When it comes to shooting photos or video on drones, it quickly becomes apparent that filters are key to getting the best footage. And the first name that springs to mind for drone filters is PolarPro. They’ve pretty much been the leading company for drone camera filters since they started taking to the air. Today, […]

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We’re all familiar with Portrait Mode, and now Instagram is rolling out Focus, its own version of this feature. From now on, you can take portraits with a blurry background in Instagram Stories. Also, it doesn’t only work for photos, but you can use it in videos, too. After testing the feature for a while, […]

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You know how many photographers say that gear doesn’t matter and that the story is more important than the gear you use? YouTuber Casey Neistat has made one of the most ridiculous (but pretty fun) comparisons between two pieces of gear. In this video, he tests a crappy $35 smartphone zoom lens against a $1,000 […]

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Someone has just bought their first “good camera” and immediately started “photography business,” proudly showing off their work which is… well, not really good. You’ve all seen these guys and perhaps asked yourself: why do bad photographers think they’re good? In this video, Jamie Windsor explains why this happens, and why people have so much […]

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We’ve been hearing rumours since The Photography Show that several brands may be pulling out of this year’s Photokina in September. Big brands including Canon, Elinchrom and Profoto. Of course, none of them would confirm anything at the time, but Elinchrom has now put out a statement. They are the first to confirm that they […]

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The original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera was wildly popular when it was released. A Super 16mm sensor HD camera capable of shooting RAW video at consumer level prices. What’s not to love? It was a great little camera, but it’s not without its issues. Many of the problems with the BMPCC were updated with firmware, […]

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We’ve seen a couple of camera gear factories, like Sony, Leica or Sigma. This time, George Muncey and the Negative Feedback team take you to Rochester, New York for a tour of the Kodak Headquarters. In this video, you’ll see the place where Kodak’s 35mm films are born and hear plenty of information about the […]

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With NAB often comes new announcements from DJI. This year, there are two big ones for serious filmmakers. There’s the DJI Force Pro, offering full remote control and manoeuvrability over the Ronin 2, Ronin-S and other gimbals. Also announced today are the new DJI Master Wheels also offering remote gimbal control with high precision in a […]

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Leica has just announced a new addition to their SL zoom lens family: Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16-35 f/3.5–4.5 ASPH. It’s made for Leica’s full frame mirrorless SL system, and it’s made to let you take “a wider view of the world.” With the new 16-35mm, Leica aims for architecture and landscape photographers, but this lens can also […]

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In 2010, photographer and filmmaker Ivo Nörenberg approached Canon with a request for an “impossible” lens. He needed a long zoom 4K Super 35mm lens, designed for needs of wildlife video production. Canon said “challenge accepted,” and the  CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 was born. Narrated by Canon’s Larry Thorpe, this video outlines the specs of this […]

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After hitting the record revenue of $1.84 billion in Q3 of 2017, Adobe has done it again. They broke another record and reported $2.08 billion income in Q1 of 2018. Although many photographers are unhappy with the subscription-only model, it seems Adobe is still doing just fine. Even more than fine. Adobe has announced the […]

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Chuck Westfall, a photography industry legend and Canon’s main technical advisor, died yesterday after a long battle with kidney cancer. He began his career at Canon at 1982 and as Canon writes, he worked his way up to become the Technical Advisor for the company’s Consumer Imaging Group. Westfall was loved and respected among photographers, […]

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Everywhere you look in the tech scene at the moment ‘blockchain’ and ‘ICO’ are the hot topics. Investors are throwing millions of dollars to anyone that posts a quick website and publishes a vague white paper related to the topic. Blockchain copyright protection may seem like a bulletproof solution for creative professionals to secure the […]

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I am not going to bore you with the how and why I was able to get my hands on a $5,000 iMac Pro for a few weeks. Let’s just say I’m glad that I’ve already had my firstborn, otherwise I think I’d be delivering him to someone else. Let’s start with the packaging – […]

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Announced last month, the Mavic Air is the newest drone from DJI. It fits in between the Spark and the Mavic Pro in DJI’s lineup, but what are its key selling points? We had the chance to speak with DJI about the new drone this week at The Photography Show. We chat about its key […]

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You know how you’re not supposed to fly a drone above 400 feet altitude? Well, a pilot from Russia managed to fly a 1.06 kg (2.3 lbs) drone at 33,000 feet, the altitude most airplanes use for cruising. The pilot Denis Koryakin explains that the temperature outdoors day was about -10° C. The minimum temperature during […]

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100 megapixels or 400 megapixels sounds like a whole lot, doesn’t it? Well, large format wilderness photographer Ben Horne takes it even further and gets a 709.6-megapixel file. With a little help from his friend Michael Strickland, Ben scans his large format 8×10 slide film with a very high-resolution drum scanner. Check out his video […]

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An interesting lens has recently joined Lensbaby family: Burnside 35 is a f/2.8 wide-angle adaptation of the Petzval lens design, with an effect slider that operates as a second internal iris. DIYP spoke to Craig Strong from Lensbaby about this creative lens that lets you change the swirl in the bokeh, as well as adjust […]

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Since the initial announcement of Irix’s new Edge filter series at PPE last year, the range has grown slowly but steadily. A new 15 stop neutral density filter, the Irix Edge ND32000 was announced just a couple of weeks ago, and today we got to see it in person during The Photography Show in Birmingham, […]

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According to a recent report, Samsung Electronics is planning to increase its production capacity of image sensors. The company has set out to become number one business in image sensor market. And in this race, they reportedly plan to beat Sony and take the throne. As ETnews reports, several Samsung’s plants will be converted from […]

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