and EFFECTIVE and very concerned about the state of the world. We want to help. We are powerful, and tender, and fierce, and LOVING, and heartbreakingly beautiful. And more.

THANK YOU for all of the opinions, rants, questions, ideas, suggestions. I wanted to email so many people back directly and say, I knowww, I get it, I’m the same way, don’t sweat it.  It all helped me clarify and affirm what I’ve been sketching out in my notebooks. Thank you.

Here’s what’s going to go down:

1. I’m starting a podcast. In March. Once I read through all of the responses my podcast format became clear: Q&A, monologue, girlfriend style. I will answer your questions and riff on your opinions. I’ve held off so long on doing a podcast because I’ve just been waiting to be really inspired. Game on. I’m approaching this as an experiment. Let’s see how it...

Makers, Givers, Starters, Finishers…

It’s happening. Registration for B-School aka, Marie Forleo’s Online Business School for Modern Entrepreneurs is open now.

I think Marie Forleo’s B-School is critical for every business owner. That’s why I’m giving my Biggest B-School Bonus EVER to anyone who signs up for B-School through my affiliate link—click here to see the bonus bundle. This bonus has everything you need to support your big entrepreneurial heart.

You can read more about the 2018 B-School curriculum below, but I’ll tell you the BONUS right now.

If you want to do B-School and get it through me, you get: Online Business School for Modern Entrepreneurs…the hype is real.

B-School can lead to the expansion of your ideas, your skill set, your bank account, your philanthropy, and your impact in the world. I’ve had this conversation with dozens of women over the last five years and they all up’d their game with B-School resources. B-School could change everything. B-School is 100% utility. It’s tried and tested content…and it looks sexy on a resumé.

Case(s) in point: My VP of Creative Direction and Marketing Strategy, Angie...

For the past seven or so years we’ve operated my company on this strategy: that visibility lifts the ship, that exposure translates into dollars. Land the publicity…magazines, shows, interviews; do the podcasts, run Facebook ads. Grow the list. That’s a solid, proven strategy. It works. It got me here. Some of it was a ton of fun with amazing results. Too much of it was too expensive (time, energy, money). Parts were exhausting.

Passionate living and working gets you mixed results—and that’s how life becomes art. Variety. Experience. LIFE. Dispassionate living gets you one result: meh.

The “What would I have done differently?” question isn’t that inspiring for me. It can shed some light, but I’m more present- and future-focused. If I look back, there are too many variables to factor…the market, the people involved, lessons my Soul needed to learn, naïvete, ego, the weather. Coulda woulda shoulda. I approach most things as an experiment. That doesn’t mean I don’t get my hopes up (high), but mostly I just think, “Could go either way, let’s try it and see.” After various wins and losses here’s my ultra deep wisdom: The odds are 50/50.


In the middle of 2017 we wrapped a major book campaign for a book we self-published; we did the biggest print run ever for our

I’m only interested in earning money through conscious, heart-centered business practices. Abundance through integrity. It’s the only way.

If you’ve known me for a while, then you know that every year I cheerlead for Marie Forleo’s business training programs. Everyone on #TeamDanielle goes through them. High integrity and high production value. First class and fiercely useful.

Team D is in regular jam-mode with Team Forleo. We swap wisdom, contacts, ideas, and encouragement. We know, as Marie puts it, that “People who get, and leverage, online marketing have the highest profits, the best customers, and a business that makes money 24/7.” Sisters, doin’ it.

Now, your turn. Check out the first part of Marie’s training, “The 6 Pillars”, HERE.

A few highlights of what she covers in this free training:
  • Why soulful + creative people are more likely to succeed online.
  • How to market your products and services more effectively online, whether you’re a brick + mortar or a virtual business.
  • The 6 pillars to building a highly profitable business online.

In honour of B-school opening, Marie and I are talking LIVE entrepreneurial shoptalk. Public speaking pointers. Business manifestos. Building a team. Raising money…and giving it away. How we grew solid businesses, stayed sane (give or take), and got back...

1. Give yourself permission to want what you want.

2. Wish the best for those youʼre jealous of.

3. Get your ass in gear.

Envy is often a call to action.



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The Love + Radiance Meditation is about Self Compassion. Self Respect. It’s about stepping into a light dimension and changing how we talk to ourselves. Dissolving inner harshness…and softening our outer edges.

This is multi-form and multifaith. Expansive, not restrictive. Fluid instead of formal. We work in layers. I’ll explain…

  • The Love + Radiance Meditation is both a “Creative Visualization” and a “Meditation”. You’re going to use your imagination to paint a visual picture and drop into an energy frequency of Renewal and Steadfast Love (visualization). Then you’ll energize it with your steady focus and gentle breathing (meditation). As visualizations go, this is about entering a healing nonlinear realm of childlike innocence and delight.

  • We wrap the main body of the meditation with Invocation and Mantra. Power words. We begin with an Invocation to call in the support of Higher Beings and to help bring you into balance. Then we weave in simple word Mantras (in English) that are designed to help break-down old and restrictive thought-forms.

  • The practice also includes Inner Dialogue with the deep sensitivity of yourself, you might call it your Inner Child, the part of you that most needs this loving attention. You’ll be guided through a conversation with your subconscious, and you can bring that information back to your consciousness.

Mark your planner: You + Me...

Fellow Light Makers…

In the last few years I figured out that a clear indicator of spiritual maturity is softness. The proof is in the tenderness.

The spiritual teachers that I most resonate with have a fierce tenderness to them. Their caring has a parental nuance. They don’t flaunt superiority or overregulation, instead, they teach with profoundly gentle, unwavering attention. They are loving. And that’s why it’s healing to be in their presence.

And that’s the spiritual aspiration we should be going for. To be able to take care of ourselves in chaos. As it turns out, spiritual maturity is about parenting ourselves, with…profoundly gentle, unwavering attention.

I’d like you to meet…The Love + Radiance Meditation.

I work with The Love + Radiance Meditation regularly. Some days, the “lite” version, some days, the “deeper” version. It’s like a tonic for my neuroses, the most effective tool I have to heal hurt feelings and interpersonal friction. It helps me feel less flared up. Less offended and offensive. Less alone. This is a practice for calming the turbulent waters of emotions.

There are two ways to step into Love… 

Register for the LIVE Class and The Love...

Dear Tribe,

I know you relate…

I check Instagram when I’m at cash registers. It’s gross. Gotta knock that off. I haven’t read a book in ages because I’m on my fucking phone. My phone is fucking my life. Fuck my phone. But I love my phone.

Work-life balance is a LIE. But I want it anyway.

I believe the esoteric good stuff, I’m all in.

I’m in real pain about the state of the world. I want to help. Not sure how.

I KNOW I’m amazing and bright. So I can’t believe that I’m STILL saying this, but I just want to be more of myself.

I do not doubt my power. But I have some other weird doubts I can’t shake…

Green washing is offensive to me — and most New Age marketing. Don’t waste my time. I love to pay for what I value.

I should journal more, it makes me feel better. Same with meditation. Give me a meditation and tell me exactly when to do it and I’ll do it. I want to.

You know, I just need to hang out in a cafe by myself, want to come? (Yes!) I’m obsessed with DIY sites, life-hacking shit. And Spotify.