The Eye AF in Sony bodies has been one of its most hailed features. Up until now, though, it’s been kind of hit & miss unless you’re actually using a Sony lens. Now, though, it seems that Sony have figured out what was causing issues with Eye AF on Canon glass. In this video, photographer […]

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When photographing food, you want to make it look as delicious as it tastes. In this video, Greg from LensProToGo gives you a set of tips to take your food photography to a higher level. It doesn’t involve using glue for milk or shoe polish for grill marks. Just some right light, angles and props, […]

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When we think of either paparazzi or spy cameras, I believe most of us wouldn’t connect them with the late 19th century. Photographer and scientist Carl Størmer (1874 – 1957) had an unusual and controversial hobby at the time. He was only nineteen years old when he walked around Oslo with a spy camera hidden […]

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We all make mistakes in photography. All of us. But these are things which help us learn and grow as photographers. We make mistakes, we figure out what went wrong, we correct it and then don’t make that mistake again. Thanks to the modern Internet, though, we can learn from the mistakes of others, too. […]

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In recent tests from DxO, the camera of Google Pixel 2 takes the first place as the best mobile device camera they’ve tested so far. According to the sample images, it really does a good job, but how does it stack up against a professional camera? Tyler Stalman has decided to check it. In this […]

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Zone focusing is a term that often seems to confuse people. But if you don’t know what it is, then it’s quite easy to understand why. It’s a common technique for a lot of subjects, and particularly for street photography. I often use it myself because it means I can just raise my camera, take […]

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Last summer, 7Artisans launched a set of incredibly cheap fast prime lenses for MFT and mirrorless cameras. They have just added two new members to their line: a wide-angle 12mm f/2.8 and a 35mm f/1.2, both with a price tag lower than $200. The two new lenses are available for Sony E, Canon EOS-M, and […]

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We’ve seen a few remarkable experiments with large format cameras. But young photographer Zev Hoover added something new to it: motion. He made a working 8×10 large format digital video camera, most likely the first of its kind. He shares a video he shot on this unusual camera but also talks a bit about how […]

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Perspective distortion seems to be one of the most confusing topics in photography. There are all kinds of erroneous “facts” about it. Like focal length being that which distorts your subject, and not the distance to the subject. Well, this video from This Place puts that myth well and truly to rest and also illustrates […]

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A few days ago we showed you a way to freeze subjects in ice in Photoshop. Now it’s time to freeze their motion in front of the camera, with the assistance of a little flash. And, of course, a little help from Jay P Morgan of The Slanted Lens. In this video, he shows us […]

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One thing that many viewers of popular YouTube channels want to know is how the people they watch create their content. Being an educational sort of chap, Peter McKinnon was more than happy to oblige. This particular “Two minute Tuesday” ended up becoming almost 16 minutes, although it’s well worth watching. In it, Peter goes […]

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Most people stop noticing the locations they pass by every day. But photographers tend to see these places in a different way. Dutch photographer Albert Dros has captured the exact same spot several times during one year, at different times of the day. His photos are a perfect demonstration how the exact same place can […]

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CyberLink seem to be going pretty hardcore on the 360° VR lately. After setting the VR binge-watching world record earlier in the year, they’re back with more VR news. This time, a VR stabilisation plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. The imaginatively titled CyberLink VR Stabilizer works to clean up that shaky 360° […]

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It’s been a while since Lytro decided to abandon the world of photography and focus on the video solutions. But their latest announcement is another step towards exiting the consumer photography market. As of this month, they are discontinuing their image sharing platform. This means their users won’t be able to share the native […]

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As often happens around this time of year, Make a Website Hub have released their guidelines and cheat sheet for the image sizes we should be using on social media. Here, we’re going to go over the two that are most relevant to photographers. Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know the others, be […]

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Earlier this year I wrote what I felt was quite a personal article about what it is like to be a colourblind photographer. In the coming weeks and months after writing and publishing it (and having it widely re-shared across some very big photography blogs) I had contact with so many other colourblind photographers who […]

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Not too long ago, switching brands seemed a silly expense. Bouncing back and forth between Nikon and Canon was just far more cost and hassle than it was worth. Some photographers simply bought into both brands (it worked out cheaper than swapping every couple of years). Others stuck with their brand through thick and thin. […]

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Instagram has become one of the major platforms for photographers to share their work. So naturally, you want to build your audience there and get many people to see your work. If you don’t want to buy fake followers from a vending machine, photographer Chris Hau shares some tips for building your audience and growing […]

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Here is a way to easily take long exposure images with the Apps that come with your iPhone. Apple’s iPhone has become one of the most used cameras in the world and, over the years. They have added some very cool features to their camera and photos applications on the phone. Normally, their camera features […]

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A recent National Geographic’s investigation has revealed a disturbing fact: in the Amazon, the locals keep wild animals in captivity to lure the tourists to take selfies with them. This makes the animals suffer, it’s harmful and even deadly for them. So, Instagram has decided to educate their users about this dangerous trend. Their new […]

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